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A Mother's Cut (Part 2)
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Post date: Thursday, December 18, 2008
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Several of the stories on the web site seem to cry out for another chapter to explain what happens next. The "A Mother's Cut," by Master, February 23, 2008, is one. The following is intended to continue the story with the same themes which Master started.

Marcie took Timmy and Jimmy straight home. She quickly fixed them lunch, turned on the TV for them, went up to her bedroom, closed the door and cried. She had been humiliated. John, the barber, had taken advantage of her. There was nothing she could do, once he had started. But, now she stood in front of the mirror and cried.
She and her husband, Mark, loved her long hair. Now it was less than a ½ inch on the sides and the top was a short, 2 inch shag cut. She looked horrible.

She had made a huge mistake with Timmy. She knew better than to negotiate with a four year old. She had tried to avoid a confrontation in public. She had tried to placate him. Now she was paying the price.

What would Mark say? He loved running his fingers through her hair while they made love. He often volunteered to comb it out for her at night. Now it was gone. It would be years before it was back to what it was.

She was angry at John and even angrier at herself. But, she had to deal with it. And, when she talked to Mark by phone that evening, as she always did, she would have to tell him.

The rest of the day was spent trying to make the best of a bad situation. It was not only Mark she had to tell, but everyone at church the next day. She spent most of her time trying to think how she could explain it.

After the kids were in bed, she went to her bedroom and began to get ready for bed, herself. The phone rang at precisely 10:00 p.m. Mark could be counted on for calling at the same time every night.

"Hi, Honey, how are things going?" he asked.

Marcie told him everything that had happened in one long torrent of words. "And, it looks horrible!" she said, as she ended, adding, "And, everyone will be laughing at me tomorrow at church."

There was a long silence. Marcie was sure there would be a problem. Instead, Mark said, "Can you send me a picture?"

When Mark was away, the two frequently sent pictures to each other. Using a picture phone or a digital camera and an email, the two had traded photos countless times. Most often they were pictures of the kids playing soccer or a photo of one of the locations Mark was traveling to. Marcie did have a wicked streak in her, however, and occasionally sent Mark an "X rated" or "XXX rated" picture of herself, just to keep him interested.

"Just make sure you're smiling when you take the picture, though," Mark added. "It wouldn't give a fair trial if you looked upset."

Marcie set everything up as she had done many times before. She smiled and stopped. She took off the top she was wearing, stripped off her bra and panties, then smiled and then took several pictures, one just her head, another showing her from the waist up, and a couple full length. Maybe he'll like at least part of what he sees, she thought.

This was one time she was glad they had high speed internet. She could send the picture without ever breaking the phone call. Within seconds she could hear a long slow whistle coming from Mark.

"You look hot!" he said. "You look fantastic with the new hair style! WOW!"

"Really? You like it?" Marcie asked both relieved and unsure he really did.

"Oh, absolutely! If I was there now, you'd be on your back being fucked so hard you'd walk bow legged for a week!"

"Oh, my, that is an idea," Marcie laughed. Then she continued, "But, I thought you liked it long."

"I do, but this really brings out your eyes and all the rest of your facial features. You are gorgeous! My goodness, woman, when I get home I want you naked and on the bed! Get a sitter for the kids. You'll be busy on your back for the entire evening! First, I'm gonna lick you until you're screaming and humping my mouth, then I'm gonna fuck you with everything I have!"

Between the kids and work it had been months since Mark had talked to her this way. She loved it. She could feel her heart beginning to race and an ache building between her legs.

"You mean you actually like how this looks?"

"I love it! Tomorrow, just tell everyone that your crazy husband asked you to cut it this way and that you did it for me. And, if you wouldn't mind going shorter on top, I could do it for you! Just think of all the money we could save if none of us had to go to the barbershop or to the hair salon!"

"You are out of your mind," Marcie laughed. "If I went any shorter on top, I'd look bald!"

"Now there's an idea that we can work with!" Mark answered.

