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Kirsten’s Story (con’t)

Nella stayed over that night, and then we revisited the quarry again the next day. This time, however, there were two naked girls in my car … and we were both completely bald! Just to make sure we didn’t attract too much attention while we were driving to the quarry, we both wore baseball caps to conceal our smooth heads. Once at the quarry, we left the shady caps on until we reached our ultimate destination, the water. As soon as we positioned our towels, we quickly began to massage oil all over each other’s naked bodies before taking a swim and then lying down. Nothing out of the ordinary happened that afternoon at the quarry. Nella and I just worked on our all-over-tans and enjoyed having sex under the warm sun. As we were driving back to my place later, Nella surprised me with an idea that really got me excited! She suggested we get dressed up in really sexy, revealing outfits and drive into the city for a night on the town. I could tell from the smile on her face that she had something rather special planned for later that evening.

As soon as we got back to my place we started getting cleaned up and ready to go out. Once in the bath, as you might imagine, it took us quite a while to shave both our heads extra smooth and touch up Nella’s bald pussy. Then it was time to pencil in each other’s eyebrows, put on our make-up and pick out the appropriate wigs for the evening. Nella chose an auburn shoulder length bob style wig that perfectly complimented her natural skin tone, while I chose a somewhat longer length blonde wig, the exact opposite of my usual short style. Go figure.

At that point, Nella suggested just throwing on something casual and taking another sexy outfit with us to change into later. So I quickly tossed on a short, yellow sundress and a matching pair of comfortable sandals, while I tried to pick out something special for later. After a few moments of indecision, I finally settled on an outfit for the evening, placed it in a small travel bag with my make-up and some other bathroom supplies and was ready to go. Nella offered to drive us in her convertible, so we could enjoy the nice warm weather and arrive in style at the same time. First, we made a quick stop at Nella’s condo so that she could make a quick change out the shorts she wore to the quarry and pick out her outfit for the evening. Once we arrived at her condo, it only took her a few moments to quickly change into a pair of jeans and a breezy white cotton blouse, and put her choice of clothes for the evening into a stylish garment bag. A moment later, we were out the door and on our way again. My curiosity was really peaked trying to guess our destination as we entered the downtown district early in the evening. I was absolutely speechless when Nella slowed down the car and turned into a luxury hotel on the Riverwalk.

“Surprise,” she said as she drove up to valet parking and stopped the car. “I thought I would treat us to something special to celebrate our new friendship.”

“Wow!” I quickly replied, as I quickly leaned over and gave Nella a quick kiss on the cheek, “Are you serious … this is fantastic!”

“I’m glad you like it,” Nella said. “I thought it might be exciting to spend a night in the city and go first class.”

“Nella,” I softly whispered, “Are you trying to seduce and take advantage of me?”

“Not that I am aware of,” Nella coyly responded as she feigned an innocent look.

Just then the young valet parking attendant greeted us, opened up the car doors and then gave Nella a claim check in exchange for her car keys. Nella quickly thanked the well dressed attendant and dropped her keys, along with a tip, into his outstretched hand. A moment later we walked through the main hotel entrance and into the enormous lobby. The hotel lobby was nothing short of magnificent, with marble floors and an atrium ceiling high above. Everything was totally first class and absolutely gorgeous. After we got checked-in at the front desk, we decided to check out a few of the boutique shops on the Riverwalk and get something to eat at one of the nearby restaurants with an outdoor patio. Upon our return to the hotel we took the glass elevator, located in the middle of the lobby, up to our room on the top (11th) floor. No surprise, the living area of our room was as impressive as the main lobby with high vaulted ceilings and full length windows across the length of the room. The panoramic view of the busy Riverwalk below, with all the shops and restaurants, was indeed spectacular as the sun was slowly setting and the city lights began to light up the night.

The entrance to the bedroom, and oversized bath, was through a beautiful open archway. Once inside the bedroom, I noticed that my small overnight bag had been placed by a bellman on a chair next to the king bed and Nella’s garment bag was hanging in the open closet. However, the coolest thing by far was the sunken Jacuzzi style tub surrounded by full length windows, just like in the adjacent room. When I turned around, Nella was standing behind me wearing nothing but her sexy smile.

“Why don’t we rinse off real quick before we get changed,” she softly suggested as she reached out and started to unbutton my dress.  “I hear the view from the bath is fantastic.” After she finished releasing the last button, my open dress fell silently off my naked body. Even though no one from below could probably see us, it was still very exciting taking a bath in front of all those windows, especially with the lights on. As much as we had the desire to prolong our bath as long as possible, we were both anxious to get dressed and then explore the local nightlife. So, we kept our exhibitionist bath brief, touched up our makeup and unpacked our clothes.

