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Family Shaving Day (Part 6)
Author: Vanamudirani Email me!
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Post date: Tuesday, October 16, 2012
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Radha walked naked to the room where Chinna was waiting for her to shave. He did not know that his father also shaved Radha for the first time. He was still removing the mass of Parvatham’s hair, fallen on the floor. He had cleaned all the razors, “hair shredder", combs etc, so that he could use them for Radha. She came and sat on the floor, with cross-legged, so that her vaginal bush was very much visible to Chinna. She asked him to start shave her head, the remaining part unshaven. Chinna wetted her unshaved hairs thoroughly, took the razor, and started shaving slowly. Soon he cleared her entire head into “bald play ground". Radha was pleased to see her once again bald after few years. She now asked to him to shave her eye-brows, face, and then both arm-pits.  Chinna wetted her eye-brows and face, soon he shaved eye-brows. Then he started shaving her face with the razor. Slowly, so that her “tiny hairs on her lips were removed". He then proceeded to shave her arm-pits, as she raised her both hands. He shaved the arm-pits bushes too smoothly. Radha wanted to enjoy her shaving further. She asked Chinna if he would object any unusual request from the customer. Chinna replied that after hearing the request he would comment. Radha told that she would like to lay on Chinna’s lap, at the time of shaving her “breasts", and she would like to be shaved very close by Chinna when he would shave her vaginal bush. He agreed and sat in the floor, cross-legged and asked Radha to lay on his lap, with her back on his lap. Thus he adjusted her “shaving position so close that she could feel the maximum enjoyment while shaving her breasts".

He took water in his hands and wetted her both breasts, and massaged them repeatedly. Radha started to get “sexy feelings" in her body. The he took straight razor, and started shaving her right breast from the end of her shaved right arm-pit. Slowly he moved the razor all along the contours of her right breast, and it climbed to her nipple. Then again shaving around her nipple razor descended below her breast slope and stood in her “valley of breasts". Taking rest for few seconds, the razor again climbed the “left-hillock" towards the goal of her left-nipple. Then surrounding areas razor had shaved and finally it reached her left edge of shaved arm-pit. Radha wanted more of that for a second time. She asked Chinna to apply “shaving cream and shave her breasts once again". Chinna took shaving cream in the brush, wetted it and placed it over her right nipple. He started whirling the brush over her right breasts, in all directions, touching and covering even her shaved right arm-pit. Then he stopped and took the razor, and placed over her right-arm pit. He shaved it by the razor and continued to shave her right breast in “feather like manner", and she enjoyed it thoroughly. The he applied  shaving cream to her left breast and her left arm-pit, and then shaved them smoothly. This might have taken more than ten minutes. He then took the razor and shaved her belly below her breasts till her vaginal bush edge. The tiny hairs that had grown over her breasts, belly were completely shaved. He asked Radha to feel her “breasts" after shaving. Radha moved both her hands over her breasts and feel “excited" after confirming her breasts were smoother than before. 

Chinna told Radha if she wanted her “closest shave of her vaginal bush", she had to lie over his stretched legs, placing her vagina in front of his “pole", so that he could shave her “hole" smoothly. Radha told since her bush was very “nasty in growth", he had to shave it very carefully, and requested him to insert "something into her hole" to avoid nicks and cuts to vaginal area". She searched in the room, and there was a “banana sized, rubber-made stick" was there. All used to scratch their back while taking bath. She suggested that Chinna should insert that “rubber-banana" into her hole, before shaving. Chinna sat with his legs stretched and Radha placed her bald-head over his toes, and lay with her face up-wards. She entwined his hip too. Her vaginal bush was tickling Chinna’s shaved pole. Radha also told that she did not mind if “his pole" touched her “vagina" few times, while he shaved her vagina.  Then he started to wet her vaginal bush as well her both thighs, which were also had ‘hairy forest". Few times he took water in his hands and massaged her vaginal area. Chinna now took the “rubber- banana" and inserted it slowly into her “vaginal hole", and it went almost half.

