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I met Lois at a garden party. She immediately caught my attention when I saw her enter with two friends accompanying her.Her slim tall figure (about four inches less than my six feet), her terrific slender long legs, for the greater part exposed beneath the hem of her miniskirt, her pretty facial features, the remarkable emerald colour of her eyes, but above all her hair cast a spell on me! Not in the first place the colour of her hair, chestnut brown, but its length or better its shortness. No more than 1/8 inch all over. She looked fabulous with this supershort hair. Her head was perfectly shaped, her little ears well sculptured, lying flat to her skull and her neck resembled a slim alabaster column.

I was talking to a few people which I had never seen before and immediately I had lost every interest in what they were saying. I made up an excuse to leave and tried to approach the girl. At last I succeeded to stand next to her when we were invited to come to the terrace where someone would sing to the accompaniment of a piano. During the applause afterwards I told her that I liked her hairstyle.

She smiled: ”Thank you, most people don’t. They think that I’m a butch which is not true. Or they regret that I have no luscious mane, particularly men.”

We started talking. I took her to a relatively quiet place in the garden we kept talking. We were getting along splendidly and we were surprised by her friends searching for her.

“I’m sorry.” she said, ”I did come with them and I have to leave with them.”

”It’s okay,” I said, ”Could we meet again?”

She smiled: ”Next weekend, call me.” She gave me the number.

Lois was living at the campus together with Ruth, her roommate. She was 19 and a freshman at university.

Friday night I took her to a restaurant and we had dinner. Afterwards I asked whether she would like to visit a disco but she said that she preferred a quiet place and have a good conversation.

”I know a quiet place,” I said. Lois smiled: she understood what I meant.

Maybe she would have spent the night at my home if I had insisted but I didn’t. I escorted her to her apartment and for the first time we kissed each other and agreed to go sailing on the lake the next day. Obviously we had fallen in love.

Saturday was a sunny day with enough wind. Lois looked terrific clothed with white flannel trousers, a blue white striped boat-neck sweater and white sports shoes. At a lonely place I dropped the anchor and we swam to the shore. We found a sheltered spot and lay down next to each other.With no one in the environment our kissing and hugging found a natural continuation in our love-making for the first time. And this time Lois stayed overnight at my home.

I had asked her when she had cut her hair that short. She told me that she had had her hair grow since her ninth year. She showed me a picture of herself and her mother when she was fourteen with waistlength hair. All the time during high school she didn’t have it cut apart from the split ends. Her mother cut them off every three months. When she went to college she had asked Ruth to give her a trim but her roommate hadn’t had the guts to do so as she feared that she couldn’t get the hair at one length. So when Lois came home for Christmas her mother rebuked her for waiting too long and told her to visit a beautysalon for a trim next time.

”So in March I went to a beautysalon. My stylist, a young woman of about 25 years with a short haircut, asked me if I ever had considered to have my hair cut short. ‘Not really,’ I said.”

‘I think it would it would suit you very well,’ she said.

‘Well, I don’t know, I love my hair!’

‘Okay, it’s healthy and shining but it would be easier and it would make up for lost time.’

‘Well, it’s worth it.’

She smiled: ‘You know, I started my education as a stylist when I was seventeen. At the end of my first day when the last client had left, the owner of the salon, a middle-aged woman, took me apart and said: ‘If you want I’ll cut your hair.’ I had long hair, not so long as yours, and surprised I asked: ‘What is wrong with my hair?’

‘Nothing,’ she answered, ‘But why, do you think, here we all have short hair?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said.

‘Because it’s easy to maintain and get into shape. In the morning it’s sufficient to drag a comb through your hair and rub a little gel into it and you’re ready.’

‘Well, she talked me into a short style and voila, I never changed the length.’

She saw that she couldn’t persuade me and she smiled: ‘Okay, you are not yet ready for it. I’ll cut he split ends but let me cut your hair into layers. It’s just hanging down straight. That’s boring, layering would give your hair more volume. It requires some cutting but the overall lenght will be maimtained.’

I agreed and though I felt uneasy when I saw how much of my hair landed on the floor I was satisfied with the result.

When I came home Ruth said; ‘Gosh, you changed your hairstyle, it looks terrific.’

I told her the stylist had tried to talk me into a short hairdo and she said dreamily; ‘You know, I’ve often thought about cutting my hair off.

‘All of it?’ I asked teasingly.

‘No, but indeed very short. However, I never had the guts to do so. Maybe, if we should do it together, that would be another case.’

We both laughed and we didn’t mention the subject any more. But every now and then the words of the stylist came back into my mind, especially when I was late in the morning owing to styling my hair and Ruth had to wait for me. To be true, the reverse happened too.

One morning, at the beginning of April, it hapened again. Annoyed Ruth burst into the bathroom: ‘Ah, your hair again!’

‘Just a few moments. You know yesterday it was you I had to wait for.’

Ruth grinned: ‘Yeah, time to cut off our hair.’

Our class was finished early that day and we ran some errands before going home. When we came across a barbershop Ruth said: ‘Look, there is no one waiting. Let’s go in!’

Before I realized she had opened the door and pulled me inside. A middle-aged barber was cutting the hair of a client. He gave us a nod saying: ‘Take a seat, Liv will be with you any moment.’

Ruth pushed me to the hatstand: ‘Take off your coat.’

Suddenly she had taken the lead. In a low voice I said: ‘What are we doing here? It’s a barbershop.’

‘They can cut hair, you know,’ she grinned.

A door in the back of the shop opened and an attractive young woman entered: ‘Hi, I’m Liv.’

‘My name is Ruth and her’s is Lois.’

