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Salon Robotique

Our Reader Score [Total: 84    Average: 2.8/5] SALON ROBOTIQUE The Private Hairdresser Location: Salon Category: Surprise Story type: Fantasy Rating: R   Anne was a very attractive girl in her late twenties. She had shoulder length chestnut brown wavy hair.  She had a Barbie...
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The experimental robot

Our Reader Score [Total: 51    Average: 3.5/5] The Experimental Robot Karen was a college student working with Professor Thomas Hardison.  He was a genius engineer and a great scientist, and Karen was very passionate about him and his interests.  Hardison for years had felt...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 22    Average: 2.4/5] JUNE   June heeft haar beide armen om mijn nek en geeft me een zwoele zoen. Ze kijkt me aan en zegt “Volgens mij ben je met je gedachten heel ergens anders.” Ik zeg “Ja dat klopt,...
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