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First Nape Shaving
Author: Shyclipluver
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Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
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When I was eight years old my mother dragged me to one of those salons in the mall. It was a place she had taken me to often, but she always seemed to make appointments with different stylists. My mother checked in at the reception desk and when she returned we took a seat on the cushiony benches in the reception area.

After a few minutes, a woman came back and called my name. My mother and I stood up and followed the woman back to her station. She then asked my mother what should she wanted done with my hair. My mother said ?Well, I don?t really know. Its so straight and all. Maybe something quite a bit shorter.?

The woman asked ?How much shorter? A couple of inches or a good chopping??

My mother responded ?Well at least a couple of inches, but I leave it up to you. Do whatever you think will look best I suppose.?

When I heard this I started to get really nervous. I hated getting my hair cut in the first place because I hated the attention that it brought to me. I was so shy and I hated people talking about me, especially in the form of compliments. The last thing I needed was a drastic change. My hair was super straight, but also very thick. Despite its straightness, I can barely get my fist around as I get it into a ponytail. My hair was about mid-back length or perhaps a little longer.

After my mother?s last comment, the woman got a huge smile on her face and just nodded. My mother asked if she could leave for a while to run a few errands in the mall. The woman told her sure as she should be done with the haircut in about 30 minutes. With that my mom left, leaving me there with this woman who was making me increasingly nervous. And of course, I was too shy to ask her how she was going to cut my hair.

She pulled all of hair back to my nape and began braiding it. When she was done braiding it, she put an elastic band around the end to secure the braid that hung mid-way down my back. She then grabbed the electric clippers off of her station and turned them to life. I froze just at the sight of them and I could barely think straight because I was so scared. She told me not to worry, but that I might feel some pressure for a couple of seconds. With that said, she dug the clippers into the top of the braid and began to saw it off. When she first placed the clippers directly into the braid nothing happened and she pushed my head down toward my chest to increase the angle at which the clippers entered my braid. The clippers had some difficulty mowing through my hair, but eventually the clippers won out and pieces of hair began to fall along my face at their new, much shorter length. She continued to plunge the clippers into the base of my nape until the braid finally came free. When I looked up in the mirror, I saw what I had already suspected by the feel of the length. My hair was cut choppily in a length just below my chin.

She quickly worked to even out the length and turned it into a one-length bob at my chin. Just as she was about to finish up, my mother returned from running her errands. When my mother returned to the station she asked her what she thought. My mother said, ?Its cute, but it still looks so thick, don?t you think??

The stylist agreed and she told my mother ?Some thinning out and a graduated back should solve that problem.? With that said she began pinning the back up so she could cut the back in a graduated fashion. She slowly let down each section and cut it the slightest bit shorter than the section before. I cut see each of her cuts in a mirror from the corner of my eye. After what seemed like what was hours, she was finally done with the back. She then began to thin out my entire head of hair in a quick and rather painful process. She pulled several sections tight before cutting them with her thinning shears.

My mother watched all of this happen and when the woman was done she said ?Well, that?s better, but I think it is still rather bulky, don?t you??

The woman agreed with my mother. She told my mother, ?Well, I already thinned it more than I usually would because it is SOOO thick. I guess the other thing I could do to make it thinner and flatter would be to shave off some hair underneath.?

I was terrified when the woman said this, but I figured I was safe because I knew my mother would never agree to that. I practically passed out when my mother said ?Well, if that is what you think will do the trick and none of the shaved part will show, go right ahead.?

With my mother?s consent, my woman pinned up my hair so that an inch was left hanging down on both sides and on the nape. She then grabbed the clippers and snapped them back to life. She pushed my head down to my chest again and whispered in my ear: ?You will love how this feels honey.?

She then placed the clippers on the right side of my head and pushed them up until she reached the part she pinned up. She repeatedly this process until she was finished with the right side and then moved over to the left and repeated the same methodical process. I was not really enjoying this process as it felt more like a painful tickle than something enjoyable. When she was done with both sides, she told my mother ?This will really make a big difference in her hair?s thickness.?

She turned back around and gave me a big grin and said ?Don?t you love how this feels?? I did not say anything back and I just wished she would hurry up and finish because she had already done enough to humiliate me.

She pushed the clippers up the nape of my neck. This was the first time I actually understood what she said when she told me that I was going to love the feel of the clippers. I was worried about what my hair would look like when she was done, but I had to admit I loved the feel of the clippers on my name. Before I knew it she was done shaving off the inch at the bottom and she turned the clippers off. Just as she turned them off, she caught me with a smile on my face. She took out the clip that was holding the back portion off my neck. As soon as she did this, she looked at my mom and said ?Do you mind if I take this higher in the back?? My mom shook her head no and looked back down at the magazine she was reading.

The woman clipped my hair back up and left another two inches above what she already shaved off hanging down. She wasted no time forcing those clippers up my neck. I loved the quick and rough technique she used. She knew I loved it too because I am sure she saw me grinning again. After the initial shaving, she reran the clippers slowly over each section. As she replaced the clippers in the middle of my nape to reshave it, I shuddered with pleasure and I noticed that my underwear were wet.

Just when I thought she was done, she whispered in my ear ?Hold on, wait to you feel this kiddo.? She let down another two inches hair and I began to worry a bit because I was afraid she was going to shave me bald. Of course I could not say anything because I was too afraid, but also because I loved the feeling of those clippers on my head. She placed the clippers again at the base of my neck and continued to push all the way up to the new mark, which was now five inches above my hairline! I loved every second of the experience. As she ran the clippers up higher and higher with each stroke, I slowly took a deep breathe in and as she pulled them away to replace them at the base of my nape, I shuddered with excitement. Again it was done all too quickly and I wanted to ask her to shave higher and high yet. She whispered to me, ?I think that is enough for this time. I don?t think your mom would like it even shorter. Next time, we can cut all of it shorter and, of course, shave it even higher in the back and maybe on the sides too!? I just smiled back at her, she was awesome because she knew exactly what I wanted without me even having to tell her.

She then all of my hair back down so that it covered the shaved parts. I could not wait to get home so I could rub my fingers all over it. I was ready for my next clipper shave NOW. She then asked my mother if it looked better and my mom replied ?Yes, it looks much better. Thank you.?

With that, the woman released the cape from around my neck and my mother tipped the woman. I don?t think my mom had any idea how high the woman actually shaved my nape. She was just happy my hair was no so thick anymore. My mother paid at the desk and we left the place together. My mission now was to convince my mother that I wanted my hair even shorter and shaved higher!

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