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It was May at Nixon Elementary school. Time was approaching for the Schools Anual Summer Camp Fundraising events. An afternoon of activities that helps finance the Summer Activities. First year English Teacher Peggy Taylor who was 23 years old was about to make a contribution more than she could have imagined when she was called into a meeting with Principal Diane Reeves  that fateful mid-May afternoon. Now Peggy Taylor’s greatest physical attribute was her beautiful rapunzel soft  thick golden brown hair that reached her buns. It was a magnificent mane that whether she wore it up n a high tight Kim Kardashian ponytail when she went running on the track after school or down with large curls during the day. Some days she wore it up in a simple tight bun. Her beautiful thick shiny hair was envied by her  older female teachers.especially when she wore it down and it danced along her back as she walked down the halls with her cute sexy  buns moving back and forth to the delight of the male teachers. The male teachers would stop and  watch as she came by and lusted after Peggy’s hair and young slim body.That was the background when Peggy entered Mrs. Reeves Office.

Peggy ” Hi Mrs. Reeves. You wanted to see me about something.” She sat down and her hair flowed over the back of the chair.

Mrs. Reeves” Yes, Peggy I wanted to talk to you about our summer fundraiser the Friday after next. You know that with the latest budget cuts we need all the cash donations we can get. You were recommended to me as a possible fundraiser participant.”

Peggy ” A participant in what way?” 

Mrs. Reeves “  Now every year we have a ” Locks of Love” segment where teachers volunteer to get their hair for pledges in the form of an auction. Now ususally male teachers get their head shaved and a couple of female teachers  have their hair cut at least twelve inches in accordance with ” Locks of Love ” rules. Since you have such a lovely long mane I thought and so did the person that recommended you to me that you would be perfect for a female contributor. Summer vacation is coming so your hair will grow back over the summer. Now to put your mind at ease I do all the cutting of the females. I worked my way through college as a hair stylist. ”

Peggy “Oh, Mrs. Reeves my hair is my pride and joy. I usually just get trims of just an inch or two. How much do you want me to contribute?”

Mrs. Reeves” Come stand over here in front of me.” ( Peggy stood with her back to Mrs. Reeves who finger combed Peggy’s long soft brown hair. It was magnificent material.  She took out a ruler and measured Peggy’s soft hair.) She spoke ” I think we could get some real good money if you let me cut 18 inches. That would put it up to the middle of your back.”

Peggy” Eighteen Inches-Oh No I couldn’t let you cut off that much. You really need me to c;ut off that much?”

Mrs. Reeves ” Peggy based on past years auctions I bet we could get a $500 donation if you let me cut an 18″ ponytail off. It will grow back over the summer. The school really needs the funds and it would show your fellow teachers that you are a ‘ team ‘ player. Now be a team player and let me put you on the the Program.” Peggy  took the ruler and measured 18 inches of her hair. She looked back at Mrs. Reeves and spoke “You really think we could get $500 for my 18 inch ponytail? How is it done?”

Mrs. Reeves ” When the ‘Locks of Love ‘ segment time comes we will put a chair on stage. You will have your back to the crowd and I will put your hair into an 18 inch ponytail. Mr. Sanchez is our Auctioneer. He is very good.You will be the last one up after Barbara and Carol.  I will be right there with you. When the donation limit is reached I will cut off your ponytail and place it in a bag for donation to be sent to ” Locks of Love”.  You should be on stage no more than 20 minutes.It will be a most memorable experience for you and think of your students and how it will help them this summer.”

Peggy” I know the kids need a good summer program and the school needs private donations. Ok, I’ll do it.”

Mrs Reeves looks at Peggy ” That is fantastic. Ill put your name on the flyer that I’ll post in the busy portions around the school and send it out to the other district schools. I also put it in the stores and resturants. Now the Friday after next be in the gym by the stage by 2pm. Wear your hair down with the big curls you like.” Peggy left Mrs. Reeves office not realizing her destiny.

Mrs. Reeves printed up the flyers and posted them around showing Peggys name in the ‘Locks of Love ‘ segment. During the comng days behind Peggys back at lunch and dinner tables devious plans were hatched. Maybe ti was just Fate that the Friday for the event was Friday the 13th.

The Friday of the event came and at 1pm Peggy was busy helping out with the activities till it came for her to  go to the stage. She was feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement at what was to come. She didnt notice that her long beautiful golden brown hair was being noticed and lusted after as she walked the gym by females and males. Now at 1:45pm a student found her and told her it was time for her to go to the stage. Mrs. Reeves greeted her. ” Hi Peggy, Here take this pill. It will calm your fears. It is lorzepam a relaxer.”  Peggy took the small  pill. Mr. Taylor the Math teacherwas first and with Mr.Sanchez running the auction a $159 was raised for Mr. Taylor to shave his head. Barbara was next and raised $200 for 10 inches of her red hair being cut. Carol the counselor raised $300 for 12 inches of her black hair. Things were moving right along.