Ruth shoved me on the empty chair: ‘You go first.’

‘Well Lois, what are we going to do?’ Liv asked.

Embarrassed I hackled: ‘I…I don’t know.’

Suddenly Ruth stood next to me on the other side. She bent over to me, her hair falling in front of her head tickled my face. ‘Lois,’ she whispered, ‘Please, help me. I told you I’m only able to do it when we do it together.’

In her eyes I saw both hope and dispair. I imagined how that mass of blonde curls would hit the floor and all of a sudden excitement overwhelmed me.

To my own surprise I heard myself say: ‘Okay!’

Relieved Ruty said: ‘We want a really short haircut.’

Confused I wondered which situation I had fallen into. Suddenly I realized that I had committed myself to a short haircut. I wanted to say that I withdrew my promise but I couldn’t: it wouldn’t be fair with regard to Ruth.

Liv had started to brush my long tresses and I relaxed somewhat though I knew it would be the last time.

‘I’ll cut off the bulk first,’ Liv announced. She gathered my hair into a huge ponytail on top of my head and secured it with a blue ribbon.

‘Don’t be frightened,’
she said, ‘I’m going to use the clippers.’

With those words she flicked them on and very quickly severed the ponytail from my head. I gasped when the shortened hair fell across my face.

‘What style do have in mind?’ Liv directed the question to Ruth. Clearly she assumed that my roommate had the direction and I felt left out. ‘A bob or something more severe?’

‘I think a buzzcut with a number four would be fine,’ Ruth answered.

‘Do you agree?’ Liv had the politeness to ask my opinion.

I nodded. I had no idea what Ruth had meant and it sounded like Chinese to me.

‘Okay.’ Liv said starting the clippers again, ‘Look straight forward.’

Liv put he clippers at my forehead and moved them backwards to my crown. Tears were flowing and blurred my vision and I couldn’t see which damage was done. The clippers returned to my hairline and again mowed through my hair.

Well, I had condemned myself to this, my long tresses had gone and I resigned. The top of my head was shorn, the sides followed and my head wa pushed to my chest. At last the hair at the back was removed. I had no idea how much was left.

Ruth had her hand stroke across my head.

‘It might be cut shorter, don’t you think it would suit her?’

Liv nodded: ‘Number one?’


They didn’t even ask me if I agreed but I didn’t more care, I felt numb. Again the clippers went across my scalp, short hairs rained down. Liv brushed my head and took away the cape. I wiped my eyes dry and gazed at my image in the mirror and you know what I saw. Initially I was shocked but very soon I got used to my new appearance. I even cannot imagine me ever having long hair again. What a waste of time all those years!”

“And Ruth got the same buzzcut?”

“Of course. But……we must decide what we’ll do now. A week has passed since our latest tidying up. What do you think?”

“Well, it’s your hair.”

“I ask you. What would you like?”

“What I would like? Shave your head.”

Surprised Lois looked at me: “Totally bald?”


Lois pondered for a few moments, then smiled: “Okay, let’s do it.”

I said: “I should like to play a little game in connection to the shaving.”

“What game?” she inquired suspiciously.

“Tying you naked to a chair.”

“Why?” Lois asked aghast, “I won’t run away.”

“I know. No, to get an extra kick out of the event.”

“For you! But how do you think I’ll feel? Vulnerable, powerless, humiliated!”

I had to recognize that she was right. When she didn’t get a kick out of it the idea was no good.

Lois had an alternative option to cheer me up: “How about we both being naked and you blindfolding me so that I can’t see but only hear and feel?”

“Okay, if you want this. But a normal blindfold will be in the way, so I have to use tape to cover your eyes.”

She didn’t object and we went to the bathroom. I covered Lois’ head with shaving foam and started to shave her scalp.

Lois moaned and exclaimed: “Wow, this feels so good. I’ll tell Ruth that she should try.”

I took my time and scraped the foam and the short hairs by slow movements from her head. Lois found my erect penis and caressed it with her slender fingers.

I lathered her scalp again. Lois was sitting on a chair across the mirror. I asked her to rise, turned the chair and sat down myself. I asked her to straddle me, I removed the tapes from her eyes and now she could see her image in the mirror. I directed my hard on into her vagina and began to shave her nape, telling her to move as least as possible. But it was impossible to sit still completely and before I had removed all of the foam I had to stop as she could no longer restrain our passion. Perfectly timed we rached a climax together and I squirted my sperma into her hungry cunt. After some time I resumed the shaving, wiped her head clean and applied a lotion all across her scalp.

“Soft and smooth like your butt,” I said.

Lois caressed her nude scalp: “Oh, this is an insane feeling! I like it!”

“What are you going to tell your mother?” I asked.

She miled misschievously: “I don’t tell her everything. She knows that I have cut my hair and she was upset at first to hear that it is now terribly short. But later she said that I was right not to spend so much time to keep my hair in shape. Oh well, before I go home I won’t shave my head.”

We went to bed; sometimes we were sleeping, sometimes we made love. I hardly could keep my hands away from her smooth scalp. In the middle of the night we decided that we should remove her body hair too which chiefly meant her pubic and peri-anal hair. Lois was lying right across the bed, her legs spread and her feet on the floor. Carefully I shaved the region clean and afterwards we had tremendous sex again.

Since that night I have shaved her now and then when we felt the urge to do so. Sometimes we let her hair grow out somewhat but never more than 1/2 inch.

During the summer holidays Lois took some summerclasses and she was only a few weeks away to spend with her parents. When she came back she let out that she had told them a lot about me and us and that they wanted to meet me!

Well, next weekend we’ll visit them! I’m curious!

The end.

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