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Debbi Gets a Little Boys Haircut
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Location: Barbershop
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Post date: Tuesday, January 3, 2006
Language: English
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It's sometimes funny how things happen in a relationship. A perfect example was between my girlfriend and myself one morning. We were laying in bed just being lazy and she asked me what I thought about her maybe getting her hair cut short. She was thinking about cutting it to something "much" shorter she said since she's had it to the middle of her back for ever it seemed. She was worried I may not like the idea and wanted to get my thoughts. I was so stunned I didn't answer her initially and that made her say oh I guess that means you don't like the idea... I said not at all, I was just surprised when you told me. The funny thing is I have always had a secret desire to see you get your hair cut short! In fact the thought of you getting your haircut excites the hell out of me! Now its her turn to look surprised. She says seriously, you get excited by the idea of my hair being cut? I said in ways you can't imagine. I only dreamed of ever seeing you with a nice short haircut before! You always have had long hair and I assumed you wouldn't be into cutting it. So I left it at that. She grins and says to me lets get up and go see about cutting my hair OK? Wow, I cant believe what we just discussed. We are actually going to go and maybe if were lucky to find a place that has a opening, it just might be the day Debbi's hair gets cut short... Its like a dream come true! Debbi tells me she's relieved I wasn't against it because she has been thinking about doing this for almost a year! We both laugh and she says I'm ready lets go! We went to the mall and most of the salons were booked. We wandered around and I saw the Barber shop almost empty and asked Debbie about going in there.... She got a wild eyed look and suddenly said YES!!! That would be perfect! I want it cut shorter than most salons would be willing to cut it anyway and I've always been curious what those clippers feel like...