Now Mrs. Reeves motioned Peggy to come to the stage and sit on the cutting chair. She had Peggy sit with her back to the audience and she proceeded to put Peggys soft brown hair into a ponytail and at the 18 inch mark she rubberbanded the thick mane. A blue cape was placed tightly around Peggyls slender neck.Mr. Sanchez looked over at Peggy with Mrs. Reeves standing in front of her. He spoke ” Now we have our first year teacher Peggy Taylor who as all of you  know has beautiful Virgin hair. Now what is my bid for 18 inches of her lovely brown hair? Do I hear $50? A hand went up in the audience. The bidding was up to $400 when a note was handed to Mr,Sanchez.  Mr. Sanchez read the note and paused. ” Lady’s , Gentlemen, Mrs. Reeves, and Peggy.! Ihave just recieved an incredible offer from Mr.Trump who as all of you know is your State Champion High School Football coach. He says he will pay $3,000 if Peggy gets a buzz cut with her hair worn up in a tight ponytail like she wears after school when she runs and he wants to keep the hair. Wow! $3,000 for our school! What do you say to that Peggy?! Peggy”  Who is Mr. Trump?” Mrs. Reeves turned Peggys head to the audience and pointed out Mr. Trump. Peggy recognized him as the man from the track that hung around her when she ran.  He kept flirting with her and with him being married Peggy kept rejecting his offers of dinner and sex. “Oh, it’s him. ” she said to Mrs. Reeves. The crowd started chanting Buzzcut! Buzzcut! Buzzcut!, Yes, :Yes, Yes,, Peggy looked up at Mrs. Reeves and shook her head and said “NO, NO NO!” Mr. Sanchez ” Ok, Peggy we need your answer?!” Mrs. Reeves took the Microphone. ” Peggy says she will do it but she wants Mr. Trump to come up and assit in the cutting.” The crowd went crazy Peggy! Peggy! Peggy! Peggy looked at Mrs. Reeves as she was mad and fearful. ” I said NO Way!” Mrs. Reeves glared at Peggy. ” Do you know what I can do with a $3,000 donation tax free. I can do so many things on my list. Now sit there and smile for the cameras. Your hair will grow back. over the summer. ” Mrs Reeves began to remo
ve the rubber band and started brushing Peggy’s long soft golden brown hair into a high tight ponytail  full of bouncy curls which she secured tightly with a couple of rubber bands. Peggy sat with her back to the audience and her treasured mane is a high ponytail. Mr. Reeves reached over to the oyster shears and put a number 2 attachment on them. She greeted with a smile Mr. Trump. ” Mr. Trump I thiink  a #2 buzzcut like you give your football players before they go to camp is appropriate for a $3,000 donation. Would you like to have the honor of buzzing young Miss Taylor? MrTrump smiling ear to ear looked at the crowd. “ Yes, I would as having seen her running on the track I can tell you she would make a fine receiver on my Team”. He turned Peggy to the crowd and while pulling tight on her ponytail he placed the clippers in the middle of Peggy’s young forehead.He smiled and spoke to Peggy. ” Getting Nervous Peggy? You should have let me have an evening with you and not rejected my offers. Now, that 36 inch brown mane of yours will be my trophy.” Peggy closed her eyes as with a ‘Click ‘ the oysters roared to life. The crowd cheered as the Oysters began their journey from Peggys forehead over her head and toward the center of the ponytail. Mr. Trump repeated the motion from front to back. The front of Peggys head was becomng a soft velvet fuzz. He had her turn her back and from the base of her neck the clipper went upward to her crown. Long haired Peggy was being shorn of her soft beautiful golden brown hair like a sheep. Mr. Trump teased her ” No more long hair for you Peggy. I might not be able to catch you now with all this heavy hair removed.” Peggy felt her head get lighter as her mane was removed and even noticed  a few people filming her clipping. She couldn’t hold back the tears as they flowed down her face. Cell phones clicked as her fellow teachers took pictures of her being shorn. Finallly all that was left was the hair directly under the ponytail. Mr. Trump turned toward Mrs. Reeves ” Diane, my darling would you like to finish this lastt section and free the Ponytail?” Peggy looked up at Mrs. Reeves ” He called you Darling?!” Mrs Reeves looked back at Peggy as she turned the clippers back on. “ Oh yes, we are very good friends. He is very generous and very good in bed. You really should have said ‘Yes’ to him. He is the one that recommended you to me. Too late now. Your young and you will learn to say ” Yes”. Now let me finish your haircut.” Mrs Reeves took the clippers and removed the last hair holding Peggy’s long ponytail. She handed the long severed tail of brown silk to Mr.Trump. She took the clippers and made sure Peggys buzzcut was nice and proffesional lookking.She removed the blue cape and the attachment and shaved Peggys neck free of any scraggly hair. The crowd cheered as Peggy stood up and they thanked her for the record donation not knowing the facts behind the haircut. The time was 3pm. 

Peggy rushed to the nearest bathroom and looked in the mirror.” My beautiful hair. My pride and Joy gone.” She rushed to her car and went home. She didn’t see her fellow female teachers going over to Mr.Trump and giving him $20 and $50 bills to recoup his donation. Mr. Trump took Mrs.Reeves out for a evening of dinner and sex as his wife just happen to be visiting inlaws.  Peggy spent the night being consoled by friends and explaining how she had lost her long rapunzel mane. Monday at school she was greeted as a sacrficing heroine for her recrod donaton. Now instead of people wanting to touch her long hair they wanted to rub her fuzzy head. That is how Fate works on Friday the 13th.

The End 

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