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I am narrating my experience twenty-five years back. I was aged twenty- eight and was married seven years prior to that. We belong to the orthodox south Indian Brahmin family. My married life was disappointing, as my husband could not satisfy me sexually. He was not impotent but less active. As a result we did not have children. The elders in the family naturally blamed me for this and sent me to some local country quacks for treatment. This treatment did not have any impact on me getting pregnant. However, they increased my libido and sexual desire that remained unsatisfied due my husband?s inadequacy.

Within few years, my husband was involved in a road accident and died immediately. Then only I realized what happens to a widow in a traditional orthodox south Indian Brahmin family. There were elaborate rituals for ten days and each day I used to be dressed in the finest sari, all jewellery, flowers on my long hair and a big dot of vermilion on my forehead, a typical bridal make-up. On the tenth day night, all these turned into a nightmare and I was subjected to the worst form of humiliation. A group of women from amongst our relatives, who were also widows, pounced on me and took me to the backyard of our house. There they stripped me of my make up like vermilion dot on my forehead, flowers and my jewels. My sari, blouse, brassiere and panties were also removed and I was made totally nude. Then I was told that as per custom and tradition I must wear only a beige colored sari with out blouse and was given one to wear. I withstood all this and the slept for the night.

I did not realize what was in store for me the next morning and had a good sleep. I was woken up next morning around sunrise by the same group of widows and asked to brush my teeth and finish other toilet routines. I complied and when I was coming out of the toilet, I noticed our family barber sitting at the backyard and sharpening his straight edged razor. There was a wooden plank placed on the floor in front of him for some one to take the seat and get shaved. I was given my morning cup of coffee and then instructed to take a bowl of hot water, go and sit on the wooden plank in front of the barber. When I questioned why, I was shouted at and advised not to ask such impertinent questions. As a Brahmin widow, I need to comply with the customs and traditions that dictate I get my head clean shaved. I was in tears and burst out crying conveying my reluctance. At that time, my husband?s aunt came towards and advised there is no point in crying and protesting. This shaving has to happen and all that you can do is to bear and enjoy the experience. She added that she also had to undergo such an experience, which she did not like the but ha, accepted and enjoying it. She suggested that sitting for shaving with the sari is not as per custom. I have to remove it and the sit wearing a small bath towel around my waist and bare breasted. When I expressed my reluctance, she said that shyness is initially only but as widow I am supposed to be without a sense of shame and should consider myself not as woman.

I saw the writing on the wall and then quietly removed my sari and wrapped a bath towel around my waist. My buttocks being fairly large and rounded, the towel size was just adequate to go around. Then I took a bowl of hot water on an earthen bowl and sat in front of the barber, on the plank cross-legged. Our family barber is a middle-aged person who is a regular visitor to our home to shave our men in the family. He simply looked at my bare breast and me. He had already opened his steel box containing the shaving implements like few straight edged razors, shaving brush and a tube of shaving cream. He looked to other women for instructions how to proceed. My aunt instructed him to shave the head clean and smooth. The head should be as smooth as ensure that a bird sitting on it will slip and fall down.

I had a long and thick hair extending up to my buttocks, which I normally used to braid into long pigtail. But after the previous nights experience of removing my bridal makeup, I had tied and knotted as a bun on top of my head. Barber undid the knotted bun and my long tresses of hair extended freely on my back right up to my buttocks. Looking at that beautiful hair, barber requested if he can shave it straight way with the razor instead of sniping it with scissors and then shaving it clean. He said this would help him to make good money by selling my long black hair for wig makers. He added that I may have a discomfort for a day the shaven head will have a burning sensation due to the repeated use of the straight razor over and over the head. I agreed as I felt it necessary to help him and did not realize how it would help me in subsequent days to come. Barber happily commenced his task by wetting my hair with warm water from the supplied bowl. The bowl had to be replenished thrice as he used sufficient water to drench my hair from the roots. He also gave smooth massage of my head whilst doing so. Whilst doing he came closer to myself and I could feel the sweat smell from his armpits as he raised his hand whilst applying water. Further, a masculine touch started to turn me on. After this, he took out his razor and started to sharpen before the application on my head. At that time I really trembled as I realized my days of long hair are only few seconds away from its death. I felt like a condemned prisoner about to have the noose knotted after a black hood covered his face. Barber slowly pulled my head forward almost close to him to have a good reach for his razor to play. He lowered it and parted the thick hair on the middle of the head to place his razor. All that I felt was the razor moving over my head with ?tshk, tshk? noise and this continued for few seconds. Also I felt the gush of fresh air on to my head over the portions on which the razor moved. After few minutes there was thud on my right shoulder and I saw the fall of thick bunch of hair. Barber let loose my head from his grasp and commenced sharpening his hair for further pass over my head. This application of razor all over my head continued till the entire area over the head is covered, of course with few interruptions to sharpen the razor. I had closed my eyes during the entire process after the fall of first bunch of hair as I did not like to see my hairs falling but I felt their fall at various parts of my upper body.

