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A New Short Haircut For Summer
Author: Shavedgurl
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Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
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My mom had always kept my hair the same way. I didn't mind it until I started school. All the other girls had long, flowing hair, that their moms would braid, and curl, and make all pretty with bows and barrettes and headbands, something different every day. My hair was always the same. Straight, shoulder-length, and worn down. No layers, or bangs or anything. My Aunt Becky was a barber in town, and my brothers and I always had to go to her for haircuts, once every other month. Not that she couldn't have cut it if it were long, in layers or curled or something, but my mom told her to cut the same way. She always gave me the same, shoulder-length bob. It was plain and simple. My mom made me wear it down, and on occasion, she would curl it under. But I could never put it in braids, or curls or even ponytails. It was always down. I asked her once if I could do something different with it, and she got angry with me, so I never asked again. I just decided to like with the fact that my hair would always be the same until I moved out.

One day, towards the end of my sixth grade year, my mom said that it was time for haircuts. I can't say I dreaded, or enjoyed them, it was one of those no-emmotion things. I just sat there, and she would cut my hair. Well, she picked us up after school, the usual routine. We drove downtown to my Aunt Becky's shop, and then walked in, and sat down together. We got there as soon as school let out, because it was going to be fairly busy that day, being as it was close to summer, and all the moms made their sons come in for shorter haircuts. The shop wasn't too busy when we arrived. There were two older men sitting in the barber chairs, getting haircuts, but we were the only other people. Aunt Becky was done with her client swiftly, and walked over. "Hi Jean," She said, as my mom stood up and gave her a hug. "Hi kids." She said to us, then gave each of us a kiss on the cheek. "Hi Aunt Becky." I said, trying to be polite. I can't say Aunt Becky was one of my favorite aunts. She always seemed to take joy in cutting my hair. I never understood why. "So, who's first?" Aunt Becky asked. My mom pushed my oldest brother , seventeen, Nate up, and said, "Go ahead Nate, you're up first." Aunt Becky smiled, and said, great." Then she grabbed his shoulder, and walked him to her station. He jumped into the big red leather chair, and scooted back. My mom followed them, and stood there chatting with Aunt Becky for a moment. I could over hear them talking about how to cut his hair. "It's getting close to summer Jean, would you like me to just give to just trim it up closer, like I've done in the past, or would you like to try something shorter this summer?" My mom thought about it for a moment, and then replied, "Sure, that sounds like a good idea, he's going to be pretty busy with camps and activities this summer, so give him something very short." Aunt Becky said happily, super. How about a short crewcut, say a quarter inch?" "No, better do an eighth." Mom said, then came and sat back down. A few girls from school walked in with their mom's and brothers, who needed the haircuts. They sat down next to us, and our moms started chatting. The two other girls were sitting in the opposite corner, and whispering in each other's ears and giggling. I just sat still, and watched Nate's hair pile onto the floor, as Aunt Becky buzzed it all off. Man, was I glad she never used those things on me. Nate's haircut didn't take too long, and soon, he was walking back to the waiting area. He didn't look too happy about it. My mom stood up, and ran her hand over the top of his head. "Ooh, that feels so soft. It's great Becky." she said. Aunt Becky said, "So would you like me to do the same for Nick?" as she patted my second oldest brother, sixteen, Nick on the head. "Yes please," mom said. "Great, this won't take long at all." Aunt Becky said, as she took Nick's hand, and led him back to her station. Nick came back, not too happy looking, about five minutes later. My mom got up, and said, "Oh Nicky, won't this be great for baseball camp?" mom said, as she ran her fingers over his freshly buzzed head. Nick just sat down, and picked up a magazine. "Ok, your turn Natalie." Aunt Becky said, as she pulled my hand. Then she pulled me to her station. I didn't want to be there that particular day. Not with those other girls here. It was embarrassing. "Hop on up." Aunt Becky said, as she patted the chair. I slowly stepped in, and sat back. I sighed, oh well. Then she pulled a tissue out of the dispenser, and wrapped it tightly around my neck. She