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Family Shaving Day (Part 10)
Author: Vanamudirani Email me!
Content: XXX
Location: Home
Category: Consensual
Type: Fantasy
Post date: Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Language: English
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A fully hairy Nalni held Chinna’s pole in one of her hands, whereas Chinna was catching one of Nalini’s conical breasts with one hand, and with the other hand he had inserted his fingers inside Nalini’s hairy pussy. Chinna locked the door from indie, when Nalini was kissed by all the shaved ladies. Nalini told she wanted to enjoy shaving by Chinna minute by minute, not willing to see her image in the mirrors. Hence she wetted her head once again fully, by placing her head hairs inside a bucket full of water. When it was wet, Chinna was ready with his straight edged razor. He asked her to sit over his lap, facing him. He conical breasts were playing with Chinna’s shaved torso. He bent her head fully towards him, he started shaving her head from her back-side of neck. Shorn hairs started falling over her cute hairy bush. Soon her head was completely bald, and he shaved her eye-brows and her entire face too immediately. He then asked her lay flat with her face up, with her bald head on his stretched legs, rather over his “shaved pole”. As she lay flat, Chinna lifted her both hands, revealing her bushy arm-pits. He asked her how she could manage to grow such long and bushy hairs almost all over her body, in his absence. 

   As Chinna shaved her bushy arm-pits, and then her conical boobs, slowly, Nalini told that after she was forcibly taken to another place by her father, she assured her father that she would “punish herself”, for the “misdeed” she had committed by getting shaved all over her body by Chinna, instead of his father. She shaved herself, using straight edged razor from head to toe every week. His father was angry for few months, and then he reconciled to the situation after seeing his “bald” daughter every day.  Later he asked her to work in the “hospital/ clinic”, where she was introduced to the co-worker (Kanchana’s husband). She used to help in shaving lady patients private parts, before their delivery, shave male and female heads, before their “brain/ head operations”. She became expert in “shaving with straight edged razor” soon. Later after few years, she came to know about Chinna’s whereabouts through Kanchana and her husband. Then her father agreed to “pardon her”, and her proposal to marry Chinna later was approved. Then she made a vow that till she would shave her “entire body”, except head, and use “herbal oils” to encourage more hair growth all over her body”. Almost six months ago, she came to know that “Kanchana’s family would arrange a “family shaving day” by Chinna, to facilitate their re-union. She stopped her “body shaving”, used herbal oils profusely over her “vaginal bush, arm-pits, both thighs, her buttocks, ass hole etc. In fact her vaginal bush was looking like a “three year old girls’ head”, and she asked Chinna to shave her to “his and her heart’s content, as they got this golden shvign chance after many years. 
By now, Chinna had shaved her arm-pits, and his razor climbed up and down and all sides of her both conical hills, including the “black-nipple peaks”. Nalini started pushing her fingers inside her hairy pussy in ecstasy, when he shaved till her belly button. He then asked her to lay on his lap, by placing her hairy vagina in front of his “pole”, so that he could “bull- doze” her forest with his razor. She wanted to get her “full vaginal forest harvested by the shearing machine”, and then by shaving too. Chinna took his shearing machine (he had hand- operated model). With his deft hands, he started “harvesting her forest wealth”, from her belly button slowly and steadily. She enjoyed the “tick tick” sound of his “machine”. She removed her hands from her “vaginal hole”, and started playing with her “shaved breasts”, and arm-pits. Soon Chinna’s machine whirled around her “vaginal hole”, and her vaginal hole was fully visible”. He had shaved her vaginal forest bald, excluding her hairy thighs. Then he wetted her shaved regions by water only, and then shaved by razor once again. He then asked her to keep her both thighs upon his shoulders, so that he could shave them all sides, in less time. He then wetted her hairy thighs, shaved them. After shaving they looked like “smooth plaintain tree’s inner stem (pure white in colour”. Yes, Nalini was in very good “sandal wood colour”, her entire shaved body was shining, and the hairy legs were to be shaved. Soon they were also shining. He then asked her to lay on his stretched legs, with the face down, keeping her face near his toes. She lay still when he shaved her moderate hairy buttocks, and her bushy hairy ass-hole smoothly. Chiina completed her back-side shaving, and she was fully shining.

