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It was the start of her Second year of university. Jenny was enrolled in a fine art course. A subject she loved dearly. She had an intuitive skill with free hand drawing and her grasp of colour and shape made some of her tutors jealous. Jenny was tall and straight backed with broad swimmers shoulders. Her hair was curly and golden blond and fell in a wave like sunshine upon her back. Her skin was clear an lightly tanned and she was proud of her looks.

Jenny lived in a house with 3 other girls. They all played hockey or swam for the university, and were popular and well liked by their peers.

This day jenny was staring out of the window day dreaming and playing with her hair. She remembered when she was 14 years old and had got permission from her mother to have her hair cut short, much shorter than she had ever had it before. She remembered going to the salon with her friend, all exited, then waiting for what seemed like an age for the stylist to finish the client she was on. She remembered the big cape being swooshed around her and the stylist telling her what she thought would look nice with her long curly hair. But Jenny had had another idea set firmly in her mind. She told the Stylist to cut her hair in a bob, cut it high in the back getting longer toward the front. This was the haircut she had seen on a girl at her local disco and jenny thought it was the coolest haircut she had ever seen. At that time it was fashionable for girls of her age to have long permed hair. But jenny whose hair was long and curly anyway hated looking like everybody else and was desperate for a new look. She tried to explain the cut to a the stylist but a she hadn’t really seen the haircut she wanted for more than a few seconds so her explanation was vague. But the stylist said she understood what Jenny had in mind she had cut that style many time before and it was very fashionable.

The salon was modern and bright staffed with young and fashionable stylist’s and this one wasted no time in getting started. Jenny’s hair was washed and combed relatively straight. Then the stylist started to chop into jenny’s hair. She snipped and cut her way through a lot of Jenny’s hair. Jenny was nervous at the speed that this girl was cutting her hair and the lack of communication between them. The stylist was just chopping away at random from Jenny could see. But soon enough the graduated bob started to take shape. Also jenny’s hair began to dry and curl up and shorten, so now the line of her bob fell from just below her cheekbones to above the knobbly bone in her nape. She was however well pleased with the shape the stylist had given her. The stylist then began to clip sections of her hair up. Jenny didn’t know what she was doing but watched intrigued as the stylist fastened and secured all of the hair above her ears to the top of her head.

“Right then we’ll just tidy these bits at the back up” she heard the stylist say. The stylist turned round and began to play with something on her little table, which Jenny couldn’t see.

“Could you just lean forward a bit?” said the stylist. Jenny did. She heard a loud pop then quite buzzing behind her but the stylist hand was fixed firmly to the back of her head. Then she heard the buzzing get closer and then she felt the teeth at the base of her nape nibbling and cutting. She felt the clippers slowly travel up her nape. They seemed to travel a long way up her nape.

“This is just a no.2 but we can go shorter if it doesn’t look right when I’m finished” Jenny at this stage didn’t have a clue what the stylist what the stylist was doing or what she was talking about simply said

“That’s fine” Jenny may not have known much about what was going on but she did know that she enjoyed the sensation of what this women was doing to her. She could feel the women approach the knobbly bone with the clippers and then keep on going about another inch to the parting she had made with her longer hair on top. The women gradually worked her way around the sides buzzing and clipping all the hair about 2 inches above her ears. Jenny could know see how short the hair on the sides was and began to get more than a bit nervous but she was lost to the sensations she was feeling. The stylist took a long soft brush and flicked the hair away from around her shoulders.

” I don’t think it’s going to lay flat you know, I think we should go to a no.1″ Jenny didn’t say anything but she had by now caught sight of her friend, and her friends shocked expression. Before she could really think of anything to say she heard the loud pop and her head was Pushed forward again. This time the teeth felt sharper and her neck felt cooler as the air get closer to her skin with each pass. The stylist was quick and methodical and soon all the clippered hair was down to a no.1. The stylist was standing looking at the back of her head. She removed some black plastic attachment from the clippers.

“I’m going to graduate the back in a bit is that ok”

Dumbfounded by the speed of the change and the sensations it brought with it Jenny could only nod weakly as the clippers pop back to life. The sensation this time was hot and scratchy as the clippers whizzed around the back of her head. Then the stylist took a different set of cordless clippers from her table and began cut a clean line abound the bottom of the nape. She moved Jenny’s head to one side and cut a precise little v shape in her sideburn before repeating the process on the other side.