After the tonsure was completed, barber wetted my head again with warm water and this time took another razor to sharpen. He sharpened it for few minutes on his sharpening stone. I had already started feeling the burning sensation by the rude movement of razor that left a number of small nicks. He rubbed my head again with water and started shaving it closer with small steps at a time. After few minutes and covering the whole head, he rubbed off the head with his hand and certified as smooth and clean. Then my aunt rubbed her hand over my head and felt that it can be made smoother by applying a load of shaving cream and shaving it clean. Barber obliged and stated brushing my already smooth head with cream. The razor again had its play leaving entire head shining. I opened my eyes and was pained to see my long tresses lying all around me. Barber coolly and gladly collected them together and packed them in a cover as his prized possession. Then he took out an old mirror from his box, thrust on to my hand and suggested to have a look. Also he asked me to feel the head to see whether it is smooth enough. I was shocked to see my self completely bald and added to the removal of earrings and nose rings. I could not identify myself. I cried for few minutes and then composed myself. In the mean time, I noticed in the mirror, my facial hair the side burns, a perceptible growth of black hair on the upper lip and few strands at the lower chin were prominently visible especially after my head was at shining best. Next I felt the brush on my chin and found the barber moving the shaving brush with lather on my face just as he would handle his male clientele. I was holding the mirror as this was going on and found myself a bit funny to be covered with lather over my upper lip. He slowly got another razor from his box. He seemed to have different set of razors for each area of the body. He commenced from top of my face close to my ears and ran down the razor fluently and cleaned my complete face leaving it shining smooth. His pinching my nose and turning it to each side to ensure smooth and safe passage of razor over my upper lip was funny. Another application of brush and lather followed by running of razor over on my entire face saw my face head as one shining lot. At this stage my aunt, came closer, turned my face and seemed to be satisfied with the barber?s work. But she said it is not good to leave the eyebrows as it is and ordered him to remove it. Barber complied with the same treatment as face and cleaned it smooth. On the mirror I could see my self totally smooth from neck and above and felt odd.

Barber?s eyes ran over my chest, my bare breast and the shoulder area. My thick underarm hair was sprouting out, as it was customary in orthodox families not to trim or shave any part of female body till then. My aunt told the barber to ensure that not trace of hair to be left unshaved and left the place along with others leaving our family barber and myself alone. As told this barber was middle aged and was full of life. He understood my aunt?s order well and started to implement in all seriousness. He asked me to relax by leaning back and resting on my hands at the back thereby throwing my chest forward. There were few patches of hair around my breast nipples, middle of chest between breasts and on my tummy around the belly button. He took handful of water and started to apply on my chest allover including the breasts. My breasts were large like a coconut and handled them with both hands to increase the coverage area. I was getting turned on quickly and my nipples hardened. He took out the razor and ran all over my chest carefully ensuring all the hairs are removed smoothly. A further examination of smoothness by massaging the area especially the breasts left me excited. He recognized my condition and slowly bent and started caressing my breast and getting his face closer to it. I understood his intent and readily thrust my left breast into his mouth and he was glad to suck it vigorously. I got further turned and the effect on my lower half hidden by bath towel was violent. After sucking my both the breast and leaving the nipple hard, he asked me to lift my hands to show my underarms that were covered with thick hair growth. A quick water application and razor treatment got my both armpits smooth and shining despite a black patch of discoloration. Next my both hands were cleaned of the normal hair growth that got me shining from the hip and above.

