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Buzz Cuts For Our Hubbies
Author: Buzzcut Downunder
Content: XXX
Location: Barbershop
Category: Mens
Type: Fiction
Post date: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Language: English
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The Planning

Jane and I have been married to our respective husbands, brothers John and Craig, for over twenty five years now and while the boys have been very supportive for our successful business and have not minded us girls to be a little bit radical with our respective hair styles. After all we are both haircutters. However, we have not been able to convince them to go short with them both preferring the short back and sides traditional haircut. During lulls in the business in the salon Jane and I have often held philosophical discussions on various subjects but almost every time we have ended up talking about the passion we share which is cutting off hair. Once during one of our conversations the subject of pubic haircuts came up and we both decided that some time we would give it a try but the clipping would need to be performed by our respective husbands. Well Jane and I have been discussing what we could do with our husbands staid in the wall hair styles for years and it is only recently that together we hatched a plan to bring the boys into the twenty first century and to spice up their lives. Unknown to them they were both soon to get radical transformations. Here's the story on how it went.

Both our hubbies were well overdue for a good trim and the plan was that we would each get them to come in on consecutive nights, next week, after our normal closing time for an intimate haircut alone with the barber. What they were unaware of though, was that it was going to be Jane who stayed behind to cut my husband John's hair and the following night it would be me who would cut Jane's husband Craigs. To make things a little more spicy we decided that it was time to try the trimmed pube look and since hopefully our husbands would be in the mood after having their haircut by their respective sister's in law we would take our clippers home on the night our respective husband had their haircut for a mutual bedroom pube trimming session. We both talked to our husbands over the weekend and I told John to come in on Tuesday evening for a trim after finishing work. He agreed saying that his hair was getting a bit on the long side and needed a wee trim. Jane spoke with Craig and asked him to come in on the Wednesday evening for his trim.

Our salon is situated on the first floor of the building with its own street entrance and also has curtains which can be drawn for total privacy. Also Jane and I have our own cubicled work spaces for the privacy of our clients.

Well, Jane and I talked over our final action plan on the Monday in preparation for the start of the action the following day. It had been sometime since we had given each other haircuts so included in the plan was a radical tidy up for each of us to be done the day our husbands were "booked in" for their transformations.

The Execution


Well Tuesday finally arrived, the day the plan would be effected. While the afternoon was going to be busy for Jane she did have a space at four when she would do me. I was completely free from three thirty so after my last client I packed my clippers with their guards into my bag ready to depart.

At four I slipped into Janes chair and she caped me up. We had decided that we would each keep our same styles but would each go much shorter than we had in the past. Our husbands were bound to love the result we thought. Jane took her sectioning clips and clipped my top layers high above my occipital bone. She then took her "OSTER's" off their hook and with the bare "00000" cutting blade proceeded to undercut my hair by plunging her clippers right up to the level of my occipital bone all round. The feel of the clippers riding that far up my neck and the cut hair falling to the floor was turning me on and I could feel the moisture forming down below. The dream plan was becoming a reality. Tonight was going to be one helluvva night I decided. Following the undercutting Jane unclipped my hair allowing it to fall back down over my ears. She then took her "WAHL" machine from its hook and with it inverted proceeded to buzz my bob up over the ears on both sides before combing my bangs forward and still using the "WAHL's" clipping straight across about halfway up my forehead. She then shaped above my nape into an inverted banana shape with the top at the level of my occipital bone. To finish she lathered up my neck and using her cut throat razor shaved all the fuzz hair completely off leaving my nice white totally shaven neck. She turned me to face the large wall mirror and took the hand mirror behind to show me the back. I was absolutely gobsmacked with what my young sister had done for me. It looked beautiful and all the more made me look and feel in the mood for extreme sex and tonight would be the night. Jane brushed me off and uncaped me. I thanked her picked up my bag of goodies and headed out the door for home to prepare the bedroom for John's arrival home later that evening.

Jane takes up the story.

It was bang on the dot of five thirty when John arrived and walked upstairs to the salon. He stepped inside but there was no sign of Denise only Jane.

"Hi Jane" he said "I was expecting Denise to be here. We had arranged for her to give me a trim tonight".

"Hi John" I replied "well Denise had a fairly quiet afternoon with only a couple of clients so decided to leave early. She told me you were coming and asked if I would not mind cutting your hair for you before I go home. I do not mind so hop up into my chair and get yourself comfortable while I lock the salon door. We do not want any intruders or to be disturbed do we. I told Denise that the choice of style for you would be mine and she said that would be fine and that you were in need of a change".

