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Saturday Night

Our Reader Score [Total: 16    Average: 2.5/5] It is a Saturday night and you are going out with friends for some fun and hard partying. You dress up in a short dress for it is a very hot night and heels. After looking in...
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Truth or Dare

Our Reader Score [Total: 10    Average: 3.1/5] The place is empty and quieter than any place you have ever been. You think to yourself that can’t be, but struggle to remember. The fluorescent lights washes out the colors of the furniture and floor. A...
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Joining The Army

Our Reader Score [Total: 17    Average: 2.2/5] My parents were staring at me, unbelieving. My brothers burst out laughing. All I did was to tell them that I want to join the army. I always was the ‘sweet little girl’ in my family. My...
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Scratching An Itch (Part 1)

Our Reader Score [Total: 21    Average: 3.1/5] As a new member of the hair enthusiast community, I really enjoy relating some past experiences along with a fantasy or two. I hope my stories will give someone else the same enjoyment that I’ve experienced related...
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