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I loved Arty’s lushes brown hair but I had a confession to make I a have a hair fetish. When I asked arty to be girlfriend she said yes. We got to know each other pretty well. Arty always wanted sex, I loved her to death, when I fucked she was so cute. She used to squeal with pleasure and she had the best ass in the world I reckon. Her pussy was so tight I could hardly fit my dick in there. She used to get wet after getting her hair cut, I always asked if she had a hair fetish but she always said no!

During the year arty was getting sick of her long brown hair, she was thinking of getting a short haircut. Her hair was touching her ass then she wanted it shoulder length I was fine with that. I said to arty ” have you ever felt the electric clippers that the barbers use?”

“No, why?” “just wondering”

Then my self and arty fell a sleep after a long night of sex. Arty had the biggest tits you have ever seen and the plumpest ass in the world, when you look at it you just want to bite it.

Two days later

Arty was going to go to the hairdresser down the road. So I took her there she doesn’t ever go to this hairdresser because everyone thinks it’s a lesbian hairdresser. People think that because every time people go past that down each other’s pants. I took her there because the lesbians only cut hair short. So we when past and I asked arty if she wanted her hair like that. It was shoulder length (just how she wanted it). So we went home and talked over dinner. She was going to get her haircut on Wednesday so I had 2 days to stop her from going to the hairdresser. So I said to her

“I would love to cut your hair for you babe”



So she went and got the scissors and the mirror and she sat on the stool in the bedroom, but what she didn’t know is what I was doing I was getting the electric clippers and the razor. As soon as I entered the room she started taking off her clothes. I had just got another idea I was going to shave her pussy. Her pubic hair was as bushy as my head. She sat down and said to her spread your legs apart she thought I was going to fuck her but I had other plans. I plugged in the electric clipper and turned them on. She sore that I was about to shear her pubes so she shut her eyes. As soon as the clippers touched her she started to get wet and horny. After it was done with the clippers she snatched them away from my hands and put the guard on. I didn’t know what she was doing, then she turned them on and shoved it in her pussy she came after a couple of minutes because of the vibrations of the clipper. After she came I put shaving cream on her pubic hair stubble and started to shave right down to the last microscopic hair. It was done after half an hour.

Now it was time for her lushes brown hair. Right about know I had the biggest boner over her. I turned the clippers on and said to her ” here we go” she shut her eyes and just sat there like a little girl. I sore tears run down her face I felt so sorry but I had already done half so I had to finish it. I said to her ” don’t worry you look much better with short hair then long hair”

She stopped crying and opened her eyes she wasn’t game enough to look in the mirror yet but instead of crying she slowly started fingering her self. Before she knew it, it was all done

That night we had the best sex in the world. Oh yeah she uses an electric clipper as a sex toy

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