snapped the cape on over it, and then called mom over. "So Jean, is Natalie getting the usual shoulder length bob today?" My mom quickly said yes. I breathed a sigh of relief. I sure as heck didn't want anything shorter. "Do you have any big plans for this summer Natalie?" Aunt Becky asked. Before I could reply, mom said, "Natalie is going to day camp while her brothers are gone." "Oh, that sounds like fun." Aunt Becky said, as she patted me on the back. "My Natalie, your hair has gotten nice and thick, hasn't it?" I just replied, "Um I guess so." "It must get awful hot in the summer, especially since you don't wear it up." she said. I just said, "It isn't a big deal. "You know Jean, maybe you should consider going shorter on her this summer, with her going to be at camp and all, it would keep her much cooler." "Well, I don't know. I've always kept it like this." My mom said. Again, I was relieved to hear that. "Your call, but maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea, I mean, it's supposed to be really hot this summer, and she's going to be busy running around all day in that heat. Besides, she's always had her hair the same. With her going into middle school next year, maybe now's the time to try something new, something shorter perhaps." Aunt Becky said. I was starting to feal uneasy about this. "You know, maybe you're right Becky." My mom said. "Did you have any particular styles you would like me to try?" Aunt Becky asked. "Oh, well I don't know much about hair, maybe a bob or something?" Mo said. "How short are we going here?" Aunt Becky asked. "I suggest at least to her earlobes," Aunt Becky said. My earlobes? That is so short. Mom would never let her cut it that short, or at least I thought not. "Yes, definately. You be the judge, as long as it's not longer that her earlobes." Mom said. "Wonderful!" Aunt Becky exclaimed. "Thank's Becky," Mom said, as she headed back to her seat. Then her cell phone rung. She answered it, and talked for a few minutes, then hung up, and walked back to us. "Becky, I hate to have to do this to you, but could you keep an eye on the kids for me? The hospital just called me, and they need my help on- Aunt Becky cut her off. "Go ahead, that 's fine. I'll be a while with her anyways," She said, patting my head. "You're great," Mo said, then she gave me a kiss on the chee, and said, "No you sit still and be good for Aunt Becky young lady." Then she tapped my head, and stood up. "I shouldn't be more than an hour." Mom said. "Take your time, I'm in no rush. If it gets late, I'll just bring them back to my house." Aunt Becky said. "Thanks," My mom said, as she rushed out. Aunt Becky turned back to me, and pumped up the chair higher. "Right, let's get this sorted out." She said, as she fluffed my hair. Aunt Becky seemed really excited about this, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why, but I just sat still, hopingf that this wasn't going to be that short.

Aunt Becky got my hair wet with a little spray bottle, then picked up her scissors. "Here we go." She grinned, as she put the scissors just below my earlobe, and crunched them together. I felt a big chunk of hair fall off my head. I saw it land on my cape, and started at it. It seemed so long, at least compared to the rest of my hair. I felt her chop another clump of hair off, then another and another. I wondered why she seemed to be doing it so sloppily. I saw it in the mirror, and it was very uneven. I just sat still quietly though, because the last time I questioned something she was doing, she got mad at me, and told my mom. As I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed a huge grin on Aunt Becky'd face, as she hacked away. As I continued watching, I realized that it was getting very short. It had never been this short before. I was getting worried about this, but I dared not say anything. Aunt Becky finally stopped cutting, and asked me, "Natalie dear, this is going to be quite a while. Would you like to watch the tv?" I nodded, and she handed me the remote. I turned it on, and watched the Disney Channel. I didn't pay any attention to my hair for a while, but looked up when I didn't feel the scissors anymore. Hmm, maybe she's done, I thought. I liked at myself in the mirror, then I heard a loud hummmmmmmm. I saw the big buzzing clippers coming towards me. What was Aunt Becky going to do with those? My heart started beating faster, and I got butterflies in my stomach. All of a sudden, I hear the buzzing halt. "I'm gonna just give the back a quick buzz here, so sorry if it's hard to hear the tv, but it shouldn't take long." Aunt Becky said, as she could hardly contain her enthusiasm. I swear, she looked like she was going to scream. Why on earth was she so happy about this? I couldn't understand. I heard the loud humming again, then I heard Aunt Becky's voice over them, as she said, "Put your head down dear," I tipped my head down a little, so i could still watch the tv, but she pushed it into my chest. The clippers were becoming louder and louder, as they approached my head. I could feel Aunt Becky's hand on the top of my head, holding it down. Then I felt the clippers touch my neck. I almost jumped out of my seat, I was so startled by them. She held them on the very base of my neck for a moment, then slowly pushed them up my neck. She slowly began shaving off my hair. They seemed to just keep going higher and higher. Finally, she pulled them away, and placed them back on my neck. Again, she ran them up my neck. