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Hello everyone. Thanks for reading my first story – The Aggressive Barberette. I would like to apologize for the punctuation in that story. The file was either corrupt or it didn’t transfer properly. Hopefully this story file transfers error free. This haircut experience is another true story; however, it occurred about two years before I met the Aggressive Barberette. Feel free to send comments to my email address for either story.

When I first drove by the barber shop, I could see two female barbers working in the two chair shop. There were a few guys waiting along the side wall in the cozy quarters. I decided to park and walk by the shop for a closer look. The shop was very small with 1970s decor. The chairs were not of the real old fashion variety, but they were authentic barber chairs from the 70s. Black leather with chrome trim gave them a distinct barber shop appeal. Four waiting chairs faced the barber chairs. I had not been in an old style barber shop like this since I was young, but an urge inside me was pulling me towards the door to this barber shop.

The barberette nearest the front window was in her late 20s. She was tall, light brown short hair, brown eyes. I thought she was cute. She was definitely my first choice if I could pick my barberette that day. I could not get a clear look at the other barberette, but she looked a lot older. I did not want to enter the shop unless I could get the younger barber, so I continued my walk around the block to ponder my options. I figured I could either time my entrance into the shop so I could get the younger barber when she was free, or I could try to find another shop that appealed to me. Shops like this with two barberettes were difficult to find, so my inner urge did not allow me to leave just yet.

After doing some window shopping in the area, I headed back to the shop to have another look. Two customers were being clippered by the barberettes, and one more customer waiting. I decided to hang out on a bench across the street to see which barber would be next available. After a few minutes, the younger barber finished with her customer. This was my chance. As I started my trek across the street, I noticed the younger barber approach the front door to exit the shop. I stopped in my tracks. I started to panic, but then realized that her exit was a blessing in disguise. I figured she was leaving for lunch and would be gone for maybe a half hour. I assumed the older barber would then head out for lunch after the younger barber returned, thus leaving the younger one all alone in the shop. I went for a walk and returned about 45 minutes later.

Sure enough, the younger barber had returned and had a customer in her chair. The older barber was nowhere in sight, and nobody else was in the shop. PERFECT TIMING! I walked in and was pleasantly greeted by the young barberette. I took a seat directly across from her. She told me she would be with me in 5 or 10 minutes. I was starting to get very excited. I noticed the haircut the barberette was giving the guy in her chair. He was an older gentleman that was pretty much bald on top. She had shaved the hair he had left to a length no longer than rough stubble. She was now in the process of using her clippers to shave the top of his head right down to the scalp. My pants started to get tight watching her buzz this guy. She was very gentle and took her time while doing the buzzing. I could see a little smirk on her face, so I knew that she was having a little fun. If that was me in her chair, my pants zipper would have burst open!

I took a moment to examine the shop, and was very happy with what I saw. Everything resembled an authentic barber shop. To my disappointment I noticed that shaves were not on the menu. A neck shave or face shave probably wasn’t in the cards today (and I was safe from getting a total head shave). I was content though to just enjoy my haircut today.

The barberette had now loosened the cape on the guy and removed the neck tissue. My adrenaline started to pump hard as I knew my turn in the chair was approaching. As she was reaching for the hair vacuum, I noticed someone approach the shop entrance from outside. It looked like the other older barberette. An uneasy feeling became of me, and I quickly developed a lump in my throat. What was I going to do? I had never been in a position where I was trapped into getting the barber that I did not want. My full attention was on the younger barberette as I silently encouraged her to hurry. She was just finishing vacuuming the nape of her customer when the door opened. The other barberette walked by me, smiled, said hello in a sweet voice, and disappeared into the back room. She was not as old as she first appeared from a distance, and I even found her attractive. I would say that she was mid 40s, straight dark hair to just above her shoulders, blue eyes, and kind of a petite 5’4″ figure. When she disappeared into the back room, I thought she was going to finish her lunch break there, so I was a little relieved and turned my attention to the younger lady.

The haircut was now complete. The old guy got up and paid the young barberette. She took her vacuum and meticulously vacuumed her chair. I thought I was home free. Before she finished vacuuming, the other barberette appeared from the back and stood behind her chair. “I can cut your hair now if you want,” she said. I was the only other person in the shop, so it was obvious she was talking to me. I looked into her sparkling blue eyes, and still heard the echo of her sweet voice ringing in my ears. I was ever so close to getting the young barberette, but I couldn’t be rude and tell this lady that I was waiting for the younger barberette. So I stood up tall, smiled at her, and took a seat in her chair.

She introduced herself as Peggy and she was a very sweet lady. She snapped out the burgundy colored nylon cape and draped it around me. Before fastening it, she placed a barber tissue around my neck. She then secured the cape with a clip. As usual, a submissive feeling came over me after being caped by a lovely lady. Peggy spun me around to face the mirror. “So what are we going to do today?” she asked. I first asked if she did shaves. “No, sorry we don’t do shaves here … unless you mean you want me to clipper shave you up the back and around the ears?” she asked in a somewhat joking yet hopeful tone. Peggy caught me off guard with her comment, so in my moment of silence she said that she would just shorten things up and give me a good haircut for the summer. I appreciated her forward approach.