“Nearly done” the stylist said as she began to undo the clips fastening the hair above. It fell down and she began to brush it and comb it into shape. Jenny liked the way it fell forward but still hadn’t moved her hands to feel it. The stylist produced a mirror and turned the chair so that Jenny could get a better look. Jenny was shocked at what she saw. Nearly the whole back of her head was shaved bald. Her hands reached up too touch it. It felt much softer than it looked, like sharp velvet and the sensation on the back of her head as she rubbed away was mind blowing.

Her mother hated it and it took nearly a year and a half to grow her hair back to a reasonable length. For as long as she was able and it was short enough Jenny had played with her nape and let her friends play with it as well.

She lay on her bed looking out of the window and day dreaming her hand absently playing with the hair at the back of her neck.

Several hours later she had finished her lectures and was sitting in the Uni. bar drinking a pint of lager with some people from her course. She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply not really listening to the conversation. A girl who was serving behind the bar distracted her. The girl had long dark brown dreadlocks which were piled up on top of her head underneath had been shaved with clippers but had grown out and was about an inch long. She was fascinated by how it looked and tried to imagine what it would have looked like when it was done and how it would have felt. For the next hour or so she repeatedly gazed over at the girl until she saw the girl step around from the bar and stand in a corner to light a cigarette. Jenny was curious about her as she’d never seen this girl around Uni. before. Never being the worlds biggest drinker and being 2 pints in she walked over to the girl.

“Have you got a light I can borrow of you please” the girl nodded and passed a box of matches. Jenny lit her fag and looked back at the girl. “Thanks, My names jenny” “Hi” replied the girl

“Mines Natalie, Nat”

They chatted about where they were from and what course’s they did until jenny had plucked up enough courage to say

“I really like your hair, have you had it like that for long”

“About 6 months, I had dreads for a while before that got a bit pissed and my mate shaved an undercut into my hair.” They both laughed “But you’ve kept it”

“Yes I like the way it looks and its easy to keep neat, having this much hair it makes it a lot cooler as well.”

Jenny told Nat about her own undercut and
about her mother going ballistic, They laughed again.

“Mine could do with a tidy up but I’m living alone at the moment I don’t trust myself to do it, you end up cutting chunks out of the hair on the top and missing bits all over the place.”

“Well if your willing to let me have ago I’ll do it for you if you want.” Replied Jenny quickly.

“Ok I’m finished now, I only live round the corner if you’ve got 5 minutes”

“yes that’s fine, but I need to drop my bag off at home, do you want me to grab a bottle of wine as well”

“Can do, I’ll meet you outside the Uni. In 20 minutes”

Jenny walked home a got rid of her bag grabbed a bottle of wine and a few other bits and pieces and rushed back to the Uni. She met up with Nat and they done the short walk to Nat’s in 5 mins as promised.

When they got to Nat’s flat jenny was surprised, the flat was neat and tidy and decorated in what her father would call “Naive tourist Chic” there seemed to be tribal art and face mask’s etc from all over the world.

Jenny got the wine out of her bag and gave it to Nat who went about sorting glass’s and stuff.

“Nat I don’t know if your into it but I brought some pot round with me do you want any”

“Second shelf Brown Wooden box” she replied Jenny looked in the box and found some very strong looking skunk and associated paraphernalia. A glass of wine and a joint late and Nat disappeared reappearing 5 minutes late in an old vest top. In her hand was a box with clippers and attachments in.

“Lets get started then shall we”

Jenny pinned all of Nat’s dreads up on top of her head.

“How short do you have it”

“No.2 usually but see what you think”

Jenny fitted the attachment and plugged the clippers in. POP She was a little hesitant at first (as well as being a little bit drunk and stoned) but soon got the hang of it and before long Nat’s undercut was a uniform No2 all over.

“A little bit shorter, what do you think?” said jenny

” I have had it as a No1 before but only once because I got the blades confused, but if you think it will look better go for it!”

Jenny quickly swapped the blades and began pushing the clippers up the back of Nat’s Neck. The difference was immediately noticeable you could see her scalp through the tiny hairs. Again and again she stripped the hair shorter all over Nat’s undercut until she was finished.

