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Part I – Nella’s Story

It was late spring and the temperature was rising, as well as my frustrations with life in general and insufferable boredom in my personal life. I was just starting an extended 10 day vacation and it was time for a change, and some excitement. At the age of 27 I decided to get an all-over-tan for the first time in my life and take advantage of the beautiful weather and sunshine. The problem was that the condo I was renting was not exactly conducive to lying out on the deck nude. I would be in full view of anyone visiting the pool in the center of the complex. So I considered other options, including visiting a local nudist club and an “unofficial” nude cove on a nearby lake. Finally, I remembered an old rock quarry that I often visited at night while partying with high-school and college friends. I remembered that the few times I went out in the daytime with an unusually daring young boyfriend during the week-days, no one was ever there. So I decided to re-visit the quarry again and see if it was still as secluded during the day as just a few years ago.

The late morning drive to the large quarry took about a half hour from my condo and took me into the beauty and serenity of the rolling green hills in the nearby countryside. Once there, I didn’t immediately notice any obvious changes. Actually, if anything, the almost hidden entrance was even more inconspicuous because of the continued growth of the nearby trees and bushes. My heart was literally pounding from the anticipation and excitement of getting totally naked outdoors! Would the beautiful quarry I remembered still be the same? Would the clear water in the quarry still be there at the same level? Would it still be secluded? A few moments later, after a slow ride down the curvy dirt path, I had my answers. It was just as beautiful as I had remembered! It was the size of a lake, and surrounded by large slabs of rock (perfect for sunning) and shady trees.

Once I had parked my car under the shade of large nearby tree, I grabbed my towels and suntan lotion and started to lock the car. Then a rather daring thought popped into my adventurous mind. Since I had the whole place to myself, and would soon be naked anyway, why not take off my top and shorts now, and leave them in the locked car. My heart started pounding again as I quickly pulled my top off revealing my naked breasts. Then, without another moment’s thought, I quickly unbuttoned my cut-off shorts and nervously pushed them down my shaking legs. Next, I casually stepped out of them and tossed them in the passenger’s seat next to my discarded top, locked the car, and then turned around and started walking down the long narrow path leading to the water.

The daring thrill of walking down the path while completely naked was simply exhilarating. Knowing that with each progressive step my clothes were being left further behind, and locked in my car, only enhanced the excitement of the moment. As I continued further away from my car and closer to the lake, I felt totally alive for the first time in along time. Soon I reached the end of the path, and found a perfect spot nearby to spread out my towels. Next, I grabbed my suntan oil and began squirting it all over my 5’7″ / 110 lb. body. Starting with my feet, I meticulously proceeded to cover my warm, naked skin with oil. The warmth of the sun felt simply delicious on my bare ass and sensitive breasts as I finished applying the last of the oil.

Then, I decided to go for a relaxing, brief swim before settling down on my towels for some serious nude sunbathing. The coolness of the deep quarry water against my warm skin gave me goose bumps as I felt my nipples stiffen in response. And, the sensation of the cool water rushing in-between my legs and over my bare breasts as I swam back to shore was extremely erotic. This was just the kind of relaxation and excitement that I needed at this precise moment in my life; I remember thinking at the time. Next, I stretched out on my towels and spread my legs wide apart in an effort to accommodate the rays of the sun in-between my slippery, oiled legs. Why hadn’t I done this years ago while I was in school, I thought to myself as I continued to bask in the sun’s warmth caressing my bare breasts. I drifted off for a while before eventually flipping over to expose my bare ass and pussy lips to the sun in the solitude and beauty of the quarry. The rest of the afternoon was simply wonderful enjoying the warmth of the sun on my naked body and occasionally taking a swim. A few hours later, as I was driving back home, I was already looking forward to my next trip to the quarry.

Later that night, I had some very interesting sexual fantasies that kept me awake for the longest time. I was really getting hot thinking about my trip to the quarry. A few times, I actually got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom to inspect the evenness of my new all-over-tan in the mirror. I quickly decided that after running a few necessary errands first thing in the morning, I would drive back out to the quarry and continue working on my all-over-tan and skinny-dipping technique.