I chose to wear a simple black mini skirt with a black one button suit jacket, and black high heels. At first glance, my outfit appeared almost conservative. The thing was, the skirt barely covered my ass and, as usual, I was not wearing anything under the skirt in an attempt to conceal either my pussy or bare ass. As for the single breasted suit jacket, without a blouse or bra on underneath, it exposed quite a lot of bare skin – including most of my breasts.

“Wow,” Nella reacted, “You really are quite the exhibitionist!” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before stepping back to get a better look at my selection.

“Do you like it?” I asked as I continued to look at my reflection in the full length mirror.

“I absolutely love it, Kirsten,” she replied, “it’s simple, elegant and barely there … it’s you.”

“Exactly,” I agreed as I watched Nella slowly open her garment bag.

“Let me surprise you,” Nella said as she gently pushed me through the archway and back into the main room. “I’ll only be second.”

A moment later, Nella walked through the archway wearing only an extremely beautiful long sleeved, white button down shirt and black high heels. The formal style linen shirt was about the length of a short mini dress and exquisitely tailored to show off Nella’s curves. It also had contrasting black ivory buttons all the way down the front, and on the intricately detailed cuffs. As a finishing touch, Nella added a delicate black velvet choker around her neck. Finally, the auburn wig was a great choice. It perfectly complimented her complexion and was a dramatic contrast to the white linen dress shirt. She looked so incr
edibly hot and sexy!

 “You’re not the only one with exhibitionist fantasies to explore,” Nella said as she noticed the surprised look on my face.

“Apparently,” I responded as I quickly walked over directly in front of her and placed my hands around her slender waist. Next, I let one hand slowly drift down a little further over the curve of her ass, and then mischievously under the bottom hem of her almost transparent, soft linen shirt. Nella’s beautiful, sexy ass was completely bare! No panties! No thong!

“What can I say,” Nella softly quipped as she opened up another button near the top of the shirt to expose a little more of her tan breasts, “I guess you’re a bad influence on me!”

Oh my, I thought to myself, this girl is so ready to explore her wild side!

A moment later we closed our hotel room door behind us and started walking down the hallway towards the elevator. In a strange kind of way, I felt more naked and exposed than while completely naked at the quarry or driving in my car. Of course the difference was that this was a luxury hotel on the Riverwalk, on a typically crowded Saturday night! And, we were about to take a glass elevator down 11 floors into a 4 star hotel lobby and then out onto the brightly lit Riverwalk with a few thousand other people ready to party. The thing was, with rare exception, nobody seemed to notice anything unusual about the way either of us was dressed. Of course, unless we conspicuously bent over, no one would have any reason to suspect that neither of us was wearing any underwear. And, most of the girls we passed in the hotel, and out on the Riverwalk, were wearing sexy, revealing clothes that partially exposed their breasts and brought the desired attention to their long, bare legs. So for the most part, we fit in just perfectly with the young party crowd around us.

It didn’t take us long to find an interesting looking up-scale bar to stop in and have a drink to start our night out on the town. As with all the Riverwalk bars and restaurants on Saturday night, they were all packed wall-to-wall with people dancing to the loud music and drinking with friends. It took us a while to get our drinks, and once we did, there was nowhere to sit. So we decided to walk out onto the outdoor deck facing the river to finish our drinks and wait for a table or a couple of bar seats to become available. We walked over to the edge of the deck and set our drinks down on the railing as we looked out over the river. The cool breeze outside felt wonderful as it rushed through my bare legs. I could tell that it was having a similar effect on Nella, standing next to me. Her thin linen shirt made it quite obvious that her nipples had stiffened in reaction to the cool night air.

“Oh my,” Nella suddenly exclaimed as she casually reached down and opened up another button near the bottom of her shirt, “This is even more exciting than being totally naked!”

“I know,” I whispered in her ear as I reached up and lightly caressed the bare skin above her breasts.

Soon we were finished with our drinks and walked back inside towards to the loud music and the dance floor. I grabbed hold of Nella’s hand as we slowly pushed and shoved our way through the frenzied crowd. Finally, we made it to the dance floor and started to dance. Watching Nella dance to the fast tempo music under all the spotlights was truly an erotic experience. Every few seconds, the powerful lights shined right through her thin linen shirt, making it virtually transparent. Anyone looking in her direction would definitely notice that she was naked under her classy shirt, and under the brightest of lights see that her pussy was shaved bald! That being said, we were both having the time of our lives while dancing and flirting with indecent exposure out on the crowded dance floor. After about a half hour of exhausting dancing, we decided to take a short break to cool off and get another drink. This time, instead of waiting in line at the crowded bar, we simply returned to the outside deck where an attractive young girl from the bar was now taking orders. She was about my height and weight, with layered, shoulder length black hair and a really cute face. As we passed her on the deck, we quickly placed our order and then walked back over to the railing facing the river. When Nella turned around to face me, I smiled seductively as I noticed that she had unbuttoned yet another black ivory button below her sexy breasts, which revealed even more bare skin each time she moved.

