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Whore No More; Claire Loses Her Hair
Author: The Tail Cutter
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Category: Punishment
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Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
Language: English
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"So you were flirting down at the club again last night weren't you ho, you thought I wouldn't find out? You know I find out everything that goes on down at my club don't you bitch? What did I tell you about flirting with the guys at my club? What did I tell you would happen if I caught you flirting again? That's right bitch today you lose that beautiful blond hair you are so proud of! I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth bitch. You have this coming. Today at 4:00 you are going to meet me at Pete's Barber Shop at the corner of 2nd St. and Main. I want you dressed to kill, full makeup, your hair freshly done, perfume, and the works. I want everyone to notice the beautiful blond walking into the barbershop. I guarantee they will all notice you walking out!"

Claire knew not to say a word. When Tony made up his mind, he did what he wanted to do. Tony owned the biggest nightclub in town. God had given Claire her beautiful hair, but Tony had given her everything else she had. To fight with him would have been futile. Claire just stood and listened while Tony gave her, her instructions. Inside she was dying, knowing that today she would lose her pride and joy. Claire loved her hair, it was long blond and beautiful, as beautiful as any hair she had ever seen, baby blond hair that reached the small of her back, perfectly trimmed straight across at her waist. She had been growing her hair for all of her 27 years, as her farther had always loved Claire's hair long. Claire knew all that ended today. She briefly thought about running away but there was no place to go. Claire had no family, her parents had died last year in a car crash, and the few friends Claire had were friends of Tony's and there was no way they would take her in. There was no way she was going to get out of this, and just the thought of losing her beautiful hair had her at the verge of tears, but she knew she had this coming. She had indeed been flirting at the club last night, but who had let Tony know she wondered, probably that bitch bartender she thought. Lisa was Tony's eyes and ears, she had always been jealous of Claire and hair beautiful hair. "I'd bet anything that bitch set me up," Claire thought.

Claire heard the door slam, as Tony was off to work, she looked at the clock it was 11am. Claire headed up stairs and went to the bedroom. She sat down at her vanity, and began to cry, as she looked in the mirror. This is where she brushed her hair. Claire wondered exactly how Tony planned to cut her hair, if she would have any hair to brush tonight? She knew she was going to get a short haircut, but didn't know how short, a bob? Shorter? Would he have her shaved bald? She began to cry harder just at the thought.

Tony worked quickly, he call Pete at the barbershop and discussed the humiliation he had in mind for Claire. He told Pete he wanted the bitch bald, and bald forever. Pete told Tony he could handle that for him and laughed.

Next Tony called the local radio station and had them do a live interview with him on the air promoting Claire loses her hair night at Pete's Barbershop and Club Blackjack. Tony promised the listeners they would be entertained and see a woman with waist length hair face the worst kind of humiliation. He invited the listeners to come see the haircut then join us for a drink on the house and fun jeering the former beauty. The station would be broadcasting the haircut and party live tonight so come down and join us at Pete's and Club Blackjack for a night of fun.

The hours past quickly it was now 2pm, Claire began to prepare to meet Tony. She knew nothing about what Tony had planned. She showered washed her hair twice, applied her makeup perfectly foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and the bright red glossy lipstick Tony always liked. As she was instructed, she put on the perfume she knew Tony loved. She got dressed in her leather mini skirt and a nice tight white blouse, she put on her favorite 5" heels and sat down to admire herself at her vanity and lit a cigarette, she took a deep drag and exhaled it slowly. Claire knew she looked beautiful, she didn't know if she would ever be this beautiful again. Claire checked the time 3:30pm it was time to go.

Claire hopped into Tony's Porsche 928 and put the top down. It was a beautiful summer day. Claire's hair blew in the wind and she wondered how long it would be before she felt the sensation of her hair blowing in the wind like this again. She pulled up to the corner of 2nd and Main, put the top back up on the car and stepped out of the car. She spotted Tony across the street, looking at her getting out of his car. The crowd outside Pete's Barbershop shocked Claire, it looked like everyone in town was there. " This can't be good" Claire thought.