Then came the climax. I was expecting an invitation from him to stand up to help him to continue his work below the hip and he readily obliged. He asked whether I have any hair to be shaved. I replied by standing up and he understood me well. He simply undid the knot on the towel and that exposed my remaining parts of anatomy. My genitals and area around from stomach was covered with thick bush of hair. He wondered how I could manage all these days with this bush. No wonder there was staunch sweat smell. He started rubbing the whole area with water and I got further excited. As wetted this area repeatedly, he started putting his finger also inside my vagina to get me further excited. He suggested that he would get me in to a complete orgasm before putting the razor in this area for shaving as any inadervetent movement could leave me nicked badly in a sensitive area. I agreed and he started rubbing my vagina, mount and inner lips with both hands and I stated excreting my juice. I had my orgasm and he seemed to be a bit concerned. I could sense his problem and asked whether he is also excited. He answered in affirmative and I knew what he wanted. Our family barber is a professional as per caste system in India. He is used to dress very simply with just a lungi around his waist with a loincloth underneath supporting his genitals, scrotum and testis. He never wears an upper garment except for towel that dangles on his shoulders when he walks. Otherwise during work he is always bare-chested with thick patch of hair covering his upper body. Knowing this, I undid the knot of his lungi that dropped down on the floor exposing his loincloth that was getting stressed by his genitals. As he was breathing heavily due excitement, his prick must be pushing his loincloth further and further. I made him turn around and from the partition of his buttocks unearthed the edge of his loincloth and loosened it further, prior to totally removing it. What I saw beneath was a wonder to me. A tough and long shaft, ten inches long and one inch in diameter, with the foreskin totally withdrawn. My late husband did not have even half the size of this. Barbers prick was clean-shaven and smooth all over. He said that he knew of his job for the day with me and had expected such an experience. Hence, he came prepared by getting shaved below his navel and he said I could take on from here. I was excited by his words and though I badly wanted to have him fuck me I decided to try other modes. I held his long shaft with both my hands and fondled it vigorously. I saw him getting further turned on and he held my smooth shaved head in both hands and started kissing over it. After some time I started squeezing his big testicles and he seemed to be in some pain but enjoyed. In few seconds, I sat down whilst he was standing and his shaft was right near my face. He slowly brought it closer to my mouth and started thrusting inside. I could not resist getting it inside my mouth and in few minutes I was sucking it actively as he was pushing it in and out like the steam engine piston rod. I was getting equally excited and enjoyed it despite the offensive smell emanating from his genital area as well his anus. After few minutes, I had his strong grunt and his shout to stop. But I continued, as I could not stop immediately. He let go his jet of cum on to mouth and the jet spurted three four times before his shaft got totally soft. I had to swallow some of the cum but retained a lot in my mouth which I spat on a small bowl that forms part of barbers kit for keeping water. In my case, a bigger bowl was needed as my hair was long and it needed deep wetting. I could fill around half the bowl. Barber became totally tired and sat down and continued sharpen his razor to proceed with shaving my genitals. A fresh bout of water application and the placing of razor below the navel was followed by the ?tshk,tshk? noise as the razor ran past the thick hair growth. He tried to be careful whilst coming closer to the flaps of the vagina and handled them well. During this process he repeatedly inserted his fingers into my vagina and exciting my mount. With in a few moments my bottom was smooth as that of child. Next a quick movement of razor over my thighs and legs got my entire front bottom shining.

Next the barber asked is there any hair left or he can start the final finish. I remembered I have few patches in my buttocks especially near the arsehole. I turned my back and requested him to shave my entire buttocks. Barber readily agreed and did the same treatment with only difference that he asked me to spread my buttocks so that hair around the arsehole could be shaved clean. This left me totally smooth and free of ant traces of hair on my body from head to toe. By this time I got adequately turned on and I needed his help. This time I asked him play with my buttocks and he quickly started kissing it and slowly moved his tongue closer my arsehole. I spread my buttocks with my hand to get to anus easily. He played on to my anus with his tongue plunging it deep into my hole. This made me reach orgasm.

I sat down after that and he said that he would empty the bowl in which I had put his cum but he preferred to rub on to my head and shaved body as an after shave lotion. I enjoyed again his vigorous massaging of the head, face, breast, genitals, buttocks and the anal area with this cum lotion. The smell of it was exciting. Thus ended my first experience with the barber. The entire episode took about an hour and my aunt came back to wind up the show and pay the barber his fee. Looking at the exalted status of both of us, she smiled and said that I should not allow my hair to grow for more than a fortnight. She told the barber to visit every fifteen days to shave my head and repeat the experience. I thanked her profusely for this suggestion. I remembered her words at the beginning that I need not cry but enjoy the experience, which I did.

This went on and on for many years till I lost my libido due to aging and so was the barber. My hair growth all over reduced and the shaving frequency from once a fortnight has become once a month. Nowadays I do it as a mere ritual to get my head shaved and I am left with no hair any where on the body to shave. I sit nude for shaving these days but it does not bother me or our family barber.

That is all. Happy reading.

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