The next morning was a carbon copy of the previous day … sunny, warm and barely a cloud in the sky. I finished my errands as quickly as possible and then drove out to the quarry. When I reached the end of the dirt road leading back to the quarry, I was again relieved to not see any other cars in the small clearing. As with yesterday, I decided to leave my clothes in the car and walk down the path to the water completely naked. This time there was no anxiety, like yesterday, just a tremendous sense of freedom and the anticipation of lying out in the sun naked.

Once there, I repeated the routine of the previous day and again oiled my body from head to toe before taking a quick swim and returning to my towels to enjoy the warm sun. After about a half hour lying on my back, I flipped over onto my stomach for the next half hour. Then it was time to take another swim in the cool, refreshing water. This time, I decided to swim to the other side (about ¼ mile across) and back before once again exposing my naked, oiled body to the sun.                  

Shortly after I began swimming back towards the other side, and my towels, I saw another person approaching the rocks near the shore. Oh my God! My sense of solitude and security had just been shattered. I was completely naked, with my clothes locked far away in my car. What was I going to do? A moment later, I collected my thoughts, and calmed down. Then I began slowly swimming again towards the shore. By the time I was only seventy or so yards away, I looked up again to see a petite, slender, naked girl who had just tossed a towel down not to far from mine. Immediately I felt more at ease. Whoever she was, she was apparently here for the same reason as me … to get an all-over-tan. And, she obviously was not shy about being naked. In any case, in another few seconds I would be slowly stepping out of the water and exposing my naked 33C-22-32 body in front of this girl. I wanted excitement and adventure, well, I thought, this is it.

Neither of us made any attempt to conceal our nakedness (like, what’s the point) as I stepped out of the water and walked towards the young girl. She was about 5’5″, with short strawberry blond hair and a beautiful, tan ass. As she slowly turned around to face me, it was very obvious that she had a perfect all-over-tan and a totally smooth, hairless pubic area! The closer I got … the younger she looked. The combination of her sweet, freckled face and slender, petite body made her look extremely young and innocent. However, her completely hairless pubic area and noticeably la
rge labia screamed out “Fuck me, suck me!” The dichotomy of her duel look did not escape me. She was simply stunning … and on so many different levels. She was still standing as I approached my towels and I felt her eyes focus slowly on my nakedness from head to toe. She seemed to alternate her attention between my face and my full, round breasts … while my eyes bounced back and forth between her innocent freckled face and her protruding, tanned labia.

“I didn’t expect to see anyone else out here during the day,” I said casually as I bent over and picked up one of my towels.

“Neither did I,” the girl responded. “I’ve been coming here off and on for a couple of years to lay out naked, and I’ve hardly ever seen anyone during the day.”

“I hope you don’t mind me being here today … I was really looking forward to getting an all-over-tan this year for the first time.”

“Cool. Actually, it will be nice to have someone to talk with,” she said rather softly. “My name is Kirsten.”

“Hi, I’m Nella. By the way, I love your all-over-tan. It really looks great.”

“Thanks,” Kirsten said. “I hate tan lines.”

We continued to talk for a few more moments while she slowly finished rubbing oil all over her slender, tan body while paying extra attention to her beautiful firm breasts and sexy, bald pussy. I simply could not take my eyes off of her while she continued her brief exhibitionist display. Kirsten was obviously very comfortable being totally naked outdoors and in front of a complete stranger. A few minutes later when she had finished her sexy oil massage, we decided to take a long, slow walk all the way around the perimeter of the quarry. After just a few moments, I felt so at ease I almost forgot we were both naked. Upon retuning to our towels we decided to take a quick dip in the water to cool off. As we walked back to our towels Kirsten looked over at me with a very sweet, innocent look and asked, “Would you mind doing me a small favor and rub some of this oil on my back?”

