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Monday morning came and Carmen the Middle School Principal came to work with her new hairstyle. It was hard not to take notice as she had gone from butt length to shoulder length. She even got complimented by her Secretary Regina. Carmen sits in her office and looks out at Regina with her long, thick, shinny, straight, light brown hair. Monday it is in a ponytail. Tuesday in a combination twist thing on her head. Wednesday it is long and straight just hanging there. Carmen makes a decision. Regina is going to get a new hairdo and soon. She makes a plan and calls up her friend Sonja her neighborhood hairstylist. Sonja agrees to help do the deed.

Friday morning comes and Carmen calls Regina into her office." I was wondering if you could come over tonight and we could get to know each other better and discuss a little business about 8pm.?" asks Carmen. " You want me to come by myself?" ask Regina. "Yes" says Carmen and " OK" says Regina. Carmen calls Sonja and lets her know the " Surprise" is on.

It is 8pm and Carmen looks out to see Regina with her hair in a bun walking to the door. Carmen introduces Regina and Sonja to each other. Small talk starts and then Regina gives Sonja a signal. " Regina, Carmen says you have beautiful hair but I can’t tell with it up in a bun. Could you let it down for me to see." " Sure " says Regina and proceeds to undo her bun. Her hair tumbles down past her waist and Sonja comes up from behind and starts finger combing it out. Sonja starts to speak " It sure is beautiful but…" Carmen jumps in" You know how I said this we would discuss business" "Yes", replies Regina. " Well the business at had is " Hair Business " and it is your hair! "My Hair? What is wrong with my hair? You just said it was beautiful." Carmen raises her voice" It is a beautiful mess. It is too long and you don’t know how to fix it. Sonja is a skilled beautician and she agrees that you need to get it cut tonight" " OH No! I could never cut my hair." responds Regina. " Now, Regina me and you both know that you have an important evaluation coming up this week. I can’t say that you job depends on you letting Sonja cut your hair but I would highly recommend you do." Carmen then hands Regina a little black book. "Me and Sonja are going outside for five minutes. You look at what is in the little book. You will let me know your decision when we return.

Regina starts to read the book. She gasps. Carmen has recorded all of her infractions and it is enough to not renew her contract. She can’t afford to lose her job. She is being blackmailed into putting her hair in the hands of Carmen and her friend Sonja. Sonja and Carmen reenter. " Have you made your decision, Regina?" It looks like I have no choice but to say " Yes" speaks Regina. "You have made a wise decision Regina. Now follow us across the street to Sonja’s house." Commands Carmen.

Sonja shows Regina the cutting chair and sits her down. She capes her with the same sheet she used on Carmen a week ago. She pulls the massive brown silky hair loose from under and it falls like a brown shag rug over the sheet. She starts to brush out Regina’s hair and then speaks." How shall I cut her hair Carmen". " I want it cut short and I don’t want no updo’s or ponytails for a long time. Yes, a short layered style would be fine." commands Carmen. "..NO,,, whimpers Regina. My hair has never been shorter than the middle of my back. Nooo." Sonja can feel Regina shaking under the sheet and tears are forming her eyes. " Will, you help me remove the bulk Carmen". says Sonja. " Gladly with pleasure" says Carmen. " First, I want to cut in a set of bangs" says Sonja. Carmen give a nod of approval. Sonja sections off the front inch or so of top of Regina’s forehead and pulls the hair down. It goes down all the way into her lap. Sonja takes the scissors and slowly snips from left to right a nice set of short bangs. Now, Sonja parts Regina’s hair down the middle. She hands Carmen a pair of scissors and tells her to start taking sections of hair using a comb and cutting it about three inches straight out from the Regina’s scalp. Regina can’t bare to look. She can only feel and hear the sschinnicking, sschninicking of scissors working and all the time feeling her head get lighter. What last for only fifteen minutes seems like an eternity to Regina. Carmen and Sonja cut the locks and carefully place them aside. They start at the front and end at the back. Then Regina hears a more terrifying sound. A buzzing sound that means the clippers have been started. Sonja pushes Regina’s head forward and with an attachment on the clippers she plows up the back of Regina’s head. Regina opens her eyes to see pile forming on the floor of her hair. She had only seen hair like that at Barbershops. Finally, Regina hears Sonya say" Ok, your done. It will take a bit getting us to but you will adjust." She gives Regina a mirror. Regina screams" Oh, My god! You’ve cut off all my hair. I’ve got no hair! My husband is going to kill me! as tears roll down her cheeks.

" No, he is not Regina. He is waiting for you now at home. When I got my haircut last week he came in and told me how much he wished you would get yours cut short. He even brought in the picture of the style he wanted you to have and that is the style that Sonja has just cut for you. Now go on home, I told him you’d be there by 9:30 pm. Your job is safe and you will get a fine evaluation" Regina got up quietly and ran her fingers through her short hair. She didn’t say a word and headed home.

Sonja and Carmen complimented each other on the surprise coming off as planned. Sonja told Carmen she would auction Regina’s hair off on E-Bay. Carmen couldn’t wait till Monday to hear the reaction to Regina’s new do. She was leaving when Sonja spoke.’ "Now if we could only get that Eight grade Navajo science teacher Colleen into the chair" "I’m afraid we might have to wait on her." said Carmen as she walked out the door.

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