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Ring, ring, ring called the phone.

“It’s for you Rebecca” cried Billy. “It’s Connie”

“Oh, hi Connie,” said Rebecca. “No I haven’t yet, but I am going to.”…”That’ll be good.”

“Was that Connie?” asked Stephanie. “I bet she was asking whether you had gotten your head shaved. Why don’t you go for it? You really don’t have anything to lose.”

Stephanie was right. Rebecca’s hair was so brutally short there is no way it could grow to a descent length by the time the school year started. But asking a barter to shave your head completely took a lot of courage, especially for a girl who had had long hair most of her life.

Barbershop day came and Rebecca had resolved to get her head completely shaved. After all, she really didn’t know how long Connie and Jen’s offer of a makeover would be good. The boys got their flattops trimmed first and then Rebecca hopped in the barber chair. Without asking the barber began trimming her flattop so that it was a ¼ inch on top and shaved smooth on the sides. He already placed the hot towel on her and was getting ready to apply the lather. Stephanie was looking anxiously at her, but said nothing. Rebecca was trying to muster the coverage to say ‘Shave the whole thing.’ But nothing came out of her mouth. Using all her strength and courage she finally was able to utter a meek “Stop please.”

“What’s wrong?” asked the barber.

“Uh, nothing, I was just wondering…” Rebecca couldn’t finish her question.

He waited expecting Rebecca to say something, but nothing came. The moment was awkward. The barber didn’t know whether to proceed with the haircut or continue waiting for Rebecca to say something.

Finally Stephanie broke the silence. “She wants you to shave her head completely bald.”

The barber looked a bit surprised. Looking at Rebecca, he asked “Is that what you want?” Rebecca timidly shook her head yes. The barber repeated “Completely bald?” Again Rebecca shook her head yes. And without further delay the barber picked up his clipper, which had no attachment, placed them at the center of Rebecca’s forehead and ran them over her head leaving a hairless path where quarter inch hair had been. Then he repeated the procedure again and again until the top of Rebecca’s head was clipper shaved. Then he placed a hot towel over her whole head. It felt great. After that he applied lather to the whole head rather just the sides. After a few minutes the Mach III came to life and starting again at the front of the forehead, he skillfully denuded her head of all hair. When he was finished he turned Rebecca toward the mirror.

Rebecca felt naked. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She was totally bald. There was no evidence that she had hair or had ever had hair on her head. Stephanie smiled. As Rebecca, Stephanie, Joey and Billy walked back to Rebecca’s house, she kept rubbing her hands over her baldhead. Seeing this Joey wanted to rub it, then Billy and then Stephanie.

When they got home, Stephanie ran to the phone and called Connie. “Hi Connie. This is Stephanie.” “Rebecca did it….She got her head shaved…..Yes, she’s as bald as a melon. In fact I think she’s balder than you and Jen.” Stephanie last remarks embarrassed Rebecca. When Stephanie finished talking with Connie, she turned to Rebecca and exulted “She’s going to do your makeover day after tomorrow. She’ll come pick us up.”

“Us?” thought Rebecca. She wasn’t sure that she wanted everyone seeing this, especially Stephanie who still had her lovely blond hair.

The next 2 days were uncomfortable for Rebecca. “What have I done?” she questioned to herself over and over again. “I look like an alien.” Her mother, her brother Billy and Joey, Billy’s friend, indicated that they thought she looked strange. Only Stephanie saw potential in Rebecca’s new look. When the makeover day arrived Rebecca wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with it. This bald thing wasn’t what she thought it would be.

Stephanie was so excited and Rebecca was terrified, almost as much as getting her head shaved. The whole crew–Rebecca, Stephanie, Billy and Joey–pilled into Connie car and rode over to Connie’s house. When they arrived Jen was there to greet. “Today’s the big day.”

They seated Rebecca in a chair on the back porch. Not only was the location not very private, but Stephanie, Billy and Joey were seated in front of her like they were at a show and she was the entertainment on the stage.

“When did you get it shaved?” inquired Jen.

“Two days ago” replied Rebecca.

“Well, in 2 days it’s gotten rough. We’ll have re-shave you” said Jen. At that Rebecca appeared very nervous. “Don’t worry” comforted Connie. “You’ll enjoy this.” Connie and Jen then starting looking for something. “I don’t think we have a clean one” commented Connie to Jen. “I guess she’ll have to take the t-shirt off then.”