"You really are out of your mind," Marcie shouted back, unsure if he was serious and unsure if she wanted him to be serious.

"No, I think we should see what you look like shaved smooth," Mark insisted. "Even if it were a little shorter, it would be a lot easier for me to cut, say down to a half inch on top."

"You're not serious," Marcie answered, "… Are you?"

"Sure, why not? You'd look great. Just tell me the shortest I can go, with bald being best."

"And, what about your hair?" she asked, without answering his question.

"Cut it anyway you want."

"You'd let me buzz your head?"

"Sure. There's already three guys my age at the office who completely shave their heads, and two others that have theirs buzzed so short it might as well be shaved. I'd fit right in."

"No way!" Marcie was laughing at the absurdity of the entire conversation. "You're telling me that if I want to I could shave you completely bald?"

"If you let me cut your hair any way I want to, you can cut mine any way you want to. Think about it. In the mean time all I'm going to be thinking about is coming home and getting my hands on your hot body and running my fingers through the little bit of hair you have left."

After they finished talking Marcie stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself again. He thinks it looks "hot," she thought to herself. Well, maybe it doesn't look that bad.

The next day Marcie was amazed at the reaction among her friends at church. They all thought it looked great. Several asked her where she had it done. When they asked what inspired the change, she accepted Mark's offer and blamed him. The unanimous conclusion was that Mark had excellent taste.

Sunday afternoon found Marcie on the internet. She was surprised by Mark's reaction and taken back by the reaction of her friends. But, the idea of saving money did make sense. It may not be much, but she agreed I would be something. She decided to find out how much.

Marcie did a quick search for hair cutting clippers. She found that a good set of Oster Clippers could be purchased for about $150 and that Whal clippers cost less. She then factored in the cost of shaving cream, razor blades, even after shave lotion. She added the cost of oil to keep the clippers in working order.

Marcie added it all up. The first year would run less than $400, perhaps as little as $300. The second year would be much less, because they wouldn't have to buy clippers again.

She immediately realized where this was leading. Once a month hair cuts for Mark and the boys were $25, or $300 per year. Gasoline and depreciation on the car, to get to the barbershop, which was a little over 12 miles away, ran about $10 a month, or $120 a year. Total so far: $420. They would save even if all they did was Mark's hair along with the boys.

Then she added in her trips to the beauty salon. Monthly was $60 or $720 per year. Add in the cost of shampoo, conditioner, toner, and travel expense and she was spending easily over $900 per year.

Still, the idea of having extremely short hair was so foreign to Marcie that she could hardly believe she was even considering it. She decided she could live with what John had done, but certainly no shorter. Yet, the idea of saving nearly $1,000 a year was appealing, and the way Mark reacted was a real boost to her ego. Suddenly, she realized that despite her best efforts, she was considering it.

She started thinking of what he said over the phone, about fucking her. She closed her eyes and began to rub her pussy. She was fantasying about Mark … and Mark was bald! She had shaved him smooth. She was rubbing her hands over his bald head while he had his face buried between her legs, licking at her pussy. Who knows, she thought, maybe he'll even want to shave my pussy, too. She creamed her panties at the thought.

The next day at work her hair was the subject of discussion. She had never had it short during the eight years she had worked there. She told everyone that Mark had wanted her to try it this way. Again, the vote was unanimous: She looked great.

"You should have done this a long time ago. You always look fabulous, but there's something about the short hair that seems to bring out your best features," Diane told her.

"I've been thinking about short, now I might try it, too," Pat, one of the supervisors in marketing, said.

"Are you planning on keeping it like this?" Diane asked Marcie.

"I'm not sure. Mark says he wants me to. I sent him some pictures by email and he liked them, but he hasn't actually seen it up close and personal. But, he did say that he wanted me to go even shorter, then he'd do the cutting."

"How much shorter?" Diane asked.

"He was talking about down to a half inch or even less on top."

"WOW, that's short," Pat agreed. "When I said I was thinking of short for me, I was talking about a short shag, maybe an inch or two. But, Mark wants you to go down to a half inch!"

