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The Long Hair Of My Sister
Author: ChinaLongHair
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Location: Barbershop
Category: Time for a change
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Post date: Monday, January 8, 2007
Language: English
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From chinalonghair, translated by yuejibujieyin,yingtusuiwoshen, zanbanyuejiangying and xinglexujichun

Yesterday, on the way to carry water, I saw a long haired girl again which affair let me think of my sister. The long hair of my sister is the most beautiful hair that I have ever seen,down to her knees and always braided into a silky black braid affixed down on her back. Once I was custom to go after her and saw her long braid swinging from left to right with her walking steps,or I would drag her braid dragging by her or dragged her.
?My sister is only a friend of mine and not my real sister,but only for this which makes many brothers and sisters who want to be her brothers and sisters become stronger,though my sister is forced to do so she can not resist to be the sister of many people. This sister is a friend of mine who stays for the longest time with me,for more than a decade,I was a friend of her and admired her long hair, of course,almost try to keep it of my own and sometimes I kick the stone and said " your hair is also mine and my hair is still mine." Often at the time of chatting in the classroom,I will break up her braid and comb with my own hand,and once I use my fist to measure the braid with a feeling of exact after the measure. Besides admiring, I know my hair was not so good and maybe in my life I will not grow so good hair. The hair of sister is not a pride for her but give me happy of endless.

Twenty years on her head without even a cut with flourish of growing is a thing that we all longed for. When I went to her she always washed her hair of which is a hard work. Seeing the hair in water and get wet and wash.the biggest thing is to dry the hair, this time, the hair were lying down along her head and seemed much longer with several strands down to her toes. Then she dried the hair with a cloth and combed it, I was encouraged to comb it for her but it was not good and by this I made her feel pain with several strands off by dragging and I then had to let it away. The hair was not easy to dress up and this is a trick of her aunt for she was so familiar to do so with the hair going and coming through her fingers and get finished in a short time.


he hair was cut by force when she left home with the date of the first month of the new year, I remembered I and Lan left home early and this was the first time for her to leave and go to a distance place, maybe I can not see her for several years, then by that day we gathered together. My sister found us and let us see her hair cut with a feeling called mercy. Going with her to a barbershop, we stopped and entered a photo shop nearby and took photos of course, after this she entered into the barbershop without a word when we were all tired. We sat down and got the last look of her braid which was still on her head, then, the barber used a shear to cut the hair drawing down on her back to the ground. The barber opened the shear and let it swallow my sister's braid and in no time the braid left my sister's body and my sister began to cry. My sister began to cry and cry and cry with tears down like a waterfall, the barber felt curiously and gave the hair back to my sister which was just cut off. Several ten minutes later, my sister carried her heavy braid out of the barbershop,Lan said:"With this burden off you should walk carefully and do not fall on to the ground and this hair has taken away a lot of nourishment in your brain to make your head a pig one." For these words my sister smiled and let down our heart.

The hair of sister was so long and rare and in my school I met a girl with hair down to waist who always let me think of my sister and when I go near her and try to drag her braid, her put the hair down and I feel I was lucky but I do not think her hair is as good as my sister's for that was not so dark and shining. It is only a thing for me to remember my sister.

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