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One night as two friends were going to meet. One of the friends was named Amy and the other was named Marie. Well Marie was going to pickup Amy. Amy was a pretty girl with long butt long hair that was brown. And the same for Marie. Amy had been thinking of cutting her hair herself, but she wasn’t sure. Finally Amy had made up her mind. She was going to trim it. So she took the kitchen scissors and cut it just 2 inches off her butt. She thought maybe Marie would like to cut Amy’s. Finally Marie arrived. Marie said I got some videos! Do you want to watch them? Sure said Amy. Finally for two hours they had watched love movies. Finally Amy said. Cut it! Cut my hair short. Marie was very happy. She had always wanted to do this. So Amy went in her room and took off her clothes (except her undies and bra) and walked in to the living room. Very carefully Marie asked how short do you want it? Amy said very short. So Marie took the scissors and cut right at Amy’s chin. Amy liked this feeling! She asked her too cut it shorter. So Marie cut it like a boy. But Amy wasn’t satisfied so she went in the bathroom and buzzed it all off. Marie was turned on by this so she too cut hers but she also shaved it smooth! So the friends had a nice time and both of them made out for a while. Then Marie went home and went to bed. The end

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