"Yeah, and he said he might even want to completely shave me sometime."

"No!" Pat exclaimed.

"Really," Marcie answered. "But, that's never going to happen."

"I wouldn't say that," Diane replied. "I don't think it's that bad an idea."

"And, I suppose you'd let your husband shave your head, if he wanted to?" Pat shot back, laughing.

"Well, there are a lot of cultures where women do shave their heads, especially after they're married. Our hang-ups about women with curly hair and long locks are more a cultural thing than a statement of what truly looks good," Diane answered. Then she added, "Yeah, if Frank wanted to shave my head, it would be his to shave."

"No way!" Pat exclaimed, looking at Diane in complete disbelief.

"Sure I would," Diane insisted.

"You might, but, I doubt that I ever will," Marcie replied.

"You would look good," Diane said.

"Yeah, I agree with that," Pat thought out loud as she looked at Marcie's head. Turning back to Diane, she added, "But, I don't think you'd actually do it even if Frank wanted to."

"I'll ask him tonight," Diane answered. "It will be up to him." Turning back to Marcie, she continued, "You really need to think about it. You would look great."

"What?!?" Marcie asked, astonished at the comment.

"Really, you could carry it off," Diane continued.

"I don't think so," Marcie shot back, laughing at the crazy direction of the conversation.

That night when she talked with Mark she told him everything Diane and Pat had said. "So are you going to let me shave you bald, then?" Mark asked.

"I still think you're bluffing."

"No, I'm serious."

"And, you're going to let me shave you bald, too?"

"Marcie, I've been thinking about this all day. I don't know if it would end with us both bald, or even if one of us ended up bald, but, I sure would like to start in that direction and see how far the two of us want to take it."

There was a long pause. "As long as there's no promise to let you shave me, I'll go along with some experimenting," Marcie agreed.

"There are no promises of anything. But, if we're going to experiment, we'll need a set of hair cutting clippers," Mark thought out loud.

"You're not going to believe this, but I was actually looking at them on line yesterday," Marcie admitted.

There was a pause again. "I thought you didn't like this idea … and you've already checked out the price of clippers?" Mark asked, surprised that Marcie had done this.

"Well, you said we'd save money, and I didn't believe it. So I checked," she defended herself.

"So what did you find out?"

"The really good ones cost about $150, but we can get some pretty good ones for a lot less, $60 to $75, plus shipping," Marcie explained.

"It sounds like there's a part of you that really does want to experiment," Mark observed. "If you're game to try, pick out some good ones and let's see what happens."

"You really want to, then?" Marcie asked for what seemed like the hundredth time. The difference was that now she was hoping that he was. The more she talked about it and thought about it, the more she wanted to try going very short. The thought of having her head shaved was also there, but she was afraid to even think about it. It seemed so radical.

"Yes, I think it would be great fun. I can hardly wait to get home to see how it works out. And, if you do get a set of clippers, make sure you have a baby sitter for Saturday night, because you'll be naked and busy all evening. And, when you're naked, I may have to give you a good tongue lashing for even thinking that you don't look hot with short hair."

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"Yes," Mark laughed.

Marcie paused before answering again. "Mark, if I wanted to completely shave your head, would you let me?"


"If I did, would you insist on shaving mine? Or would I still have a choice?"

It was Mark's turn to pause. "Would you want a choice?"

This was a question Marcie had not considered. She suddenly realized that she wanted Mark to make her shave her head. She wanted it done without having to take any responsibility. If there were comments at the office, she could always blame him, even if was her secret desire.

"I'm not sure," she answered after thinking about it for what seemed like a long time.

Mark laughed. "I'll tell you what: I'll leave it up to you as to whether you have a choice or not. If you want me to make you, I will. If you don't, I won't."

Marcie laughed at the turned upside down answer. "I like that idea," she said.

