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First Night Shaving
Author: Naresh Email me!
Content: XXX
Location: Home
Category: Time for a change
Type: Sexual fantasy
Post date: Friday, February 15, 2008
Language: English
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I am Naresh from Hyderabad and iam a strong hair festish.This is a true story happened at the time of my marriage. Mine is an arranged marriage and my wife is also from Hyderabad and we both we excited about our marriage. As per Indian tradition we shall be having our first night on the same night of the wedding.

I was so excited and tensed about the first night as I not had sex with anyone before the marriage. Usually the bedroom will be decorated with flowers with sweets; milks etc.I was waiting eagerly for the arrival of my wife for the first night and as I told iam a strong hair fetish I was prepared for that day by keeping my underarms & pubic hair totally shaved smooth. The moment my wife entered we chat for some time and I started undressing her and myself. In the process I have noticed that my wife is not having the habit of shaving her body hair as the girls/ladies don't have the habit of shaving their body hair in the towns/villages and at the same time she was quite shocked to see me bald in the pubic area. Innocently she asked me why I have shaved my pubic area and do I shave regularly. I have told it's a good practice from the hygienic point of view and I was expecting that same from you. I have told her you need to go through this right now.

As she is already nude I told her to sit in the stool provided near the dressing table and I was equipped with all shaving equipments. First I told her to lift both the armpits as the growth of hair is too dense I started trimming with the scissor and then applied shaving foam on both the armpits and I left it for 1 minute. After that I started shaving her armpits slowly and carefully. Now both of her armpits are so smooth and neat. Then I told her to lie down and spread her legs wide as the hair here is also too dense first I trimmed with the scissor again made to little stubbles. I noticed her enjoyment in the process and then applied shaving cream over her entire pussy.Now her pussy is totally applied with shaving cream and then I started shaving from the top of her pussy mound carefully within few minutes her pussy was totally bald and to make it more smooth I did the shaving in the reverse direction and now its absolutely shinning & soft like a new born babies bottom. She was very satisfied with the shaving experience.


fter this I made her to lie down in the bed and started kissing & licking allover her smooth body. Then I put some honey in the freshly shaven pussy and stared licking like a dog and she started moaning during the process by spreading her legs wide to the extend and moving her pussy up and down. After that I have applied some honey on my dick as well as in the freshly shaven pubic area. I told her to lick my dick the same way I did for her and instructed her to lick everything. After that we have a wild sex for several times through out the night. As she was totally satisfied with the shaving she has told that she will never allow the hair to grow there by shaving her pussy every Sunday. I was very happy about as my wife as she understood my hair fetish and I told her every Sunday we both will have this shaving session and we can shave each others pubic hair.

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