“I wouldn’t mind at all,” I quickly responded as I walked over to Kirsten and took the bottle of oil out of her hand and squirted some onto her delicate, freckled shoulders. To my surprise, I immediately experienced an almost erotic sensation as I began to massage the oil in-between her shoulder blades and down the middle of her back. Her tan skin was so soft, and warm. “Hold still,” I instructed. “Let me put just a little more on your lower back.” Again I squirted out some more oil onto her warm skin and continued to rub lower on her back as she stood motionless and silent. Then, rather impulsively, I reached for the oil one last time and dripped some more over her lower back and onto her small, tan ass. I thought I heard her sigh softly as my hands slid down her back and then lower onto her firm ass. At that point, she actually bent over slightly, and spread her legs a little further apart, as if to invite me to continue the oil massage further down her ass, in-between her legs. I responded by kneeling down, directly behind her, so I would be in a more effective position to keep massaging her absolutely perfect ass. Her beautiful protruding labia were only inches from my slippery fingers at this point and right in front of my face. I was truly mesmerized by the beauty of Kirsten’s young body and thoroughly captivated by her smooth, bald pussy lips. Although I suspected that she actually wanted me to slide my hands further down the crack of her ass, I didn’t want to risk embarrassing myself, or offending her, so I slowly finished massaging the remaining oil over her ass and then stood up instead of going any further. I had no idea what just came over me and prompted me to massage and touch her petite body in such a sensuous manner. All I knew is that it was exciting while it lasted, and if her sighs were any indication, I suspected Kirsten enjoyed it as well.

While I was still trying to collect my composure, Kirsten turned around to face me.

“Thank you,” she softly spoke. “That was wonderful; your hands are so soft and gentle. Perhaps I could return the favor?” she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

Oh my God, I said to myself as I saw her reach for the oil, perhaps I didn’t just imagine Kirsten’s response to my sensual massage of her back and ass. She was really turned on and anxious to play! As she slowly moved closer, towards my bare breasts, my heart started beating faster. While my mind was spinning totally out of control, my naked body was eagerly anticipating Kirsten’s touch on my warm skin.

“Oops,” she said as she squirted oil out of the bottle all over my breasts. Without saying another word, Kirsten slowly reached out and began to massage the oil over my bare breasts and sensitive nipples. My nipples involuntarily responded to her exquisitely soft touch by getting very hard, very quickly. My legs began to get weak as my breathing got faster and faster. Kirsten knew exactly what she was doing and was thoroughly enjoying the reaction she was getting from my sensitive, slippery breasts. Then, quite unexpectedly, this petite young girl leaned forward and softly kissed my parted lips … again and again. My mind was no longer functioning in any semblance of a rational mode. My body was simply responding to Kirsten’s sexual advances. My nervous lips quickly responded to her moist lips and soft, probing tongue. I held onto her graceful, small neck with one hand while the other slid down her back, over the curves of her firm ass and then in-between her delicate, parted legs. Her pussy was already dripping wet and eager to be explored and caressed by my soft and inquisitive touch. For the next few moments, time seemed to stand still. The only thing that mattered was the feeling of her slender, slippery body rubbing up against mine underneath the hot mid-day sun. Just as I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure overload, Kirsten gently pushed me backwards onto my towel. Then she slowly lowered her slippery, sexy body down onto mine. I’ve never had any sexual fantasies quite like that before!

A moment or two later, I felt Kirsten slide down my oiled body just far enough to position her mouth directly above my right breast. Next, while she began to gently suck and lick my right nipple, she reached up with her right hand and began to enthusiastically pinch and roll my left nipple between her soft fingers. Somehow, she instinctively seemed to know exactly what to do to turn me on like no one else. Just when I thought my body couldn’t stand anymore pleasure, Kirsten changed position again and turned around facing my pussy while positioning her perfectly smooth pussy and hanging labia directly above my head. Her beautiful, hairless pussy was the singular most intoxicating and sexy thing I have ever seen. Just as I reached up with both hands to help guide her moist pussy lips down to meet my lips and tongue, Kirsten pushed my shaking legs further apart in an effort to fully expose my neatly trimmed pussy to her lips and talented tongue. The next few minutes were simply a blur of sexual activity. As Kirsten continued to slowly lick my pussy from one end to the other, I began to explore her bald pussy with my curious lips and tongue. At first, I merely kissed and licked her smooth skin from her clit to her ass. Then I started to focus my attention on her enlarged labia. A few moments later, as I felt her approaching orgasm, I started to suck her slippery protruding labia in and out of my mouth faster while I continued to use my tongue.

