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Tanned To Perfection
Author: Totally hairless
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Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
Language: English
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This story is true. The names and location have been changed, but the hair removal did take place to the extent described!

It was the middle of July and Sue and Pete were on their way to stay with their friends Anne and John at the villa they had hired in southern France. John and Anne had decided to take an extended break throughout the summer and had been at the villa since the beginning of June. Sue and Pete both worked at a college and didn't have to return until mid September. Anne and John had invited them to stay with them for six weeks.

The two couples, both in their thirties, had met several years earlier at Cap d'Agde, a nudist resort in France, and had been friends ever since. They regularly met up for nudist get-togethers and often visited nudist beaches. The other thing they had all done was to gradually experiment with body shaving. Initially John had shaved off his pubic hair. The others liked the result and followed suit. A month or two later he shaved his chest and stomach. Pete did likewise. It went on from there - next underarms, then legs and finally arms. For the last two years all four had remained completely hair free below the shoulders.

Sue and Pete pulled up outside the private secluded villa. Pete knocked on the door and after a short while Anne greeted them with a broad smile and a kiss each. She had just a small towel draped around her. She was already suntanned - made all the more noticeable by the new short blonde bob haircut and pencil thin eyebrows. Sue and Pete brought their luggage in. As the door closed, Anne removed the towel to reveal a tanned, athletic and completely hairless body. She led them to their room.

"Make yourselves at home. Take your clothes off and join John next to the pool. I'll get you a drink. What would you like?" Sue and Pete asked for soft drinks and then went in their room to undress. They walked out naked to the pool.

John greeted them. He too was naked and smooth skinned. On this occasion, though he was totally hairless. He had shaved his head. And when

they got closer it was apparent that he had shaved his eyebrows as well. Pete and Sue were a little surprised but both thought how good he looked. They were complimenting him on his appearance when Anne returned with their drinks.

"We were just telling John that the shaved head suits him. It goes really well with the smooth body. Knowing what you two are like, I'm surprised that he didn't get you to shave your head as well," said Pete. John and Anne laughed.

"Do you really think a bald head would suit me?" said Anne.

"I think it would. It would go very well with the smooth body," said Pete. Sue nodded in agreement. Anne said that she had forgotten something and went back indoors.

When Anne emerged the blonde bob was missing. It had obviously been a wig. Anne's head was as shiny, smooth and tanned as John's. Pete and Sue could clearly see that she had no eyebrows either. To say that Sue and Pete were dumbfounded was an understatement. John had surprised them, but they had seen bald heads on men before. A bald headed woman was something else. Anne looked unusual: odd, even rather freakish. At the same time she looked stunningly beautiful - the bald head did indeed complement the hairless body. She was perfectly tanned from head to toe. The smooth, hairless skin glistened in the sun.

Sue and Pete's amazement and the short, stunned silence was broken by John and Anne laughing. "Well, what do you think?" said Anne, still chuckling. "Do you like our new bald look?"

Pete was first to reply. "A bit extreme - you look so ... bald! But you really do look good! In fact, you both look great. It suits you. What happened to your eyebrows, Anne? You had them when we arrived. And how long have you two been bald all over?"

"I wiped them off! They were only drawn on with an eyebrow pencil."

"We've been bald more or less since we arrived," said John. "We started by shaving our bodies as usual. I had often wondered what I would look like with a bald head, so I suggested that Anne shave it for me. She used the electric clippers without the guard on until there was just stubble left. As you know I had quite bushy eyebrows. I asked Anne to trim them too, but she forgot to put the attachment back on. I had most of an eyebrow missing before she realised. I told her to remove them completely - I looked daft with one and a half eyebrows. I went back in the shower and shaved everything smooth. We couldn't get over the total baldness. Anne loved it and fancied going for it herself, but wanted to have a wig handy first. The following day we went into town and bought a couple of wigs."

"Having seen how different John looked, I couldn't wait to try it out myself. I reckon that I was completely bald within half an hour of getting back from the shop," added Anne. "We had a good look at each other and realised that the only hair we had left was eyelashes. We thought we might as well be 100% bald so we removed them completely with John's electric shaver." Pete and Sue looked more closely and noticed, for the first time, that neither of them had eyelashes.

