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Waiting….I’m called.

It is my turn for the chair; the barber’s chair. I am anxiously waiting in the chair when with a snap a gentle breeze blows in my face as the cape is wrapped around me and the chair. I tell the barber my desire and that i wish for it to be done. The barber says ok and turns on the electric shears on. As they begin to touch my head I hear the
loud buzzing of the shears. As the barber pushes it up i silently say to myself “finally… I’m getting shaved.” I take a deep breath as the first bit of hair falls to the ground. I close my eyes and breathe a sigh of relief as I feel the hair comming off my head while the shears keep going over and up all over my head again and again until my hair is completely off my head. Then the barber turns the shears off. The hair remaining is less than a tenth of an inch and the barber takes out a sharp razor. The barber then puts white cream, shaving cream to be exact, all over my head. It feels cold almost like it was in the refrigerator. As the razor goes over my head i feel a sense of freedom come over me. I feel clean and fresh like a burden has been removed.

As the razor goes over my head again i feel the sensation of it and i like it. I notice the feeling of it and i enjoy it. With every swipe, stroke, or run of the razor going over my head I feel cleaner, lighter, free’r, calmer and even better than before. As the razor goes over my head a final time the barber rinses my head with a damp towel
and wipes my head to cool it. As i see the final result for the first time the shock nearly leaves me breathless as well as speechless.

After the initial shock is over i am both anxious and eager to feel it. I place my hands on my head to feel it. It feels soft, smooth, and clean. I respond with a smile. I pay the barber and leave for home. I arrive home and go to bed. Then I wake up the next morning to discover it was all a dream.

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