He took the straight razor, and started shaving from her belly area where he had finished the shaving earlier. Soon, with more hairs shaved, from her middle hip, top of her vaginal hole had come. He shaved upto the edge of “banana" and started shaving from her right thigh, he reached the “banana" from right side and then he shaved below till her right side of vaginal bush was completely shaved along with her part of right thigh. He then stroke the razor in his hand and started shaving her left thigh. Soon all hairs of her left thigh and left vaginal area were shaved smoothly, and he finished shaving upto the end of vaginal bush in left side too. All of her vaginal bush was surrounding his “pole", and he continued to shave her part of both thighs front and back, till his hand could reach, and he could shave her “safely without nicks and cuts". Having cleared her hairs till her ankles, he put her both legs on his shoulders, and shaved them after wetting, with the razor from all sides. Soon her legs were looking “beautifully bald".

Radha was very much excited that he shaved so nicely. She asked him to remove the “rubber banana" and shave her vaginal hole edges too, to remove tiny hairs. He did the same. Then she asked him that her back side, buttocks, and ass hole were unshaved, and she would like to “cover his pole with  her vaginal hole tightly", so that Chinna should have a grip at the time of shaving. Chinna agreed as he was a bachelor, and yet he had “reserved his sexy feelings to Nalini’s hole" (how big and beautiful it would be now with hairs on all sides, he wondered himself!), and did not mind for “his pole" helping other’s holes at the time of shaving. Till he was forced to “have sex" with them, he felt he did not cross his “modesty border" for the sake of his beloved. Radha got up, and this time she lay on her face down, keeping her face near his toes, and Chinna allowed her to “insert her hole into his pole". Radha at the same time was enjoying that “how Chinna would enjoy with Nalini within two hours or so, that too after few years"! She was imagining that she was Nalini to Chinna at that time. Her enjoyment started more when he wetted her buttocks, and started shaving her “hind globes". Soon he shaved her ass-hole too and the areas joining her ass-hole with vaginal-hole. Then he shaved her entire back, till her neck.

Radha told Chinna that she wanted to be shaved by razor, after lathering her by shaving  cream. She stood in front of the mirror. She asked Chinna to finish the “lathered shaving quickly", so that she might be having more time to “get oil-maalish/ massage" by him. Chinna started applying shaving cream to her “bald head" fully, and then shaved with his razor. Then he moved down to other parts one by one. Radha revealed that she was “shaved from head to toe" by Chinna’s father for the first time few years ago, after she was forced by circumstances  to change her decision “not to be shaved at all". For that one of her family member was involved, and that she would be “grateful to her by surrendering all her body hairs". That member would be coming to get shaved soon by Chinna. She requested him to tell how he met his “first lady client, who got shaved from head to toe", as her own story could be told later in front of everybody. She got shaved so far, only once. This was her second experience. Chinna told that he would narrate her experience of shaving “his first lady client who got shaved from her head to toe", while Radha would get oil-massaged. He had to concentrate on her “lathered shaving" as it might induce nicks and cuts. Radha kept quite for some time. Chinna shaved her face, eye-brows, neck, under arms and  both arms. Then he came to her “front-side cones". They were actually “globes", with black nipples at the centres. He lathered her right breast slowly, and used his razor, smoothly, as if it was a “feather". He descended her “global valley", shaved there and stopped. He lathered her “left globe" and shaved there fully, covering her nipple too.

Radha knew that again her “bald vagina would be shaved". She took the “rubber banana and inserted that into her vaginal hole, and got ready for shaving. Chinna lathered her belly, shaved vaginal mound, and entire edges of vaginal hole. He started shaving slowly, and soon he completed that. He then moved to lather her right thigh and right leg. He fully shaved there and moved to her left thigh and left leg. By that time it was shaved, she was almost most excited. She wanted to “enjoy the banana insertion to the maximum". Chinna went behind her and started lathering her back. She started pushing the banana and pulling it outside, repeatedly, and got her “excitement peak". Chinna lathered her “buttocks, one by one" as well as her ass-hole. He then shaved them with his razor. Soon Radha was completely smooth. Chinna told her how she would like to be oil-massaged, either standing or lying on the floor. She told that he could oil-massage her in the same standing position, with the condition that he should tell his “client-shaving story", and finish soon. She wanted to give him “her personal present" before leaving the “shaving room". She required at least five minutes for that activity. Chinna agreed, and started to oil her body starting from her bald head.