Marcie surprised herself. The moment she hung up from talking to Mark she was on the internet and ordered a set of clippers with guides ranging from 1/8th up to an inch. The next day she stopped on her way home and bought several packets of Mac III razor blades for Mark's razor and an extra can of shaving cream. She told herself they weren't going to be used, but she might as well have them, "just in case" she did shave Mark's head "one of these days." By the time she was driving in her driveway, she had corrected herself. "Who am I kidding?" she thought. "I'm going to shave his head the first chance I get. The only question is whether he'll do mine or not."

This question haunted Marcie for the rest of the week. Every evening she and Mark talked about what would happen on Saturday. Every day Marcie talked about it at work with Diane and Pat.

Tuesday Diane reported at the first coffee break that she had talked to Frank about it as she promised. "He said that it's my hair and I could do what I like. He said he loves me and that includes my hair style. He also added that having my head shaved might be something fun to try. His only point was that if I did it, he wants to be the one to clip it short and shave it smooth."

"He really said that?" Pat wondered out loud, surprised that Frank would agree to such a radical change. "Bob would blow a gasket, if I even suggested cutting my hair short," she added as she ran her fingers through her own shoulder length hair.

"Mark sure seems like the idea," Marcie added. "In fact he's actually turned on by the idea. It's more than just wanting to see what I'd look like, I think he really wants me with a really short cut. Before this is through there's no doubt in my mind that he's going to want to shave me."

Pat turned to Diane, "So what are you going to do, if Marcie goes radical short … or completely bald? Are you going to have it all cut off, or only cut a bit shorter? Or pass on the idea altogether?"

Diane thought a moment. She turned to Marcie. "I'll tell you what. I'll cut mine as short as you cut yours."

"And, if she goes shinny bald?" Pat pressed.

"Then mine will be smooth and shiny, too."

Pat was taken back. "You're both crazy," she finally decided, thinking out loud.

The clippers Marcie ordered arrived on Wednesday. They were waiting for her when she got home from work. They were in a small box, left by the delivery service between her screen door and the front door. She knew what it was the moment she saw the package. She quickly picked it up, and hid it inside the large bag she used as a purse. She felt like a little kid trying to sneak something into the house past the ever watchful eye of her parents.

In this case, though it was only her two inquisitive boys she was worried about. If they saw the package, they'd be full of questions. And, right now, she had no answers. The thought of having her hair cut short, even shaved smooth, was intriguing, exciting, confusing and frightening all at once. She wanted to do it, but was terrified at the thought of actually doing it.

As soon as the boys were in bed for the night, Marcie was on the internet again, this time researching wigs. She found two that were very close to her style, although a bit longer. She ordered both, more than happy to pay for overnight delivery.

When Marcie and Mark talked on the phone that night, she told him that she had everything they needed. She even told him about the wigs. "I really need a security blanket, just in case we go shorter than I can handle in public," she explained.

"Good," Mark said. "That way if I do tie you up and have my way with you, you'll be 'covered'."

Marcie laughed. "That has got to be the worst pun you've said in years!" She then continued, "And, Mom will be picking the boys up at 4:30 to keep them over night. She and dad will bring them to church on Sunday and we'll bring them home with us after Bible study."

"I do like that plan!" Mark exclaimed. "My plane lands at 4:45. It should be the usual one hour after landing time before I get home. That will give you time to clean up, get naked, put out everything we need."

"Don't you want anything to eat?"

"What I want to eat is you. I've decided I'm going to shave your pussy, too, then eat you for dinner. Remember the tongue lashing I promised you? Well, you will be hairless when you get it. No more rug burns on my nose!"

Marcie was breathing hard at the thought. The thought of him shaving her pussy was getting her going. "Well, at least it's low in calories. But, I'll have some snacks and finger food we can nibble on, just in case." She paused. "You don't know how nervous this is making me," she added. "I've never been so frightened by something and looking forward to it so much at the same time."

"Yeah, isn't this fun?" Mark laughed. "Have you decided whether you want me to make you do what I want? I could tie you up and blindfold you so you would have no choice. Or I could just leave it up to you. Or we could just do me, and leave yours for another time; whatever way you want."

