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My name is Tony. I had been dating Tammy for a couple of months. She is in Grade 11 and I am graduating at the end of this year.

Things are going pretty well between us. We enjoy hanging out together, talk about a lot of different subjects and she is willing to have sex. I had decided that it was time to test her, see if she was ready to go to the next level.

Last Friday night she was over at my place and we were watching a movie cuddled up on the couch. I live with my Dad but he was out and wouldn’t be back til late.

During a commercial I took advantage of the moment and began kissing Tammy’s neck. I could tell she was getting into it. I figured this was a good time to talk to her about what I had been thinking, so I asked “What would you think about us getting a little more serious?”

She just curled her neck up to meet my lips again. “What do you mean?”

“Well, just that I’d like to decide together that we are both not going to go out with other people.”

“Yah, ok.”

I just took a breath and dived in. “There’s something else.”


“I need to know first, do you want to really be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, you know I do.”

“Good, I like that.”

“So what’s the `something else’?”

I was still breathing and kissing the back of her neck, and I brought my hand up and slowly started tracing the outline of her hairline along the back of her neck. “I’ve been thinking about something…. if you want to be my girlfriend… you should let me give you a haircut. It would really turn me on.”

Her dark brown hair was shiny, straight and all one length, hanging straight down her back just past her waist.

“You want to cut my hair?” I could hear the concern in her voice. “I thought you liked my hair long.”

“Well, I do, and I probably would leave it pretty long, but it’s always been a fantasy for me to have a beautiful girl let me cut her hair.”

She was quiet for a few seconds, I could tell she didn’t know what to say. “Well…. no… I don’t think I can. My parents would freak out and my regular stylist takes such good care of my hair… so, I don’t think I want to.”

My answer was quick. “Oh well, I guess that’s your choice. I guess we won’t be going together much longer then.”

“What… you are going to break up with me because I don’t want you to cut my hair?”

“Yes….” I tried to explain my position. “I told you, this is something that really excites me, that I have been fantasizing about for a long time, and if you don’t want to do it then I want to find a girlfriend who will let me cut her hair.”

I could see by the look on her face that she wasn’t happy so I said “Look, I don’t want to force you to do this. Why don’t I take you home, you can think about it… If you still want to be my girlfriend than come over at noon tomorrow and we’ll get started. If you don’t come, I will know your decision and start dating other people.”

I could see the tears coming up in her eyes but I didn’t offer her any comfort. I just got up and grabbed our coats. “Here, ” I said “I’ll take you home and you can think about what’s important to you….”

We sat in silence on the short drive to her house. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and couldn’t resist stroking her neck in the back, wondering if it would be my last chance to touch her there. “Well… bye…. maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next morning I tried to sleep in as late as possible so I wouldn’t have so long to wait, but I was awake and restless by 9:00 am. I kept myself busy playing X-Box all morning. My Dad was home for a while, but was leaving to go to work at 11. After he was gone, that last hour felt like a lifetime. One minute I was sure she would come, the next minute I was just as certain that she would never agree to part with her hair.

At five to 12, I heard a tiny knock at the back door. When I opened it she was there, looking tired and with her hair just pulled straight back into a ponytail. “C’mon in” I said, stepping out of her way.

“Ok,” she said, “I’ll do it, but you have to promise me you won’t cut it short.”

“Then turn right around and go! I don’t want to make any promises… I was planning on leaving most of it long, but I want to cut it the way I want to. … If you won’t agree to that then just leave… and I will find a girlfriend who cares about me more than her hair.”

She grabbed my arm and started to cry. “I don’t want to go… I don’t want you to have another girlfriend…”

“Then come in and let me cut your hair the way I want. You know you will always be beautiful to me no matter what.”

“You promise me it will still be long?”

“I promise I will leave some long hair.” She stood there looking at me with tears in her eyes, and then her head dropped and she said “Okay” in this tiny scared voice. I took her hand and led her downstairs to my bathroom where I had set up a stool earlier hoping that she would agree.

I held her and kissed her a long time, whispering over and over “Don’t be scared baby… it’s gonna look good…”

I had put a sheet down on the floor with the stool in the middle but had my haircutting tools out of sight. I helped her take her coat off and guided her into the seat, then I lifted her hair up and lay a towel across the back of her shoulders. She looked scared and was very quiet so I didn’t talk either, just took out her ponytail and started brushing her long hair slowly.

I brushed and brushed for several long minutes hoping that she would relax, but finally said “I am going to start now…”. She said nothing, her face was sad and she just sat there silently. Part of me felt really bad to see how upset she was, but I knew that I wanted this more than anything and her fear and reluctance just added to my excitement.

Her hair was soft, sleek and silky from the many brush strokes I had given. Bending down, I used a comb to guide the scissors as I started cutting from left to right taking off about four inches across the bottom, loving the sound of every snip and seeing the wisps of hair fall to the floor.

She could tell by my hand across her back that I was just cutting off a few inches, and I could feel her holding her breath until I stopped. I rubbed the cut ends of her hair between my fingertips, put the scissors down and started brushing her hair again. “Are you finished?”

I held her hair off to one side and brushed my lips against her neck, whispering into the soft skin behind her ear. “Not yet… I just want to take it real slow and remember this day forever.”

After a few more minutes of brushing, I took a rat-tail comb and sectioned her hair in a straight line across the tops of her ears. I pulled all the long hair on top forward and fastened it with a clip so that it hung over her face and covered her eyes. Using a small elastic I tied the lower hair hanging down the back into a loose ponytail.

Picking up the scissors again I held the ponytail out to the back without a lot of tension and began to cut through the strands. I think she could tell by the sound of the scissors that I was cutting close to her head. She whispered “Please… no… ” and started to cry.

I kept cutting, my head down and focused. “Sshh… don’t be scared… I am almost finished this part…” And with a few more strokes of the scissors the lower ponytail was off and I set it off to the side.

All of her long hair was still piled up and forward on the top of her head, but the back was cropped down to almost nothing, just ragged sprouts an inch or less up to the tops of the ears. She was crying really hard now. It bothered me to see her like that, but still I couldn’t resist stroking the back of her neck. “Oh, this is perfect…” I kissed her neck, and wiped away the tears running down her cheeks and throat below the messy top hair.

I waited another moment hoping that she would be able to calm herself, and then decided to just get it over with. I had the clippers plugged in and ready.
I leaned over her and whispered to her softly. “I know this is going to be hard, but I will try and finish as quick as possible…” Pushing her head forward onto her chest, I brought the bare blade of the clippers up to her neck and shaved her straight up to the line where the long hair stopped.

I would have loved to have shaved very slowly, enjoying every minute, but she was crying really hard now. Moving quickly, it only took only five or six passes and she was practically bald from the hairline up to the tops of her ears.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore and so I lifted her off the chair and removing the clip from the top I brushed her hair out of her eyes. Kissing her over and over, her cheeks and eyelids were swollen and red from crying so hard. “There baby… it’s all finished… and you look so hot…” She continued to sob as I kissed her face and neck, but allowed me to hold her while we moved together down the hall to my room. I tried to comfort her but couldn’t keep my hands away from her shaved neck, stroking her with one hand while I unbuttoned her shirt and gently laid her down on my bed.

After we were finished and laying in each others arms, I continued to stroke the back of her head and told her how much I loved it and that it was exactly what I wanted. She was still crying and said she hates what I have done to her.

Sooner or later she’ll get used to it… I am going to talk her into wearing the top section up in pigtails or ponytail at school so that everyone will see my girlfriend’s haircut.

Maybe next time I will give her a smooth lather shave on the neck and cut the bangs nice and short too…

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