"We wanted to find out how long eyebrows and eyelashes take to grow so we left them alone after that. We found that they were a little short but pretty well back to normal after three weeks so we removed them again last week. Neither of us liked the prickly feeling of our eyelids. So this time round we used my tweezers and gently plucked the eyelashes out," said Anne. ?And we are planning on keeping them that way for the next few weeks."

?I bet it hurt, didn?t it!? winced Pete.

"Not really. We did it very carefully. And this time our eyelids were really bald and smooth?

John then looked at Pete and Sue mischievously and asked, "Why don't

you try a head shave yourselves?"

"Go on, you'll love it!" added Anne.

Pete thought for a moment and said that he quite fancied having his head shaved. Sue was less enthusiastic. She said she might try a short haircut but wasn't sure about being bald. She agreed that Pete would probably look good with a bald head. At that point Anne suggested that they go indoors. Once inside she produced the electric clippers and plugged them in. Removing the guard she asked Pete if he was sure he wanted his head shaving. He nodded. Anne switched the clippers on, put them to Pete's forehead and ran them through his hair from front to back. If he was having second thoughts, it was too late as a bald strip appeared. Five minutes later, it was all over. Pete was bald.

"What about your eyebrows?" asked John. Pete declined. "No thanks - not at the moment. I feel bald enough already. I'm not keen on this stubble, though. I think I'll go and tidy myself up with a close wet shave while you give Sue a crop, if that's OK"

Sue wasn't convinced about going bald, but said that if Anne would lend her one of her wigs, she would try a short crop. Anne agreed and asked which attachment Sue wanted on the clippers. Sue had a look at the attachments available and decided on the #3 length. Anne fitted the attachment to the clippers and, in the same manner as she had with Pete, put the clippers to Sue's forehead and swiftly ran them from front to back. A mass of light brown hair fell to the ground. The process was repeated first to the left and then to the right. Soon the whole of the top of Sue's head was cropped. Anne moved to the sides, around the Sue's ears and then to the back. As she ran the clippers from Sue's neck to her crown, Anne took hold of the shoulder length hair and then held it up in front of Sue, rather like a trophy. Sue smiled. Anne quickly finished her task and held up a mirror so that Sue could see her handiwork.

It was at that point that Pete emerged from the shower, towelling his head. "What do you think?" he asked. "Hey, nice shine!" said John.

"I thought you didn't want your eyebrows shaving," said Anne, noticing that Pete was completely browless as well as bald headed.

"I didn't - but when I shaved my head smooth, my eyebrows seemed too bushy. You and John both have bald eyebrows and look really good, so I thought I might as well go for it."

Sue looked at Pete and smiled. "You know, bald really suits you, but I'm not sure about this crop."

"You look great," said Pete, reassuringly. "It's short, but not too short. I mean - look at us - now this is what I call short!"

"That's what I meant - now all three of you are bald, I think I'll stand out like a sore thumb. I feel the odd one out. I'm still not sure being bald really appeals, but I suppose I can always cover up with the wig if I don't like it. Anyway, let's face it, you three aren't in a position to make any derogatory comments. I'll give it a try if Anne promises to lend me a wig if I need one." Anne nodded to confirm that she would agree to Sue's request. Sue continued, "Would it be too much trouble for you to give me another haircut, Anne - without the guard this time? And could you give me a close shave, Pete?"

Anne smiled and picked the clippers up again. This time she removed the guard, switched the clippers on and without further ado, proceeded to buzz Sue's head. In an instant, a strip of bald skin appeared above Sue's forehead. Sue looked at the others and smiled. There was no turning back. The clippers made light work of the #3 length hair and in no time at all Sue was bald headed apart from stubble.

Anne held the clippers in front of Sue's eyebrows but Sue didn't give her chance to ask the question which was on her lips. "Go on - I might as well be as bald as you three. Get rid of them." The clippers touched Sue's left eyebrow and with a quick movement, Anne reduced the eyebrow to stubble. A couple of seconds later, the right eyebrow had gone too.

"Very nice! You will love it when Pete has done his bit with the razor and shaving foam," said John.

