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Janet was doing her usual Saturday shopping, at the Lavon Market Plaza in Ft. Worth, TX.. The day was humid and hot, with no wind. And, to make matters worse her mid-back length hair made her even more miserable. This got her to thinking that maybe it was time for a shorter haircut, which Lynnette had been trying to get her to do, but she always backed out. This seemed to turn her on in an unusual way and make her very apprehensive and anxious, but curious as to what a short haircut would feel like. “But, how short should I go?”, Janet said to herself. Because she would not go back to college until August and she would get a wig, she made the decision to get a dramatically short haircut. “I’ll get a wig and it won’t make a difference as to how short I have it cut. On top of that it will grow back and I might as well try something I’ve always wanted to try, but just never had the nerve to do. And, it would be fun to have it done in a barbershop, which really sounds like fun and makes me excited,” Janet thought to herself, even though she knew, given a chance, Lynn would probably find a way to shave her bald like she was, by a convenient mishap of the clippers. Janet went over to where Lynnette had her barbershop and walked in and said, “Hi, Lynn. Do you have any time left to give me a haircut?”

“Sure do. Go ahead and lock the door. I’ll be finished in just a few,” Lynn said, thinking that she would really like to give Janet a `punishment cut’ because she always had to fight to do Janet’s tangled hair after she washed it. After the last customer left, Janet sat in the chair and Lynn put the cape around her. “I usually come to your place. What is the special occasion?” Lynn asked.

“I was out shopping and noticed how hot and humid it was. I got to thinking how you were always bugging me to get a short haircut and how hot my hair made me feel. So, I thought maybe I would try a shorter cut in a barbershop, which kind of excites me. How short do you think I should dare go?” Janet answered.

Surprised at Janet’s answer, Lynn studied Janet’s’ hair and said, “How about as short as mine? Or maybe a buzzcut? It will grow back. Plus, you will have a much cooler head. And, I bet you have a very attractive head under all of that hair. By the way, buzz cuts and shaves are all I’ve been doing today. What do you think?”

Janet studied Lynn’s’ shaved head in the mirror and said, “I don’t know if I’ve got the courage to have my head shaved, even though I’ve wondered what it would be like. Well, … … … just go ahead and cut it off, I want a cooler head. I would like to see what I look like with a 1/8″ buzz, anyway.”

Lynn grabbed the electric clippers and put the 1/8″ guard on it and placed the clippers at Janet’s’ hairline, above her forehead. Suddenly, she turned them ‘on’, which made Janet jump and sent tingles down her back. Lynn pushed the clippers through Janet’s’ hair, down the center of her head, so she could not back out. This left a 1″ wide path of cropped hair, which was soon widened by another sweep of the clippers. As she continued to give Janet a buzz, Janet was getting even more turned on by this whole clipper experience and just went off into dreamland. After Lynn had buzzed the top, she proceeded to buzz the sides of Janet’s’ head, which had some very thick hair, but it came off just like passing a hot knife through butter. All that was left was the back which was clipped off in a very short time. Feeling Janet’s’ head, she said, “How about that buzz?”

Janet ran her hand over her head, saying, “Wow! That feels neat and cooler! I can’t stop here, SHAVE ME BALD!”

Lynn took the guard off and continued to remove the remaining hair from Janet’s’ head. Janet touched the top of her head, saying, “That feels neat! I’m going to like this.” Afterwards, Lynn sprayed water on Janet’s’ head and put a wet towel on her head to hydrate and soften the hair, so it would be easier to shave.

Several minutes later, Lynn spread a 1/2″ thick coat of shaving cream on Janet’s’ head and rubbed it in. “I can’t believe I’m really getting my head shaved. But, I have always wanted to try this,” Janet said as Lynn started to run the razor on Janet’s’ head to remove the remaining stubble from her head. One sweep after another the stubble was being removed to reveal a bald head that had been hidden for all of Janet’s’ 23 years. After shaving the top of her head, Lynn continued to shave the side of Janet’s’ head as Janet felt the top of her head.

Laughing, Janet said, “Wow, that feels great! I wish I had done this a long time ago. This feels soo, … neat.”

Soon, Lynn had shaved the other side and the back of Janet’s head and checked it for any stray hair, but found none. Lynn cleaned Janet’s’ head off with the towel and applied `aloe vera’ gel to her head and rubbed it in. Admiring the fresh shaven head, Lynn said, laughing, “All finished. You look great. I can see myself. Welcome to the world of baldies.”

Janet felt her head, and smiling with satisfaction at what she saw in the mirror, said, “WOW!!! That feels good and it is cooler, too.”

As she went on her way, Janet got plenty of stares and many complements as to how good she looked. But, most of all she was happy with her head being shaved and cooler, for the summer. She thought, “What a `FRIENDLY BARBERSHOP’!”

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