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Haircut to Headshave
Author: Shvdatlast
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Post date: Tuesday, March 25, 2008
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Little did I know what was in store for me that day when I sat on the little rolling office chair in my girlfriend Julie's bathroom. I had been bugging her for weeks to give me a nice short summer flattop. She just kept saying; "you remember what happened last time don't you? You had to go get it fixed as soon as I gave it to you! It's just too precise a cut for an occasional barber to fool around with!" But I kept at it and kept at it and ultimately she relented, but she had some definite conditions. They were as follows:

1. She would give me a haircut early on Saturday morning so there would be plenty of time to find another barber who would straighten it up.
2. She would pick the barbershop where it would be straightened up afterward.
3. I would absolutely not be mad or complain about the haircut she gave me no matter how it turned out.
4. I was to provide photos and, if possible, written instructions on the exact cut I wanted.
5. I was to stay overnight at her house and get all the haircut equipment ready and laid out that evening so we could get out of bed in the morning and get on with it.

I readily agreed to her terms and we set the next coming Saturday as the big day. My girlfriend is not a fellow haircut fetishist but she has been very nice at playing along with my stuff over the years. Her reward for playing is always the best sex she can possibly imagine because I am always so amped up after a short haircut.

I have to admit that the thought of Julie running the clippers through my hair and freeing 5+ inches of hair from the top to float to the floor was totally overriding any good sense I possessed.

Julie liked my hair long and always tried to figure out ways to talk me out of cutting it, but lately she had changed her tune. Lately she had been expressing the thought that maybe my annual flattop was not the pinnacle experience of my haircut fetish. She began to fixate that perhaps the ultimate haircut fetish experience would be a head shave.

While she was correct that shaving my head would be confronting my greatest haircut fear, I was not convinced that doing it would help me overcome much of anything so I kept opposing the idea each time she brought it up. In the end, she let it go and agreed to attempt giving me my summer flattop.

The night before the big event arrived but before laying my head down on the pillow to sleep (if I had only known what the pillow would feel like just 24 hours later!) I busied myself with the assigned task of arranging all the haircutting tools on the bathroom counter; the Oster 76 clippers with the #2, #1 and #000 blades, barber shears, a long comb with a handle, a barber comb without a handle, boar's bristle brush to brush the hair straight up, razor (for neck clean up), jar of Krew comb, flattopper comb, tissue strips, haircut cape and a set of written instructions on giving a flattop from a website that promoted ways to save money (one way was to skip on barbershops and do it yourself). By the way if you'd like a copy of the article, just e-mail me and I'll send one out to you.

I'm usually so anxious before a big haircut that I can hardly sleep but this time I'd been working on letting go of the anxiety and instead making the experience only about having fun. It worked. I slept like a baby and in the morning the combination of sunshine streaming in the window and Julie whispering in my ear; "time to get clipped, my love" awakened me with a start. I was sexually aroused immediately and made no attempt to "think about baseball." My girlfriend just said; "My, my somebody's a little bit excited, eh?" With her fingers tangled in my hair Julie said; "I guess I only have a few minutes to enjoy this before I clipper it all off nice and short, don't I?"

I reached over and tried to pull myself on top of her but she pushed me off with a mischievous grin and said; "Oh no you don't! I know how you lose your desire for a clipping if I let you have an orgasm. So you're just going to have to wait until I'm done!" With that, she pushed me and I rolled out of the bed. I pulled off my t-shirt and headed to the chair waiting in the bathroom. Sitting sown in the chair, I felt the usual mix of excitement and terror as the moment of my clipping came nearer and nearer.

I turned toward the mirror as she entered the room and stood behind me in my favorite outfit, her birthday suit. She reached down, ruffled my hair and said; "time to get started." She pulls a tissue strip from the dispenser on the counter, wraps it around my neck and then pulls the nylon haircutting drape around me. It has a Velcro closure and she made sure to get it just a little tighter than it needed to be just to show me who was in charge.

She picked up the Oster 76's and checked the blade length. It was a #2 which would leave my hair roughly 1/4 of an inch long; CONSIDERABLY shorter than it was right now! She flicked the toggle switch with her bright red manicured nails and the clippers whirred to life. I always love that sound. The Osters have such a distinctive whirring sound compared to many other types of clippers. It takes me back instantly to those scary/exciting clippings of my youth.

"Head down please;" Julie said and proceeded to touch the clippers to the middle of my nape in the back. The sound changed just slightly as they began to bite into the shaggy hair at the back of my head. "My, these take it down fast;" she said with a giggle and some surprise in her voice. She continued to bring them up into my hair gradually pulling them away as she began to create a short taper. I could feel the breath of the clippers cooling motor on my neck and heard and felt the first clump of formerly attached hair hit my shoulder and roll down the back of the cape. My girlfriend made pass after pass in the back until she seemed finally satisfied that all the long hair back there had been reduced to a more workable length. She ran her fingers up the back of my head and I had my first taste of the delicious feel of the bristly clippered hair that would soon be the only kind rising from my scalp. Then she went one step further, leaned over and blew on my nape to dislodge some stubborn shorn hairs. I almost went through the roof at sensation of her breath on my now clippered nape! When she saw me jump, she giggled again and said; "If this is going to make you react like that I can't wait to see how the rest of this haircut will affect you."