Marcie thought a moment. "Tying me down would certainly take the decision away from me, wouldn't it?"

Marcie and Mark had done some light bondage in the past, so having him tie her down and "forcing" her to "submit" to his "perverted desires," were not new. She would yell and scream her protests, all the time loving the sexual stimulation. They had a "safe word," just in case things were getting beyond what she could handle. If she said "Abe Lincoln," her safe word, Mark would stop. So far she never had to use the safe word.

The next day at work, Diane reported that Frank agreed to have Diane go as short as Marcie, however short that might be. Pat simply shook her head in disbelief. "If you go short, I'll get mine shorter. But no way will I go bald or even to a radical buzz cut," she explained.

When Mark drove up the driveway at 5:45 on Saturday evening, he hit the button on the garage door opener and opened the garage door as he had done a thousand times before. But, this time his eyes were instantly glued to the scene in front of the car: Marcie standing naked in the middle of the garage, wearing only a pair of leather flip flops and a big grin, ready to greet him. She looked stunning in her new hair cut. She even looked better naked, he thought.

He nearly jumped out of the car. "I have everything in the bedroom … all the cutting equipment, and all the food, my darling, you will need for the night. But, you are way overdressed," Marcie told him, before he could speak. She started pulling off his necktie and unbuttoning his shirt before he could take more than two steps.

They made their way to the bedroom, groping and grabbing at each other the entire way. When they finally reached the bedroom, Marcie turned to Mark and kissed him, as she cupped her hand over his crotch and began to massage. "What would you like to do first?" She asked in a breathy voice, as she broke the kiss.

Mark looked around the room. Marcie was prepared. There was a large tray of crackers, shrimp and shrimp dip, grapes, cubed cheese, and carrot sticks, on the dresser. A captain's chair from the dining room sat on a large white sheet spread on the floor. A compete hair cutting kit was set up on the other end of the dresser, along with razors and shaving cream and a large basin to fill with water, when it was needed. On the bed were two wigs, several long lengths of black rope, an oversized beach towel and a blindfold!

Mark smiled. "Just in case you decide to do something evil," Marcie explained seeing the glint in his eyes.

"We have three choices: Eat, cut or fuck?" Mark offered as he quickly undressed.

"That is a tough set of choices," Marcie thought out loud. "I'm not hungry, so it's up to you: Cut or fuck."

Mark stepped to her, pushed her back on the bed. On most nights it took Mark a good deal of hugging and kissing, teasing and caressing before Marcie was ready. This wasn't most nights. Marcie was as excited as Mark and he entered her without any preliminaries. They were both so turned on that it took very little to send them both over the top. They were laughing and out of breath when they paused for a rest.

Marcie reached around and smacked Mark on the ass. "Now that we have that out of the way, we can concentrate on the cut."

"And, then we can get back to fucking again," Mark suggested.

"And when do I get that tongue lashing you promised me?"

Mark looked down at her pussy. "First, we have to get Miss Pussy cleaned up. I was just reading an article on the plane, it was a health magazine, where Professor Fuckercunt of Bald Crotch University said that after studying over 100,000 pussies, that he found that 95.7% report that a bald pussy is a happy pussy and that it greatly reduces facial rug burn, thereby making tongue lashing much more entertaining."

"Really?" Marcie asked with a wicked smile. "You're not just making that up, are you?"

"Does that sound like something I'd make up?" Mark asked with an innocent look.

"Did the professor have anything to say anything about shaved cocks and how it effects cock sucking?"

"Actually, he did. He found that it all depends on what kind of cock sucker one is working with. He found that there was a strong statistical correlation between the length of hair on the head of the cock sucker and the preferred length of hair on the cock being sucked. Amazingly he found that females who are completely bald have a decided preference for bald cocks and balls."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Marcie observed.

"It's all scientifically based."

"With all that scientific evidence I guessed you'd better get busy shaving my pussy," Marcie purred.

