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Ashley and Sarah Morris had just turned 16 in March and was ready to try new things, Ashely and Sarah has the same color of hair just styled different. Ashley’s is straight blonde falling a little past her butt. Sarah’s was curly blonde and fell to her the middle of her back(to her waist if straighten). Ashley and Sarah’s parents were not strict they just didn’t want the them to do things that would get them into trouble. Well on their birthday night they ask to go to a party at one of their friends and got their parents to say ok only if they didn’t drink and drive, no problem though they thought. Ashley and Sarah got to the party around 8:30pm,from 8:30 to around 9:55 they had met up with their friend and had two beers. By the time 11pm rolled around Ashley and Sarah were drunk and was walking up to guys and kissing them. The last two guys they kissed happen to be the two guys the like them a lot and happen to be wanting to do something to both Ashley and Sarah for rejecting the birthday gift the two guy got for them. The Two guys’ names were Tyler Long and Skye Winters. Tyler and Skye took Ashley and Sarah to a empty bedroom. When they got to the empty bedroom, they laid Ashley and Sarah on the bed, then they shut and lock the door and closed the blinds so no one could see what they were doing. Tyler walk to the closet in the room and found two folding chairs, he set them in the middle of the room facing a large mirror. Tyler found a pair of scissors in a drawer in the bedside desk and walk over to Ashley. Tyler smiled and grabbed Ashley’s hair on the right side of her head and put the scissors that he opened close to her scalp and closed the scissors. Ashley’s long blonde hair fell to the ground without even putting up a fight. Ashley was to drunk to realize that her hair was cut, she just closed her eyes and smiled. Tyler smiled more and continued cutting Ashley’s hair off, he kept going until their was nothing but a light blonde fuzz, he then past the scissors over to Skye. Skye took them and walk in front Sarah and put the scissors under the long hair on top and started cutting her hair close to her scalp. He continued this until she was like her twin sister. Both Tyler and Skye took off their coats they had on and covered Ashley and Sarah’s heads and took them to Tyler’s car. Once inside Tyler’s car, Tyler started up the car and drove to Skye’s house. When they got to Skye’s House both Tyler and Skye lead them into the house and up to Skye’s bedroom. Skye’s parents were out of town for a while so Tyler was staying at Skye’s house. They laid both girls on the bed, Tyler got things set up in the bedroom while Skye went to his parent’s room to get his dad’s hair clippers. Skye came back into his room to find both Ashley and Sarah naked in cold folding chairs, Skye smiled and plugged the clippers into the wall and turned them on. He grabbed Sarah’s chair and pulled over to him, after he did that he placed the clippers on her forehead and pulled back. Skye smiled more and buzzes the rest of her hair off. Skye turned off the clippers and rubbed her stubble head. he handed Tyler the clipper after he pulled Ashley over next to Sarah. Tyler turn on the clippers and pushed Ashley head forwards and ran the clippers up the back her head and over the top of her head. Skye came in the room from going to the bathroom will a can of shaving cream, a straight razor, and some kind liquid. They both put shaving cream on both Ashley and Sarah’s heads then took turns removing the last of the hair from the girl’s heads. After Tyler and Skye shaved Ashley’s and Sarah’s heads, they moved down to both Ashley and Sarah’s vaginas and shaved them smooth. After they did that they poured the liquid into their hands and rubbed it all over Ashley and Sarah’s heads and vagina’s so they would stay bald for life. Skye grabbed Sarah and walk to his parent’s room and start fucking Sarah in her ass. Tyler put Ashley on Skye’s bed and started fucking her wildly. Out of nowhere the screams of pleasure from both Ashley and Sarah filled the air. The next morning Tyler and Skye dressed Ashley and Sarah and drove them to their houses, both Ashley and Sarah having wicked hangovers. Tyler knocked on their front door and kept Ashley up. After that night of partying Ashley and Sarah’s parents won’t them leave the house and both Ashley and Sarah never heard the end of how they look with no hair on their heads.

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