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Jaimi and her mother walked into the beauty salon. Jaimi has waist dirty blonde curly hair, she is wearing a little blue dress, her brown eyes filled with happiness.

Jaimi is 15 years old and and really wants her long hair cut. Jaimi’s mother told her to sit in one of the waiting chairs and her mom writes Jaimi’s name on the sheet for just a haircut. Jaimi’s her mother walks over to the waiting chairs and waits for someone to call Jaimi’s name. The owner Brittney walks over to Jaimi and takes her back to her chair followed by Jaimi’s mother. Brittney and Jaimi’s mother talk a bit then her mother walks back to the waiting chairs and sits down. Brittney walks over to Jaimi and pulls her hair in a tight ponytail and capes her up. Jaimi watches as Brittney grabs her scissors and cuts the ponytail off at Jaimi’s hairline. Brittney puts the scissors down and picks up her clippers. Brittney takes off the guard the was on the clipper and turns them on. Jaimi jumps at the click and pop of the clippers she watches them happily as the clippers moves down to her neck. Brittney pushes Jaimi’s head down to her chest and pushes the clippers up the back of her head and stop at her hairline, then does the same thing to the rest of the back. Brittney turns off the clippers, takes her comb and sharpest scissors and evens out the sides and her bangs.

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