"It will be my pleasure."

"But, first, I want at your head," Marcie insisted, pushing Mark off her, rolling over and standing up. "Take a seat."

Mark stood up, took the three steps to the captain's chair. Before he could sit down, Marcie picked up their digital camera. "Smile! We're going to do a before and after shot," she announced. "This way we'll have something to remember what you looked like with hair." She snapped the picture.

"You sound dangerous, woman," he laughed as he sat down. "Is that meant as a threat?"

"Only to the hair on your body," Marcie answered, pinning an old sheet around his neck to act as a cape.

She picked up the clippers and put on the ½ inch guard. She took a deep breath. "Are you ready?"

"Go for it!"

Marcie started up his right side burns. At first nothing was being cut. But as she got higher, the blades began to find hair and cut through it easily. She cut up the side, then did the same behind his right ear. After four more cuts, she had the back done and moved to his left side burn. "I like it already," she announced. "But, there's more to do."

Starting at the back, she cut a path over the top of his head. His hair, which had been a full three inches long on the top, was now a½ inch stubble. It took her only a few more passes and Mark had joined the world of the buzzed.

She stepped back, inspecting her work. Mark studied his reflection in the dresser mirror. "What do you think?" he asked.

"Not bad for the first round."

"The first round?"

"Yeah, I think we're going to do this in stages. It's your turn now, to have your first shot at me. After you're done, that thicket around your cock is going to get cleaned off. You're going to be soft and smooth down there," she explained. "But, for now, you're going to have to figure out what you're going to do first."

Mark stood up. He took the camera and had Marcie pose, while he took her picture with "long hair."

Marcie then took his place in the captain's chair. "Well," she asked, what are you going to do?"

"It's the old saying: 'Do on to others as they have done onto you.'"

"That's not how it goes," Marcie laughed. "It's: 'Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.'"

"Oh, well, in that case …"

Mark took the ½ inch bracket off the clippers and replaced it with the ¼ inch. "What are you doing?" Marcie wanted to know.

"I'm doing onto others what I wanted them to do onto me." Mark explained, with a broad grin.

"You have a demented mind, my husband!" Marcie laughed.

He turned on the clippers, braced the back of her head with his left hand, then put the clippers to her forehead. In one smooth motion he cut a path through the two inch top John the barber had left the week before. A second cut to the right, another to the left and the top was down to a ¼ inch fuzz. Mark moved to Marcie's right side, continued around the back, then up the left. It took Mark only a few minutes to reduce the hair that had taken years to grow down to stubble.

Marcie looked in the mirror. The face she saw looked radically different than what she had seen all her life. The shorter hair seemed to accentuate her eyes. It was a strange look, but she liked it.

"OK, fella! On your back! You're about to have the world's baldest cock!"

Marcie disappeared into the master bathroom taking the basin and quickly reappeared with it filled with hot water. She had a washcloth over her arm. She spread the beach towel out on the bed and Mark laid back. She spread his legs and went to work. First, she used the hair clippers, without a guard, to cut it as short as possible. Then she used spread shaving cream over his entire crotch. With all the fondling, Mark was erect again.

"I like it like that," Marcie noted. "A hard pole is easier to shave than a soft one." She leaned down and ran her tongue over the tip. "There, that should help keep it standing tall."

"Do that again and Old Faithfull just might erupt all over your working area," Mark warned.

"Well, we wouldn't want that to happen, now would we," Marci teased as she set to work shaving Mark's pubic area. She then moved down and did his scrotum and the inside of his legs. She had him hold his legs up and shaved around his ass hole, so that he was smooth from one end to the other.

"Your turn," Mark said, standing up. "That does look different!" he exclaimed as he saw himself in the mirror. "Sort of like a plucked chicken."

"Yeah, it does, but I've always liked plucked chickens. They're better eating, I'm told," Marcie replied.

