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Jack could barely contain his excitement as he held her long blond tresses with his left hand and the shears with his right. He was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions – fear, exhilaration, sexual excitement and insecurity among them. This was a moment he had long dreaded and at the same time longed for – his mind rushed. “Here we go,” said Jack, “you ready ?”

“Yes,” declared Jane without hesitation.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this after all these years,” lamented Jack.

Jack vividly remembered ten years ago – the first day he saw Jane sitting across his freshman history class. Initially, he had been struck by the sheer beauty of her locks cascading down her back; her blond hair glowing in sunlight that filtered into the otherwise dreary room. He would always come to class just as it started so he could position himself in the back with a clear view of her. As the lectures droned on he would study Jane’s movements – she would shake her head, sending her flowing waist length locks swirling around her chair. He was mesmerized. Jane wore her hair loose and it partially covered her face in a way that gave her a mysterious air. In fact, it was only after they began to date that he noticed how incredibly beautiful her facial features were – the perfectly shaped face, the great high cheekbones and chiseled, but soft features.

Jack had always found long flowing hair beautiful. He couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful and sexy than a beautiful woman with beautiful long blond hair. It was no surprise that he quickly came to the conclusion that there was nothing more beautiful than Jane. Circumstance brought them together one day and he took full advantage of the opportunity – within weeks they couldn’t get enough of each other. They fell madly in love before the semester was out.

Jane and Jack moved in together. Several months later, Jane came home with her hair cut to a few inches below her shoulders. Jack was shocked – he felt violated, he felt vulnerable, he felt rejected. His initial reaction was to be hostile – how could she make such a drastic change without consulting him. He decided he didn’t like her hair that short and he let her know it. As it turned out, Jane hadn’t made such a choice, her stylist had taken it upon herself to cut her hair rather than trim it. Jane was devastated not only be the haircut, but by Jack’s reaction. She couldn’t understand why he took it personally, after all it was her hair, not his. Even if she had wanted to cut it, why should she have to get his permission.

They argued for some time and then they realized that this was a silly thing to come between them. Jane was tired of hair stylists and both she and Jack wanted her hair long, so Jane suggested that he trim her hair. Now there would be no surprises and Jack couldn’t complain. This put the matter behind them, Jack remembered – or so they thought.

“Well” Jane said, “are you going to cut it or not ? You can’t just hold it there forever.” Jack had been lost in his thoughts, he looked at the long blond tresses in his hand. As he had done for years, Jack had sectioned Jane’s hair from temple to temple, and pinned the upper part of her hair to the top of her head. He had sectioned it again at the earline and pinned that hair up too. In front of him was the remaining unpinned hair in the back which fell down the back of the chair almost to the floor, except for a section he held in his hand.

Jack remembered the day several years ago when he realized that his attraction for long hair had many facets. He found long hair sexy and beautiful. But he soon realized that it also created a tension in him – the thought of cutting it short was incredibly exhilarating and exciting. When Jane’s friend Becky had battled with her boyfriend over her long hair, she came over to discuss it. Jane couldn’t convince Becky to work it out – Becky wanted to teach him a lesson – she was determined to cut her hair. Jane had volunteered her resident stylist – Jack. Becky was hesitant to have Jack do such a drastic cut, but Jane told her she trusted Jack and that no stylist cut hair the way Jack did. At first, Jack loathed the idea – how could he deface that beautiful hair, how could he destroy it. But while he cut, he realized how exciting it was. Becky had wanted a short layered cut, about three inches all over, and Jack complied. He was in heaven as he cut. He had to admit, though, that he preferred Becky in long hair. He loved the cutting, but despised the cut.

Since then, Jack was torn – he loved to look at Jane’s long hair, he loved to feel it, but the thought of cutting it short excited him. He dreamed of cutting Jane’s hair, but he dreaded the thought of her without her long hair. He knew he’d love the cutting, but he thought he’d hate the cut.

But over time Jack became obsessed with cutting her hair. He’d taken out books on haircutting, bought magazines on short hairstyles and he dreamed. He watched makeover videos and, of course, he hid this all from Jane. After all, he was the one who had made such a fuss about her keeping it long. Every time she had suggested she go to a stylist to get a new short do, he’d protest. He’d say “Oh, don’t even think of cutting those beautiful locks.” He really meant, but never said, “You can’t let someone else cut it, I’d be missing the fun.”

The tension and obsession built in Jack. After years of insisting that Jane’s hair be long and Jane seeming to want it long, Jack started sending mixed messages. When he would trim Jane’s hair he’d jokingly suggest she might want him to cut it short. When they’d see a great short style on another woman, Jack would tell Jane, “Hey, maybe you’d like me to cut your hair like that.” But every time Jane would suggest she head to the salon for a short style, Jack would carry on and tell her she shouldn’t cut her hair. Jane had grown tired of the mixed messages, but Jack’s talk had gotten her to think about short hair.

