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Author: Tina
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Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
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Last week I finally gave up on my dreams of having long hair, and I went to a salon and got a Bob. Not a short Bob, like my stylist was hoping I?d ask for. Mine is now a ?long? Bob, just touching my shoulders. However if I curl the end under or outward into a ?flip? it doesn?t even touch my shoulders any more. I also didn?t get bangs. I had bangs as a child and hated them, especially how long it took to grow them out. And I?m still pretty sure I want to try growing my hair out again, especially now that all the damage is gone and I have a brand new start. It?s strange that this is considered still a long style. It is nothing compared to how it was before, almost as long as my waist. But when it was that long, it was in horrible shape. The ends were all split, and the last 6 inches or so really thinned out from breakage. All my life stylists had said I really didn?t have the right hair type for long hair. I never believed them, thinking they were just out to make me one of their regular clients and bring in more money. But every stylist I visited or met, even ones from other states who had no long term potential financial gain, told me the same thing. And finally, after having my hair done up for a fancy New Year?s Party last week (it was teased and sprayed more than I thought possible, but sure did look nice) and seeing how really awful it?s condition was I made the decision for the big cut. The long Bob I have now, so I?m told, is the most versatile of all lengths. I can still have it done up into countless updos, put it in a pony tail or bun, etc? yet it is short enough to curl beautifully, and just on it?s own has beautiful lines and movement to it. I have to admit it does look good, though I?m still not used to my reflection in the mirror, and friends and co-workers still do double-takes when they see me. I remember closing my eyes as the first big snips of the scissors took off the majority of my previously long tresses. I knew it would be years at least just to return to the length I had. The first time I washed and used a blow dryer on it was so strange, as I wasn?t used to dealing was so little.There have been some positives though. Almost everyone compliments me on it (though I wonder how many have been insincere) and I?ve even been wolf-whistled a couple of times while walking down the street, which many women hate but I think are a real boost to the ego. Plus I?ve been asked out by a couple of new (and very attractive I must say) men that I?ve met. So I?m slowly accepting that perhaps this Bob thing was a good idea.The one thing I?m missing is the individuality that long hair represents these days. Face it, few women really have long hair anymore, meaning waist length or longer, and especially few my age (late 30?s). Since getting mine cut I?ve really noticed how many people have basically the same haircut that I have. It?s everywhere. Almost like all these hairdressers only know how to give one haircut. Even if I do look good, it?s a bit frustrating to look the same as everyone else.

It?s been a good three months now since I was ?Bobbed.? It?s grown out a good bit and losing its shape. While at first I always wore it in a ?flip?, I?ve learned that I don?t look nearly as good with it that way as I originally thought. While younger girls look very nice in a flip, I think I look a little too cutesy, and so I?ve kept to the curved under version which I?ve grown quite fond of. But now, as the length is beyond my shoulders, it really doesn?t look nearly as good. When the hair hits my shoulders it breaks up the style and tangles the ends. So I?ve got to make a decision of whether to cut it, or to give up on the style and grow it out. Much of me is ready to give long hair another shot, but some of me wants to give this Bob stuff a little longer still.Thumbing through a magazine in the grocery check-out the other day I came across a picture of Barbra Streisand (of all people). While I?m no Barbra groupie, it was her Bob which captivated me. Not the front, with its full wall of bangs (I still have no desire for bangs), but rather the back. It looked like it was curled under more in back than the front or something. I really couldn?t put my finger on it, but it looked good, and I knew then and there that I wanted a Bob that looked like that.I bought the magazine and brought it in to Anne, my stylist. She told me that hers was a gentle version of an ?Inverted? Bob, where the back was actually a bit shorter than the sides. In Barbra?s case it was only about an inch of difference. If I wanted mine done that way, it did have some drawbacks. A flip style wouldn?t look very good, and if I wore my hair in a high ponytail I would probably have to put some clips in it for the shorter length in back. Since I never wore flips these days (though I didn?t really like the thought that I couldn?t anymore), and I can?t remember the last time I wore mine in a ponytail (again unsure I liked the limitations this ?Inverted Bob? was placing on me), I realized only an inch of difference could easily grow out in a few months. Noting that the new style wasn?t requiring a long term commitment I asked that mine be done to duplicate the star (except I didn?t want bangs).It seems odd that a few months ago I was losing over a foot of hair, and now I was only losing an inch or two, but I was just as nervous now as then. Especially when Anne started working on the back, even if it was only going to be an inch shorter than the rest. It didn?t take her long to do the cut, and this time she used hot rollers to produce the big curve at the ends of my hair to make it look right. From the front the difference wasn?t even noticeable, but from the side and back I could tell. It looked just like Barbra, and I immediately loved it.The odd part was feeling the lower part of my neck exposed, and I constantly found myself touching it. It seemed strange how wonderful it felt. I never found myself touching my neck in the past when I wore my hair up in buns or twists, and I used to do that quite often. Why now? Whatever the reason, I was very happy with my inverted Bob.