Let's go ho, Tony said which somehow sounded like a greeting. Tony took Claire's hand and walked her across the street. The crowd was jeering Claire now, shouts of Claire loses her hair rang out of the crowd. Tony opened the door of Pete's Barbershop leading Claire in first. Claire noticed there were 3 barbers all cutting men's hair and three other men waiting to get their turn in the chair. Then Claire saw the afternoon DJ from WKXY the local station that often did happy hours or concert appearances a Club Blackjack. Pete saw Tony walk in and greeted him warmly as the two had obviously spoken earlier. "So this is the ho you were telling me about? Pete asked. Yes Tony responded. "Nice hair, your sure you want to do this to her?" Pete asked. Yep I'm sure Tony responded. Ok, I'll be with you in a couple of minutes, just take a seat. Tony took Claire's hand and led her to the bench where the other male customer's were seated. Claire knew everyone was looking at her but she watched while the men one by one were given very short haircuts. She was next, she knew, she was next. Pete was just finishing off a teenage boy who was there with his father, the boy had come in with longish brown hair and Pete was giving him a short little summer crew cut. The boy didn't look any happier than Claire felt. Pete applied some talc to the boy's neck and lifted the cape. The father paid Pete, thanked him for their haircuts and then the words she had been dreading all day came out of Pete's mouth. "Ok little lady your next".

