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My brother goes to a school for boys and he started it when he was six years of age. He is now ten and has had to keep this haircut for all four years and for all the rest of the time he goes to this school. Let me tell you the story.

My brother, Josh had leukemia when he was two and had to have chemotherapy which makes all your hair fall out. Chemotherapy made my brother become better. After a while his hair grew back and he grew it to a regular length man’s cut. At the age of four my brother was diagnosed with leukemia again and he had to not only have chemotherapy but was now old enough to have radiotherapy which is kind of like an electrifier and it hurts, the doctor assured my mum that once he had radiotherapy and chemotherapy he would be better. The doctor was right but yet again all Josh’s hair fell out. This time all Josh’s hair grew back in a really curly carrot top and mum decided to let him grow it out this time and it grew out to past his shoulders. At the age of six Josh started a school for boys. The school was notified on all Josh’s traumas.

Josh got ready for school on September the third, the day he started school. He wore his white shirt, his pin striped tie, his grey shorts, his special school shoes and his special school baseball cap (they gave all boys with hair longer then a regular man’s length this special school baseball cap). He went to wait at the bus stop at the top of our road with mum and waited for the 999 the bus that took him to his school. It finally arrived and he set off for school.

He got to school and got greeted by the head teacher Mr. David White. Mr. White told every single new boy to go into the hall so as Josh didn’t want to get in trouble on his first day he went to the hall. When at the hall he met a boy called Drake and they stuck together. Mr. White then went into the all and said all boys who are six or older go to C51 this meant that Josh and Drake should both go. They went and went inside.

Set out was two big leather chairs, two female teachers and two hairdressing sets. Sat in the two chairs were two boys with shorter hair then Josh but longer hair then a regular man’s cut and their hair was shaved to the scalp whilst they were screaming. Josh was like oh no my radio scar will show up if they shave my head (he got this massive scar from radiotherapy). There were like 20 people in front of Josh and Drake waiting and most of them screaming so Josh took this opportunity to ring his mum on his starting school present, a mobile phone. He rang his mum but she must have been at work because her phone was switched off. He just thought it can’t be that bad and stood in line. Time flew and Josh was soon seated in a chair with a bin bag over the top of him and Drake sat next to him with a bin bag over him. Drake was screaming but Josh was being a brave boy. The two female teachers then said since you have hair longer then regular men’s haircuts we are going to shave you to the skin as a punishment. Josh then said please don’t because I have a radiotherapy scar and it will show up from when I had leukaemia twice. The female teacher who he was with just said shut up you should have kept in a regular man’s cut so you wouldn’t have had to have it cut this short then and without any more time to talk she shot the bare clippers up his head and up they went a few times until they couldn’t get any more hair off and then she razor shaved his head. Every two weeks he has to go to this female teacher to get the same treatment. And as you might have guessed mum went crazy when this happened to him.

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