"Well" he said "I do not want too much cut off".

"Well I will be wielding the clippers so the choice is mine trust me" I said.

I placed a towel around John's neck and then caped him up securing the cape tightly with its velcro strip. I then took my trusty "OSTER" machine off its hook and clicked it into life. I had the "0000" cutting blade on and attached the number three cutting guide over the blade. I turned John away from facing the mirror and with one quick blow plunged the clipper up the nape of his neck over his occipital bone and right through over the top to his forehead. A large amount of newly shorn hair fell from the clippers and down onto the front of the cape. John was aghast as he saw the amount of hair that I had peeled off with the first blow.

"What are you doing to me Jane" he said as he sat mesmerised in the chair.

"Denise told me that she wanted you to have a new style and you wouldn't let her do it so its happening now" I said as I took another strip off over the top. "It may not feel good while it's happening but I can assure you John it will look great and Denise is going to love it".

I continued to clip all over Johns head with the number three blade over and over in all directions until I was happy that it was all the same length after which I turned off the "OSTERs" and hung them back on the hook.

I then took my "WAHL" clipper off its hook and with the number two cutting guide proceeded to taper and blend Johns neck hair into the number three "OSTER" cut. I repeated the procedure twice more all round first with the number one guide and finally with no guard at all. With the clipping complete I hung my "WAHL" machine back on its hook. I then took some shave foam from the dispenser and lathered up Johns neck before taking my cut throat razor and shaving his neck hair completely bare. I then brushed John's head all over removing all the loose hair before inviting him to the shampoo basin where he lay back while I shampooed his hair to get rid of all the remaining hair clippings. It was then back to my barbers chair for a quick blow dry before I removed the towel and uncaped John. I turned him to face the mirror to see his new look and showed him the back using my hand mirror.

"Wow, that's not too bad after all" he said as he admired himself "what do you think Denise will say".

"I'm sure she's going to love it" I said as I unlocked the door to allow him out.

He gave me a good long kiss and thanked me for it as he walked out.

I heard him as he walked down the stairs and out of the salon and as soon as I was happy he had left I phoned Denise who answered immediately.

"Mission complete. A totally transformed husband on his way with an all over number three cut" I said.

"Thanks very much Jane" she replied. "I'm ready here at home for a great night. We will talk tomorrow".

At Denise and Johns house.

By the time John got home Denise had his favourite meal a large Chicago thick cut steak waiting for him on the table. John walked inside and immediately saw Denises newly clippered bob.

"Wow, you look fantastic" he said as he took her in his arms and gave her a long loving kiss.

"I must say you look pretty good yourself with that transformation" she replied.

"It is obvious Jane was in a clipper cutting mood today" said John as he sat down at the table.

"Sure was" said Denise as she joined him "but we're not over yet. I'm in the mood for some serious loving after two haircuts like we have, but let's get dinner over with first".

They both completed their dinner and cleaned up the dishes together.

"Now I'm in the mood for some loving but before we do that I've got more hair to cut. John baby, I brought my clippers home from the salon tonight and I want to give your pubes a buzz. But before I do that I want you to buzz mine".

John was lost for words as he followed Denise to their bedroom where she had set up a sheet on the top of the bed to catch the clipped hair and had both of her clippers plugged in and ready.

They both stripped off and Denise lay down on the sheet with her feet facing the bed head mirror.

"You can do me first darling" she said as John took her "OSTER" machine and switched it on.

Denise had purposefully left the cutting guides off so that she would get the close crop feeling as John ran the "OSTER's" over her mound and between her legs getting off the bulk of her pubes. He then swapped the "OSTER's" for Denise's battery powered "PANASONIC" clipper to do the finer work.

"That feels really sexy" said Denise as John completed the job and switched the "PANASONIC's" off, before taking the fluffy neck brush and brushing the hair onto the sheet. "Your turn now" she said as they both swapped places.

John took his place on the sheet and Denise immediately started the "OSTER's" and commenced defleecing John's pubes. She could see him starting to go hard as she carefully manoeuvred the clippers all over his pubic area. She then took the "PANASONIC" machine from its battery holder to do the fine trimming to leave the skin bare. Finished with the clipping Denise then took the fluffy neck brush and proceeded to brush John's trimmed pubes onto the sheet. By this time John was completely hard and Denise couldn't resist the temptation for a ride. She hopped on and together they made mind-blowing love before both crashing off to sleep.


