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Carmen had become the new Middle School Principal in a small southwestern town a few months ago. Carmen was Hispanic and had long butt length hair that she loved and cared for. It shown in the sun and she always wore it in a nice way. Lately though the great length had been getting in the way. She was ready for a change but not too drastic. A more professional look was what she was after. Sonja lived across the street from Carmen and was an ex-beautician. She had told Carmen on many occasions that when the time came she would gladly cut her hair. Sonja was a friend of Carmens but really wanted a chance at shortening up Carmens hair.

Carmen called Sonja up and made an appointment for Saturday morning at 9am. Saturday morning came and across street went Carmen. Knock, Knock, knock, on the door. Sonja opened the door. " Hi Carmen" said Sonja with a friendly smile. " Come sit down in the living room. I’m all set up for you." Carmen sat down and Sonja wrapped an old sheet around her neck. She then pulled the massive amount of soft shinny hair out from under it. It laid like a black carpet on the sheet. Sonja started brushing it out and it went all the way down near the floor. " What do you want me to do?" asked Sonja." I want it cut but not too drastic " said Carmen." How about we take it a section at a time then?" spoke Sonja. "That sounds like a good idea." said Carmen.

Sonja had Carmen stand up and took the scissors to about middle back. " How is this for starters, it gets the hair off your butt." spoke Sonja. Carmen looked in the mirror and gave her approval. Snip, snip, snip went the scissors and two feet of hair crashed to the floor." What do you think, Sonja;" said Carmen as she looked in the mirror. " I think it is still too long for a professional lady like you. I think you should go shorter to the shoulders."; replied Sonja. Carmen looked at her lovely shinny dark hair. There was two feet of it on the floor already. She didn’t see too many styling options at the mid-back length so she nodded her head in approval. Sonja took her scissors and put them at a point right below Carmen’s shoulder blades. Snip, snip, snip, and scrunching went the scissors and with the sound Carmen said farewell to eighteen more inches of her cherished hair. Sonja had a big smile on her face now. The floor was covered in black locks. Carmen again turned to the mirror." I like the length but could you add a little pizzaz to it? asked Carmen. " Sure I’ll round it off and add some layers to the sides." said Sonja. More shorter bits of black hair hit the sheet and floor. When Sonja was done Carmen looked in the mirror with a smile of approval. " You look great. It takes courage to make a change. Lets have coffee and clean up." said Sonja.

They were making small talk when Sonja spoke up. " You know, the lady that really needs a hairstyle change is your secretary Regina. It is at least as long as yours but she doesn’t have a clue how to fix it. She picks the worst styles." " I agree 100% " said Carmen." I get so sick of seeing her weird twist updo’s and long straight hair. Sometimes she embarrasses me. I’ve talked to staff workers and they say she never really has had a major haircut." "Too bad we can’t change that somehow?" spoke Sonja." Hmmm, let me ponder the situation." said Carmen.

End of Story but go on to read " Regina’s Decision"…Mr. Snips.

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