Over the past few weeks since my haircut, I?ve started noticing other women who have inverted Bobs. Thankfully it is not as common as a regular Bob, but there are a surprising amount out there. Usually I just smile when I see one, especially since most either look like mine or look worse than mine. But yesterday at the Mall I saw one which really made me do a double-take. It was a good two inches higher than mine in the back. So much so that it went all the way up to the hairline, with all of her neck exposed. Yet the sides were the same as mine. Plus she didn?t have bangs, but in her case had a side part. It looked amazing and I must have followed her around the Mall for quite a while. By the time I was sure she thought I was stalking her I had seen it enough to wonder what such a style would look like on me.It had drawbacks. I wouldn?t have enough hair for a pony tail no matter how many clips I used, and the curve at the end needed to be more subtle. That meant the sides would probably have to be a bit shorter too, as they wouldn?t be curved under so much either. If I hated it, it would be a good six months before it was even back to the version I now wore.That evening at home I spent a good amount of time looking at the back of my head, wondering what I would look like with such a style. I tried pinning my hair under a bit to no real avail. After a few more days I was going nuts. I had become obsessed about a haircut! Quite on the spur of the moment I walked into see Anne and asked for this more extreme version of an inverted Bob.She seemed to spend forever in the back, pinning up sections to work on others first. Then she worked her way around the sides. I was right, they were about an inch or so shorter than before. It was then, watching more of my length fall to the ground, that it hit me what a departure all this was. But when she took out a small electric clipper I got really nervous.?What is that for???Don?t worry. I?m just trimming a few hairs low on your neck. Now that all your neck is showing back here we can?t have any strays.?The clippers came to life and I froze in terror. Had it come to this now?! Was I getting my haircut like the men in a Barbershop!? But the clipper treatment was fast and painless. I didn?t hear or feel a thing come off, and they were soon put away. It was then than my new look was revealed.Now the name Inverted Bob was starting to make sense, as it was a good 4 inches shorter in the back than the front. I was thankful to learn that I could wear a part on either side or in the middle with equal ease. Right now it was on the side, looking every bit like the woman in the mall. I loved it, and driving home, touching the back which was now so much higher was positively enthralling. I adored the feel of my fully exposed neck. This was a great haircut!Over the next week I found myself constantly touching my neck, and in the mornings spending a great deal of time just looking at the style, especially from the back. I couldn?t believe how much I enjoyed this, even if it did limit other things I could do with my hair.

It?s been a good month or so since I got my hair cut. I?m absolutely loving this style. I?m sure I?ll once again have long hair someday, but right now I?m happy with what I have. At least I think I am. Because right now I?m sitting in the Mall, enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee and a Danish, looking into the window of a hair salon. There is a woman getting her Inverted Bob done with the back even higher than mine by a young Red-headed stylist. It?s so high that the very lowest inch or so actually needs to be clippered short, much like a man would have, as the weight line of the Bob rests above it. In fact the clippered section is so short it?s almost shaved smooth. I find myself touching my own hair on the back as I watch, utterly captivated by the concept. I didn?t realize the Inversion could go even further up the back of the head. Obviously it can.In the past getting a haircut was something I always dreaded, and it took me weeks of preparation before I was mentally ready to get even a trim. Thus it was shocking for me to be walking into the salon, one I had never visited before, and request the next available opening with the Red-head. I didn?t even know her name, but learned it was Stephanie, and learned she would be with me as soon as she was done with her current client. I watched her put the finishing touches on the style, and couldn?t wait to get mine to match.Soon I was in the chair, and asked for the exact same cut. She seemed to work faster and a bit more aggressively than Anne, and I was concerned that too much hair was coming off in back as it felt like it was going up quite high. Only the slightest amount of length was removed from the sides, which relaxed me a bit. However when the clippers came to life I became very nervous. And then they started in, and I felt them quickly reducing my hair to nothingness. Stephanie did this very slow and cautiously, and her gentle touch made me almost sad when she was done. I had actually enjoyed having electric clippers used on my head. Then I got to see my finished style from the back.It was at first a bit alarming to see the shaved section look almost devoid of hair, and I gasped a bit. But it looked amazing, and was just like the woman before me. Touching it was so different, as I had to reach my hand up further to feel any bulk, and I could just barely feel the short stubble where she had used the clipper.If I had been constantly touching my hair before, that was nothing compared to now. I found myself checking my look everywhere. It was so different to me, and to see the nearly bare patch was?. well? really fun. I also loved how extreme my Inversion was. It wasn?t like everyone else?s version (except, of course, the woman who I watched get the cut ahead of me). My profile was so different and unique now, seeing the slant from front to back.To my dismay it seemingly grew extremely fast, and soon that short stubble was a respectable length. It still looked fantastic, but felt quite different to the touch. I much preferred almost nothing to its present length of ? inch. In less than a month I found myself back in the shop with Stephanie, mostly just to get the clippered section redone. ?I guess you liked how it came out after all,? she commented. Amazing that she remembered me and the slight trepidation I had shared on our first encounter.?I really do. Plus I like the look from the side of how extreme the angle is.??I could take the back up even higher if you?d like.?I was dumbstruck. I hadn?t even thought it could go any higher. I must have sat there saying nothing forever before she cut in again.?It doesn?t have to be anything too extreme. Maybe just another inch. The sides would be the same length or could even be longer if you wish.?LONGER on the sides?! That was another thought I had never considered.?So you?re saying you could just leave the sides alone and take the back up a bit more???Sure. I could take the back up as far as you?d like.??Like, how far???Clear to the top if you?d like.? She touched the back portion of my crown. I couldn?t imagine going so high. ?Not many women have a face that can get away with something so extreme, but on you it would look great,? she added.?I don?t think I?m ready for something that severe.??I understand. Would you like me to take it up an inch from where it was before??I thought for a second. ?Why not!???How about the sides. Like before or leave them alone.??Why don?t you leave them alone. If I don?t like it you can always trim them later.?