She laid down, spread her legs and Mark set to work. The clippers made quick work of the long hairs on the mound above her pussy. Then he carefully shaved her mound, and her lips. He then had her pull her legs up, so her arms were holding them under the knees so he could shave the crack of her ass. When he was done, she was completely shaved. Not a hair was left from her tail bone to her pussy.

The two stood in front of the mirror beside each other enjoying the new view. "I love it," Marcie exclaimed. "But, now, it's my turn to get even. Sit down, my husband."

Mark sat down, facing the mirror. Marcie picked up the ¼ inch guard and put it on the clippers. She stepped behind Mark, paused a moment and asked, "Are you ready?"

"I'm ready for anything you do," he answered with complete confidence.

"We'll see," she replied with a smug look on her face. She turned on the clippers and, starting at the hair line in the back, made a long smooth cut up the back of his head, over the top all the way to the front.

Mark's eyes nearly bugged out of his head, however, when he saw the clippers reappear. There was no guard on them. Marcie had taken the guard off and clipper shaved a path down the middle of his head!

"What happened? I thought you were going to do this in step!" Mark exclaimed.

"Oh, I guess I did take the guard off," she answered in an innocent tone. "So much for steps. Get ready for bald!"

Without pausing, she made another pass, then another. It took less than three minutes and Mark was completely bald. Or, so he thought.

Marcie took the washcloth again and soaked it in the hot water. She put it on his head. "You didn't play fair," she explained. "You were supposed to tie me up so I had no choice. So now you pay the price. You will be bald like a cue ball when I'm done!"

She looked down at Mark's lap. The tent in the cape gave ample proof that he was loving every minute of it.

She spread shaving cream on his head, then slowly and carefully shaved him. She had him lean forward, with her standing in front of him while she reached over the top of his head to shave the back. His face was between her bare breasts. As she shaved, he turned slightly and started sucking on her right nipple. "You keep doing that and I'll have trouble holding my hands steady," she warned, her breathing becoming slightly uneven.

"I'll risk it," he answered as he keep sucking and tonguing her.

Despite the wonderful distraction, she did not move, but continued to let Mark suck on her while she completed the job and ran her hand over his head to make sure there was no stubble left.

When she was done, she rubbed her hands over his smooth head and pulled him even harder to her breast. Mark put his right hand between her leg and his left around to her ass. As she stroked his newly smooth head, he sucked her nipple and fondled her clit.

Marcie was breathing hard, and soon felt the growing ache in her crotch take over. Her knees nearly buckled as the orgasm swept over her.

When she caught her breath again, Marci reached for the after shave, poured some onto her hand and rubbed it on his head. She took a deep breath and stood back to admire her work. "Now I really like that!" She announced.

"What, the bald look or your twitching cunt?"

"Both," she answered. "The bald look will be your official hair style from now on."

Mark stood up and hugged her. They kissed with their tongues roaming into each other's mouth, while Marcie's hands roamed over the smoothness of his bald head.

"Your turn, my pet," Mark announced.

Marcie sat down. This time, however, Mark took the rope and tied her arms to the chair. Then he tied her legs so they could not be moved. Finally, he took the last piece of rope and put it around above her breasts and around the back of the chair and tied it. She was now secure.

"You're not going to do anything radical?" Marcie asked, trying to sound afraid.

"What would make you think that?"

"The ropes."

"Oh, that is a clue."

"But, you didn't blind-folded me, I can see everything in the mirror."

"That's right, my pet," Mark said in his most evil voice. "That is part of my plan to torture you. You must watch every step as I do things to you that you have never imaged. You must witness your own fate!"

He picked up the clippers and put on the 1/8 inch guard. Slowly he moved them over her head until the1/4 stubble was uniformly reduced by half.

"Wow, that really makes a difference," Marcie observed. "That's shorter than I would have thought you'd go for now."

"But, who said I'm done, my pet?"

"You're not going to cut it shorter, are you?" she said sounding terrified.

"Watch and see."

"Oh, no! No, no!" Marcie insisted.