It was bad enough getting her head shaved in front of the whole world, but having her bare chest exposed on top of that was too much. Rebecca was definitely not going to do this, makeover or no makeover. After all, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were very small. She didn’t want the whole world knowing how small they were.

But when Jen came over and motioned for her to raise her arms in the air so her shirt could be removed, Rebecca complied without question. There she sat on Connie’s back porch baldheaded and bare-chested, and was about to get her head shaved again. She thought to herself that she must be crazy. Connie then leaned the chair back so that Rebecca’s head rest in a sink. Rebecca had been so anxious that she had not noticed the sink behind the chair. The whole setup was for doing hair. Gently Connie washed Rebecca’s head while Jen lightly rubbed her hands over her bare breasts. Rebecca felt like she was going to explode. She never wanted this moment to end. But finally the wash was finished and Connie sat Rebecca’s chair upright. Then Jen applied hot lather to her head while Connie caressed Rebecca’s breasts. All during the shave Connie continued to caress her breasts. Rebecca had forgotten about how embarrassed she had been a few minutes earlier. She was in ecstasy.

“Feel better?” inquired Connie as she continued to caress Rebecca’s breasts and Jen finished the shave. “It’s import you feel good for the makeover for it to work properly.” Jen then pierced Rebecca’s ears after she assured Rebecca that she was licensed to pierce ears. Connie and Jen applied lipstick, eye shadow and makeup. They then selected a pair of earrings. And when they were finished they brought Rebecca to a mirror in the house.

“She looks beautiful’ uttered Joey. Stephanie and Billy agreed.

“So what do you think” asked Connie. Rebecca was overwhelmed. She looked fantastic. Without thinking Rebecca blurted out “I may stay bald. I didn’t realize it could be this good.” Jen and Connie agreed, “Yes, we know exactly what you mean.”

“The only problem is your outfit” commented Jen. “It worked with the military flattop, but…”

At Jen’s comment Rebecca realized that she was standing there bare-chested and immediately reached her hands and arms to cover her bare chest.

“No, no, your tits are fine” said Jen. “It’s the shorts and t-shirt. Actually, the bare chest works better than the t-shirt. But don’t worry we’ll find some nice cloths for you to wear home. And when you get home we can help you pick out some cloths that work with your new look”

In a few minutes Connie brought out a blouse and a skirt. “Here put these on” said Connie as she handed the cloths to Rebecca. Then Rebecca looked around for some place to change, but finally resolved that she would change there on the back porch. She stripped down to her panties and put on the blouse and skirt. The blouse was a ‘see through’ and the skirt was very short.

“That’s looks good” remarked Jen. “But if you wear a short skirt like that, we may have to do something about the crouch hair.” The comment totally humiliated Rebecca. She was feeling better about being bald and then that remark had to come.

Seeing her humiliation Connie added “Of course this outfit is just a temporary fix. I’m sure we’ll find some cloths in your closet that work with your new look.”

Connie then drove Rebecca and her group home. “See you in a few days.”

The next morning Rebecca awoke early and almost subconsciously rubbed her head. The realization was driven home that she was totally bald. How could she have done this to herself? The flattop was bad enough. But now she looked worse, like a masculine guy, she looked like a freak. But then she looked in the mirror as she put on her earrings. Wow! She really did look good.

She hurried downstairs and started cooking breakfast. Her Mom had already left for work. Soon Stephanie arrived and a few minutes later Joey came in. At breakfast everyone keep staring at Rebecca.

“Would you all quite staring. Just get used to it, I’m bald.” Then Rebecca removed her t-shirt. “Ok, if you want something to stare at I’ll give you something”

“Don’t stop there” explained an excited Joey. Billy jabbed Joey with his elbow.

“I think you look beautiful, really beautiful” said Stephanie. Joey and Billy chimed in agreement that they thought she looked beautiful.

Ignoring the boys’ comments, Rebecca looked straight at Stephanie and said “ If you think this is such a good look, why don’t you get your head shaved?”

Stephanie tucked head and timidly said, “I wish I had the courage.”

It had only been a few days since Rebecca had seen Connie and Jen, but it seemed like an eternity. In that time she had gone from elation to depression; from thinking she was beautiful to thinking she looked like a freak.