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I shut my eyes tighly, trying to stop, because I could not let her see me crying. She just continued shaving, as if there were nothing better in the world. Thought I had to admit, those clippers didn't feel that bad. I was still sad though, because I just knew I was going to get teased, and that I would look like a boy. She did not notice that I was upset, and she kept on buzzing away. It seemed like a decade before she lifted my head up, and turned the horrible clippers off. I started at myself in the mirror. From the front, I couldn't even tell that the back was shaved. At least it will look ok from the front, I thought. I was about to turn my head and see how short the sides were, but she held my head straight forward. "Keep your head straight please, I need you to stay still." She said. I went back to my show, and she continued snipping off my hair. I paid no attention to her cutting until she stopped cutting. It didn't look too much shorter than it had a few minutes earlier. Then I heard the clippers again, and felt Aunt Becky's firm hand on my head. I started to put it down, but she held it up straight, and said loudly, keep your head up. Then she placed the clippers on my cheek. I got very scared that she was going to shave my head just like my brothers. She pushed the clippers up. She pulled them off my head after running them up about an inch or two above the tops of my ears. She then pushed my ear down, and shaved around it. She placed the clippers on my temple, and ran them around my head, to the back, in a straight line. Then followed them to my other ear, shaving a strip across the middle of my head. Then she shaved around my other ear, nearly leaving me bald there. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzz the clippers roared as they sheared away my hair. I felt it cascade down past my face and land in my lap. I just closed my eyes, and tried not to cry. Aunt Becky continued shaving the line around my head. She shaved up where she had just made the line, clearing the hair on my neck off. It was horrible. I was so dizzy feeling that I felt like I was going to faint. Finally, she turned the clippers off. I let out a huge sigh of relief, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was horrified at my reflection. That couldn't be me in the mirror. There's no way my hair could be that short. I stared at myself in utter humiliation and disgust. I looked terrible. My thick hair bushed out, and I looked like mushroom. There's no way this is happening to me, I thought, it has to be a bad dream. I then stuck my hands out from the sides of the cape, and reached up to my head. There was soft velvety fuzz where there had once been hair. It was so short. But it felt so nice. It cool air from the open window was also a feeling I had never flt before. I was quite aroused by the whole thing. I sighed, I guess if my hair was going to be short, I would at least have that as a perk. Aunt Becky saw me. "Can I get up now? I asked, thinking she was done. "Oh no, just cleanin out the ole clippers, still got a ways to go. My, this is going to look great Natalie. Just look at the nice thick texture of the hair on top, it's great." She said excitedly. She saw my disgusted expression though, and said, "but you know, such thick hair on top would be really hot in the summer. How about I try to fix that?" Aunt Becky asked. I just nodded. "Ok then, back to the haircut." She said. "Just have to take this guide off, then I'll keep shaving you, ok dear?" I just sat there, and didn't say a word. "Head forward." She said, as she gripped my neck. I heard a loud POP hummmmmmmmmm, then felt the clippers on my neck. They were very cold this time though. I flinched at the freezing metal on my nape. Aunt Becky made quick work out of shaving the back again. She shaved a path up the center of my nape, high up the back of my head. Then she pulled the clippers off my head, and shaved another path of fuzz next to the first one, and so on. Soon, she lifted my head back up, and was shaving the left side of my head. I hate to admit it, but it was quite a plesant feeling, having the