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On a late Saturday afternoon, two eighteen year old girls, Steff and Amanda, were sitting around in Steff’s room bored. They had no idea what they were gonna do, and were pretty much open to anything. In a trance, Amanda ran her fingers through her dyed black hair that hung above her shoulders, and Steff did the same with her mid-back length dark brown mane.

Finally one of them had an idea. Amanda, who was easily the less shy of the two, said "can I cut your hair?" Looking shocked, Steff shook her head, showing no interest in the idea at all. But Amanda still liked the idea, and walked over to and behind Steff and started running her long hair through her hands. This made Steff nervous, after the idea that was put out. "Oh, relax" Amanda said with a devilish grin. "It will look really good, I promise. Where are some scissors?" With that Steff jumped up and turned to face her best friend, saying "No, I like my hair how it is. Nobody’s cutting it!"

Soon after saying that, Steff’s mom, Brenda, walked by her room, and through the open door they both were drawn in by the sight Brenda’s knee length brown hair that she kept perfectly trimmed and in great shape. As thick at the bottom as it was at the top. In addition to the amazing hair, she was actually quite attractive as well. Well needless to say, when Amanda saw that thick braid hanging down as she walked by, she had a new great idea. With that she walked over and closed the bedroom door. Steff already knew what she was thinking, and preparing herself for it.

With a big smile on her face, Amanda said "Okay, we are so going to cut your mom’s hair!" Steff had a sinking feeling her in stomach, because she didn’t like the direction this was going in. Not only did she love her mom’s hair, but she knows that it means the world to Brenda as well. Completely excited, Amanda said "Okay, so how are we gonna do it? Will she let us? Or do we have to just have to walk up behind her and chop it off?" She giggled endlessly, but she was serious. That didn’t make Steff feel any better at all. Even worse in fact. "We can’t… That’s so mean" The daughter said with compassion.

Her morals clearly didn’t go over well with the troublesome friend. "It’s not mean. We’ll be doing her a favor" Amanda argued. Then she glanced over at the desk and saw a pair of scissors sitting in a cup, and she ran over and grabbed them. Steff was hoping she wouldn’t see them there, fearing the worst. The black haired rebel pulled a chair out from the desk, and lead her friend there with a hand on each shoulder and sat her down. Steff was now feeling her worst as Amanda pulled her long hair over the back of the chair. "I said you can’t cut my hair, and I mean it" she said with a semi-firm voice. "Well I won’t cut your’s, if you can get us your mom’s" Amanda said as she snapped the scissors on the air a couple times. "I’ll see what I can do…" Steff said as she gave in to her friend’s terms.

Steff walked out of the room in search for her mom. One thing Amanda didn’t even know is that for the last two years Steff has been the one that trims her mom’s hair for her. Not only that, but she was always regarded as a good kid, and always trusted by her mom. This was a very tough situation for her. As she walked into the kitchen and found her mom at the table reading a magazine, she noticed Amanda was quietly following her. When she walked in Brenda said hi, and could easily tell that her daughter had something on her mind. "What is it, Honey?" her mom asked. "Um, I was just thinking maybe your hair could use a little trim, and since neither of us are doing much…" Steff asked with a tone to try to discourage her mom, but Brenda took the bait. "Alright, I guess it could handle having an inch taken off" Brenda agreed. Right outside the doorway Amanda was ecstatic. They had their in, now to just make sure it’s done right.

Without a care in the world Brenda was undoing her massive braid, and Amanda walked in the kitchen. "Hi Amanda" Brenda said. "Hi, what’s up? As if she didn’t know. "Steff’s just going to give my hair a trim, and you two can get back to what you were doing" she said as she threw all the thick brown hair behind her. "Neat" Amanda said enthusiastically. Steff wasn’t as enthusiastic. By now Brenda had turned her back, and Amanda approached her, mouthing to Steff "right here" while she held her hand up by Brenda’s shoulder blades. "NO" Steff then mouthed in reply, looking scared.

"Anything wrong, Girls?" Brenda asked, standing tall waiting for her quick trim to begin. "Oh, no Mom, just about to start" Steff said. Amanda stepped back with a fiendish grin and could barely contain her excitement. As for Steff, she was so torn inside, she didn’t know what to do, but she knew she had to do something. So she picked the scissors up off the counter and just looked at the glorious hair hanging in front of her. Then she took a deep breath, and lifted her arm up, holding the scissors at her mom’s waist. In the background Amanda was waving her arms, mouthing "NO, HIGHER!" Steff complied with her friend, and lifted the scissors up to Brenda’s mid-back, closed her eyes, and then closed the scissors. Schnnick! A three and a half foot chunk of hair fell to the floor. Brenda had no idea, Steff felt terrible, and Amanda could barely contain herself. Steff, now with tears running down her face, kept cutting across in the same place, watching a brown wave fall to the floor. Schnnick! Schnnick! Schnnick! With only a bit of hair left in tact, Steff broke down, and couldn’t do it any more. She put the scissors down and started crying uncontrollably. When Amanda saw this she quickly left the room, and the house.

Brenda, wondering what’s going on, whipped around and first saw her daughter crying, then saw a huge pile of hair on the floor, and reached around with her arm to just be able to feel her hair hanging off her back. Instantly she started crying as well. "What did you do to my hair?" Brenda screamed. Steff was so upset she couldn’t even form words to defend herself. Brenda then noticed the hair on the very left hand side was still untouched, but only a small amount of it, so she picked up the scissors and put them in Steff’s hand. "You have to finish it" Brenda said, still crying. Steff couldn’t stand to face her mom who she loved so much, and Brenda turned back around. When she did Steff slowly grabbed the remaining hair and hacked it off with the scissors, completely the new look. Then Brenda left the room crying, and Steff laid her head on her arms on the counter, accumulating a pool of tears.

In time the mother and daughter talked it over, and they both agreed that Amanda was never allowed back.

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