That was her cue to push my head to the left and position the running clippers behind my right ear. She pushed them all the way down to the scalp, folded my ear over a bit and guided them straight toward the front. They cut through the hair on the side like a hot nice through soft butter and a huge gathering of clippings unceremoniously dropped onto the front of my shoulder and slid down the cape coming to rest right in the fold of my lap. Then moving the clippers from front to back she took off the bushy little sideburn that had been hiding under the longer hair. "We'll have to come back to that later when I finish cleaning you up;" she said.

It took her much less time to clipper the other side and it seemed to be done before I even had a chance to digest how much hair had already been removed from my head. There was quite a pile in my lap by that point.

The written instructions from the internet said; "Start at the base of the hair and use the clippers in a slow, upward motion. Remove the hair only up to the area around the temple, leaving a circle of longer hair all the way around the top of the head. It is important to move slowly to avoid pulling, and it is a good idea to go over the area twice to be sure there are no stray long hairs or missed patches. Be careful not to go up too far with the clippers, or you will end up with a regular crew cut rather than a nice flat top."

Julie dutiful went around trimming the sides up to just the right place to make sure the top and sides could be shaped into the nice square angle that I like so much about the look of the flattop.

After she was satisfied with the back and the sides Julie used the little portable vacuum she kept in the cabinet to clean up the stray clippings. For good measure she ran the soft rubber attachment over the back and sides of my head to make sure there weren't any long hairs still attached. I never had anyone vacuum my head before. It actually felt quite good as it was moved up and down over the newly clipped hair!

Putting the vacuum down and grabbing a handful of the long hair on top of my head, Julie says; "Ok, time for this to all go away!" She changes the blades on the Osters to the #000 blade, puts a drop of oil on them and then switches them on. They whirr to life and almost as quickly she clicks them off and gently wipes the blades clean of any excess oil. She picks up the flattop comb and inserts it teeth into the hair above my forehead. The hair flops over and covers the comb. She clicks on the clippers, but after a few seconds of study realizes that she can't get a good entry angle on the hair while it's this long. "I'm going to need to snip this to a more manageable length with the scissors first;" she says.

Julie puts the clippers down an

d picks up the barber shears and comb. Starting at the front she combs the hair up and then while grasping it between her fingers snips off the three inches lying on top of her fingers. It falls in my lap and once again she giggles at my body's reaction when the hair plunks down in my lap. I have jumped again and she mock-admonishes me to hold still and that its dangerous to jump when she has sharp objects so close to my head!

Julie works quickly from front to back snipping off much of the 5 inches of hair that was giving her a problem with the clippers. When she finishes with the scissors, she ruffles through my hair and says; "That's better! I shouldn't have a problem getting those clippers in the right position now."

Reinserting the flattop comb into the front of my hair, Julie smiles, switches on the clippers and gets to work. She lifts the hair above my forehead and runs the clippers straights across from left to right, lifts again and clips from right to left, lifts again and clips forward to back. She is taking her time and making sure she gets all the hair perfectly squared off on top. She's also being careful to not go too short as she insists I will need to go to a "real" barber to fix her haircut.

After going over the top several times, she cleans up the edge with the #000 blade and a little shave cream with my Gillette and pronounces me finished.

Julie says; "Go get in the shower, shampoo all that bristly hair off, dry it and let's see how I did, ok?"

I dutifully do as I'm told and while I'm in the shower running my hands over my newly shorn head, Julie joins me in the shower. Her wavy auburn hair falls just below her shoulders and she slowly kneels down to take my still erect cock in her mouth. The water from the shower dampens her hair and just when I'm about to explode, she stops and says; "Come lets go dry it and see how I did."

She wraps the towel around my head and gently pats the wetness. There's not much water because there's a lot less hair to hold it. She takes a brush and brushes it up into the traditional direction of a flattop. It's leaning! "Get dressed", she says, :We're headed for the barber shop!

After I put my clothes back on we were out the door and off JoAnne's Barbershop. This is a little old fashioned shop with two Asian ladies working there. The shop itself is a perfect example of the old fashioned shop I loved. It had checker board floors and real barber chairs. It also had female barbers who wielded the right kind of clippers.

Walking in the door we were both greeted by JoAnne with a smiling hello. Both barbers had customers in their chairs so there would be a little bit of a wait. I was hoping Le, the other barber would finish first as she was always a little more compassionate than JoAnne. I had previously had a couple of fairly savage buzzing by JoAnne. While they were very good haircuts technically, they were always much shorter than I wanted. JoAnne was quite good at the very short military style cuts and managed to do many of her haircuts that way instead of how the customer requested.

