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Kirsten's Story

Ever since puberty, I’ve been obsessed with keeping my pussy smooth and hairless. I just loved the look, and sensual feel, of a totally bald pussy. At first, I just shaved everything, then I started going to a hair and body salon to have my pussy and ass waxed. Now, at the age of 21 and after a few years of waxing, I have absolutely no hair in-between my legs! Somewhere along the way, I also started waxing the few fine blonde hairs on my forearms and legs to complete the totally smooth look and feel. I guess you could say I have a hair fetish, but it’s more than just that. I almost completely stopped wearing a bra and panties because of how much I loved the erotic feeling of my clothes against my smooth, bare skin. And, I found out rather quickly that not wearing any underwear led to another unexpected and highly erotic experience … feeling like I was naked in public!

It just makes me feel so sexy and naughty being partially, or completely naked. I often fantasize about being in situations where other people might see my 32-22-30 body totally naked and with a smooth, hairless pussy. That being said, I absolutely love to strip completely naked while driving in the car, trying on sexy clothes in boutique stores and while sunbathing and swimming at a nearby rock quarry. And, when I’m home, I usually don’t wear any clothes at all. I guess I just have an insatiable desire to be naked … and even to get caught in public naked! Go figure.

That brings me to the day I met Nella. It was late spring, and my all-over-tan was just about perfect from frequently laying out naked at the secluded rock quarry.

As usual, I made the short drive from my house that day totally naked. No clothes in the car. No shoes. Just completely naked. As always, I couldn’t wait to get to the secluded quarry and lie out naked in the warm sunshine. That particular day, as I slowly pulled my car into my usual parking spot, I was surprised to see another car parked under the shade of a nearby tree. Immediately my heart started to beat faster and faster as I felt butterflies in my stomach. Then, before I had any time to consider the possible consequences of my actions, I quickly grabbed my towels, lotion and bottled water and stepped out of my car. Then, I locked my car and started walking down the path to the water, knowing that my fantasy of getting caught while naked in public was very likely about to become a reality.

While walking down the path, I considered the possibilities of what I might find.

Maybe a teenage boy, hoping to run into a naked girl tanning herself! Or, a couple of young girls in their new bikinis working on their tan lines while babbling about boys, make-up and clothes. Or, perhaps a boy and his girlfriend having wild, uninhibited sex under the hot sun … who were about to be interrupted by a completely naked girl! Although I was actually getting a little nervous as I got closer to the end of the path, and the uncertainty of the situation, I was also getting extremely excited about walking out in the open and exposing my naked body.

A moment later I was down by the large rocks near the edge of the water. There was a large beach towel spread out on the open ground next to the rocks, but no one was in sight. I figured whoever was there had either gone for a walk, or was in the water swimming. While I looked around for sight of who owned the towels, I decided to place my own towel nearby and begin to oil my body. If it was necessary, I could pick up my few things and quickly leave. Or, if the situation looked harmless, or maybe even interesting, I would be ready to stay for the afternoon. As I was rubbing oil over my arms, I saw I single person swimming towards shore. A moment later, it was apparent that the mystery swimmer was another girl – with shoulder length, dark brown hair. As she slowly walked up out of the water, it was impossible to not notice two rather obvious things. First, like me, she was totally naked. And second, she was absolutely gorgeous! She was a little taller than me, with large, round breasts and an absolutely perfect, toned body. She looked like a fashion model, or perhaps more accurately, a nude model.

As she approached, I noticed more than a casual glance towards my tan, totally bald pussy. With absolutely no pubic hair, it’s pretty obvious that I have rather large, protruding labia. I was so excited; I got to experience being an exhibitionist and a voyeur at the exact same time … how lucky can a girl get? As she casually walked over to her towel, she glanced back at me and said hello. I quickly answered her back and then nervously introduced myself as I continued to rub oil over the rest of my naked body.

Besides being very beautiful, Nella was very easygoing and friendly. And, although I could tell she was a few years older than me, we hit it off instantly. At my suggestion, we decided to take a long walk together around the perimeter of the quarry before lying down on our towels. This gave us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better before settling in for an afternoon of sun and conversation. Upon returning to our towels, I asked Nella if she would be kind enough to rub a little oil on my back before we lay down on our towels. As soon as her soft hands touched me, the nerve endings in my skin immediately responded. The sensual effect of her gentle back massage felt so relaxing, and sexy. Interestingly enough, I felt my nipples and pussy involuntarily respond to the slightest touch of her slippery fingers! Just when I thought she was through rubbing oil onto my back, Nella pleasantly surprised me by squirting a little more oil over my lower back and ass. I simply responded by spreading my legs a little further apart to allow Nella’s hands unrestricted access to explore lower, if that was her intent. Just when I thought her wonderful massage of my back and ass might turn into something more erotic, she paused and handed the oil back to me. At that point, I wondered if she was simply teasing me, or perhaps experiencing sexual desires equal to my own considering the sensual nature of her touch. 

