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You have found the premier site for hair related stories. Stories on this site may contain both female and male haircuts, head shaving, buzzing, etc. Please feel free to read some of the stories here dealing with haircuts that take place in the barbershop, home, school, army, prison or other locations. Whether you like reading about the clippers running down the middle or the shears snipping the long hair off, we have the stories for you. Stories are written by kind authors who have taken the time to submit their work for your enjoyment.

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3.183.18 /38     67576757 views   English
Kim Gets Her Way by Mr. Snips (2014-Aug-11)
Time for a change - PG - Home - Fiction


4.224.22 /23     26652665 views   English
Burying the Old Self (Part 4) by RebeliousHairGirl (2014-Aug-09)
Consensual - X - Salon - Fiction

2.842.84 /25     43694369 views   English
Doctor's Family by Boycutter (2014-Aug-09)
Consensual - PG - Barbershop - Fiction

4.444.44 /52     42384238 views   English
Hair Fun by ChrisCenzo (2014-Aug-09)
Consensual - XXX - Home - Sexual fantasy
Tags: Sexual, Female Bisexuality, Haircutting

4.384.38 /50     40644064 views   English
Karen's Journey (Part 2) by ClippedOne (2014-Aug-09)
Forced - PG - Salon - Fantasy
Tags: Clippers, Shaving, Bob

4.304.30 /40     48464846 views   English
Paying the Price by Jack B (2014-Aug-09)
Self - R - Home - Fiction

3.633.63 /8     21512151 views   English
Role-Playing: Girl Enslaved (Part 3) by EddyZ (2014-Aug-09)
Consensual - X - Salon - Sexual fantasy
Tags: Hairstyling contests,Model Haircuts,Headshave

4.004.00 /29     46154615 views   English
Silvia: Mission Accomplished by Mr. Snips (2014-Aug-09)
Forced - PG - Other - Fantasy

4.494.49 /41     31693169 views   English
The Transformation of Mrs. Matthew (Part 2) by Vicki (2014-Aug-09)
Surprise - XXX - Home - Sexual fantasy
Tags: Silver-blond hair, domination, clippers, scissors

4.544.54 /24     14171417 views   Dutch
Verleid by JJDutchy (2014-Aug-09)
Consensual - XXX - Home - Sexual fantasy


3.383.38 /52     61336133 views   English
Finally by scissorhappy96 (2014-Jul-28)
Time for a change - XXX - Salon - Sexual fantasy

4.694.69 /115     83828382 views   English
Karen's Journey (Part 1) by ClippedOne (2014-Jul-28)
Forced - R - Salon - Fiction
Tags: Bob, Clippers, Lesbian

4.064.06 /50     42854285 views   English
Keeping Karen Happy by ClippedOne (2014-Jul-28)
Mens - PG - Salon - Fiction
Tags: Clippers, Old-fashioned

4.334.33 /46     59335933 views   English
Linda (Part 1) by Aran0d (2014-Jul-28)
Surprise - R - Barbershop - Fiction
Tags: barberette, barbershop, summer

2.032.03 /67     45684568 views   English
The Request by Jack B (2014-Jul-28)
Self - R - Barbershop - Fiction

Older Stories
Since there are thousands of stories on this site, you might have missed some. Below is a selection of some random older stories that you might enjoy. Other old stories can be found by using the 'Find stories' page.
A special thank you to the visitor who suggested adding links to older stories to the site. We appreciate the suggestions.

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4.404.40 /10     47524752 views   English
Trapped by Chi4242 (2003-Jan-01)
NA - NR - Barbershop - NA

4.574.57 /7     54175417 views   English
Blast from the Past by Tina (2004-Apr-11)
Time for a change - NR - NA - NA

4.644.64 /11     25992599 views   Dutch
Lieke by Norah Ling (2004-Aug-01)
NA - NR - Barbershop - NA

3.323.32 /44     81988198 views   English
Angel's Spa by Haircut Victim (2006-Sep-11)
Mens - X - Salon - Sexual fantasy

4.374.37 /83     1489314893 views   English
Rukmini and Shruti by RS (2006-Sep-19)
Consensual - PG - Other - Fiction

3.933.93 /15     52205220 views   Dutch
Geholpen, of toch niet? by Smeltjus (2007-Aug-19)
Forced - PG - Home - Fantasy

4.444.44 /178     2577825778 views   English
A Mother's Love by Master (2008-Feb-23)
Surprise - PG - Barbershop - Fiction

2.172.17 /115     2313223132 views   English
Above Her Ears by BC (2010-May-07)
Forced - PG - Barbershop - Fiction

4.954.95 /20     53915391 views   English
The Accidental Barber (Part 2) by Dreamer (2011-Mar-06)
Time for a change - X - NA - Fiction

4.574.57 /35     1122111221 views   English
Seven Inches by Blaior (2013-Feb-24)
Surprise - R - Salon - NA
Tags: Asymmetrical

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