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Sister’s haircut

Our Reader Score [Total: 41    Average: 2.2/5] Hi, my name is jiyan patel and i live in jamnagar with my parents and my little sister. the story was when i was in 2 year college and my sister was in 12 class. meri sister...
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Priya’s Odyssey – Chapter-3

Our Reader Score [Total: 51    Average: 2.3/5] Priyanka (Priya) was self-centred and egoistic had hair length below her knees until she across her classmates when she attended the New Year party being held at her colony. Her friends, who were insulted by her during...
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Nisha’s barbershop surprise

Our Reader Score [Total: 122    Average: 2.5/5] 19 year old Nisha is all ready for going to barbers. She combed her hair once more, checked it once again in the mirror. The hair is dark, black and touching her bra strap length. She grasped...
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Priya’s Odyssey – Chapter-2

Our Reader Score [Total: 48    Average: 2.1/5] In the first chapter, Priyanka’s (Priya’s) below knee length hair was shortened to waist length at the back by her classmates as a punishment for her. Her female classmates left the building thinking the punishment inflicted on...
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Priya’s Odyssey – The beginning

Our Reader Score [Total: 37    Average: 2.1/5] Priyanka was a straight ace student ever since high school. She had always come first in her class ever since 8th standard. Since she didn’t have many competition for securing the top spot in her class, she...
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This Was My Transformation

Our Reader Score [Total: 60    Average: 3/5] This is kiranjot . I am a 23 year old girl from a village near Patiala city. I work as a hairstylist now as i cut my own hair 5 years back first time and then started...
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