I sat in the waiting chair next to Julie and fidgeted nervously while I waited to see which barber would "fix" my homemade flattop.

As luck would have it, JoAnne was quicker than Le and I was ushered into her waiting chair. With a quick flourish of the cape, I had paper wrapped around my neck and the cape fastened snugly over it. I felt myself begin to perspire as I saw my lopsided cut in the mirror.

JoAnne said; "Your haircut is crooked. What would you like me to do with it?" That's when Julie piped up and said; "I tried to cut it and now he needs it to be evened up a little bit."

I knew I was in big trouble when JoAnne said; "It will need to be VERY short to look right." Julie nodded and said; "That's good! I like it short."

JoAnne did not need any more encouragement and snapped a blade on her Oster 76's so she could go to work. She clicked them on and proceeded to push my chin down to my chest. I had thought I didn't have much more to cut until she sank the clippers into my nape line and began to bring them up. She took them way up in back nearly to the crown before she dumped a good amount of hair onto my shoulder. I cringed to know that there would be the barest stubble left in her clipper's wake.

I had awakened that morning with nearly 5 inches of hair on the top and 3 to 4 inches on the back and sides and now I could see in the mirror pale white scalp peeking through stubble on the back of my head. Both sides of my head would quickly join the back as they were decisively stripped bare with JoAnne's clippers. I had no sideburns at all anymore and a clear margin around both my ears. I really hadn't realized my hair could get that much shorter but the top now looked absolutely shaggy by comparison. I knew that wouldn't last long.

JoAnne switched blades on her clippers once more and began to carve the top of my head into an extremely short, extremely precise flat plane. If I hadn't been so conscious of being buzzed so close and feeling so naked, I probably could have appreciated the precision of the cut. But all I was thinking was; "Oh my God, this is short! I'm going to look so bad!" JoAnne cut the top by using a regular barber's comb and insert it crossways into my hair from front to back. She tipped it slightly in front to leave the hair tiny bit longer in my bang area (1/4 inch). For the rest she was laying the comb flat against my scalp across the center and cropping me down to a serious landing strip.

By the time she reached the back she was no longer using the comb and had begun to crop me down freehand. I could feel the teeth of the clippers bear straight down on my scalp. Whatever blade she had on the Osters was exactly how long my hair would be.

When she finished the top, she went to work squaring the sides in with the top to complete the severe geometric look of a military style flattop. Man, was I clipped.

All this time, Julie sat watching closely, almost like she was studying the technique for the next time she had an opportunity to cut my hair.

JoAnne didn't need to shave my neck since Julie had already done that, but she did massage some KrewKomb into my remaining hair and make sure everything was just so. She then proceeded to dust me with talc, unfasten the cape and remove the paper to set me free. I wanted to run like I'd seen shorn sheep run when they were released but I managed to keep my cool. I paid for the haircut and Julie and I left to shop to return home.

When we got home I was so horny that I would have done anything to get inside Julie, but instead she said; "Honey, I want to do something before we make love." "What?" I said. And then came the most stunning, cringe inspiring words I've ever heard; "You're so close now, I want to see you all the way shaved, OK?" Like I said I was ready to do anything for relief from my raging hard on. I said; "OK."

With that she ushered me into the bathroom where the Oster's still sat. She pulled the #00000 from the case, unclipped the #000 and replaced it with the shorter blade. I took my shirt off and leaned forward on the sink counter. I gazed at my Marine H'nT thinking it actually looked pretty good when she said; "Ready?" With a slight nod of my head, she clicked on the clippers, placed them in front of my left ear and ran them straight up to the top of my head leaving in their wake "barely there" hair of 1/125". She giggled as she saw the result and kept pushing the blade right over the top. Repeating this same motion over and over my head was bare all over in about 3 minutes flat.

She clicked off the clippers and ran her hands over my head. The feeling from my side was absolutely electric!

But she wasn't done yet. She started the shower and bid me to get in with her. I got in and let the warm water run over me. She had her Venus razor in one hand and a can of shaving cream in the other. She shampooed my head to help soften the stubble and then rinsed it well. Julie then began to spread the delicately scented shave cream all over my head. Then it started. She began with short, smooth strokes to clean away any trace of hair left on my head. She worked with much care to avoid nicks or cuts and when she was done with the first pass, she reapplied the shave cream and shaved my head all over again.

We got out of the shower and she gently toweled me dry. She put some lotion on my head to ease any irritation and then led me to the bed. She lay down on her back and reached up to me. She put her hands all over my smooth as a baby's bottom head and pulled me down to be inside her.

Surprisingly it took a long time for me to climax and when I did, so did she. I fell asleep on her shoulder with her hand resting softly on my shaven head.

Later, when I woke up, my first words were; "Shit, what did I do?" Thus goes the conflict of this haircut thing with me.

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