The next morning they both awoke and could not resist touching each others newly trimmed areas. John then showered and after a light breakfast thanked Denise very much for a most memorable sexy evening before heading off to work. Denise did not have an early client at the salon so took the time to clean up the bedroom and pack her equipment before heading off also. When Denise arrived, Jane had already opened the salon and was waiting for her first appointment in about fifteen minutes so they had time for a quick chat about the previous nights events. Denise said phase one of the operation was completed most successfully and that if phase two tonight goes as good as phase one then "you are in for a great night girl".

Jane told Denise that she had not told Craig that she had cut John's hair and that she was not to let the cat out of the bag to Craig tonight. Denise rest assured her that she wouldn't.

Well the day seemed to go so slowly for Jane, even though she was fully booked till four, as she was thinking forward to the lovely night ahead. At four it was her turn for a cut and she slipped into Denise's chair. Denise was quick with the towel around her neck and soon had her caped up ready for a good clipping. Denise said I'm going to go much shorter that in the past for a radical look. Jane encouraged her with a "go for it then Denise". With that Denise took her "Oster's" from the hook clicked them into life, swapped to the "00000" cutting blade and attached the number one guide. She applied a couple of drops of clipper oil before placing the clippers at Janes nape and plunging them up right over her occipital bone and over the top to her forehead. As it had been about eight weeks since Denise had given Jane a number four all over there was plenty of hair at the front of the blades as the clippers reached the front of her forehead. Denise ran her "OSTER's" several times over Jane's head in all directions ensuring every hair had been clipped off before turning her "OSTER's" off and hanging them back on the hook. She then took her guideless "PANASONIC" machine from it's holder and with the ceramic bade set on it's finest setting proceeded to blend Jane's neck hair into the close cropped number one cut on the back and sides. Finished with the clippers, Denise placed them back in their holder and took some shave foam from the dispenser and brushed it around Janes neck. She then took her cut throat razor from its holder and shaved Janes stubble neck hair completely clean leaving a lovely clean neck line. Denise then took her fluffy neck brush and brushed away all the cut hair from Janes neck before giving her neck a final wipe down with the towel. She then turned Jane around to face the mirror.

"There you go GI Jane" said Denise, "Craig is going to be really turned on by that"


"That looks great" said Jane as she admired herself in the mirror.

With that Jane slipped out of Denise's chair and went back to her cubicle to pack her clippers for the night at home.

"Why don't you take my "PANASONIC's" rather than your "WAHL" machine" suggested Denise, "it is much easier to trim the pubes without a cord to worry about, I don't mind using your "WAHL's" on Craig when he comes in for his trim".

"What a great idea" said Jane. She packed Denise's clippers and headed for the door.

"Thanks for the great haircut sis and don't forget I want Craig totally transformed" she said as she left and headed down the stairs with her bag of tricks.

Denise had no more clients booked for the afternoon and it would be an hour and a half or more before Craig arrived for his cut so she wandered downstairs and out side for a cigarette before going back and cleaning up her cubicle in preparation for Craig's arrival. She took Jane's "WAHL" machine from Jane's cubicle and plugged it in in her own.

Denise continues the story.

It was just before six when Craig walked up the stairs and into the salon to be greeted by Denise.

"Hi Denise" he said, "I have arranged for Jane to give me a haircut tonight on my way home is she around".

"Well" said Denise, "Jane had no clients after four o'clock so I suggested she go home. She said you were coming in so I told her that I could give you a trim, so go hop in my chair in my cubicle while I lock the door".

"Fine" he said as he went and sat down.

"The only thing is you are going to have your hair cut my way" said Denise as she returned to the cubicle.

She placed a towel around Craig's neck quickly followed by her barber cape. She then turned her chair away from the mirror and pumped it up to working height.

"I don't want too much off" said Craig as Denise took her "OSTER's" off the hook and clicked them into life. She swapped the "00000" blade from Jane's haircut for the "000" one and placed the number two guide over the blades followed by a couple of drops of clipper oil.

"I can assure you that what I do tonight will meet with Jane's approval".

With that she plunged the clippers into the nape of Craig's neck and ran them up to his occipital bone before deftly flicking the shorn hair from the blades over his shoulder onto his caped lap.

Slowly she moved around Craig's right side running the "OSTER's" high up his neck level with his occipital bone all round. Over his right ear she buzzed with the clippers and then off with the sideburn. Denise was having a ball as she clipped her brother in law close with the number two guide up the sides. Finished on the right she started again at his nape and repeated the process around his left side finishing by taking off his left sideburn. Then with the "OSTER's" still running sweet she placed them in the centre front of his forehead and shaved a swath right through the middle to his occipital bone.