Nat felt the velvety pelt on the back and sides of her head and groaned slightly. “I love that feeling it’s so nice, it’s better shorter as well there’s more sensation” “do you want me to go any shorter”

“You might as well I’m dying to find out what that feels like”

Taking the guard of the blade, Jenny flicked the clippers to life. She took her time slowly moving the blade around Nat’s head uncovering more and more of Nat’s scalp. In the process she was getting more and more horny by the second, looking at this women who she hardly knew, letting her shave more and more of her hair off. “That feels sooo nice”

“I know I kinda of wish that you could shave me an undercut but my mother would kill me and I don’t know what any of my house mates would say” Jenny Replied. “Well you can live your life in fear of what other people think of you or you can do it and enjoy it”

“I’ll think about it for know”

“Ok, who’s for a joint ME” Replied Nat and started building one. Jenny smoked a cigarette and looked at Nat’s hair know pulled into a pony tail so she could see all of the shaved expanse at the back. Another joint and a glass of wine later and Jenny decided that it was a fantastic idea.

“OK” said Nat “what grade do you want to start on”

“2 I think, if it’s not too short to begin with then I can go shorter if I want too.”

They pinned all of jenny’s curls up and brushed the hair underneath down. Nat’s own undercut went about 2 inches above her ear’s but jenny didn’t notice that Nat had combed everything from the temples down, because Jenny was now somewhat the worse for wear.

“OK ready” said nat. Jenny nodded. Nat picked up the clippers and made a show of attaching a guide but as soon as jenny turned towards the TV she dropped it on the floor.

She started high up on the side of Jenny’s head and watched as the long curly hair began to fall. Being careful to get a nice clean line around the side of her head she plowed on. Jenny in her inebriated state wasn’t aware of any thing wrong although she did wonder if Nat had meant to go that high but she was already lost to the sensations of the clippers again. She felt the little teeth nibbling away all over the backs and sides of her head, her golden hair succumbing to there hot vibrating blades. Nat had nearly finished and was worried that perhaps she had gone a bit too far with her little joke. But catching sight of jenny with her eyes half closed and her hands pressed into her groin she knew she had made the right choice. “Feel it” she said to Jenny

Jenny broke out of her mini trance and put her hand up to her head,

“You shaved it you Cow” She shouted out, but carried on rubbing it anyway.

“Nice isn’t it”

“Yes but its so short and you’ve done it much higher than yours”

“It looks cool ,you can shave mine to the top as well if you want but later, I’ve got one more thing to do and I guarantee you you’ll love it.

Nat ran into her bathroom and came straight back with warm water a towel shaving foam and a razor.

“Your not shaving my head!”

“No just the undercut it will have grown back to what it is now in 2 days and you can’t go this far and not finish it” “I’m not sure about this”

“Trust me”

Nat soaked the back of Jenny’s head with warm water and began to apply the Mentholated shaving foam up the sides and all down the back of Jenny’s head. “It feels really cold, but nice” she murmured. Nat took the razor and wet it in the water. Then slowly but deliberately She shaved a small area just above Jenny’s right temple. Jenny felt it tugging at the hair then a cool sensation as the air got to the smooth piece of skin. Jenny closed her eyes and let the sensations of flood over her. Nat continued scraping small sections away and gradually revealing more and more smooth pink skin until it was finished.

“There’s only one thing left to do” said Nat as she squirted more foam into her hand and massaged it into Jenny’s eyebrows.

“Don’t open your eyes” Jenny had dark brown quite thick eyebrows which she done very little with other than plucking to keep them tidyish.

Nat quickly scraped them both away to leave her browless.

Jenny’s hand went to where her eyebrows used to be and then felt all around the back of her head to feel her smooth bald head. A part of her deep inside knew that there would be repercussions from what she had done tonight but she chose to ignore them for know. Her face looked totally different without eyebrows but she thought it looked ok, it made her eyes look bigger.

“You look great it really suits you, you’ll have to do me next I’ve always wanted to shave my eyebrows but I’ve never had the courage until know”

“I’d never thought about getting an undercut or shaving my eyebrows until 30 sec’s ago but I’ll help you do yours.”

Later when Jenny had finished cutting and shaving Nat’s undercut to resemble her own and shaving her eyebrows off, not as startling a change as Nat had plucked her eyebrows almost to none existence anyway, they sat there smoking a joint and playing with each other’s nape.

“I’m so glad we met today, I’ve been looking for someone to experiment with for ages but nobody has the courage you have just to do something.

Jenny, by this stage stoned off her face and having the smooth parts of her head stroked by Nat, didn’t reply lost in drug endued dreams.