buzzing clippers shave away my hair. She shaved off my sideburn, then she bent my ear down, and shaved around it. She ran the clippers up several times, and then did the same thing to the right side of my head. When she finally turned the clippers off, I saw how short it was. All that was left there was stubble. I reached up and felt it, but was unpleasantly surprised to tough sandpaper on my neck. I made a face, and Aunt Becky saw me. "Oh don't worry dear, that's all coming off." She said. I wondered what she meant by that. I soon found out. She left for a few minutes, so I watched some more TV. When she came back, she had a very hot washcloth that she placed around my neck. "Oooow!" I said, as I felt the burning cloth on my freshly shaved skin. "Oh, I'm sorry, about that honey, but I'll take it off in a few minutes." Aunt Becky said, going back to whatever she was doing. A few minutes later, she came back with a thick pile of white stuff in her hand. She took the washcloth off, and I felt the cool breeze hit my neck. Not for long though, as I felt the warm white stuff being spread onto my head. She covered all of the stubbly hairs on my neck, and then then spread it around my ears, and on the sides on my head. It felt nice. "What is that stuff you're putting on my head Aunt Becky?" I asked curiously. "Oh it's just some hot shaving cream." She replied. She went away again, then came back with a long shiny knife-looking thing. "What is that for?" I asked her. "It's a straight razor, I'm going to give you a real shave Natalie!" She said excitedly. I wondered why. I figured that it must be something special. Aunt Becky said then, "Now sit real still sweetie, I don't want to cut you." She said. "Head down Natalie." She said. I swiftly bent my head down, excited to feel that razor. A few moments later, I felt the sharp metal blade hit my nape. Aunt Becky slowly shaved a thick path up my neck. Then she wiped the blade off with a towel, and put the razor on my nape hairline again. She took her time as she carefully shaved the back of my head. It felt so wonderful and soothing as she scraped all of that rough stubble away. I was finally realizing why Aunt Becky enjoyed this so much. She took stroke after stroke, until the back of my head was shaved clean. Then she lifted my head up, and bent my left ear over. Then Aunt Becky carefully shaved the hairline around my ear. After that she shaved the stubble off my left sideburn. I had such unusual feelings as Aunt Becky shaved away all of that stubble. I was thoroughly enjoying this. For once, I didn't mind getting my hair cut so short. Getting a shave was well worth it. I Sat there enjoying myself, an did not notice that Aunt Becky had started shaving the other side of my head, and was almost finished. The cold air bit into my newly shaved skin. It was so cool. All too soon though, Aunt Becky finished. She walked away for a few minutes. I looked in the mirror. Gosh, my hair sure was short. I wondered what mom was going to say when she got back. I had no idea. As I continued to examine myself in the mirror, my thoughts jolted from my shaved skin, to the puffy hair on top. It looked awful, and I mean awful. After quite some time, Aunt Becky came back. She ruffled my hair, and looked at me in the mirror and said, "Hmm, we should probably do something about this, don't you think?" I nodded. Then she said, "I'm going to thin it out with the shears, and hopefully we'll be able to get rid of the bulk of it, and you'll keep cool this summer." I just shrugged my shoulders, and started at myself. I heard Aunt Becky getting something out of a drawer. "Why don't you watch some more TV Natalie, this might take a bit of time." "Ok," I said, flipping through the channels. Aunt Becky combed, and tugged, and cut, for what seemed like forever, then finally put the big shears down. She combed it out, and then said, "I don't know Natalie, is it still too thick do you think?" I reached my hand up, and ran it through my hair. It was so awkward to not feel long straight hair there. Before my hand reached my hair though, it gently brushed up against my shaved nape. I let my hand inch down, and slowly rubbed back and forth. It was so soft and smooth. It felt wonderful. I could have continued exploring my shaved shin forever, but Aunt Becky directed my attention back to the top. "Now, I really can't thin it out too much more, even though it's still very thick. I'm going to give you an undercut, so hopefully it will lay flatter with that." "What's an undercut?" I asked. "It's where some of the hair underneath is shaved, but the hair over it is left longer, so it covers some of the skin shaved up higher." Aunt Becky said, motioning with her hands about where it would be shaved. "How high are you going to shave it Aunt Becky?" I wanted to know. "Well, let's see. At least