Now I know she is thinking about doing something pretty drastic. Just what I would love to see her do. Out of curiosity I ask Debbie what she had in mind and without hesitating she said a little boys cut! What do you think ... too short? I cant even get words to come out of my mouth and finally manage to squeak out perfect. She smiles. We go through the door and the Barber is directing me to the empty chair and I say its not for me, my girlfriend wants to get her hair cut short like a little boy! He didn't even blink. Debbie got right into the chair and was caped and then all her light brown hair was pulled to the back and without even asking if she was sure he had the mass of her hair hanging limp in his hand. My eyes almost pop out of my head and Debbie grins. Then she Gasps out loud at the sight of all her hair in the Barbers hand! He then says now we can get to the fun part and he snaps on a large pair of clippers and pushing Debbi's head forward runs them high up the back of her neck! Oh my God I cant believe what I'm seeing as huge amounts of her hair just rains down to the floor. Debbie giggles and says that tickles! She cant see what is happening to her but its really shocking! The Barber has a number 2 guide on the clipper so its cutting very short and he isn't being gentle at all. Just ramming the clippers high up her head! I'm worried he's cutting it too short its that bad. Then I remember she said little boys cut..... those have the back and sides cut almost to the scalp... my cock gets hard just thinking how Debbi's going to look in a few more minutes. Pass after pass the clippers roar up the back of Debbi's head, huge masses of her hair tumble to the floor. Her entire back of her head is covered with a short pelt of golden hair that is just a quarter of an inch long! Quickly he moves around to the side and in seconds her hair is all clipped off to a quarter inch! God it looks short! I know it's going to be awesome to feel and that makes my cock get even stiffer and harder than it was if that is possible! I have a magazine laying in my lap because of the enormous bulge in my shorts that seeing Debbi's long hair being clippered off so ruthlessly has caused! The barber pops the number 2 guide off the clippers and presses the bare head to Debbi's nape and pushes it high up her neck peeling away the quarter inch of fuzz leaving bare skin behind! Debbi remarks her head feels chilly where the clippers just ran up her neck and the barber says that's because you no longer have any hair covering that part of your scalp young lady! Debbi's hand flies up to her neck and GASPS loudly and exclaims Oh My God! THERE'S NO HAIR ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD!! OH MY GOD!!! The barber smiled at Debbi and said of course there is no hair you asked for a little boys haircut Miss, and that's just what I am giving you! A Little Boys Haircut is clipper shaved right to the scalp in back and up the sides then tapering to blend into the slightly longer hair on the top. I will leave your hair on top slightly longer than a little boys, so you can style it a bit and look a little more like a Hot Sexy Woman! Debbi was grinning mischievously at me as she rubbed her bristly neck and said it felt Amazing! Debbi then says to me, Oh my Love you are really going to enjoy my new haircut! The barber just grinned as he turned the clippers back on and proceeded to run the bare bladed clippers up and around Debbi's ears. Her golden hair just pouring down onto the cape and sliding to the floor. There was a huge amount of Debbi's hair covering the floor around the chair and more added to it with each pass of the humming clippers. I saw Debbi's hand busily rubbing her crotch under the cape as did the barber. He was starring at Debbi as she seemed to be oblivious to him watching her stroke her silky smooth shaved pussy! Debbi began to quiver and moan as she started to Orgasm. The Barber continued running the clippers repeatedly over the sides of Debbi's head many times to stimulate her, rather than making sure that no hairs were still left un-cut! Debbi was moaning and panting as the clippers made even more passes up her now super sensitive neck the barber was pressing hard on the clippers now reducing Debbi's bristly stubble to virtually nothing. It was shorter than any Little Boys cut I have ever seen. Shorter by a good amount. The barber had run the clippers all the way up the back of Debbi's head. No taper. Just a definite edge where the longer top hair began. I liked the way it looked. I knew the sides and back would have that sand-paperery rough and bristly feeling after the clippers cut Debbi's hair down to the scalp like they did. The barber left the top quite a bit longer than a boys cut which actually looks great on Debbi. So nice and layered on top and nothing on the sides and back! The barber removes the cape and lays it in her lap and tells her to stay put. He gets a towel and tucks it in around her neck and then using a hot water soaked wash cloth he wipes her nape and up around her ears moistening the skin before he spreads some shaving gel around the edges of Debbi's hairline. He's going to shave her hairline, something Debbi has never had done to her before! Debbi gives me a questioning look and soon she see's what is about to be done to her. The barber has his razor and is stropping it on a leather strap until it gleams from the polishing it has received along its sharp edge. Debbi's eyes are huge as she nervously sits perfectly still as the razor is applied to her nape. It's so quiet I can hear the rough scraping sound it makes as it scrapes the fine hairs from her slender neck. Debbi now has her eyes closed and a grin on her beautiful face. I see her hand rapidly massaging her pussy again as the sides are being shaved smooth. Just as the barber finishes off around her left ear Debbi has a powerful orgasm that has her screaming obscenities and violently shaking in the big barber chair. The Barber is trying hard not to act like he realizes what is happening to my gorgeous girlfriend but he looks at me and whispers to me she is one HOT woman sir! You are very lucky to have her! I nod in agreement and by now Debbi has calmed down and is flushed a bright red and has a sheepish grin on her face. She knows everyone knew exactly what just happened. She pulls her wet dripping hand out from under the cape laying on her lap and she slips her glistening fingers into her mouth sucking the nectar from them and grins. She says Mmmmm so sweet. God she can be so Sexy at times like this! Debbi announces OK I'm ready to have the right side shaved now please! The smiling barber says to Debbi you really like the feel of the Razor don't you Miss? Debbi grins at the barber and says I've never felt anything so erotic in my life. Sir you are a very talented and skilled professional. That makes him smile and caress the top of Debbi's short hair tussling it about and says thank you for the nice compliment Miss! Then he tilt's Debbi's head slightly over and deftly draws the razor across her skin leaving it smooth as can be and making Debbi moan and grin as he wipes her hairline off and announces to her your haircut is now finished Miss. It was my pleasure to give you such a short and SEXY haircut to such a gorgeous woman. There is no charge for your haircut Miss! Debbi hops from the chair and hugs the barber and gives him a peck on the cheek! It's now his turn to blush and smile as Debbi is wildly exploring her extremely short haircut and says she absolutely LOVES it! Everyone is smiling relieved that she wasn't upset by her rather drastic haircut.

Debbi grabs my arm and says feel it Baby it feels AMAZING! She drags me towards the door and the barber says come back anytime if you would like your hairline shaved again Miss! Debbi smiles and says Thank You I just may do that! Then she kisses me hard on the lips and says lets hurry home Lover I need you to Fuck me long and hard for making me get this SEXY haircut Baby! I'm so horny I could gobble you up on the way home! In fact that's just what I'm going to do! We were lucky I managed to keep our car on the road, Debbi literally drove me out of my mind the whole way back to our house. Then she fucked me raw and sore almost the entire evening until I could no longer take it! Debbi is just so excited with her new hairstyle she cannot keep her hands off her clippered sides and back! But neither can I....

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