Claire looked at Tony begging him without saying a word for a reprieve; Tony looked at Claire and said, "Get in the chair Claire". When Claire stood the crowd outside started cheering. Pete smacked the leather chair and Claire sat down in the big brown chair. Pete looked at Tony; Tony said "do exactly what I told you on the phone". Pete looked at him and said "your sure about this?" Tony nodded his approval and Pete just shook his head and began to cape the quivering Claire. Claire was looking in the mirror as Pete pulled all of her hair to the back and fastened it in a ponytail. Claire saw Tony standing there video taping every moment of this humiliation. Claire heard the live feed of the DJ going out to the crowd outside. Claire looked at Tony and mouthed the words "please I'm sorry". Tony looked at Claire and said, "too late for that shit now bitch, your going to get just what you deserve". Pete was still putting Claire's hair into a ponytail, and before she knew it he was heading to the counter for a large pair of scissors. Pete walk back behind Claire, she knew this was it, the moment she had been dreading all day, the moment she was going to lose her hair. Claire felt Pete pick up her ponytail, and then she heard the most sickening sound she had ever heard. The sound of the scissors grating on her beautiful hair. Claire started crying the second she felt the scissors gnawing at her thick luscious ponytail. Her hair was thick and it took several seconds before Claire's head sprang forward and Pete held up her ponytail like a trophy the crowd cheered. Claire looked into the mirror through her teary eyes and saw the hair flop onto her cheeks, Pete asked Tony if he wanted the ponytail, and Tony told him to put it in her lap where can see it and laughed. Claire was really scared now and began to cry even harder. "What are you going to do to my hair she cried out? Tony looked at her with hate in his eye's and said, "you'll find out soon bitch". Pete walked over to the counter and picked up the biggest set of clippers he owned. Claire saw him pick up the clippers and she screamed, "NO! NOT CLIPPERS!" Both men laughed. Claire was blubbering and sobbing uncontrollably, while every man in the place was laughing. The crowd began to cheer again outside of Pete's, watching the humiliation of Claire. Pete placed the clippers at the crown of Claire's head, (another roar from the crowd) Claire nearly jumped out of the chair when she heard the POP of the clippers being turned on. Without a word Pete plowed the clippers over the top of Claire's head, leaving a path of stubble where Claire's beautiful hair once laid. Over and over again Pete plowed the clippers over the top of Claire's head, Claire sat there with her eyes closed and cried. Tony saw her eye's closed and yelled at Claire, "Open your eye's bitch! I don't want you to miss this". Claire opened her eyes and looked into the mirror, she looked like she had male pattern baldness as only the top of her head had been shaved. Claire blubbered, "I look like a clown". Tony responded, "Don't worry bitch we're not through with you yet". With that Pete started to lift the hair on the left side of Claire's head and moving from bottom to top removed the hair from front to back. Claire gasped when she saw her left ear exposed, she had never realized just how big her ears were and how they stuck out from her head. Pete commented, "look what big ears she has" and Claire's humiliation had begun, the crowd laughed and Claire felt like she wasn't even there. Pete continued to shear off the remnants of Claire's blond hair going around the back and eventually exposing Claire's right ear. "Look at that, the girl looks like Dumbo with those ears" Pete exclaimed. Tony laughed and Claire closed her eyes again crying feeling totally humiliated. Pete walked over to the counter and picked up a much smaller pair of clippers and began running them over Claire's head repeatedly. "These will take it down close enough to shave" Pete said to Tony. Claire heard this and started to cry even harder, knowing now she would indeed be shaven bald. Tony noticed Claire's eyes were closed and yelled at her to "Open your eye's bitch, I don't want to have to tell you that again". Claire opened her eyes and nodded that she understood. "Look at yourself bitch, do you think you'll be flirting with guy's at my club again?" Claire hung her head in shame, knowing that no guy she would be interested in would ever be interested in a big eared bald bimbo. Pete had finished running over her head with the clippers and walked to the back of the shop to get a hot towel to start the final phase of Claire's humiliation. Pete walked behind Claire and dropped the steaming towel on Claire's clippered head. "Ouch that's hot" Claire exclaimed. Tony laughed and Pete ignored his "Clients" discomfort. Pete walked over to the hot lather machine and took a generous handful. Pete picked the hot towel off of Claire's head and started to massage the shaving cream all over. Claire stared into the mirror looking at her head covered in shaving cream and knew this was it; she was about to be shaven completely bald. Pete picked up his straight razor and said to Claire, "don't move a muscle bitch, I don't want to cut you". Claire didn't move a muscle and Pete began to shave off all the lather on her head. Pete shaved away the top first, then repeated going over her head the same way he had clippered her, left to right, bottom to top. Pete had removed all the lather from Claire's head and said to Tony, "I'm going to go over it one more time before I use the depilatory". Depilatory? Claire screamed. "Yes a depilatory", Tony answered. "Why"? Claire asked. "Because I want you to be bald for a long time bitch" Tony responded. "How long am I going to be bald?" Claire asked. "Forever" Tony answered. Claire screamed "NO!" "YES!" was Tony's response. "You will never be the sexy little slut you were last night bitch" Pete had re-lathered Claire's head while this little conversation was going on, and began to shave her head for a second time. It didn't take Pete long to make the second pass over Claire's pale white plait. Pete asked Tony, "You sure you want it to be permanent?" Tony laughed a "hell yes" back to Pete and Claire began to cry again. "Ok, this is going to burn a little bitch" Pete said to Claire. It sure did, and Claire started to yell, "It's burning me, it's burning me". "No it's burning your hair roots out bitch," replied Tony. All the men laughed, and the crowd that had been listening to Claire's shaving seemed to find this humiliation the final straw. Everyone was pointing at Claire and she just slumped down in the chair, humiliated, hairless, ugly, she knew this would be the worst day of her life, but she hadn't realized that she would be bald for the rest of her life. Pete left the depilatory on her head for 5 minutes then began to wipe the chemicals from Claire's head. "You have some wax?" Tony asked Pete. "Sure" Pete replied. Further humiliation thought Claire. Pete waxed Claire's head, and buffed it to a glossy shine. Pete asked Tony if there was anything else he could do for him today? "Shave off her eyebrows too" Tony responded, "Ok" Pete replied. Claire was mortified, She always made fun of those women who's brows had been shaven and penciled in those fake looking lines as brows, but she was now resigned to her fate. Claire had been broken and she knew it. Bald forever she thought as she looked into the mirror while Pete was shaving off her left brow, one quick pass and it was history, and then the right brow and she looked into the mirror and didn't even recognize the reflection. She was totally Bald, no eyebrows, big ears sticking out like car doors; her head reflected the light from above the chair. Pete stepped back from the chair and asked Tony if he wanted the eyebrows gone for good too. "Why not?" Tony replied. Claire knew he was going to say that as soon as Pete suggested it. Claire began to hate Pete as much as she hated Tony for what he had done to her. Pete put a dollop of depilatory over both eyes and made sure it didn't drip into her eyes. Five minutes later he wiped the cream away and pronounce himself finished. "Anything else I can do for you today Tony?" Pete asked. "No, I think we've had enough fun for today Pete". "What about her snatch?" Pete asked. "Not today Pete, but give me a bottle of that depilatory and I'll take care of that myself later" Tony replied laughing. "How much do I owe you Pete?" Tony asked. "It's on the house my friend, never had a better time in my life". Pete chuckled. "Ok, bitch time to get out of the chair" Claire's cape was removed and she stepped down from the chair. Instinctively Claire raised her hand to feel her head. "How does it feel Hore?" asked Tony. "I hate you for this" Claire responded. Tony just laughed, come on let's go show off your new look down at the club. Claire new resistance was futile, she just walked from the shop to the sound of men women and children laughing at her.

