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She’d been working up to it for months. She knew what she needed to do. Something VERY SHORT maybe Bald?!!? She tried at first going to a regular salon. She had talked with the stylist there about doing "it" but the stylist was reluctant, winter was coming on and you need your hair was what she was told.

How to make people understand??? She had had a fetish about this for a long time, even before she understood what a fetish was. One of her "dreams" was to walk into a salon, be told to wait in a room off the the main floor. When the time came, her "stylist" would appear and with a clipper take off her hair.

She had always had short hair, grew it long just once to "see" what would happen. She hated it, too long, unruly and needed to be permed to look ok. She had a cowlick over her ears, which made her hair stick out! No, long hair was not for her. She found sites on the internet, some of them had pictures of hair she wanted, she began with short but not too short, fantasized about the style, saved them to her hard drive so she could look and think about them. After another try with the "stylist" which looked worse that the first time, she gathered up her courage and decided to look at barber shops.

She drove by some, deciding whether or not to try her luck. She finally decided on one that also had a "stylist" section, so she could feel "safe". By luck, the barber was a woman. Perfect, she thought, she will know what I want and "do" it without asking too many questions. She went in, the barber asked if she could help. Her response was "I need a short hair cut, the last one I had was terrible and I need to do something". Her cowlick on the side of her head was really bothering her. "Take a seat and we can look at that cut." The barber replied. She sat and watched the barber work. She liked what she saw, the barber was clipping a crew cut, very short on the sides, a little longer on the top.

"Your next." "So we are cleaning this up?" asked the barber? "yes, she replied "and use a clipper". "That’s all I have". Replied the barber. The barber chose the big Oster, popped what looked like a #6 and ran it all over her hair, hair came tumbling down from all over and landed everywhere, as usual. The sound of the clipper was how she had fantasized it would be. The vibration, incredible. It was everything she had read and dreamt about. The barber, put down the big clipper and took the smaller trimmer out. "Just touching up the sides and the back".

The barber swung the chair around so she could see the cut. She smiled, she loved it – it was great. Maybe a little long, but it was a better start. She knew she would go back.

Her hair grew back in and back she went. "I loved the cut, but could you shorter?" "I’d like the top about a #3 and taper the sides, please".

The barber smiled and grabbed the Oster. She put the guard on and ran the clippers straight down the middle, then all over the rest of the head.

She smiled as she saw the hair tumble down. She wondered if it was short enough. She is so tempted to go bald, but not this time, better work your way up to that, she thought. You are 47 years old and what would others say????

The barber picked up a shorter guard and began tapering the sides. They were very short, her skin almost showed through. She has dark, thin but lots of it hair, she can wear the short almost bald look.

"Wow – what a change". "I love it!" She paid the barber and left, feeling the velvet on the top of her head.

She went home and surfed on the internet to find clippers, she was about to do the unthinkable. BUZZ her hair herself. It was her ultimate fantasy. She decided on a Wahl with adjustable blades and several guard choices "just in case I chicken out on a shorter style".

The clippers came. She waited until her husband had gone out, so she would have privacy. She emailed to see what and how to do "it". She took a deep breath and placed the #4 guard on. "Here goes nothing" she whispered as she passed the clippers straight down the middle.

"Awesome" it was close to what she wanted. She took a deep breath and put the #2 guard and once again plowed through the top, sides, leaning over the sink to get the back. She looked at the floor and all the hair! "Oh, no hubby will be home and look at the mess!" He came home, looked, smiled and said "Well, is that what you want?" "Yes" was the reply. "OK, good" and "can I mess it up?"

"Try it" she said…

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