“Oh yea, yea!” she cried out loud, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

Then she came. As her vagina muscles rhythmically co
nvulsed in pleasure, her pussy began to squirt cum into my mouth and all over my face. At first I was surprised, but then as I quickly realized exactly what was happening, I looked forward to the next wave of cum and continued to enthusiastically suck her pussy and swallow her warm juices in my open mouth. By the time her orgasm and squirting subsided, my face and breasts were drenched in her warm sticky cum. Meanwhile, Kirsten was still licking and sucking my enlarged pussy lips!

Just as my own body was nearing an orgasm, Kirsten slowed down her licking and sucking in an effort to delay my orgasm. Next, she slid off my oiled body and rolled me over onto my stomach and once again spread my legs wide open while gently lifting my hips off the ground. The next thing I felt was Kirsten’s talented tongue begin to probe my exposed ass. At first, she just slowly licked circles around my asshole, arousing both my curiosity and sensitive nerve endings in-between my legs. Then she actually stuck her tongue into my ass. What happened next amazed me even more … she began to fuck my ass with her tongue! While keeping her tongue as stiff as possible, she expertly slid her tongue in and out of my ass. At first, she repeated this motion very slowly, in an attempt to bring me closer and closer to my first anal orgasm. Then, as my erratic breathing quickly increased in intensity, Kirsten began to slide her tongue in and out of my ass faster and faster Then, I came. I screamed and cried out loud in ecstasy as my entire body shuddered uncontrollably for what seemed like an eternity before complete and total sexual exhaustion caused my body to go totally limp.

The next thing I remembered was lying on my back again with Kirsten’s naked body next to mine. A few moments later we both got up and walked into the clear water to cool off and wash the sweat and cum off of each other’s body.  It was at that moment, while we were facing each other, that I noticed Kirsten had no real eyebrows above her expressive blue eyes. Her razor thin, arched eyebrows were actually penciled in! This girl was truly a fascinating and intoxicating blend of young, sweet innocence and erotic, bold sexuality!

As we embraced, and kissed again, my mind briefly relived the events of the day leading up to that exact moment. What a wild ride of exhibitionism and sexual exploration. And with another woman, no less! It was all so unexpected … so spontaneous … so overwhelming. And I loved every thrilling second of it! Just when I was thinking of what to say next to Kirsten, she spoke softy in my ear.

“Why don’t we continue this adventure at my house, I only live a few miles from here. We could take a nice long bath together, have a drink and see what happens next,” she suggested.

“Ok” was the only response that I was apparently capable of making under the circumstances. While my mind was still spinning from all the erotic events of the afternoon and the exciting possibilities of spending more time with this beautiful young girl, my body was simply living in the moment and quickly responded for me. So we gathered up our towels and walked back up the narrow winding path to where our cars were parked. As I tossed my towels into the back seat and then reached for my top and shorts in the passenger’s seat, Kirsten called over to me.

“Nella, there’s no need to get dressed. It’s only a short drive on country roads. The house I’m sharing with a friend is totally secluded, and she’s out of town for the next few days … so we’ll have the whole house to ourselves. Just follow me … see you in a few minutes.”

Ok, I said to myself as I settled into the driver’s seat absolutely totally naked and turned the ignition switch. Just one more new experience for the day, I thought as we slowly drove our cars down the dirt road leading back to the main street. We only passed a few cars on the way to Kirsten’s house, and nobody seemed to notice that the female drivers of our cars were completely naked! Just a few minutes and a couple of turns later, we pulled into the thickly wooded area surrounding Kirsten’s house and parked our cars at the end of the long driveway.

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