Long hair was great, but it took so much time and got in the way. She looked around and decided that if she cut her hair it would have to be dramatically short, not a mid-length cut. The more she though about it the more Jack’s trims became a tease to her. She wanted him to cut it, but she knew he was only teasing. She wished he wasn’t though, because she now thought it would be so exciting – both emotionally and sexually. She was afraid to decide to cut it, she was afraid to ask Jack to cut it, but she dreamed of him cutting it all the same.

“Jack, just do it,” Jane pleaded. “Stop thinking about it.” He looked back at the section of blond hair hanging in front of him and the locks in his hand. He placed the shears halfway down the length of the hair and cut. Nearly a foot and a half of hair fell to the floor. Jane gasped. The cut section fell back and now hung a few inches below Jane’s shoulders. Jane didn’t look to see how much he had cut – but she was getting excited. Surely, she thought, had I known this would be this much fun, I would have done this years ago.

Jack’s hands began to shake. He wondered how he got into this mess. Here he was, cutting Jane’s beautiful hair and there was no turning back. She would never forgive him and it was more frightening than fun.

It had started harmlessly enough. When they awoke this morning, they had coffee in bed, read the Sunday paper and hung out. Hanging out together always helped them rekindle their affections and today was no different. They had sex, talked and joked around. Jack saw two pictures in the Style section of a women with short hair – one with hair no more than an inch long all over except for a shock of longish bangs falling on her forehead, the other with a short straight bob cut mid ear length all around with a buzzed nape. He jokingly teased Jane as usual – “Hey, Jane, want me to cut one of these for you?” Today was different, Jane played along replying with, “You don’t have the guts to cut my hair that short.” Jack was stunned.

Jane was sure he wouldn’t cut her hair, but she hoped he would. Sh
e sure was going to tease him, though. She jumped from the bed, got his shears, pulled up the desk chair and sat down. “OK big talker, cut away, if you dare.” Jack welled with emotion and wanted to jump at the chance. But he knew she was teasing and, after all, he’d enjoy the cutting, but hate the cut. But today was different, there Jane sat, her long blond tresses hanging over her naked body. He thought of that first day he saw her. He looked at her again. She was beautiful. He felt himself overcome with sexual desire and he now realized what a sexual release cutting her hair would be. He thought less and less of the cut and more of the cutting.

“Do you still think I won’t do it” Jack asked pointing to the locks on the floor. “I don’t think you have the guts to cut it that short” she said pointing to the pictures. Jack wondered whether she was teasing or not, but he was afraid if he asked, she’d say stop. His hands still trembled, uncertain of what she wanted, what he wanted and whether he could cut Jane’s hair to look like the pictures. “You’re trembling, Jack, and you haven’t even cut more than a healthy trim” Jane said as she pointed to the locks on the floor.

Jack noticed Jane’s nipples harden and her body took on a sensual pose that sent him reeling. He took up the section of hair that hung two inches below her shoulders, placed the shears an inch from her nape and cut. He took up another section of unpinned hair and did the same. In minutes, the remaining length of blond hair lay on the floor and Jane’s nape was covered with one inch layers of soft blond hair.

Jane jumped up from the chair, flung her arms around him and they kissed like they had never kissed before. Jack was light headed now. His hands caressed Jane’s nape and he became more sexually aroused. Jane looked stunned as they separated. “I’m sorry, Jane, look what I’ve done to your hair.” “What are you sorry about ?” Jane replied, “It’s great. Did you have any idea it would be this powerful a sexual experience ?”

“Hell no,” Jack replied.

Jane hugged him again. As his head rested on her shoulder, he couldn’t help but kiss her shorn nape. As they separated, Jane whispered in his ear, “I’m still guessing which style it’ll be, don’t tell me.” She sat down again.

Jack unpinned the next section of hair. The long hair fell around her head and covered the shorn section. He was aroused again. This was heaven – like giving her a second haircut. The long hair completely covered the shorn section. But he took one section at a time and snip, snip. Long blond tresses fell everywhere. He savored the cutting as he cut the hair to an inch of Jane’s scalp. He unpinned the top hair and sectioned off the bang area and repined it. Again, Jane’s head was covered in long flowing locks. He snipped and snipped until the top too was an inch long. Jack unpinned the bang area and it hung down to cover Jane’s face and breasts. He parted the hair in front to see her face – it reminded him of Jane’s mysterious look ten years earlier, but the contrast between the newly shorn hair and the long hair was too much for him. As they fell to the bed, Jane caught the first glimpse of her half done do in the mirror – that only increased her passion as they made love.

It was much later when they awoke to finish the haircut. As they embraced again, Jane whispered to Jack, “I’ve always said no hair stylist can cut hair like you can. I love you.”

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