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Killer Braid (Part 1)

Our Reader Score [Total: 1    Average: 3/5] This was the happiest day in NIKKI s life . Today she was getting married. She was such in a rush that when started walking down the isle she realized she had forgotten her shoes but no...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 20    Average: 2.6/5] We hadn’t been getting along for quite a while now. The first few months of living together was fine; until she got jealous. The majority of our “friendship” had been consumed with fighting. It got to the...
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Trivial Pursuit

Our Reader Score [Total: 9    Average: 2.1/5] It had started out so simple. A Trivial Pursuit game that got serious. We’d been playing against everybody at the party, and when they had all gone down to defeat, you challenged me to a game. It...
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Killer Braid (Part 2)

Our Reader Score [Total: 11    Average: 2/5] Nicki had just gotten married when her new husband Steve got over drunk on their wedding night and became violent and she got him off her by wrapping long braid around his neck then fled to her...
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