an inch, perhaps two?" Aunt Becky said. "Just make it flat please." I said, going back to the TV show. "I'll try dear." She said, as she grabbed some clips, and a comb. "Now lean your head forward Natalie, and sit real still so I can section off the part I need to shave." Aunt Becky said. She carefully sectioned off the hair two inches above the shaved parts, then twisted my hair on top, and clipped it into place. Then she lifted my head back up, and sectioned off some hair on the sides, not as much though, so it didn't show. It didn't take too long, so she made sure it was all even, then got out her clippers. I bent my head over, and anxiously awaited more shaving. I heard the buzz of the clippers, and my heart started beating faster. I wanted to enjoy this shave. Now that I wasn't so worried about what my hair would look like. Aunt Becky carefully shaved from the already shaved skin, through the longer hair, up to the part. I felt tufts of hair roll down the smooth skin on my neck, and had to try very hard to sit still, because it was so ticklish. Aunt Becky shaved it really high. I almost drifted off in pure enjoyment as the clippers shaved over my occipital bone. Buzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Aunt Becky shaved the next swath of hair, then the next. Buzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz. Ooh how good it felt for those clippers to shear away my hair. My head kept getting lighter and lighter, and more wind kept rushing towards the newly shaved skin of mine. Before I knew it though, the clippers were turned off. I wasn;t too disappointed though, because I was more intrigued by the hot shave part. Aunt Becky rinsed my freshly shaved stubbly head, then applied some nice hot shaving cream to my head. She gently rubbed the back of my head. It was making me weak in the knees. Then she washed her hands to get the hot lather off, and got the straight razor back out. I bent my head down, and she started shaving the top stuble off my head. She shaved so slowly and firmly, I could actually feel the individual hairs being shaved off. I was getting very turned on from this. It seemed like it took an eternity to just shave one path. I loved it fully though. As she shaved over my occipital bone, I lost it. I felt my pants become wet. I was in such a state that I could not control myself. After what seemed like years, Aunt Becky gently tilted my head up erect. I looked in the mirror. My eyes looked sleepy as I looked. Aunt Becky bent my head over to one side while she carefully started shaving. I became even wetter as she shaved up to my temples, and the soft spot on the side of my head. It was so erotic. She carefully followed the path, shaving all the way up to it, but nor a smidge over. Part of me though, wanted to feel the razor on the top of my head, to see what it felt like to have it shaved up there. But I knew I didn't want a bald head, so I didn't budge. Aunt Becky shaved and shaved, up and around, cleaning the back of my head from any hairs. Then she tipped my head over to the other side, and started shaving that side. I felt my face become red as Aunt Becky shaved away. I willingly let her shave. As the razor scraped away the stubble, I felt Aunt Becky smile. I was liking this so very much. I no longer disliked her. For some odd reason, I thing she wanted to cut my hair so short, and give me a shave, to show me why she loves being a barber so much. I smiled at her with my eyes softly closed, while she finished shaving. As I felt her lift my head back up, she ran her hand over the shaved skin, to make sure it was all even. She left for a minute, and came back with a steaming hot washcloth. She wrapped it over my freshly shaved skin. Although it was extremely hot, it felt quite arousing as it sunk into my sensitive skin. It was wonderful. She quick dried it off, and then stepped back. She examined it closely. Then she got out a small pair of shiny scissors. She walked around to the front of me, and said, "No sit very still Natalie." I was excited. I knew what she was going to do now. She carefully combed off a small section of hair on my forehead. She pinned the rest back, then combed the hair straight. She opened the scissors up wide, and cut. A curtain of hair fell, and tumbled down my face into my lap. Then she started to even it out. She combed and snipped, combed and snipped. Finally, she said, "All done, what do you think?" I looked in the mirror. She had cut very short bangs. They were layered, so they were in a somewhat whispy-ish babydoll style. I had never had bangs before. As I looked at myself, I noticed how much bigger my eyes looked. And what an elegant neck I had. I was beautiful. As I started at my reflection, Aunt Becky too the cape off. My neck was free. I rolled it around, and felt how wonderful it was to be shaved back