And so there I was getting my Inverted Bob even more refined. This time the back had nearly two inches shaved with the clippers. How I enjoyed that sensation. And the final look brought a huge smile to my face. I loved it. The sides, which hadn?t been cut at all, definitely looked longer thanks to the now shorter back, and I relished running my hand over the short clippered section. My profile looked even sharper. Yes!!! This was great.

I went back religiously to Stephanie every four weeks for the next 6 months. The clippered section, to look and feel like I wanted it, required such frequency. For the fun of it I never had her cut the sides, unless they just need to be tipped for split ends. Now they were a good three inches longer than they had been and hung down in front of my shoulders, making the angle of the style even more pronounced. I loved it. In fact I wanted to keep the sides growing, but they were now hitting my shoulder and breaking up the line of the cut. ?The sides are about as long as you can get away with, unless?.??Unless what???Well, if I take the backup a bit higher, that will angle the sides more, meaning the section hitting your shoulder will be gone and the front can continue to grow.??How much higher in the back? I still wasn?t sold on anything too radical.?Right now about another inch would do it.??And that would let me keep the front sections long.??Quite a bit longer actually.??Then let?s try that.?

As much as I loved the feel of the clippers by now, feeling the back run up even with the top of my ears was alarming. This was becoming quite a radical style even for someone far younger than me. But I really liked it! The profile now was so exotic, and it made the front hair seem even longer than before. And Oh how I enjoyed touching the now larger area of shaved stubble in the back. I was hooked. This was the cut I wanted.

For the next six months I continued getting the back done, and allowing the front to grow. Now it reached just below my breasts in front. It didn?t seem much shorter than it was before my first big cut into a Bob, though I knew it was. Still, it was healthy and stylish instead of damaged and thinning. I looked tremendous. But now it was once again hitting my shoulders. I knew to go longer in front meant going higher in back. Did I dare?

?How much higher would you suggest???Another inch would do the trick, but I?d suggest going for it and taking it to the crown. Then the front could grow as long as you want without worrying about breaking up the look.??That would be the ultimate version, right?!??That?s right. Any higher and it would lose all it?s shape.?She showed me how much would come off and I was alarmed. Basically the entire back of my head would be shaved, and it would even include a little of the sections near my ears. This was definitely a risk. But I had to see myself in the cut. I took it.

Stephanie separated out and then pinned up all the hair that wasn?t going to be clippered. A good amount was still hanging down and I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I felt it get buzzed off. Over and over it she went and I felt quite nervous. When I opened my eyes I almost felt bald as all my length was still wound tightly to the top of my head, and I could now see the clippered sections behind each ear. Plus it felt so high up on the crown that it seemed to me I now had a bald spot. But then the length was allowed to fall and I breathed easier. My shoulders were no longer interfering with the line of the style. I smiled as I was shown the profile. It looked totally unique. I did get concerned when I saw it from the back. I didn?t have much left there at all. That would take some getting used to. I left the shop, noticing that I was getting looked at by nearly everyone in the Mall wherever I went.

At first being the object of attention worried me, but I got used to it. I continued to let the front grow, but keep the Inverted Bob for the next year. And so now today my front hair reaches not only to my waist, but just below it. It is long, healthy, and wonderful. Yet the back is that incredibly short stubble that makes my body tingle every time it is touched. I?m not sure how long the front will grow, but I?m going to find out. I wonder what this would look like with the back the way it is but the front down to the floor. Maybe someday I won?t have to guess.

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