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Three more weeks had passed and again this was my first day in town. I longed to see Leslie, George and Jenny, but found it difficult to walk fast in 6 inch white heels. I saw the large Barber pole that I almost bumped into over a month ago, and even more had happened in the past three weeks. I thought of the note and how it had requested me to go back to Dr. Gregory’s office for more surgery. I now had bootie implants which really gave me a much more prominent ass, and even though I was wearing a summer dress, I really filled it out from breast to bootie. I knew my lovers would approve. The dress they had picked out for me to wear was causing heads to turn in town. I felt flushed and proud of the transformation so far and was looking forward to more. I had heard from my husband Dennis who apologized but just could not make it up again. I told him I wanted a divorce. I called my lawyer and told him what I wanted in the settlement. He argued with that I was not being fair since there were no children involved. I was still in a little pain from the booty implants so I demanded that he come up and talk to me in person. He had arrived two nights ago and was incredibly surprised by my new look. I was dressed to kill, I wore a baby blue nightie that could barely contain my new titties. And with my short black bob hairstyle and nothing but a baby blue garter belt and matching stilletto’s I could tell he was excited from the bulge in his pants. I tried convincing him that I wanted as much as I could get so I could continue my new life here. We argued back and forth until I unbuckled his pants and let his average size penis stand at attention. I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth. I had barely stroked him with the oversized ball on my tongue when he exploded in my mouth. It had been 2 weeks since I last tasted the juice and I swallowed every bit. I stood up, took his hand and walked into the bedroom
with him. I laid down on bed and spread my legs. I commanded him to eat me.

He started to bend over and I stopped him and explained that I must be smooth before being eaten. I had prepared for this, so, the clippers, bowl of water, shaving cream and razor were on the nightstand at the ready. When he had finished shaving me, he was as large as he was before. He went down on me and brought me to a modest orgasm. I knew I had him. I instructed him to lay down on the bed. I brought out the clippers that I had purchased earlier in the week and mowed his pubic hair away. I then lathered and shaved him twice. I had him sit up in my bed and began to run the clippers over his head. I watched as with each pass he fondled his dick faster and faster. I had him stand and bend over the bed as I kept buzzing and buzzing his head. I could see that he was getting ready to come, so I pulled out my dildo and dipped it in Vaseline and surprised him by jamming it up his anus. He yelled and began what he said later was the greatest orgasm of his life. No longer the prim and proper girl I used to be I bent down and slobbered up as much as I could of his juices. When that was finished I lathered up his head and shaved him clean. We lay next to each other as he began to explain how he would make sure that Dennis got nothing in the divorce. I thanked him and told him that anytime he needed his doink and head shaved to come up to NH and I would always give him the works. Soon my thoughts began to drift towards tomorrow. By the time my attorney left, I knew that I would get everything I wanted.That was last night. Now as I approached the barber shop, the curtains were already closed, I opened the door and walked in. There standing in front of the barber chair, completely naked was my lover Leslie. Her head was freshly shaven and tattooed in an intricate design that made her even more beautiful. It was the first time I had seen her with her head shaved and tattooed. We fell into each others arms. Leslie told me that there would be no more nights apart as she had made arrangements to have my clothes brought to her apartment above the shop. I squealed with glee. It was what I wanted most. After weseparated, I looked for George and Jenny. Leslie noticed my disappointment and said; “George will be along later, he wanted us to have some alone time, but Jenny has left town for a tattoo modeling convention, so it is just the 2 of us”. I was happy about that and I told her. I dropped out of my dress and handed Leslie the gold chain looped through my pussy. She led me over to the sink, As she bent over to run the warm water over my hair, I was able to tease her by licking and sucking her boobs. She smiled as she washed and rinsed. After toweling dry, I could once again smell the bleach being put on my head. While the bleaching agent did it’s work, Leslie worked over my clean shaven pussy with her tongue. She teased me by sticking the dildo up my ass. After George’s work last week, It was a smooth fit.