Nalini asked his permission to shave him “ from head to toe”, as she had done partially years ago, when he was not having any large hairy patches on his body. Now he was fully shaved, even then Nalini was excited in shaving him once again. He started applying shaving cream from his head onwards slowly part by part, Nalini took the straight edged razor, and shaved him till his waist. The she requested him to lay on her lap facing her with his “pole” over her “shaved hole”. Then she applied shaving cream all over his “polar region”, and adjoing areas, and soon she shaved his pole smoothly. Then she shaved his thighs, legs, as well as buttocks and ass-hole. Chinna was wonderstruck to feel “sexy”, while Nalini shaved him all over his body. Then she requested him to shave her from head to toe by applying shveng cream, like she had done to him. This exercise had taken over 20 minutes, with Chinna applying shaving cream over her “shaved vaginal zone”, himself, and then shaving it too. Now Nalini wanted to “have a sex play with him”, by kissing each other in 69 position. Chinna lay below with his face up, Nalini lay over him, with her face over his “pole”, whereas Chinna’s mouth was over her “shaved well”. Both licked each other for few minutes passionately. Then Chinna licked her “nipples”, ass –hole separately for some minutes, whereas Nalini sucked his “pole” for few minutes, as well as his “tiny nipples”. 

Nalini asked him to “apply oil all over her body”, and massage her thoroughly. She wanted to enjoy his fingers entering and coming out form her “vaginal hole”, as fast he could perform. She also wanted his hands to “massage her conical breasts”. Chinna applied oil over her entire body, started massaging her bald head, her face, and her back. He then shown his master “strokes” by massaging her both conical breasts” simultaneously. Nalini pushed her fingers in and out of her “vaginal hole” fast, to show her “sexual feelings”. Soon he massaged her vaginal hole too in the “same passionate” manner, she was in “seventh heaven” for few minutes. His fingers entered her “well” and climbed up, slow at the beginning, fast thereafter. He inserted his fingers insides her ass-hole too similarly. He then massaged her shaved thighs, and ending each stroke inside her “vaginal hole”. Nalini wanted that Chinna’s dick should now be allowed to go inside her “ shaved well”. She asked him to get up, and “insert his pole into her hole”, as she lay falt with her face up. He inserted as she promised that she had also made precautions from getting “pregnant” before their wedding. She asked him to push and pull out his “stick” fast into her “hole”. She asked him to kiss her mouth and nipples too, while his “pole” was kissing inside her “hole”. He was really excited to see Nalini showing so much “encouragement to his earlier thoughts”, just after seeing her. He told repeatedly that he was lucky to have her as well as shave her once again, after many years.          
 Nalini told Chinna that she wanted to discuss some urgent matters as well as her future plans, as they had some time left. Nalini lay flat on floor, with Chinna licking her shaved hole, she told that Kanchana would have to shaved and treated by Chinna the way she liked; and she had also the idea of her husband getting shaved by Nalini, as she alone knew the “secret” that she had the knowledge of shaving wusing a straight edged razor; she told Chinna that her husband might have told her, as he wished also to be shaved from his head to toe by a lady barber. Nalini requested Chinna to agree for the proposal, if put up by Kanchana. She had complete faith in them that they would not reveal the secret to any one, not even their “parents, brothers and others”. Chinna agreed for the proposal. She told that by next day evening they might shave Kanchana’s husband in their own house. Kanchana would finalise the program, as per Nalini later in the night, or next day morning.

Nalini also wished that after marriage, Chinna should shave her “vaginal area” once in a week, head to toe shaving on their “marriage day”. She also told him that she would get herself shaved by him on her “birthday every year, and he had to get shaved by her on his birth day. She would like to get her head to toe shaved every month, till their first child would be conceived by her; later on the proposal she told earlier. She would use “a suitable wig” for the head, and she would tell known persons that she had vowed to shave her head every month, as she got her way in getting married with Chinna. Chinna expected that he would be called for similar “head to toe shaving in future by the Appaswamy’s family, as they were all pleased with his “shaving work”. Nalini told that Kanchana was telling her that she would arrange some “special job for him  and Nalini”, in their office, in the near future. Chinna wondered what type of job would be there for the “barber” in a tourist organisation?. They kissed each other in 69 position for some more time, before “completely shaved Nalini came out of the room with Chinna inserting one of the fingers into her “hole”, and catching her breast by his other hand. In turn, Nalini was caressing Chinna’s pole, as they came to the room, where other ladies were resting and enjoying their “nakedness”.  
Kanchana was ready with her “hairy body”, and she at first kissed Chinna in front of others; she asked him to reciprocate her kiss to her. Chinna kissed her too. Kanchana explained that her office was going to “offer” job for Chinna and if possible to Nalini in the near future. The “plan” would be revealed only by next day morning, as her “super-boss, his wife, and his mother-in-law”, would be visiting them; they were interested in seeing all the “members of the family”, after getting shaved from head to toe, she told. Then she asked Chinna to kiss her “both breasts”, and she kissed his “pole” in front of every body. She explained that “in front of foreigners, they were supposed to behave in an identical manner, then only their “business” would flourish. She asked Chinna to hug her tightly by her breasts, she caught hold of his pole, and walked into the shaving room, as the “shaved ladies” bade her “happy shaving session for Kanchana”, go inside as hairy lady, come outside as a fairy lady”. 

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