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It all started with an ad I had seen in the personals

Wanted, naughty boys with Hair Fetish to be clippered by 30 y.o gorgeous Dominant Lady Barber, I know what you want, call now to arrange appointment.

I must have picked up and put down the phone a dozen times before I actually called, as this was my ultimate fantasy.

A sultry voice greeted me, and told me in no uncertain terms what she expected of her hair subs, this was total compliance to her rules, as she put it “her way or the high way”. She gave me an address and a time to meet her and she told me she would observe me from a distance to decide whether I was a suitable candidate. When I asked her name I was told that to a naughty boy such as myself I could only address her as ma’am.

The following day I turned up at the café to meet my mistress, and as I was waiting, I looked at all the women going past wondering which one I had spoken to, and what she looked like.

As I was starting to wonder if she was not going to turn up I saw a gorgeous brunette about 5’6 tall with a stunning body encased in a tight fitting dress with a very low cut top catch my eye and start walking directly towards me, her high heels echoing on the floor. As she sat down opposite me, her perfume washed over me, and I felt my cock begin to get hard.

She had her hair pulled back very tight from her face, and had a cute short blunt fringe trimmed neatly above her shapely eyebrows. She wore a lot of makeup and had bright red glossy full lips, matched by red fingernails.

“You will speak when spoken to and not before”, she said sternly staring into my eyes, “do you understand”. Yes ma’am, I replied. “You do have to know that if I take you as my slave you will get no say in how short or in what style I will cut your hair, if you don’t agree get up and walk out now”. I agreed to the deal as the thought of her controlling me and clipping my head ruled out any commonsense. She asked me a few questions on how long I had a hair fetish for, and how long I normally kept my hair. “You shave your cock and balls don’t you”, she asked. Surprised I answered yes, much too scared to lie to this beautiful Mistress. “Good she said that is excellent I like my little boys to be clean shaven”. Taking out a pencil and piece of paper she wrote down the address, “We will get started tomorrow at 10, do not be late.

I turned up at the address the following day very nervous, but also excited. When she opened the door my mistress looked even more stunning that the day before with her hair and makeup the same, but today she was in a tight black latex dress that barely covered her crotch, her smooth legs looked freshly shaved and oiled. “You just made it on time, lucky for you”. “Follow me”, she said leading me in a wave of her exotic perfume.

We entered a room where there was a big barbers chair, but with one difference it had shackles on the arm and foot rests. The wall in front of it was one big mirror. “Take your clothes off right now”, she barked at me, “and go and stand by the chair”. I did so and she came over to me and stood very close behind me reaching around and tickling my cock with those red fingernails. “Get in the chair, sit up straight no slouching”, she ordered.

As I did this she firmly tied down my arms, and then followed by shackling my feet to the chair, so I was unable to move even if I wanted to. Next she put a paper towel tightly around my neck, and then reached for a cape which she clipped around the paper towel. “How is that not to tight” she smiled sweetly. When I replied No ma’am, she evilly undid it and fastened it 2 notches tighter, which made me feel even more helpless.

“Right then, its time for my naughty boy to get bald”, and she reached forward grabbing a set of clippers, the dress riding up over her backside, showing me her shaven snatch. She slowly leaned over until those red lips were close to my ear and whispered, her breath tickling, “Do you realise now my naughty little slave, how helpless you are, strapped into my chair, with no say in anything”. “And don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at my body you dirty little boy, I know just the haircut to sort out a naughty little boy like you”. “You are about to get the shortest short back and sides in your life”.

With that she stated the clippers right by my ear making me jump, pushed my head down and ran the no 1 blade from my right side right up to the hair on the top of my head. She roughly bent my ear down with those long red nails and slowly ran the clippers around my ear until she was happy the way there was little hair left. “Head down”, she said pushing my head forwards until my chin rested on my chest, and holding it firmly like that she slowly shaved all the hair from the back of my head. The clippers were warm and tingling, tickling up the back of my neck and I was so hard I thought I would explode. Soon she was at the left side and my left ear was again roughly bent down as she clipped that side. Swapping blades she put on a no 3 and did the top, all the time holding my head in an iron grip. Then it was time for the blade to come off and the top was blended into the sides, using both thinning shears and clippers. Next she wet down the top and made a little boys side part, combing it so not a hair was out of place. “Now that is starting to look better, all we need now is some high sidewalls around your ear and a good shave at the back of your neck”. She went to the counter and picked up a pair of edging clippers that buzzed noisily into life, and then proceeded to shave the hairline around my right ear, bending it roughly this way ant that so she could shave it nice and high to her liking. She then repeated this with the left ear taking her time and going over and around my ears again and again. When she was finished to her liking both my ears were bright red from being bent so roughly and the hairline was the shortest I had ever had it around my ears. Next my head was roughly pushed down and held in that iron grip while she shaved my neck and behind the bottom of my ears, the clippers tickling even more that the last ones, causing me to squirm. “Sit still”, she commanded, and the clippers seemed to climb even higher up and down my neck, going over and over until she was satisfied. “Head up now”, she said and grabbing a neck duster she slowly brushed around my ears and on my neck getting all the stray hair clippings.

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