there, the wind blowing through it, tickling my shaved skin. Aunt Becky then stopped my admiring, and said, "Come over to the sink here, and I'll wash your hair real quick, then I'll brow dry it before you leave, ok?" I got up, and walked to the sink. She washed my newly cut hair, gently caressing my shaved skin, and massaging my scalp. It was wonderful. Then she rinsed the lather out, and put a bit of conditioner in it. She lowly rubbed my soft skin, and hair. I could have laid there for days. I felt like I was in heaven. All of a sudden, I was awakened out of my trance by hot water rinsing the conditioner out, and then lifted my head out of the sink, and wrapping a towel around it. "Let's go finish, ok Natalie?" Aunt Becky asked, as she walked back to her station. I sat down, with the towel turban covering my new haircut. I was anxious to se what it would look like wet. Aunt Becky unwrapped the towel, and started combing my hair out. Gosh it felt light, I thought. Then Aunt Becky came over with the hairdryer and a round paddle brush, and started blow drying my hair. The hot air on my newly shaved neck made me feel all tingly inside. It was a great feeling. I relaxed for a few minutes, then decided to watch some more TV. I turned it on, and started to watch a cartoon, when I heard the noisy blow dryer cease. She couldn't be done already, I thought, as I looked in the mirror. Wow, with my hair so much shorter and thinner, it took no time at all to dry. It was great. I reached up, and touched it. Oh how soft and silky my hair felt, and the smooth shaved skin beneath it. I loved it. I looked in the mirror at the new me, and loved everything I saw. I was so pretty without such boring hair covering my face. Aunt Becky smiled, and asked, "So do you like it Natalie?" I smiled and said, "Oh yes, it's wonderful." She smiled, and said, "I'm so glad you like it. I was afraid there for a while. It turned out really nice though. It flatters your face nicely." She said, as she stood behind me, and touched the sides of my head where the hair was. "You know what might look nice?" Aunt Becky said. "It would be so cute if it were all curled under." I just said, "Yes, I bet so." Then she got her small curling iron, and carefully curled all of my hair under. She sprayed it into place. It didn't take too long. Then she asked, "Can I curl your bangs too?" I said, "Sure." So Aunt Becky carefully curled my bangs under, but she curled the layers separately. I had to close my eyes so she could spray it. Then she put the curling iron on the counter, and picked up her brush. She gently brushed through my short hair. The little bumps on the end of the bristles felt nice on my shaved skin. It was almost like a massage. She brushed out the hair all around my head, and then brushed my bangs. "All done." She said. I looked in the mirror. Curling it made it a bit shorter, but It also made it more girlish looking, and cute. My bangs were pretty short to begin with, and since she curled the layers separately, they were shorter. I liked how they were curled under though. They sort of reminded me of 'Little Bo Peep' bangs. I smiled at my reflection. My face was so delicate looking. Any my eyes were so huge. This shorter haircut made me look way older. Aunt Becky came back, and said, "Isn't this so adorable on her?" I saw my mom standing with her. "Oh my, it's so short." My mom said. Then she reached over, and ruffled my hair, and tickled my shaved neck. It felt nice. "It's sure cute on her though, you were right about that Becky." My mom said. "I hate to say it, but you're growing up Natalie." Mom said. I beamed at myself in the mirror. Then I turned my head back and forth. I absolutely loved how my hair swished up as I turned my head. It was so cool looking. It felt so light and airy. The wind blew through it, and it was soft, and the shaved skin was incredibe. I kept on admiring myself, while mom and Aunt Becky whispered something to each other. Finally, they came back, and my mom asked," You know Natalie, it's close to summer, and you've probably out grown the stuff you have-" "I haven't." I butted in. "Well, even so, maybe you would like to go to the mall when we leave, just the two of us, and we could do some shopping, and then go out to dinner. I think you need some new clothes to go with your new haircut, don't you?" Mom said. "Oh yes, lets go." I said, leaping out of the big chair. Mom took my hand, and we were starting to walk, but then she said, "Ok, so you'll drop the boys off at home Becky?" "You bet." Aunt Becky said. Then mom nudged me. "Oh, Thank you for the haircut Aunt Becky." I said with a huge smile across my face. "Any time kiddo." She said, as she started sweeping the floor. Mom and I went out the back door, and walked to her car. I was very happy that I did not have to walk by those other girls.

