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Jamie’s Story

It was just another busy Saturday night of serving drinks in a really popular night club on the Riverwalk. That is until I saw two really attractive, sexy dressed girls just leaving the dance floor and walking towards my area, the outdoor deck. The taller of the two girls had short auburn hair and was wearing an almost transparent shirt dress that literally showed off every perfect curve of her sculpted body. The other girl was only slightly more petite, with long blond hair and a really young looking, freckled face. She was wearing a short black mini skirt, similar to mine and a black single breasted suit jacket with nothing underneath. To say they both caught my eye, and full attention, would be a real understatement. They were just so flat out beautiful and sexy in a very classy and sensuous way. When they stopped on their way out onto the deck, I quickly took their order, and said that I would deliver their drinks in a few minutes. When I returned, I introduced myself as I set their drinks down on the ledge overlooking the river. While Kirsten opened up her purse to pay the bill, I noticed that Nella had unbuttoned another button on her sexy shirt dress revealing even more of her bare breasts. I couldn’t resist the temptation to stare as I asked Nella where she bought her provocative dress shirt. After she wrote down a brief note and handed it to me, I thanked her for the info and said I’d be back in a while to check on them and left.

Sometime shortly after Nella and Kirsten hit the dance floor again, a really handsome young man in a black sport jacket and dress jeans came up to me and ask if I could do him a favor. He was about 6’ tall with a slim athletic build and short brown hair. He was so good looking, and clean cut, I found myself immediately attracted to him. Expecting him to ask my name and then begin to flirt, I was initially caught off guard as I listened to him describe Nella and Kirsten in perfect detail before pulling out his credit card and asking me to charge their next round of drinks to his card. I was so jealous.

“No problem,” I said, trying not to sound too disappointed, as took his card and walked over to the bar. A moment later, I returned his card and receipt to him and assured him that I would take care of his request. As promised, I kept an eye on Nella and Kirsten while serving drinks, and when I finally saw them walking back towards the deck, I placed and order for their drinks. As I walked up and set their drinks down in front of them, I noticed that Kirsten’s suit jacket was now partially open, no doubt to mostly cool down. However, it also had the extra bonus of making Kirsten, with her innocent freckled face, appear even sexier. Then, I quickly pointed out the young man who bought their drinks and wished them luck with their young admirer.

The next time I passed the dance floor, I couldn’t help but notice Kirsten and Connor close together during one of the rare slow songs played so far that evening. Apparently, at least Kirsten was as impressed, and interested in Connor as I was.

As I returned to the deck to make one last check on my customers, I noticed Nella standing by herself and gazing out towards the river and city skyline. When I stopped to say hi, she caught me by surprise as she asked what time I got off work.

“In just a few minutes at 1am,” I answered, as I tried not to notice how really transparent her thin linen shirt looked in the outdoor lights.

“Jamie, why don’t you join us for a drink after you get off work,” Nella casually asked.

At that moment my curiosity about both Nella, and Kirsten, was sufficiently peaked that I quickly replied “Yea,” as I saw Kirsten and Connor walking back out onto the deck. “That sounds like fun. Just give me few minutes to finish my shift and change into something else and I’ll be right back.”

“Great, see you in a few,” Nella said, as I turned around just in time to briefly say hello again to Kirsten and Connor.

After I finished my shift closing report, I quickly changed back into the short red tank dress that I wore to work earlier that evening and returned back out to the deck to meet up with Nella and Kirsten. Once I spotted them, I was not surprised to still see them talking with Connor. As I got closer, Nella greeted me with a warm smile and an immediate compliment on my red tank dress. Then Nella told me that Connor would be going with us as we walked through the still crowded club on our way towards the front door. As I turned to glance at Connor, I could tell from the smile on his face that he was excited that I was tagging along. I simply had no idea at this point just what kind of excitement was waiting ahead for the rest of the night. However, I was really looking forward to finding out!

Just after we left the club where I worked, Nella asked me for a suggestion of another club close by that might be a little less crowded where we could get another drink together and just hang out. I knew just the place, I told everyone, and it was just a block or two away. Like the club where I worked, it also had a small outside patio area. And, it was a little smaller and not quite as loud. Everyone quickly agreed, and a few moments later we were there and ordering drinks. A few moments later, we spotted an empty table on the outside patio. For a while, we all took turns seductively dancing with Connor, and then just kicked back in quiet conversation as the crowd continued to thin out, eventually leaving us alone on the patio.