The phone rang. It was Connie. She wouldn’t be able to come today, but she would pick up the gang tomorrow if they could go to Jen’s place. It was a little further away, but Jen had a swimming pool. Have everyone get their parents’ permissions and Connie would be by early tomorrow to pick everyone up. Since Connie and Jen both were licensed lifeguards, getting parental permission was no problem.

Rebecca was excited and afraid. Was she going to be the center of attention again? Was she going to feel beautiful again?

Everyone was ready as Connie pulled in the driveway. “Wait” proclaimed Rebecca. “None of us remembered bathing suits.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t need them” replied Connie. As they were going down the road, Connie said to Rebecca “I hear you’ve been a bit depressed. Don’t worry you’ll get over it. In fact you might even decide to be like Jen and me and keep the bald look.”

Before they knew it they were at Jen’s house. It was a lot bigger and more secluded than Connie’s place. And in the back yard was a huge swimming pool.

As soon as the boys spotted it, they started begging Rebecca for permission to go swimming. “It’s alright with me, but you need to ask Jen. It’s her swimming pool.” At that Joey and Billy went to Jen and begged her.

“Ok, Ok boys” replied Jen. “But first some preparation. First of all, no hair allowed in the pool. That means you can either wear a swimming cap or get a Rebecca haircut.”

“Swimming caps are for girls” chimed in both of the 9-year boys.

“I guess that means haircuts for you two” answered Jen. “But there is one more thing. No cloths are allowed in the pool either. Will that be a problem?” Joey grinned and looked at Billy. Then he answered no for both. “Ok then” said Jen. “I need you to get out of your cloths for the haircuts so we won’t get hair mixed with your cloths.”

In a flash Joey not only was naked, but was seated in the designated chair ready for his shearing. The chair, located on Jen’s screen porch, was a real barber’s chair. Like Connie’s, it was fully equipped even to point of having a sink. Jen took the clippers with no guard and removed the ½ inch of hair on top of Joey’s head and the ¼ on the side. Then she leaned the chair back so that Joey’s head was in the sink and she shampooed his nearly baldhead. Then she lathered him and used the Mach III to remove any trace of hair. Next came Billy. Even though he was a bit shyer than Joey, soon he was bald as a melon. The naked, bald boys then ran excitedly to the swimming pool.

Then Jen and Connie removed their cloths revealing that their bodies were as hairless as their heads. “You two want to go swimming?” invited Jen as she finished removing her panties.

Neither Rebecca nor Stephanie volunteered. “Come on girls” urged Connie. “We’ll continue working on Rebecca’s makeover after the swim. And Stephanie, you can wear a swim cap. We always keep extras.” Still neither girl moved. Then Connie realized that Rebecca had crouch hair. She was probably ashamed. “Hey Jen” intoned Connie. “I think the girls have hair other than on their heads that needs to be removed before they can swim.” She then turned to Rebecca and Stephanie urged them to get into the chair. Finally, Rebecca relented and removed her cloths and placed herself in the chair.

“We might as well do the head shave at the same time. That way we’ll have more time for the makeover” offered Jen.

Connie leaned the chair all the way backward so that Rebecca’s head was in the sink and then began shampooing her head. At the same time this was going on Jen was running clippers over her crouch. It was like bolts of lightning were running through Rebecca’s body. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt. It was wonderful. It was better than wonderful. It was awesome. It was tremendous. The warm shampooing on her head and simultaneously the vibration of the clippers against her crouch was almost too much. Then Jen applied hot lather to Rebecca’s crouch and began to shave it completely bald. After the crouch was bald Connie moved the chair to an upright position and applied hot lather to Rebecca’s head. While Connie was shaving Rebecca’s head, Jen was massaging her tits and crouch. Jen found Rebecca’s clitoris and gently massaged it. Rebecca had an organism. After she recovered from the organism, Connie continued shaving her head and Jen continued massaging her breasts and crouch. Suddenly Rebecca had another organism. When the shearing was finished, Rebecca looked at Connie and then Jen and said, “That was fantastic!”

They tried to get Stephanie to go swimming, but she refused and read magazines while every else enjoyed them in the pool.

It looks as though Stephanie will never join in the fun. Or will she? Next episode Rebecca Par 4, Rebecca Persuades Stephanie.

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