“This really is only the start and there’s so much I want to try, and know I have you I have someone to try them with

Jenny woke up the next day, her head groggy from the wine and gear. It took her a moment to get her be
arings. But the real surprise came when she saw the razor and shaving foam discarded on the table. It all came flooding back. Her hands went to her head then her eyebrows. Oh what have I done she thought. There was a large mirror overlooking the fireplace and she stood up and looked at herself. Her face looked totally different. Alien almost, she liked how it made her eyes look however and knew she would be able to draw eyebrows on so that at least was recoverable. But her hair. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail to survey the damage. Nat had undercut it high up the back of her head almost too her crown and followed the same line around her head. She ran her hand up the back. Already the hair had grown microscopically and she could feel the sandpaper roughness. She looked around the flat and realised that Nat was nowhere to be seen.

Being as it was a Friday she had no lectures and so nothing special to do. She turned the TV on lit a cigarette and waited for the return of Nat. She didn’t have to wait long. There was a bang as the front door was thrown open and Nat came breezing in carrying shopping bags.

“Morning, had to go and get some shopping”

Jenny noticed that Nat had rather expertly drawn on some thin eyebrows. Her long dreads where piled up high on her head to reveal the expanse of shaved hair underneath.

“What do you think of the brows”

“They look good, but you’ll have to draw some on me I look kind of freaky with out eye brows”

“I went on the net this morning to find out some stuff about shaving eyebrows, there are several livejournal communities about people who shave there eyebrows, I printed some stuff off, and went and got the things we need”

She showed Jenny the printouts and they were soon trying out different techniques and drawing crazy shaped eyebrows on each other. They both settled for variations on the high thin arched look.

“I like it I think it looks cool, now we just have time for a joint then I’ve made some appointments for us down town but it’s a surprise so don’t ask” Said Nat before building a monster spliff. They sat round smoking until it after midday then Nat pronounced it was time to get going. After a 15 minute bus ride and a short walk they arrived at there destination. A large sign over the door proclaimed `Pleasure and Pain beauty and hair salon’

Inside the reception was finished in pale woods and brushed steel, calming music and tinkling water enhanced the mood.

The receptionist looked up and smiled.

“Hello Nat, this must be your friend Jenny, take a seat and one of the therapist’s will be with you shortly.” The receptionist was stunningly beautiful and had her nose pierced with a ring. Perhaps more noticeable was her long fire engine red hair.

Jenny who was still pleasantly stoned from the last joint just sat quietly. Presently a white uniformed attendant came out took Jenny by the hand and led her away behind a huge frosted glass door.

“It’s ok mate I’ll see you a bit later”

Jenny let herself be lead, through the glass door and onto a corridor. They stopped at the 3rd door on the right. The attendant knocked a green light came on next too the door. “You can go in” she said.

Still oblivious to what she was about to walk into, Jenny opened the door. Inside she found what looked like a really classy doctors examination room. “Hello Jenny, don’t be shy sit down” A small Asian women beckoned her from a corner of the large room.

“My name is Akino, I’ll be explaining and performing the treatments for you today”

“I don’t want to sound rude but what treatments, my friend hasn’t really told me anything”. Akino laughed.

“She very naughty girl, before we start could you take this for me”

Akino handed jenny a small blue pill and a beaker of water. Jenny looked at it, she thought it looked like it had been made from dark blue glass. There was tiny seems of gold running through the blue.

“What’s that for”

“It is a mild painkiller, I can see that you have ingested marijuana in the last couple of hours. This will make parts of your body extremely sensitive to external stimulus. This pill will prevent that sensitivity from becoming painful”. Jenny who was not adverse to popping the odd pill in the pursuit of higher consciousness, thought this a capital idea and swallowed the pill and drank the water.

“The first part of the treatment will include a full body massage to relax you, could you take your clothes off behind that screen and then lay on the bed.”

Before Jenny could ask what bed a large padded steel table appeared from the floor. There was the faintest of clicks as it fixed itself in place.

Jenny got undressed and wrapped a towel around herself. When she stepped out the table had been covered in towels. Akino instructed her to lay down on the table and tie her hair back. She washed jenny’s body and carefully removed her drawn on eyebrows then dried her off and started to massage a light oil into her skin. By now the little blue pill had started to kick in and Jenny was off in the clouds as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body. Akino rubbed the oil into the shaved undercut and the waves of pleasure peaked until jenny actually orgasmed there on the table. Akino again washed jenny’s body and dried her off. Jenny had not felt this content and relaxed in her life. For the first time in what seemed an age Akino spoke. “could you turn onto your front and remove the towel please” Jenny did as she was asked.

“The first part of the procedure will involve me waxing your Bikini line” Jenny nodded dreamily.