Pete beckoned Sue towards the bathroom and asked her to rinse her head under the shower with warm water. She did so and Pete squirted a handful of foam into the palm of his hand and liberally covered Sue's head. Picking up his razor, he quickly attached a new Mach 3 blade and then gently proceeded to shave Sue's head. The stubble was quickly replaced by smooth, bald skin. Sue's head was now completely bald. Pete checked Sue's scalp with his index finger and, finding that there was still a hint of roughness, spread a little more foam on Sue's head and, this time, on her eyebrows as well. First Sue's left eyebrow and then the right one were shaved completely smooth. Pete's second attempt at shaving her head took only a few more seconds. This time, Sue's head was as bald and smooth as a billiard ball. Sue rinsed her head under the shower and looked in the mirror. The face and head she saw was devoid of hair. She could see the bathroom light being reflected by the smooth skin on the top of her head. She was surprised by her appearance. She looked even balder than she had expected, even though she had known that when Anne and Pete had finished cutting and shaving all her hair would be removed. The hairless brows, in particular, accentuated the total baldness of her head. Even so, she instantly liked her new hairstyle (or lack of one).

"What do you reckon then?" asked Pete.

"I wasn't very keen on the idea when you first suggested it, but I'm glad I plucked up courage. I feel so bald, so naked! I think it looks rather good. And I reckon it will look fantastic when I've got a nice tan. I only hope that the top of my head will tan, though. It is rather pale for my liking at the moment. I would love to have an even suntan all over."

"It will. But it will take two or three weeks for your head to catch up with your face," said Anne. "You've done the right thing though. You've both shaved your heads before you've done much sunbathing. If you had waited a week or so, your heads would have been much whiter than your bodies. It would probably take ages for the different areas to get the same depth of tan."

"Well, I could never have imagined that you and John would have removed every last hair from head to toe and I still can't quite believe that Sue and I have done exactly the same within an hour of arriving," said Pete.

"We haven't," contradicted Sue.

"How do you mean?"

"You have forgotten something, haven't you? John and Anne have bald eyelids and we still have eyelashes. We've gone this far, so we might as well finish the job. Can we borrow your tweezers, Anne?"

"Of course you can!"

Anne fetched her tweezers and passed them to Sue.

?You or me first?? asked Sue.

?It was your idea, so I think you should go first,? replied Pete, smiling. ?Shall I give you a hand??

Sue nodded and handed Pete the tweezers. Without further ado, Pete gripped three of four of Sue?s eyelashes and gently tugged. They came away from Sue?s eyelids quite easily. Pete looked at Sue to make sure that he hadn?t hurt her, but from her expression it was obvious that she was anxious to continue. Pete continued. The whole process took about 15 minutes. At the end of it, Sue?s eyelids were completely bald. She stroked her right eyelid with her index finger.

?That feels so smooth! Let me have a look in the mirror!?

Sue stood up and went over to the mirror. She came back with a broad grin.

?I?ve got lizard eyes! I just can?t believe how hairless I am - this is just fantastic! Come on Pete, sit on this chair and let me loose on your eyelashes! Pete sat down. Fifteen minutes later Pete, too, had lost all of his eyelashes.

The four of them went outside for a swim and then sat by the pool - two men and two women totally naked, glistening from head to toe and not a single hair between them. And that is the way they all stayed, Sue and Pete getting perfect suntans in the course of the next month, as a result. To begin with they stayed at the villa and around the pool but after a while they became more daring. They started to venture onto naturist beaches - secluded ones at first. When, eventually, they felt more able to make a public display of their

total hairlessness, they visited more popular ones. They weren't being

exhibitionists for the sake of it, but by this time were so hooked by their bald appearance that they wanted others to see how good it looked for themselves.

Grudgingly, all four decided that they needed to allow eyebrows and eyelashes to grow back before returning home. That was their only concession - John and Pete threw caution to the wind and carried on sporting

bald heads for anyone, and everyone, to see. Anne and Sue, although remaining completely shaven headed, wore wigs in public.

Both couples remain shaven headed and smooth bodied to this day. But their holiday was such a milestone for them that they continue to meet up each summer. Once at the resort, the first thing they do is to make sure that they are shaved smooth from head to toe. Only when they are satisfied with the result do they proceed to the second stage which involves, as you might expect, complete eyebrow and eyelash removal. And of course they all get tanned to perfection in the following weeks.

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