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My Fantasy
Author: The Druid
Content: XXX
Location: Other
Category: Punishment
Type: Fantasy
Post date: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Language: English
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My slave and I enter THE ROOMTHE ROOM is set up as a hair salon. (MY FANTASY, MY ROOM I'LL SET IT UP ANYWAY I WANT.) In the center is a barber’s chair. There's a long counter with large mirrors over it. On the counter are various "tools" of the trade (plus some extra toys).

I order Slave into the chair and tie her wrists to the arms of the chair with red silk scarves. I tell her that because she has been bad she must be punished. I take her long silky light brown hair (it's past her butt) and make it into a pony tail. I place the tissue paper around her neck. I shake out the old style barber's cape and place it around her neck also and pull the ponytail out from under it.

I tell her that as punishment she is going to get a haircut. It will be one that will be selected at random by spinning a wheel that I have made and that is ready to go.

I bring the wheel over to show her what it says on it. On the wheel written in Sharpie are different haircuts. , The first is "A trim", the next is "Mid-back", "Shoulder length bob", "Chin length A-line with clipper back". Still not done, the three remaining cuts and they are written in bold red Sharpie. They are, "PIXIE", "BUZZ CUT" and last but by no way at all least "BALD"

 As I show these to Slave her large green eyes get bigger and bigger and start to fill with tears. She pleads with me not to do this (It has all been discussed earlier of course and the cut that she is really hoping for is of all things "BALD")

I tell her to stop the pleading or I will just do what I want. Slave stops.

I now spin the wheel. As it spins the red Sharpie stands out. As the wheel slows Slave closes her eyes. I yell at her to open them and watch and see her fate. It slows more and more. It finally stops. AND THE WINNER IS! A-line with buzzed back. (This is the one I was hoping for).

I walk over to the counter and pick up a brush. I walk over to her and undo the ponytail. I tell her to enjoy this while she can because it will be a long time before it happens again.

I start brushing out her long, soft hair knowing that in a few minutes it will be mine forever. Her hair bounces and catches the light as I brush it. Done I put down the brush and pick up a comb and some wire ties. I make four ponytails held with the wire ties. I now pick up the scissors and start the cut.

I walk around to the back and pick up the first FOUR-FOOT LONG ponytail. I place the scissors at the hairline and start to cut. Slave gasps as she feel the scissors bite into her hair. The razor sharp blades of the scissors slice through the condemned hair effortlessly, as if they had a mind of their own.

With the first ponytail dispatched and placed on the counter the other three join it quickly.

Slave is now left with hair that is a ragged bob just below her jaw line. 

“IS THAT A TEAR I SEE COMING DOWN YOU CHEEK?” I yell her as I see the wetness glisten on her flushed face. 

“yes Master” she whispers. 

“STOP IT OR I WILL MAKE YOU TRULY REGRET IT.” I know all to well her skin is flushed because not only her cheek wet she is also wet somewhere else.

“Yes Master” she replies and sniffles.

“Good, now I going to untie your hands so you can feel your hair”

“Thank you, Master”

I untie her and she reaches and runs her fingers through what remains of her once long hair. (Did I just see a smile cross her lips? I bet I did.) As she fingers her hair and stares at her self in the mirror she squirms in the seat. Now I know its time.


Slave removes her pants and panties and sits down. I retie her and place my hand in her already bald crotch seeking the dampness. I find it and insert my finger. Slave moans spreading her legs and rolls her head back. I remove my finger and go to the counter. Soon her soft moans are joined by the hum of the vibrator I have just turned on. Once again I find the spot I seek and insert the vibrating, humming shaft of the dildo into her. Slave goes crazy and cries out in pleasure. I thrust it in and out until she cums. I remove it and she looks at me with pure love in her eyes.

“Enough play for now, back to work. There will be more later”

“Yes, master. Thank you, Master”

“Now keep being a good slave and don’t move while I finish my work”

“Yes master I won’t move”

“Good!” I go to the counter and pick up the scissors and comb again and walk back to slave. I comb through her hair and with clips that I had clipped to my sleeve I section off her hair. Starting at the back I comb down a section in the center and cut it off at her occipital ridge and 6 inch of hair falls to the ground. I drop another section and do the same. I continue across the back angling down from the center toward the front until all of the back is done. I move to the left side of her head and continuing to angle cut sections from my guide in the back to her chin. The razor sharp blades once again doing their job create clean, crisp cuts. The left side done I move around to the right side of her head and reduce the hair there in the same manor.

“I’m almost down, I just have one more thing left to do.”

I go to the counter and put down the scissors and comb and pick up the big clippers. They’re the type used in old barbershops; I picked them up for a song at a garage sale. There’s a # 0 guard on it. I walk back the slave and hold them close to her ear as I push the switch and they pop into life. Slave jumps at the sound.


“I’m sorry Master I won’t do it again”


The blades of the clipper have already been well oiled and are just as sharp as the scissors’ blades.

I place them at the back center hairline and push them up. They plow through the remaining hair and leave nothing but bare stubble. I push them until I reach the occipital ridge then go back to the hairline and start again. Pass after pass I do this until the back of Slave’s head is nothing but stubble. I run my hand over it and moan at the pleasure of the feel of it.

I now return the clippers to the counter and go to slave. I untie her and tilt the chair back. I climb on and slip my rod into her. She moans and digs her nails into my back. I plunge my member into her again and again until I explode in her. Spent I climb down and tell her to get up and bend over the chair. Slave does as she is told.

I go to the counter and get the severed ponytails and form a Cat-o-nine-tails out of them and scourge her ass with it until its red.

I stop, she’s still moaning in pleasure.

“Do you see what happens when you are a bad slave?”

“Yes Master”

“Are ever going to be bad again?”

She turns to look at me and says, “Yes, In about a month when I need a trim.” And then she winks at me. I fall to the floor laughing. She runs to me and covers my face with kisses.

“Yes You Will, Won’t You”

The End

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