After I thanked her for rubbing oil on my back, I did something really impulsive, and a little risky. I playfully squirted some oil over her breasts and offered to rub it in. Nella responded by simply standing perfectly still, as if inviting me to touch her naked body. Slowly, I reached out and began to massage the oil all over her firm, round breasts. Although I had never done anything exactly like this with another woman before, judging from the response of Nella’s stiff nipples and her heavy breathing, she seemed to quickly get turned on by my sensitive touch and soft caresses. Hesitantly, I moved closer and gently kissed her on the lips. Nella quickly responded by pressing her sexy body against mine and letting her hand drift down my back, over my ass and then in-between my slightly parted legs. A moment later, we both apparently lost all self control! I could not resist the temptation to gently push Nella back onto her towel and then lower my naked body onto hers. The next few hours consisted of the two of us kissing, licking and sucking in every imaginable position out in the middle of the rock quarry, under the hot sun. Finally, we both collapsed out of total sexual and physical exhaustion. Never, in my wildest fantasies did I ever dream of having sex with another girl. Nevertheless … it just happened. I guess we were both simply consumed at the moment with sexual curiosity and the exploration of our mutual sexual desires. Who knew?

After taking a brief swim to cool off and clean up, I surprised myself again and invited Nella to follow me to my place for awhile. Asiana, my roommate, was going to be out of town for a few days … so we would have the whole house all to ourselves. Besides ta
king a nice long bath together, my plans included a couple of really strong drinks (to help dissipate any possible remaining inhibitions) and shaving cream and a razor. I simply had no idea at the time where my insatiable desire to shave Nella’s pussy and ass would eventually take both of us!

As soon as we got inside the house, I mixed up a couple of Long Island iced tea drinks and handed one to Nella. Then, I excused myself for a moment so that I could start our warm bath. Upon my return, I noticed that Nella had already finished a good portion of her drink. I had some catching up to do, I thought, as I gave her a quick tour of the house. A few moments later, we were both lowering our naked bodies down into the warm, soapy water of the oversized tub in my bathroom. Almost immediately, Nella leaned forward and whispered quite an explicit sexual request into my ear. She told me in a very casual voice that she was going to lick and suck my bald pussy until I was on the verge of another orgasm. Then she wanted to lay back and watch as I squirted cum all over her breasts and neatly trimmed pussy!

Oh my god! It seemed as though Nella had a few rather delicious sexual fantasies of her own. Apparently, after downing her drink so quickly … any nervousness or inhibitions were now completely gone. This woman was totally and deliciously out of control! I was speechless as I simply let her reposition me up onto the edge of the tub and spread my tan legs wide open. While Nella slowly lowered her lips to my bald pussy, I reached over, picked up my drink and quickly finished it before leaning back to enjoy the intoxicating sensations of the moment. Just as I was about to cum, and as requested by Nella, I stood up and positioned myself above Nella’s beautiful, glistening body and furiously slid my own fingers in-between my pussy lips to finish what Nella started. Then I squirted again, for the second time that day, all over Nella’s naked, receptive body. After the spasms subsided, I knelt back down in the tub and impulsively began to lick my cum off Nella’s face and breasts. Wow, that really seemed to take her to another level of erotic excitement! I thought she was going to cum again without even having her pussy licked or sucked. The timing was absolutely perfect to make one of my all time favorite fantasies come true. So … I reached for the can of shaving cream and razor I had conveniently positioned on the edge of the tub and gave Nella a very seductive, playful glance. Her response was to simply spread her legs a little wider, and then lean back and close her eyes in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

This beautiful, naked woman in my bath was going to let me shave her pussy bald!

I really took my time massaging the thick, white shaving foam all over the short, dark brown hair on her pubic mound and on each side of her swollen, wet pussy. As I picked up the razor, I gave Nella one last glance before I started. Then, as I had imagined in numerous sexual fantasies, I began to shave Nella’s pussy. Slowly and sensuously, I continued to shave more and more of her dark brown pubic hair. Finally, I was finished and quickly rinsed off her bald, smooth pussy. Next, I instructed Nella to turn around and bend over. Then I quickly squirted more shaving foam down the crack of her spread ass and picked up the razor again. A few moments later her sexy, firm ass was as hairless and smooth as her pussy.

As soon as Nella turned around, she slowly leaned forward and gave me an extremely long, sensuous kiss. Then, she unexpectedly reached up and felt the smooth skin above my eyes. In anticipation of her next question, I took a moment to explain why I waxed my eyebrows and how I penciled them in every day to match whichever wig I chose to wear. After telling Nella how sexy she would look in one of my newest wigs, I impulsively picked up the can of shaving foam again and squirted a little in the palm of my hand. Next, I told her to close her eyes as I dabbed a little shaving foam over both her eyes and picked up the razor again. A moment later Nella’s dark brown eyebrows were gone. Another casualty of my insatiable hair fetish, or perhaps the result of Nella’s own erotic curiosity! Either way, I briefly hopped out of the tub and grabbed my make-up kit and then quickly penciled-in thin, gracefully arched dark brown eyebrows above Nella’s beautiful green eyes. A few moments later we both finally stepped out of the tub and I made a quick trip into the kitchen for refills of our drinks and my digital camera.

