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The Little Girl's First Trip To The Barber Shop
Author: Shavedgurl
Content: NR
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Category: NA
Type: Poem
Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
Language: English
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A mother and daughter
walked into the shop
"A haircut for her"
"To clean up this mop"

Please have a seat
over there in a chair
the barber will soon
come to cut her hair

The little girl hopped
into the large barber's chair
"Oh what a treat!"
"Someone cutting my hair"

The barber walked over
a few minutes later
"What'll it be?"
he asked

"A nice short bob"
the mother said
with a few inches shaved
up the back of her head

The barber nodded,
then tied a tissue tightly
around the girls neck
a job he didn't take lightly

Next the barber
pulled out a cape
he swung it 'round
her neck on her nape

He pinched the snap shut
over the tissue
then said this mess
is a serious issue!

He fingered her hair
each tangled tress
and said, "it's sure time
you get rid of this mess"

He picked up his scissors
and began to snip
hair tumbled to the floor
as it rolled of the blade's tip

The barber cut and cut
for quite a while
then finally said
let's give you a new style!

He put down the scissors
and reached into a drawer
then he pulled something out
and said tilt her head towards the floor

The she heard a loud BUZZZZZZ
and the barber said
hold still dear
don't move your head

The little girl did
what the barber said
and sat still as the clippers
came towards her head

"Tilt your head forward"
the barber said over the noise
then he placed the clippers on her neck
like he did to the boys

The little girl's tummy
had butterflies
the first time she felt
the clippers rise

The clippers made
a very loud BUZZZZZZZ

shaving off the girl's hair
leaving behind, soft fuzz

As the barber guided
the clippers higher
the pile of hair grew
into an empire

The barber shaved a V
in the back of her head
along the edge of the bob
like the mother had said

Soon the loud
buzzing stopped
the girl looked in the mirror
and her eye's popped!

A smile across
her face spread wide
as she turned her head
from side to side

The mother then walked
over to the chair
and said to her daughter
I love your hair

She watched as the barber
un-snapped the cape
then he dusted some powder
on her head and nape

The little girl giggled
as she felt for the first time
a soft shaved nape
below the bob line

The mother ran her finger's
through the little girl's hair
and smiled as she rubbed
the shaved under-layer

Then the mom held
her daughter's hand
as she jumped out of the chair
looking ever so grand!

The mom pulled
her wallet out
then paid the barber
and extra amount

She smiled at her daughter
who was rubbing her nape
and said, I see you like
your hair's new shape

"Yes mother" she said
I like it a lot
this shaved nape will keep me
from getting too hot

As the mother and daughter
walked towards the door
the barber said
Oh, one thing more

Bring her back
every week or two
and I'll tify her hair
so it looks like new

I'll trim her bob up
just above her chin
and I'll shave her neck
whenever she comes in

That sounds great!
the mother said
as she left the shop patting
her little girl's head.

This is Shavedgurl's very first poem!I hope you like it!

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