Leslie said she loved my new booty and that she had been waiting for three weeks to finish my transformation. Soon, my hair was rinsed again and the toner applied. While waiting on the toner, Leslie asked that I eat her as well. We 69’ed in the chair while she moved the dildo in and out of my ass. I was slowly moving towards an incredible orgasm, when Leslie stopped and got off. She roughly yanked my chain and told me it was time for my haircut. As usual, after sitting in the chair I was faced away. Leslie took the clippers and I could see there was no guard. I became more aroused than ever. Leslie started at the back and went all the way up, constantly letting the vibrations linger on my occipital bone. Soon she began working on the sides. Chunks of hair flew. I knew there was no turning back. My head was being denuded. I sneaked a peak at Leslie and I could see that her nipples were pouting and she was ripping sex down her legs. The clippers climbed higher and higher. Next she began on the top shearing more and more hair
off. I then felt the clippers run over the top of my head. I suspected that I was getting a flattop but was unsure. The clippers were shut off and Leslie turned the chair around. I looked in the mirror and saw a severe high and tight horseshoe flattop. What was left of my hair was pure white. I was stunning. The oversized hoop earrings were a magnificent touch. Leslie looked at me and asked if I approved. I turned to her and said “yes”! except I need the back and sides shaved. Leslie was pleased. She proceeded to lather me up and shave me . When Leslie had finished, I looked into the mirror and exclaimed that the only way I could look or feel more beautiful was if she shaved my head completely. Leslie responded” It’s early honey”. Leslie helped me out of the chair and we went upstairs to her apartment and to her bedroom where we cuddled and made love passionately. My orgasms were so emotional, as I knew I was home.

When we were done we showered and ate. I could not take my hands of my shades sides. I loved my look but wanted to be completely bald. When we got back downstairs to the barbershop, George was waiting for us with his tattoo
tray. I could not wait. I literally jumped into the chair I was so excited. Leslie reclined the chair and faced me away from the mirror. George immediately began tattooing the top of my twat. “Judy, these tattoo’s are
going to be a surprise.” Leslie smirked playfully I could not wait to see. The irritation from the needle was tantalizing and I started to become wet. Leslie showed me the dildo. “Yes, please up my ass!” Leslie smiled and
rammed the molded plastic up my ass. George had all he could do to keep his mind on as work as I screamed as I came. When George was finished, he flipped me over, took the dildo out of my ass and shoved it up my cunt. I came again! George began the next tattoo at the crack in my butt and worked it all the way up. By now I was rubbing my smoothed shaved sides and back of my head in anticipation of my now white blonde hair being shaved as smooth on the top as it was on the bottom. Leslie smiled at my predicament and began m
oving the dildo gently in and out. An hour later George was done and flipped me over again. He then proceeded to grab my lower lip and pierce it. Leslie looked over approvingly. George knew I wanted him and so did Leslie. She put the chair in an upright position and grabbed the clippers. “Last on the list”; she said. I looked at her and pleaded” I want to eat you while you are shaving my head and I want George to fuck me as well!” Leslie murmured back; “of course my love.” With that she put the chair in recline again. George mounted the chair and proceeded to gently insert his giant tool. I looked at him and commanded him to ram it up as far as it would go. He did and I screamed in ecstacy. Now Leslie mounted my face. I could tell that she was horny as her hairless pussy was so deliciously wet. One touch of my oversized balled tongue on her clit and she came in a frenzy. I heard the clippers come to life. The sound grew louder as they approached my
forehead. Leslie pushed the clippers through what was left of my Jar head flattop. I could feel the white little hairs leaving my head. By now George was pumping furiously and I was climbing towards an unbelievable orgasm. Leslie continued to slowly push the clippers over the top of my head. I was beginning to feel free, freer than I had ever been in my life. I never knew how much I wanted to be bald until now. Soon Leslie was done. I continued to lick at her pussy, causing her to occasionally lose focus. She reached over for a wet towel that she had prepared before and covered my head in order to soften what remained of my hair. Leslie removed the towel and began to cover the top of my heads with the warm lather of shaving cream. It was just too much and I squeezed Georges swollen member and came at the exact instant that George did. After recovering, Leslie finished shaving my head. When she completed the task, I trapped her clit between my upper lip and tongue. She squealed in delight as she came again. Both she and George dismounted the chair. Leslie cleaned me up and applied a fresh makeup job to my face. She looked lovingly at me and said I was ready for the final reveal. She helped me up and walked me over to the full length mirror. The first thing I noticed was the smooth and flawless look of my freshly shaven skull. I was home I said to myself. I knew I wanted to be bald forever. I loved the new lip piercing and as I gazed down I could see that the mound between my legs had been tattooed with Leslie’s name in cursive with the possessive apostrophe S at the the top. I smiled I loved it. I could see looking straight into the mirror from the reflection mirror on the opposite side of
the wall a beautiful 2 headed dragon had been symmetrically tattooed from the based of my spine to my shoulders. It was magnificent. I spoke to Leslie and asked what I could do for a job here as I did not think I would be hired
as a teacher with my new look. Leslie smiled and said ; “:be a barber like me and we can spend a lot of time together. I thought it was a great idea. I could not wait as well as for tomorrow when my head and pussy would be
shaved clean again.

To be continued…

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