"You're taking it pretty short Denise" said Craig as he felt the clippers take another swath over the top.

"Jane said she wanted it really short and that's what I'm doing, you don't have to look at it so why worry. I can assure you it is going to look great" said Denise as she continued to make passes over Craig's head in all directions to ensure a smooth even crop.

After another couple of minutes Denise was finished with the "OSTER's" and she switched them off and hung them back on their hook.

Next she took Jane's "WAHL" machine and initially with the number one guard attached moved around Craig's neck blending the neck hair into the number two "OSTER" shorn hair. She repeated the process with a final round using the bare blade "WAHL's" before turning the clippers off and hanging them back on their hook. Denise than went to the hot shave foam dispenser and dispensed some shave foam into her hands before rubbing it onto Craig's neck. She then took the shave brush and lathered it up before taking her cut throat from the vanity opening it out and honing it on the leather strop. With her deft sleight of hand it was not too long before she had shaved his neck completely free of all the fuzz hair. Finished, Denise placed the cut throat on the vanity and picked up the neck brush and brushed away the hair from Craig's neck.

Next she took Craig to her back wash basin and gave him a thorough shampooing to wash all the short clippered hair away. They returned to her barber's chair and after a quick towel down Denise took her blow dryer and blew his hair dry for him. Denise then undid the cape and removed the neck towel before wiping his neck and turning him to face the mirror.

"Wow what have you done" declared Craig as he looked at himself.

"It's a damned site better than it was before and it is how Jane wants to see you. I can assure you" said Denise "I think it looks really great".

"Well thank you very much for doing it. I've never felt the clippers so close and I must admit it is a bit of a turn on especially when the clippers are being weilded by a female barberette other that my wife for a change and who better to weild them than my lovely sister in law" he said, "although I must admit Jane has kept it nice and tidy all these years".

With that Craig eased himself from the chair, thanked Denise once again for the super cut and proceeded to leave the salon for home. As soon as she was sure he was out on the street, Denise phoned Jane and advised her that the first part of the nights mission was complete and to expect a short cropped incoming husband any minute. She also gave Jane best wishes for a lovely night ahead to which Jane replied that she had the bedroom and bed all set up with two sets of clippers at the ready.

Denise checked the appointment book for the morning clients and told GI Jane that she had no client booked tillten and that she should not hurry in the next morning. She also noted that she herself had "Rocket Jones" booked in for his fortnightly buzz cut first thing in the morning at eight o'clock. Rocket was a local airline pilot and always kept his hair really short. Bugger thought Denise when she saw Rocket was booked in, I've leant my "PANASONIC's" to Jane and I won't have them for Rockets usual cut. Never mind I'll have to use Jane's "WAHL" machine instead she thought to herself.

She returned to her cubicle and swept up Craig's shorn hair before giving the salon floor tiled areas a mop down in preparation for the next days clients. Denise then packed her bag before locking the upstairs door of the salon and heading downstairs to the street below. Denise locked the street entrance to the salon and reached into her bag for a ciggie before walking the short distance to her Mercedes Sports car for the short trip home.

At Jane and Craigs house.

Jane was ready when Craig drove in the drive having prepared his favourite fish dinner.

"Hi honey" he said as he walked in the door "look what your sister has done to my hair".

Jane looked up at Craig. "Wow honey that looks absolutely awesome, I should have cut it short for you years ago" she said.

At that moment Craig noticed that Jane had also had her hair cut really short.

"I love yours too" he said as he gave her a hug and a big kissy cuddle.

"I've got your favourite dinner prepared" said Jane "and with two new sexy haircuts in the house I'm ready for a bit of
bedroom fun tonight darling. I've brought the clippers home to give your pubies a trim, but I want you to do mine first".

Craig and Jane quickly devoured their dinner before heading on up to their bedroom.

Craig was surprised when he walked into the bedroom and saw that Jane had prepared a sheet to lie on the bed in front
of the headboard mirror and had the clippers plugged in ready to go.

"I want to be first for the buzz" said Jane as they both stripped off.

Jane jumped up onto the bed and lay in front of the mirror with her legs wide open.

"Go to it my darling" she said as Craig took a comfortable position beside her from where he could manoeuvre the

Jane had purposely left the cutting guides off the clippers so that she could get the vibes from them as they did
their work.