While Kirsten and Connor appeared intimately engaged in conversation, I asked Nella how long she and Kirsten had been friends. I was really surprised when she said they only met early yesterday! They seemed so similar in looks, and personality, I just figured that they had been good friends for much longer. Then, just as our conversation turned more personal, Kirsten and Connor disappeared back inside for a few minutes, leaving Nella and me alone on the outside patio. While I continued to stare through Nella’s beautiful semi-transparent shirt dress, I told her again how incredibly sexy both she and Kirsten looked that night, and how envious I was of their apparent lack of inhibition and daring attire. Nella quickly returned the compliment, telling me how sexy I looked, and then added that her exhibitionist desires were newly acquired, and in no small part influenced by the not so innocent, freckled Kirsten. Then, Nella surprised me as she reached out and gently placed her hands near my partially exposed breasts. Without either of us saying another word, she slowly slid her soft hands down the sides of my body until they reached my bare legs. Next, I felt her begin to slowly pull my dress up over my hips until she had unrestricted access to the small red thong I was wearing. For some strange reason, I made no attempt to interfere with her public seduction of me, even though I had absolutely no idea of just how far Nella intended to go. All I knew is that her soft, daring touch was beginning to stimulate me to the point of feeling sexually excited!

Part of me realized that this was absolutely crazy, being slowly and sensuously seduced by another woman while on an outside patio on the Riverwalk. However, another part of me sighed out loud with excitement as I felt Nella slowly begin to push my thong off my slender hips and down my shaking legs. Once they fell to the patio floor I simply stepped completely out of them and spread my legs slightly wider apart in anticipation of what might happen next. For a brief moment, I just stood silently in front of Nella, with my eyes partially closed and my pussy and bare ass still totally exposed to anyone who might happen to walk by and glance in our direction. Then, just as unexpectedly as Nella had sensuously stripped o
ff my thong, she reached out and slowly pulled my dress back down over my naked hips as she leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips. Just then, Kirsten and Connor walked back out on the patio and suggested that we finish the party somewhere else nearby. I was so excited at the moment, I completely forgot about my thong as I turned to follow everyone out of the club to our next destination. Just one block later, Kirsten and Nella stepped off the sidewalk towards one of the luxury hotels.

“Wow,” Connor exclaimed, “You girls go first class!”

“Yeah,” Kirsten said, “Wait until you see the inside!”

That late at night we only passed a few other hotel guests on our way through the nearly deserted lobby. Nella and Kirsten walked straight ahead towards an elegant glass elevator in the middle of the lobby. We had the elevator all to ourselves as the door closed behind us and we heard the automatic chime sound. Once the elevator started, Nella reached out towards the control panel and quickly pushed the buttons for each of the 11 floors.

“Did you forget which floor your room is on?” Connor asked with a puzzled look on his face, as the glass elevator started its slow journey upward.

“No,” Nella seductively responded, “We just thought you might want to enjoy the ride for as long as possible.” Next, she reached out and unbuttoned Kirsten’s suit jacket as the elevator doors silently opened on the 1st floor lobby. A few suspenseful seconds later, the doors closed again.

Connor was so excited, he couldn’t even respond. Anticipating a public striptease show in the glass elevator, he quickly pulled out his cell phone and started taking pictures as Nella pushed open Kirsten’s suit jacket. One more gentle push and Kirsten’s jacket fell silently off her shoulders as the elevator doors opened on the 2nd floor. Then, as Connor and I watched in total amazement, Kirsten stepped towards Nella and gently gave her a full, wet kiss on her parted lips as we waited for the doors to close again. As the elevator started upwards again, Kirsten quickly finished unbuttoning Nella’s linen shirt. The doors opened on the 3rd floor just as Nella’s shirt fell completely off her naked body, revealing a completely bald pussy. As the doors closed again, Nella seductively pushed Kirsten’s black mini skirt down over her hips, revealing another totally smooth pussy, and then let it drift silently down her tan legs to the elevator floor. When the doors reopened on the 4th floor, both Kirsten and Nella were totally naked in the glass elevator. I’m sure that they had been looking forward to this moment all evening, the moment when they were finally totally naked in a public place.