Peggy started with the clippers right away, and used her comb to fluff up my hair before clippering parts of it away. Her technique revealed she was an expert with the clippers as she did not use any guards on the clippers. The clippers were a set of old fashion Osters. Peggy’s comb was the only thing between the clippers and my potential baldness. She continued cutting, removing my hair little by little. I was really enjoying her professional work. After awhile, Peggy put the clippers down and did a little snipping with her scissors. The cut was beginning to take shape and I was quite pleased. She then picked up the clippers again and finished the outline of the cut. My favorite part of any haircut is when a barberette runs the clippers up my neck with a little pressure and force to remove any remaining fuzz. I thought the cut was complete. It was a little shorter than usual, but I liked it.

Peggy then picked up her comb and started to comb my hair upwards from my ears to the top of my head. She did this for what felt like an eternity. I thought she was checking for even lengths. The comb running up my head was a real turn on. “How would you feel if I took you shorter on the sides?” she asked.

Once again I was momentarily lost for words. I was able to squeak out some words and asked her how short she wanted to go. She gave
me a few scenarios. I was reluctant at first, but couldn’t resist her dominant behavior. I told Peggy to just go ahead and do what she thought would look good. That’s when I saw the devilish grin show up for the first time on her face. She picked up the clippers and started to buzz the sides just a little shorter. Both of us were really starting to have fun now. She used her comb a lot to play with my hair. I almost think she used it as a seduction technique to get me under her spell (and it worked). Well, my hair was definitely shorter than usual, but I loved it.

Peggy was about ready to let me out of her chair, when a thought occurred to me. For some dumb reason I asked her how short she had clippered the back (she had not shown me the back in a mirror yet). She picked up a mirror and showed me the back and explained how she tapered it but left some length. It looked great, but was about the same length as my usual haircuts and seemed a little longer than the sides. Peggy then picked up a comb and ran it up my nape sending erotic chills up my spine. She must have sensed what I was thinking. “I think the back needs to be shorter,” she forcefully proclaimed. A slight feeling of panic set in. I asked her how much shorter she was going to go. She said, “I could go a lot shorter or even shave it right down if you let me! I’m just not sure how short you will let me go.” Chills were really running up my spine now. I just smiled as she giggled over her last flirtatious comment. She spun the chair around, tightened the cape, and pulled out the big set of clippers. She put a new blade on them (must have been an eighth of an inch), started them up (and did they ever HUMMMM), pressed them against my neck, ran them straight up my nape, and worked them into a taper half way up the back of my head. I thought I was going to explode right there!!!

Peggy kept buzzing and combing and buzzing and combing. She then moved to the side of my head. She pressed the clippers with the same blade against my head and ran them straight upward, tapering off as she went higher. As she was cutting, she would now and again use her bare hand and run it upward on my nape and above my ears. Her touch was very soothing, but had erotic overtones. After awhile, she turned the clippers off. She then did a lot of combing and hand brushing.

The other younger barberette still did not have a client in her seat. During my haircut we were having a three way conversation, but I now noticed she was quietly focused on watching me get buzzed. Our eyes met, and I smiled. She just smiled back and twitched her eyebrows as if she was sending me a message – her look was telling me I was lucky to have the older lady and not her as my barberette because she would have shaved me completely bald (ok maybe not, but that’s how I interpreted her look)!

Peggy then told me to run my hand up the back of my head to see if it was short enough. It definitely was short. I don’t think I can ever get that bristly feeling though because my hair is too soft and fine textured. I ran my hand over my hair a few times, and then Peggy ran her hand over my hair a few more times. “What do you think?” she asked, “Should I clip it shorter?” Without thinking, all I said was, “what do you think?” I knew what her response would be, but she had cornered me into her seductive plan. She then removed the blade from the clippers, replaced them with another blade, made an adjustment to their cutting length, started them up, winked at me in the mirror, tilted my head forward with her free hand, pressed the steel of the clippers against my neck, and started to buzz the lower part of my nape. I was in heaven!!! She then worked her way up the back and tapered it up. She then used the clippers to shave my sideburns down to a very short length (she trimmed them before, but they still had some length). I still had lots of sideburn, just short hairs (probably not as short as my nape hair though). The whole cut only took about 35 minutes, but it did feel like it lasted forever. In the end my hair was shaved to the skin along the neck, working up into stubble, and quickly tapered to one eighth to one quarter inch. I would say it was about a half inch right at the top part of the back of my head. It was about an eighth of an inch around my ears working to about a half inch further up the side of my head. She left a little length right on top (maybe one inch length).

After she was done clippering, Peggy used her hair vacuum to remove any buzzed hair that decided to cling to my head. The rubber brush on the end of the vacuum was very soothing. She then used her hand and a firm bristled brush to add her finishing touches. I could have sat in her chair all day and let her pamper me. It was tempting to ask her to clipper me shorter, but I realized she would have gone military on me if she was to pick up her clippers again.

I can definitely say that Peggy had given me one of my best haircuts to that point in my life, and it was the most fun haircut I ever had. With my hair that short, she was somehow able to blend it together so that it did not stand straight up (to me that shows that she knows how to use the clippers professionally). I was very happy that my timed entrance to her shop did not go as originally planned. I wish Peggy lived closer to me because I would have continued going to her for my haircuts. It was about a year later when I returned to her town and I was hoping to find her in that quaint little barber shop. Unfortunately, the shop must have changed hands because there was a new name on the door and the shop had two male barbers working inside. Not able to find Peggy, I was forced to search for a new barberette that would hopefully address my submissive haircut needs.

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