It was fair to say that while jenny generally took care of her appearance her pubic hair was in dire need of a tidy up. Akino appeared next to her with some clippers and began to buzz the hair down to a ΒΌ inch. The buzzing vibration sensation got Jenny very horny. Soon Akino had finished with the clippers.

“Now I will apply the wax and remove the hair altogether”

She started to smooth the molten wax onto the buzzed hair. Then apply the waxing strips. In one fluid motion she ripped the strip back off to show pink skin beneath. She repeated the process all over Jenny’s groin and up around her asshole. Jenny heard a whining noise and the table began to recline to give her a better view. She felt her newly smooth crotch. It felt wonderful all soft and very tingly.

Akino had reappeared pushing a small table in front of her.

“I will begin the second part of the procedure, this will involve me tattooing a design onto your crotch, we will look through some designs until you find one your happy with.”. Jenny had never really thought about getting a tattoo before let alone one there, but it did seem like a pretty reasonable request. In fact Jenny could think of several places which she could get tattooed while they were here.

An LCD screen flipped up from the table and she saw design’s flick past until she found one she liked. It was a simple tribal design in black. Akino told her to lie back and she would begin.

Jenny still felt no pain at worst there was a tugging sensation on her groin but after a while she didn’t even feel that. Time seemed to pass quickly yet it was 2 hours before Akino was finished. Jenny looked down and saw that Akino had been busy. The design stretched out across her groin, starting on her lips and going up. Akino had added small blue and red flowers to the tribal design. It was an incredibly intricate and complicated piece of work.

“We have finished this part of the procedure I will apply a special balm to help in the healing process.”

She rubbed the balm in and covered it with a loose dressing.

“Next we will begin the piercing, I will show you some more pictures to help you decide. Again the screen flipped up and pictures of various piercing’s began appearing.

Jenny had her ears pierced twice but had never had the courage to have any more done. Courage was not an issue in her present state and she told Akino where she wanted the pie
rcing’s placed. Akino prepared the interments. The first was her left nipple, Jenny watched as the forceps held the nipple in place while a needle was quickly inserted followed by a gold bar. A similar process was repeated on her right nipple. Next her septum was pierced then a stud was placed below her lip and finally a bar was placed in her tongue. Akino took what looked like a gun with a small fluid reservoir form of her instrument tray placed it against Jenny’s arm and pulled the trigger. It sounded like a blast of compressed air escaped.

“This is a solution which will prevent the piercing’s from becoming infected and will aid them in healing”

“We have finished for today what I can do for you, even with the technology we have here your body can only take so much.”

Akino helped Jenny wrap the towel around her and walked her toward a part of the wall which opened to reveal another corridor. The girl with the red hair from reception was waiting for her in the corridor.

“You really suit those piercing they look so good” she said as she led her down the corridor and into another room. The room was dimly lit and had a king sized bed in the middle.

“You can take this pill when you want to go to sleep” she handed Jenny a pill similar to the first but this one was green and flecked with red.

The girl helped Jenny onto the bad then played with a control panel on the wall. The lights dimmed and different patterns of coloured lights began to play on the walls and ceilings. Music gradually became audible in the background. Jenny had never felt so relaxed in her whole life. Absently she popped the green pill into her mouth and gradually drifted away.

When she woke the room was dark and quite. She lay on the bed for a while and tried to get her bearings. She was conscious of the piercings in her mouth and lip but memories of what she’d had done were not immediately forthcoming. She needed a pee know. Getting out of bed and wrapping the towel around her she shuffled around the room trying in vain to find a toilet. A small green light began to blink in the corner furthest from her so she walked toward it. As she approached she heard a swishing sound and the wall moved in front of her to reveal a large toilet and shower room. She began to notice the lights start to come up and gradually as she became accustomed she could pick out the huge wet floor shower, glass wash basin and toilet. Above the wash basin and along one wall was mirrored. It would be the first time she had been able to see the new her.

The tiny stud in her lip twinkled and the ring in her septum looked strange at first but she quickly got over it. She let the towel drop to reveal the rest of body. The tattoo on her groin was a surprise as she felt no pain and it looked fully healed. It looked in fact like it had always been there. Her nipples had become erect very quickly in the cool room, the little bars passing through them and drawing her eye.

By now the lights were fully up so she decided to have a shower and see what the rest of the day would bring. She didn’t have to wait long within a few minutes of her drying off she heard a noise in the main room and in walked Nat.

She looked up “Oh my God….”

To be continued

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