Upon my return to the bathroom, I found Nella posing in front of the full length mirror, while carefully examining her freshly shaved pussy and ass. Perfect! I took the opportunity to start taking the first of many nude photos of Nella and her sexy body. I couldn’t help notice that Nella was getting a little turned on from all the attention and started to play with her sexy, large breasts and freshly shaved pussy. As I kept taking pictures, Nella slowly and seductively walked back into the bedroom and continued to provocatively pose for the camera as she continued to caress her own body. Then, as I watched in amazement, she brought herself to an intense, exhibitionistic orgasm while exposing her naked body to the camera lens. When I paused briefly to give her a quick kiss of appreciation for her inspired modeling session, she rather innocently asked to see some of my wigs. I quickly obliged and opened up my closet to reveal my wig collection. I saw Kirsten pick up the camera, as I turned around to face her again. She then asked me to model a few of my wigs for her as she lifted the camera to her eye. No problem. Still completely naked myself, I began to enthusiastically model my wigs for Nella as the late afternoon sun filtered into the room, highlighting my smooth, naked body.

As I replaced the last wig in the closet, Kirsten nonchalantly asked if I had ever shaved my head. Next, Nella asked if I had an electric hair clipper. Wow, I thought, this girl wants to shave my head! Somewhat hesitantly, I walked back into the bathroom, returned with the clippers and handed them to Nella. With clippers in hand, she pulled me back out onto the bedroom deck and placed one of the lounge chairs in the middle of the deck. Then she really surprised me by handing the clippers back to me and sitting down in the chair herself. Quickly, she lifted her dark brown hair up off her shoulders, exposing her vulnerable bare neck to the vibrating steel blades. Then, surprising myself, I placed the clippers at the base of her neck and slowly began to push them up the back of her head, under her hair. 

At that point, I’m not sure which one of us was most surprised as the clippers quickly revealed more and more of Nella’s bare head as they continued their path through her thick, luxurious hair. I’m actually shaving this girl’s head, I thought to myself! Both of us must be absolutely totally out of control, what were we thinking? A few minutes later, I carefully finished shaving Nella’s head completely bald and stepped around in front of her to admire the results of my first haircutting adventure. She looked positively incredible with both a shaved head and pussy!

The clippers were still switched on as Nella slowly stood up and reached up with both hands to feel her newly shorn head. Then, she reached out and took the vibrating clippers out of my hand. Knowing what was going to happen next, I quickly sat down in the chair and took a few deep breaths to calm my anxiousness. A few seconds later I felt the cool blades resting harmlessly on my bare neck. Then, as Nella began to push the clippers up my neck and into my short blonde hair my heart beat quickened. My nervousness quickly turned into erotic excitement as I tried to relax and enjoy the sensation of the clippers gliding effortlessly over the surface of my head, with the realizat
ion that in a few minutes I would be as bald and hairless as Nella. I always knew that someday I was going to give in to my hair fetish desires and shave my head bald … I just didn’t know when, where or how.

As soon as Nella was finished, she switched off the clippers and helped me stand up. Next, I quickly pulled her back into the bathroom with me, so we could check out our new bald look in the mirror. Wow, what a sight … both of us naked and bald! Well, not completely bald. I realized that one more thing needed to be done. Impulsively, I picked up the can of shaving foam and razor again and handed them to Nella as I sat down on the edge of the tub. Now it was Nella’s turn to shave me! Nella wasted no time squirting shaving foam all over my head and then sensuously spreading it into a thin layer, until it completely covered my head. Then she very slowly and carefully began to shave my head as smooth as my waxed pussy. It was a truly incredible, surreal experience to feel the soft, cool shaving foam being slowly scraped away by the razor in Nella’s hand, leaving behind a narrow path of smooth, hairless skin. With every long stroke of the razor, more of the white foam disappeared, and with it … the last of my blonde hair. Soon I was truly, and completely, bald. As soon as Nella set the razor aside, she rinsed off my smooth head and then dried it with a soft towel. Just when I thought she was finished, she squirted a small amount of baby oil in palms of both her hands and then slowly massaged the oil into my bare skin while I continued to watch her in the mirror. Finally, Nella was actually finished and, not surprisingly, anxious to trade places!


Our reflection in the mirror in front of us was truly a sight to behold … two naked girls with hairless, smooth bodies in the process of shaving each other’s heads bald! I had often fantasized about what I might look like with a bald head, but never had quite enough courage to go all the way with my hair fetish adventures. Now, not only was I bald, but I was about finish shaving the head of another girl whom I had just met a few hours ago. Who knew? Soon I was massaging the shaving foam over Nella’s head and reliving my intensely erotic head shaving experience from just a few moments ago. Meanwhile, Nella sat perfectly still and silently continued to watch in the mirror as I began to carefully scrape away the last fine hairs on her head. Then, just as Nella had done to me minutes earlier, I rinsed off her smooth head and dried it before picking up the bottle of baby oil. I almost had another orgasm while just slowly massaging the oil over her bald head!

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