Chinna’s client, working in a company called him one day saying that he had to come to his residence by next day morning. His elder brother and his wife had come, to celebrate their “second wedding anniversary". That client was known to him only six months back, and got shaved his “chest, arm-pits, thighs, legs, buttocks, as well as his “pole"’s surroundings. Chinna used to shave men from head to toe till then frequently. He presumed that the client’s brother would also get shaved similarly. Chinna went at about 7 AM, and the client introduced his “elder brother and his wife (sister-in law)", who had come from a far-off place. asked Chinna to shave his brother from “head to toe", as that was the desire of his “sister-in-law". As his brother was unable to get a “personal barber", he came here, he told. He told that after finishing his brother’s “shaving", he would come for shaving. Both would have to outside for some urgent work, and Chinna would wait for his “early lunch" to be hosted by his sister-in-law", towards their marriage anniversary.  He requested Chinna to “obey orders of his elder brother and his sister-in-law", even if they might be not liked by him. Being a very good customer, Chinna agreed. He was asked to wait in the small room (store room, perhaps), where two large mirrors were placed facing each other. He put on a wooden stool. The client’s brother came to get shaved by wearing a “towel", and Chinna took about 45 minutes to shave him from head to toe by straight razor. Meanwhile, his wife Leela came in between with three cups of coffee, when he was shaving his customer’s thighs. His wife watched it while taking her coffee. The she left the room. That client requested Chinna that his wife also insisted to get shaved from her head to toe, and as no “barber" was “personal" to him there, he came here. He told Chinna not to reveal that to his wife, lest she got annoyed later. Chinna told that he had not shaved any “lady" so far. The client told him not to bother, “get experience of shaving breasts, vagina and ass-hole from my wife".  Once his shaving was completed, Chinna’s original client got his “face and arm-pit shaving" quickly, and asked Chinna to wait. Both gentlemen left for outside work, locking the door from outside. Then Leela came and gave him “ some badhaam kheer", and she told that was the “her favorite dish" for her husband. She also lamented that Chinna had to agree to her “another request by her husband". Her husband wanted to “get fully shaved from head to toe", and be smoother for the “night of marriage anniversary". She was having lot of hairs all over her body, and he wanted to get rid of them. She came here only for that “using privacy-barber", like Chinna who was known to her brother- in- law. She told that she liked “straight razor shaving" as he had done to her husband. Chinna asked how he would shave a “lady’s hole", as “nothing was there to “protect her hole" from “nicks and cuts". She told that her colleague suggested her to get inserted before shaving “some banana or brinjal into her vaginal hole" to protect it. Chinna agreed to her request and ask her to take bath and come fully naked without drying her with towel.

Soon she came to Chinna who was ready “to shave his first lady client" that too by chance. He had cleaned the razors, and kept a “new shaving cream tube" and a “shaving brush". He wondered to see a “naked women", that too “fully grown hairs all over her body". He asked her to bring “some bananas" or “brinjals", which she brought from the fridge. He wanted to shave her from her head, and then her entire back upto buttocks. He then liked to shave her eye-brows, entire face and neck. She had tiny" moustache over her upper lip". Her husband used to shave her “moustache with his razor for few times, and it had grown thicker". She told that after this shaving she would get “hair removing treatment for her moustache area", unless she got her “personal barber like Chinna", who might shave her at least once in a month in her face, arm-pits, and vagina, as per her husband’s wish. She also wanted to enjoy her “shaving" by Chinna while standing or sitting on the wooden stool, and watching the show with the help of mirrors.

