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My wife was getting ready for a evening out on the town when she complained that her hair was hard to curl, and that she wished she had got it cut. Well I tried to help her out with the curling iron and her hair turned out all messed up. She was getting madder and madder and said that this was enough of this and disappeared to the downstairs hall closet. In a couple of minutes she returned with my old military hair cutting kit. I told her if she wanted then just pull her hair back and wear it in a pony tail. She said that she had made up her mind to fix her hair once and for all.

With that she took a brush and leaned forward and pulled all her long red hair to the front of her head in essence making a pony tail only the tail hung were her bangs were instead of the back of her head. She said that she had seen this in a hair magazine and when her hair was pulled tight in an elastic she proceeded to take my seven inch scissors and pull her ponytail tight. when she had tension on it she passed the scissors to me and said to cut just above the elastic. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes go ahead. With that I placed the blades of the scissors at the base of her hair and closed the blades. I had to cut and cut until the hair separated. I asked her what she planned to do now. She said wait and see.

She stood up and I saw only a stump of hair sticking up from her forehead wrapped in an elastic. She reached up and removed the elastic and her hair fell softly down around her hair, very evenly and nicely framing her face. I said that she looked lovely with her hair feathered like that. It was a big difference from the long shoulder length it used to be. She then sprayed extra hold hair spray on her hair and took the one quarter inch hair curling iron and curled the hair on the sides and back and tried to curl her bangs but they were chopped off a little too short to curl, but being only about one inch long, they looked kind of kinky cut so short.

Well we went out and had quite a few drinks and when we returned home my wife was feeling no pain…and I was still turned on at the thought of taking the hair scissors and chopping my wife’s hair off, kind of like violating her and her liking it. We showered and jumped in bed and I told her how I enjoyed the night and I told her how neat it was to cut her hair and see a sexy new style on her. Well one thing led to another and soon my wife was sitting on top and riding the pony so to speak. She said that she wanted to get kinky and she reached for the scissors. She was holding them and said that if I didn’t ride faster she would do something to me to make me move faster…testing her I slowed down and with that she took the scissors and placed them into my hair and closed the blades…SNIP went the scissors and down on the pillow went some hair….Holy Shit she meant it I said aloud…She said now go faster…so I did.

With that she reached for my clippers and turned them on, the batteries still worked and she held them over her forehead and said if you ride real hard I’ll go for it. So I figured yeah sure, but what do I have to lose…after all she chopped my hair this will serve her right. So I rode like crazy and just as she was about to come I yelled go for it. Then as if in slow motion she pushed the clippers right down the centre of her head.

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