Mark ignored her and turned on the clippers once again. This time, however, he made sure that she saw him take the guard off. Moving to the side so she had a full view of his effort, he turned on the clippers and slowly put them to her hair line at her forehead. He paused. "I'd ask you if you're ready … but, it really doesn't matter. Prepare yourself to join the world of the bald!"

"NO!" Marcie shrieked, as Mark pushed the clippers slowly over the remaining hair. It was too late. It seemed like forever, but in less than four minutes, Marcie was clipper shaved down to a sandpaper finish.

Just as Marcie had done, Mark used the hot water, washcloth, shaving cream and razor to finish the job.

When he finished and wiped off the last of the cream, he barely had time to get the after shave on and the ropes off before Marcie was pulling him onto the bed. "I want to feel what a smooth head feels like between my legs," she insisted, pushing his head down, while she turned so she could be working on him with her mouth at the same time.

The sex that night was wild and intense. They took breaks for the finger food and finally settled down to a long night of hugging, touching and sleeping. Every time one woke up, it started all over again.

The next morning, Marcie looked over at Mark as the two lay in bed after turning off the alarm clock. "I think I'd like to keep both of us this way for a while."

"A long while," Mark agreed.

"A very, very long while," Marcie emphasized.

The next day the folks at church were surprised to see Marcie in longer hair, after the short cut of the preceding week. They were even more surprised to see Mark's head shaved. Marcie explained that Mark got "a bit carried away trying to even out the hair cut" of a week earlier so she was wearing a wig. She also explained that several of the men Mark worked with had shaved their heads and she wanted to see what it would look like. Within two weeks their new styles became the norm and no one was asking questions any more.

Timmy and Jimmy were shocked the first time they saw their mom without the wig at home. But, they got used to it very quickly and it soon became the expected look at home. Timmy, who had started it all by not wanting to get his hair cut, now began to remind his mother every time he could see the stubble growing. He even insisted on having his head shaved, so he could look like mommy and daddy. Jimmy didn't want to be left out, so the razor blades were used up much more quickly than Marcie had figured.

Even with the cost of the razor blades, however, they did save a good deal of money. There were no more trips to the barber shop for Mark and the boys, nor any more to the beauty salon for Marcie. Marcie saved enough that she bought two more wigs, with different styles and colors. She enjoyed being able to "dress up" with different looks on occasion.

On the Monday after the big shave off, Diane and Pat were anxious to learn what had happened. Marcie held them in suspense until noon. Then she pulled off the wig, and showed them her bald head. She had Mark shave her on Monday before work, to make sure "it looked really good."

On Wednesday, Diane arrived at work with a different hair style. At noon she pulled off her wig. Pat thought they were both nuts, but agreed they both looked really good. After a long discussion, and checking with both of their supervisors, Diane and Marcie began to leave their wigs off at work. They began referring to themselves as "The Sisterhood of the Bald."

The big surprise, however, happened two weeks later. It was Thursday and Pat's husband, Bob, stopped by the office over the lunch hour. He needed Pat to sign a paper for a refinancing plan the two had been working on. Pat introduced him to Marcie and Diane, since they were both sitting next to her in the lunch room.

Bob couldn't take his eyes off the two. The next day, Pat announced that Bob was now pressuring her to shave her head, too.

"I thought you said he'd go nuts, if you even suggested it?" Diane asked.

"It blew my mind," Pat conceded.

"So what are you going to do?" Marcie asked.

"I told him I'd need some time to think about it. I did tell him that I would go to a much shorter cut, though, if he really wanted."

Whatever thinking she did, it didn't take long. The next Monday morning Pat arrived at work with a half inch buzz. By Wednesday it was down to a ¼ inch. The next Monday she was as bald as her two friends. "And, you know what?" she said, when the three had time together alone, "this really put a spark in our sex lives. No, more like an atom bomb! It was a non-stop weekend. Good thing our kids were spending the weekend with their grandparents."

Marcie and Diane looked at each other, than at Pat. "Welcome to The Sisterhood of the Bald," they said in unison.


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