By now, Radha had her oil-massage over her head, face and hands, and legs. Chinna told that he would take more time for her “breasts", vaginal area, ass-hole and buttocks". Radha asked him to continue the “story" and oil-massage simultaneously. She was enjoying both.  Chinna continued his “shaving story. He asked Leela to sit in the stool, hanging her both hairy legs below, fully naked with her “vaginal bush" seen in the opposite mirror. He then confirmed that she could view her images in the mirrors. He was standing, and wetted her head hairs thoroughly standing by the side of stool, and took the razor, aksed her to see the hairs falling on her “vaginal bush". He stood behind her, started to scrape with the razor her mid-head towards her face, with the results, hairs started falling slowly on her “bush". Soon he shaved her head fully front-half; then he started shaving again from mid-head, backwards. Soon her hairs were falling on the floor, and she was completely bald. He took all the wet hairs from floor, and placed it on her lap, covering the “vaginal bush", fully. He then shaved her entire back upto buttocks. He then asked her to lift both her arms, exposing her arm-pit bushes. Standing still behind her, he wetted both bushes ans shaved them with straight razor. He then wetted her eye-brows, ans shaved them too. He stood on her right side, wetted her face, shaved her “mini-moustache", and she was very much delighted to have “a smoother face once again.". He then shaved her both breasts, and her “breast valley", and soon bent towards her hip, and shaved her hairs upto her belly button. By now Chinna had massaged Radha’s both breasts a few times, and she was much excited.

Chinna asked Radha to lie down on her stretched legs, after sitting on the floor, with her back below, and her bald head touching Chinna’s toes of legs. Her shaved vagina was in front of Chinna’ pole. Taking fresh oil, and pouring into her vaginal hole, Chinna told he asked Leela to stand on the stool carefully, so that he might shave her “lower half", by partially sitting on the floor, and she could view the falling of her hairs, in front as well as back side through mirrors. Leela removed all her “shaved hairs from the lap over the floor, and stood on the wooden stool. Now Chinna sat on the floor, and he was able to toch her belly button with his hands. He wetted her “vaginal bush" repeatedly, and Leela jokingly remarked, if he was preparing to “tonsure" of a baby’s head. Chinna took the razor, and started shaving her vaginal mound bush from above. Soon lot of hairs were falling below, and soon her vagina was also bald completely. He then shaved her both thighs, legs from all sides, and bent below to shave her vaginal hole- ass-hole connection. He then went behind her, and shaved her buttocks too smoothly. She was completely smooth. Leela asked Chinna to shave her with shaving v=cream all over once again. By now, Radha was “sexually massaged by Chinna inside her vaginal hole", and she wanted to get Chinna’s “pole", inserted into her “hole". Chinna, however told Radha to lie with her face below, over his legs on the same position. He then continued to oil her “buttocks" and ass-hole with his “fingers", as Chinna told that he had completely shaved Leela from head to toe, by applying “shaving cream" once again. Leela asked Chinna to “kiss her vaginal hole", to test whether any tiny hairs were still there over her vaginal area. Chinna did as he was told, and then Leela told that she would kiss him on the lips, as her  

“tips-payment". She then asked him to remove his clothes, and she kissed his “hairy pole" too with her lips, as a “gratitude" towards Chinna’s behavior towards her during “head to toe shaving". Her husband had asked her “these tips to Chinna", after paying him “one hundred rupees" also. Leela requested him to come to her “residence" in another town, at least once in six months, and to shave her from neck below to toe", as per her husband’s wish.

By now Radha was completely massaged by Chinna. She told that now she would lie down on her back on the floor, so that she would offer Chinna her “present". She asked Chinna to bend down and kiss her breasts, and shaved vaginal hole a few times. The she asked him to lie down with his face down, upon her placing his “pole", into her “mouth", and “placing his mouth", inside her “vaginal hole". She told in that manner “she would kiss the pole", and she would allow Chinna to lick her hole too. She asked him to press the “pole" into her “mouth", and take it out and repeat the action a few times. After getting up, she “kissed" his pole with her lips, and offered thanks to “Chinna", for shaving her “from head to toe very smoothly". By then they heard, Indira knocking the door from outside, as her time to get shaved had come. Radha opened the door, and let a naked hairy Indira to enjoy her shaving by Chinna. Radha told Indira, that she would “sexually satisfy her mother- in- law better", as both were completely smooth over their entire body. She wished “very good shaving time" for Indira too. Indira bolted the door from inside, and sat on the floor, as Chinna was removing the “shaved hairy mound of Radha" to another place" where Parvatham’s shaved hairs were kept". Indira told that she had about 45 minutes to one hour “before" the “VIP" to be shaved would arrive in their house. She joked that Chinna’s pole would be “oozing its semen", on seeing the hairy VIP. Chinna wondered who would the “hairy VIP?". 

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