When we got to the mall, the first place we went was Marshall Fields. I expected us to go to the kids section, but mom tugged me in the other direction. I walked with her, and we went into the junior department. "Let's get you some clothes from in here today." She simply said. We walked around the department for a while, and I tried on lots of cool things. About half an hour later, we went up to the counter, with a stack of new clothes for me. I got a pair of jeans, a pair of blue jean shorts, two t-shirts, and a tank top, and a sundress. Then mom paid for everything, and we headed out of the junior department. We passed the makup counters on our way to the rest of the mall, and Mom asked me, "Natalie, I think you'r old enough to wear makeup, do you want to get some?" I grinned, and said, "Really?" Mom nodded. We sat at the Clinique counter, and a lady came over, and helped me pick out some makup, and face cleansers and stuff. Mom paid for it, and the lady gave me this little makeup bag with a bunch of stuff in it, because if you spend a certain amount of money, you get a free bonus. We went into the mall, and stopped at the Gap. I was so excited to not be shopping in Gap Kids. I felt so grown up. Mom bought me a three quarter sleeve blouse, a sweater, and a skirt from Gap, and got me a brown leather purse to go with it. After Gap, we decided to go into Abercrombie and Fitch. Mom had never let me get stuff from there before, just my brothers. I got so much stuff from there. I got two criss-cross tank tops, a pair of cotton gym shorts, a zip up cotton jacket, a pair of khaki shorts, two pair of blue jean shorts, a pullover fleece, a logo t-shirt, and a one shoulder shirt. With all of the stuff mom already got me, I thought we'd be done, but we walked into Express instead of leaving. I always wished I could shop in there. All their stuff was so sophisticated looking, and mature. I tried on several things. Everything looked so cool. I had a big stack of clothes that I wanted when I was done trying everything on. Everything was on the expensive side, so mom told me I could pick half. I was so excited. I thought I would only be able to get a few things. I excitedly chose three spaghetti strap tank tops, two stretchy skirts, a pair of purple shorts, and a pair of turquoise shorts, a t-shirt, two blouses, a knee length skirt with ruffles on the bottom, and a sundress. When we went up to the counter to pay, we saw all the accessories. Mom let me get some rhinestone hairpins, a silver bracelet, and a matching necklace. As we walked out of Express together, I had the widest smile on my face ever. Mom saw me, and smiled. We looked like two shop-aholics carrying so many bags. I couldn't wait to go home and try it all on, and show all my friends. I thought we were done, and were going to head out to dinner. Mom said that we had one last stop to make. She wouldn't tell me, so I had to follow her all through the mall. Finally, we stopped in front of one of the nicer jewelry stores. Mom and I walked up to the counter. She asked the woman behind the counter if they pierced ears. The woman smiled and nodded, then mom turned to me and said, "You know what would look pretty with all those new clothes that we bought you, and your new haircut? I think that with such a short haircut and your ears showing, maybe it's time you get your ears pierced, I think you're old enough to handle that, don't you?" I grinned, and nodded. This was the best day ever. "Well then, why don't you pick out the earrings you want here in this case," Mom said, pointing to the small case of earrings that they use to pierce your ears with. Mom helped me pick out a pair of small silver hoops. I held them up to my ears, and then we told the lady behind the counter. She told me to go sit in the tall chair in the corner. I walked over and hopped up, while mom signed some papers, and paid for my earrings. Then she and the lady behind the counter walked over to me. I was so excited. The lady first put on some rubber gloves. Then she