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Tittle: Our elementry haircuts-part1
Author: bald danielle

When I was 2 my mother buzzed my twin’s and mine hair down to 1/8 inch. If We ever wanted to grow it long I would be able to have the most beautiful hair on the planet earth. I guess I realy didn’t care because I was so little. Our hair grew back soon due to my mother not cutting it at all. Life went on as usual and when We started school at age 4 in kingergarden mom trimmed our hair to our sholders.

That year when we let out of school for summer mom told us that we were getting older and that we would not have to dress or look alike anymore. We were excited. Mom told us that we were not going home that we were going to the barbershop. When we got there mom told the barber(where we couldnt hear her) that she wanted the first girl to have a basin haircut with 0000 blade buzzed bangs and then to buzz the rest with a #3 blade and to shave the sides & back. The second was to be buzzed in 1 lengths with a #1 blade.
The barber then went to behind the chair and said “next”. I was a huge tom girl and hated my hair long. So I jumped up in the chair. I got my assigned haircut and then the barber said “next”. My sister hopped in the chair and got her haircut. Mom asked us if we wanted our hair shorter. I did but said no and so did my sister, my mom paid the barber and we went home. Julie (my sister) asked mom how long we would keep our haircut this way. And I asked how long till we would get it cut again. Mom told Julie that it would be that way til it grew out. She told me that I would get it cut at the end of next school year.

The next year came and on the last day mom took us back to Charley’s barbershop where she told them we wanted our hair 1 guard shorter than last year and he called “next” Julie told me that I was going last this time so she got her hair cut then Charley called “next” and I got in the chair and got my head clipper shaved….I loved it. Mom asked if either of us wanted our hair any shorter. We said no, and we went home.

Second grade came and we got our hair cut on the last day again and in to the same styles we had our kindergarden year except Julie had my style and I had hers. Mom again asked if we wanted it any shorter….I said I wanted it like last year and mom said ok and I got my hair clipper shaved again….Julie said no.

Elementry went on and we got the same short haircuts as before until we got to 5th grade. When one day in January Mom picked us up from school and took us to the Charley’s. I asked why we were here Mom said “your sister has been failing school since October, boys are just to distracting”. We went in and mom told me to sit down that I was keeping my today. She told Julie to go sit in the chair and she told Charley about the situation and he said he had a solution. Mom asked “what is it ” he said cut her hair in a buzzed basin with shaved sides and clipper buzzed bangs, and to buzz her eyebrows with a #2 guard”. Mom said to do it! When he got done Mom said “to long” he asked “head or eyebrows” mom said “head” Charley said “how short” “shaved” mom replied. After the cut was completed mom paid and we left.

We stoped at Sally’s beauty supplies on the way home and mom bought a clipper set. Mom said that until her grades were As & Bs she would be shaved EVERY DAY! This happened as mom siad it would the whole rest of the year, and the last day mom said it would be cooler on me if she had us match for a while. I said ok and soon was bald and mom asked if I wanted my eye brows done like Julie’s I said no I wanted them shorter I wanted them to match my head. Mom granted my wish & I soon had no eyebrows.

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