"What one will I start" with asked Craig.

"Start with the big whistly "OSTER's" said Jane in eager anticipation of what she was about to feel.

Craig picked up the "OSTER's" and turned them on. Their whistly phurrring sound immediately started to turn Jane on and as soon as the blades touched her mound she shivered wildly from the sensations of the vibrations. Craig was very careful as he moved the "OSTER's" over Jane's mound and between her legs. The "OSTER's" easily mowed their way through Janes pubies in no time at all and then it was to the "PANASONIC's". I've never seen these clipper's before said Craig as he took them from the holder. No they're Denise's said Jane, I asked her if I could borrow them.

Craig took the "PANASONIC's" and started to carefully trim the remains of Janes pubic hair. He could tell she was enjoying the buzz so made it last as long as he could. Eventually he was satisfied that he had her shaved smooth and shut off the "PANASONIC's" and replaced them on their stand. He took the fluffy neck brush and brushed the trimmed hair from her mound and between her legs onto the sheet.

"There you are my darling" he said as he gave her a big kiss, "lovely and smooth all over".

"Thanks darling" said Jane, "that felt so sexational while you were doing it, your turn for the turn on now".

Craig took Janes place on the bed facing the mirror and Jane positioned herself so that she was going to feel comfortable while clipping Craig's pubes. Craig positioned his hand under Jane's bottom so that he could caress her shaved area while he was being trimmed off. Jane picked up the "OSTER's" and clicked them into life and immediately ran them over the top of Craig's abdomen shaving off a line of hair. This was her start line. She then positioned the clippers between Craig's legs and began to shave off the hair from the inside of his thighs and the whole area between his legs. Craig was enjoying the feeling of the "OSTER's" as they carved through his hair.

Jane then moved up again and proceeded to clip of the rest of Craig's hair across his mound. While the "OSTER's" made a good job of the long first cut they were not the best clipper's for the tidy finish and Jane soon swapped to Denise's "PANASONIC's" for the final buzz.

By this time Craig was getting quite aroused with his pole starting to rise significantly. After a further five minutes of buzzing, Jane was finished trimming Chris's pubes and for a bit of fun she quickly moved up and gave Craig's nipples a little clip, one clipper blade width all round with the "PANASONIC's". Finished with the clippers Jane placed them back on their charging stand and then put both sets onto her bedside table.

By now they were both fully aroused and Jane immediately hopped astride Craig and rode him to a massive climax for them both. They both lay there breathing heavily and soon both drifted off to sleep.

It was quite early the next morning when Craig awoke and remembered the lovely night he had just spent in their bedroom with Jane. He reached over and started to fondle her smooth mound while at the same time Jane started to fondle him. It was not long before they were both quite aroused and had another sex session before they both got out of bed and readied themselves for work. Craig quickly dressed and showered while Jane did a quick clean up of the bedroom before getting them some breakfast and a cup of coffee. Craig soon headed off to work while Jane took her time to shower and pack up the salon equipment she had taken home. She knew she did not have any appointments till nine thirty so it was not until about nine fifteen that she walked out of the house and climbed into her BMW Sports for the short drive to the salon.


Denise arrived at the salon nice and early the next morning as she did not want to keep Rocket waiting. He arrived right on time as usual and Denise wasted no time in giving him his usual cut, first the all over clipper using her "OSTER's" with the number two guide followed this time by Jane's "WAHL" machine for the tidy up around the back and sides.

By the time Jane arrived at the salon Denise had done three more men's walk ins, two for traditional short back and sides and one who wanted an all over buzz with no guards on the clippers. Denise loved doing those types of cuts where all she had to use were her clippers and she had him in and out of the chair in no time at all.

There was no one in the salon when Jane arrived and it only took a couple of minutes to unpack the equipment from her bag and set it up in the cubicles. Denise had already returned Jane's "WAHL" machine and soon had her own "PANASONIC" machine set up in her own cubicle. The two sisters took a minute or two to discuss the events of the previous two nights and both agreed that they had had such a good time that they would both do it again some time in the future.

Once during one of our conversations the subject of pubic haircuts came up and we both decided that some time we would give it a try, but the clipping would need to be performed by our respective husbands. Well Jane and I have been discussing what we could do with our husbands staid in the wall hair styles for years and it is only recently that together we hatched a plan to bring the boys into the twenty first century and to spice up their lives. Unknown to them they were both soon to get radical transformations. Here's the story on how it went.


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