Tony took the

keys to his Porsche and Claire sat down in the passenger seat. Tony instructed Claire to fix her makeup. Claire tuned down the vanity mirror on the sun visor. When Claire looked in the mirror she started to cry again, "Why did you do this to me"? She asked. Tony looked at her and said, "Because now I own you bitch". Claire thought about that and knew he was right; nobody is ever going to want me looking like this, she thought. Tony put the top down and Claire started to repair her makeup. "This is futile" Claire screamed. "Just do it" Tony yelled back. Claire applied her foundation to try to cut down the glare on her head, fixed her mascara and penciled in some fake eyebrows. "Those are some ears you've got Tony laughed. Claire hung her head in shame. She knew there was nothing she could do to hide her big ears. "Wait till Lisa sees you" Tony said. Claire now asked "Was Lisa the one who told you I was flirting last night" "of course" was Tony's reply. "Fucking Bitch" Claire thought.

Tony soon pulled into the parking lot of Club Blackjack it was packed. "What's going on"? Claire asked. Tony laughed and said "Just some people here to see your humiliation". It seemed like everyone in the state was there, people were standing in the parking lot when Tony pulled his Porsche in they began to cheer. "Come on bitch, can't leave your public waiting". Claire stepped out of the car to catcalls, whistles and laughter. "Hey baldy" she heard a girl scream out. It was Lisa, standing in the parking lot, Claire wanted to kill her, and Claire blamed this whole mess on Lisa and vowed to get her revenge.

Claire walked through the crowd, Tony holding her by the hand. When they entered the club a whole different crowd began to jeer Claire, these were people Claire knew from the club, this was the worst, people Claire had always thought of as friends all teasing her, people walked up to her and rubbed her scalp saying wish I had a watermelon. Claire couldn't believe how embarrassing this could be. All night the radio station played music and told their listeners about Claire's punishment. Claire was the laughing stock of town. Women whose hair Claire would have made fun of now looked at Claire and made fun of her.

Claire sat at the bar having a drink when Lisa approached her. "No hair for Claire" Lisa hissed. "I'm going to get you for this Lisa" Claire replied. "What are you going to do to me chromdome?" Lisa laughed. "You better be very careful bitch, cause I'm going to get you for this. I know you're the one who told Tony about my flirting last night, and I'm going to get you for this" Claire said. Lisa just laughed and rubbed Claire's head and walked away. Tony walked over and sat down next to his humiliated girlfriend. "Have you learned anything today?" Tony asked. "What was I supposed to learn by being humiliated like this?" Claire asked him. "That you don't shit where you live" Tony said. "Ok, I was wrong last night" Claire admitted. "But you didn't have to make me permanently bald" Claire cried. Tony knew that the depilatory wasn't permanent, it would only last about a month but he wasn't ready to tell that to Claire just yet. "Well now I know you'll never cheat on me," Tony stated matter of factly. "Who would have me looking like this?" Claire wept. "I will" Tony said. Tony took Claire's hand and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Let's go home," Tony said. "Thank you" was Claire's response.

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