A few moments later, the girl from the bar showed up with our drinks. As I reached into my purse to pay for the drinks, the girl introduced herself as Jamie, and then casually asked Nella about her sexy shirt. Nella responded by telling her that it was custom made and that she would be glad to give her a number to call. As Jamie took my payment for the drinks, and brushed back her long black hair, she thanked Nella for the info and complimented her again on how sexy her outfit looked. I couldn’t help but wonder if Jamie was only interested in Nella’s revealing shirt, or perhaps Nella’s sexy, partially exposed breasts and ass. Either way, I’m pretty sure that both of us were equally aware of Jamie’s thin, sexy body and pretty face. After she walked away, we took our time finishing our drinks, talking (mostly about Jamie) and enjoying the cool night air out on the deck before returning inside to dance again.

This time out on the dance floor, it was even more crowded than earlier. It was hard to simply move, let alone dance. And despite the slight cooling effect of the overhead air-conditioning, it was really, really hot. No one even noticed when I reached up and popped open the only button in the front of my jacket. The slight cooling effect of having my jacket open felt absolutely wonderful, as was the thrill of exposing more skin in public. We kept dancing for quite a while until we eventually decided to take another break to cool off out on the deck and decide where we wanted to go next. Just as we approached the deck railing, Jamie walked up to us and handed us two more drinks.

“Compliments of the young man in the black sport coat and jeans,” she said as she nodded in his direction. As Jamie turned back around to face us, she noticed my open jacket, smiled and then whispered, “He’s really cute, I am so jealous! Have fun girls.” Then her face lit up with a very seductive smile as she lightly touched my hand with hers and then disappeared back into the crowd to get drinks for another customer.

“Wow,” I said to Nella, “This night is getting more interesting by the second.”

“Yes, it is,” Nella said as she smiled at me. “And here comes our secret admirer.”

Nella and I tried to act as casual as possible as the young man in the black sport coat approached us. I slowly reached down and temporarily fastened my jacket button in an attempt to delay the obvious conclusion … that I really got off on exhibitionism.

“Hi, my name is Connor,” he said as he stopped directly in front of us.

“Hi Connor, my name is Kirsten, and this is Nella.” I said as Nella offered her hand to him. “We’re glad that you decided to come over and introduce yourself.”

“Connor, what a beautiful name. Thank you for the drinks, that was very kind of you,” Nella added as the two of them shook hands.

I could tell that Nella and I both thought that Connor was too, too good to be true. He was about my age, with a lean athletic build and a beautiful, strong face to die for. As it turned out, he w
as a senior at the university and on the varsity swim team. No wonder he looked in such great shape. How did I miss seeing him on campus! Within just a few short moments we were literally exchanging life stories, including how Nella and I recently met and became friends (the PG-rated version of course). At some point later in our conversation, when Nella briefly left to freshen up her make-up, Connor and I decided to go dancing. I was really excited to accept his invitation and quickly grabbed his hand as we headed towards the dance floor. After a few really fast dances, the DJ decided to slow it down for a change. Connor quickly pulled me closer and wrapped his strong arms around my waist as we began to dance again. A moment later, I felt the erection in his jeans pressing against my stomach. Now I was the one out of control. With nothing on under my jacket and short skirt, it didn’t take much to get me sexually excited. Add in the fact that Connor was so handsome and sexy, and the effect of a few drinks and loud music … and I was ready to get naked and party. After the dance ended, I suggested that we take a break and go back outside and finish our drinks. As we walked off the dance floor towards the outdoor deck, I made no attempt to reposition my skirt after dancing. I suspected that Connor may have noticed my semi-exposed bare ass while walking behind me.

Looking ahead, out onto the deck, I noticed that Nella was talking again with our waitress, Jamie. They were standing in a relatively secluded area of the deck and appeared to be having a rather intimate conversation. Jamie turned towards Connor and me just as we were approaching Nella. Then Nella quickly re-introduced Jamie and Connor as I picked up my drink and took another sip.

“Well,” Jamie said, “Connor it was nice meeting you, again. I’ll see you all in a few minutes.”

“Connor,” Nella said as she smiled seductively at me, “We’re going to get a few more drinks and party with Jamie after we leave here, would you like to join us?”

“Yes,” Connor remarked with a rather curious look on his sweet face, “Absolutely!” Connor’s reaction was that of a little boy in a candy store for the first time in his life. Except tonight he was going to end up licking and sucking three girl’s pussies, instead of lollipops.

“Oh my God,” I quickly whispered in Nella’s ear, “You are absolutely delicious! This is going to be so much fun!”

“Here comes Jamie now,” Nella said with a smile on her face as she noticed Jamie’s change of clothes after just getting off work. She was now wearing a body clinging red tank dress that really hi-lighted her slender, sexy body and full breasts. She was obviously ready to party!

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