wiped both my earlobes with alcohol. Next, she took the hoops out of the package, and put them in the gun. She told me to sit very still. I squeezed mom's hand and closed my eyes tight as she punched the earring through. Do you know what? It didn't hurt at all. A moment later, she pierced my other ear. She held up a mirror, for me to see. Oh how pretty they looked. They were a nice touch, and with my hair shaved above my ears, they were needed, otherwise I might look like a boy. I couldn't stop smiling. I thanked the lady, then mom handed me the cleaning stuff, and I put it in my bag. As we were walking through the mall back to Marshall Fields, mom decided to go into a shoe store. Mom said that I was old enough to start wearing high-heels, so she let me get some. I got a pair of brown leather mules, a pair of purple, blue, lime green, pink and silver rhinestone-covered sandals, and then some navy blue sandals, that kind of wrapped over the sides of my feet. They were very sophisticated looking. As we were leaving, mom said to me, "While you were trying on clothes, I made reservations for us at the country club. We'll run home, and you can change into one of your new outfits, then and I'll put on something dressier as well, then we can go, does that sound good?" "Yes." I said. My arms were very tired as we headed out to our car, and put the bags in the trunk. I almost fell asleep on the way home. When we got home, dad and my brothers had left to go to a soccer game. I decided to wear a white skirt from Express, with a pink tank top, and a white blouse, also from Express. Then I put on my new rhinestone high heels. I walked into my bathroom, and carefully put on a little makeup. (Mom doesn't know this, but I wear makeup lots. I have some in my locker at school, hehehe.) Then I put the necklace and bracelet on. I brushed out my hair, and made sure all the curls were still neatly curled under. Then I walked downstairs, and waited for mom. When mom came down a few minutes later, we walked out to the car together. We had a nice slow drive over to the country club.

Mom and I chatted and ate, and had a great time. We each had a cup of potato bacon soup for starters. Then we each had a side salad. For the main course, I had shrimp linguini, and mom had perch. For dessert, mom had chocolate decadence layer cake, with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge over it, and I had a piece of key-lime pie. Everything was delicious.

The day I got that short haircut was the best day of my life, so far at least. I still have a little bowl cut with babydoll bangs, and mom bought me a curling iron, so I can curl my hair and bangs under every morning. Aune Becky cuts it for me regularly. I usually go in on Friday's after school for trims, and the days I get up early enough, I can leave for school early, and ride my bike down to the barber shop and Aunt Becky shaves me. When I can't get in before school I sometimes stop in and get a shave after school. I don't like the feeling of stubble, so I like to get shaves as much as possible. Plus it feels so good that I'll take any opportunity to get a shave that I can. My new clothes are great, and I love wearing them. I feel so grown up. I like having my ears pierced a lot. I can't change the earrings yet, but in a few weeks, I can start wearing different ones. I'm really glad that Aunt Becky gave me that short haircut that day. I love the feeling of wind blowing through my shaved skin, and short bowlcut. I think I am going to grow out the shaved parts a bit, so that I'll get to have them shaved off with clippers when I go to get it hot lather shaved. I love the feeling of clippers, and hot shaves too. I love my bowlcut, but every time I get a shave, I get a bigger urge to have my whole head shave, so I can feel the clippers on the top of my head, and feel the hot lather and straight razor there as well. I haven't said anything to mom or anyone, but who knows, one day I might come home bald!

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