All things considered, I had a feeling that partying with these girls might just get a little crazy. And, after a few strong drinks, and having just been stripped out of my thong in public, I was ready for just about anything. Now dressed in just their high heels, Kirsten and Nella quickly positioned themselves on each side of me and began to massage my breasts through my tight dress while Connor continued to take pictures. The elevator doors opened and closed a few more times while they slowly teased my hard nipples through the top of my dress and occasionally let their hands drift down lower to explore my totally accessible pussy and ass. By the time we approached the 7th floor; they both reached out and began to slowly lift my dress up over my hips, eventually exposing a small black triangle of public hair above my otherwise bald pussy. As the chime sounded, announcing our arrival on the 7th floor, they pulled my dress up even higher over my naked breasts and erect nipples. Then, hoping that there might be an appreciative audience waiting outside the doors, they quickly finished pulling my dress completely off my naked body as the doors silently opened in front of me. At that moment I think I actually wanted someone to catch me naked while riding in a luxury hotel elevator. I mean, what’s the point of being naked in public if no one sees you! As the doors closed again, Kirsten and Nella repositioned my naked body to directly face the doors. Then they each leaned over and began to gently lick my sensitive nipples. When the doors opened on the 8th floor, Kirsten and Nella just kept licking and teasing my hard nipples as I felt my legs begin to weaken from all the attention and intense pleasure my breasts were receiving. Connor kept taking pictures as the doors closed again, and I held on tight to the elevator railings behind me in an effort to keep my balance. Then, the elevator doors slowly opened on the 9th floor. This time, however, the lobby was not deserted.

There was an exceptionally attractive looking couple in their 30’s, wearing bath towels, waiting for a ride up to the spa on the top floor. The man was really handsome, with wavy black hair, clean shaven face and an athletic, tan body. And his female companion was absolutely gorgeous! She was a slender black woman about the same height as Nella, with straight dark brown hair and a really hot, exotic look! At that exact moment, I’m not sure who was more shocked, the two of them, or me. “Oh my,” I heard the woman sigh to her companion, “This looks a like a lot more fun than visiting the spa!” Then, as the elevator doors began to close, she impulsively stepped into the elevator with her equally enthusiastic friend right behind her. Not distracted in the least by our voyeuristic couple, Nella and Kirsten simply continued to bring me closer and closer to orgasm as the elevator doors opened and closed uneventfully at the 10th floor. Meanwhile, the woman and her friend stood off to the side and silently watched in awe as three completely naked girls continued to have sex in a public elevator. A moment later, the chime loudly sounded signaling our arrival on the 11th floor. As the door opened, Nella and Kirsten casually picked up their previously discarded clothes and stepped outside the elevator into the lobby. Then I slowly walked out of the elevator, wearing only my red high heel shoes, as Connor quickly picked up my dress and followed me out into the quiet lobby. I glanced back just in time to see our voyeuristic couple casually step out of the elevator, in the same direction as us, on their way to the spa. Meanwhile, Nella and Kirsten had just unlocked their hotel room door as Connor and I eventually caught up with them. Just as we stepped through the doorway, the other couple slowly walked by and glanced one last time in my direction as the woman purposely flashed her room key directly in front of me. I really wasn’t all that surprised by her gesture. As the woman and I exchanged brief smiles, I recognized the look in her eyes … she was envious of Nella, Kirsten and me for having the lack of inhibitions necessary to strip totally naked and have exhibitionist sex in public. I felt exactly the same way earlier that evening when I first saw Nella and Kirsten in the club. At first, I was simply a shocked and envious voyeur. Then with Nella out on the patio, I was erotically tempted to the point of willing submission, and enthusiastically allowed her to briefly expose my body in public and then seductively strip off my thong. By the time we got into the hotel’s glass elevator, all I could think about was being stripped completely naked and exposing my totally naked body in public!


Once inside the hotel room door, Kirsten quickly turned on the radio and then fixed us all something to drink, while Nella immediately began to undress an extremely enthusiastic Connor. First, she took off his shoes and socks, and then Kirsten came over and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a perfectly smooth, bare chest.

ldquo;Oh my,” Kirsten softly sighed, “It really is true that competitive swimmers keep their bodies waxed.”

“Connor, you have such a beautiful, smooth body,” Nella seductively added as she unbuttoned Connor’s jeans and slowly pulled them down his bare legs.

To my surprise, we were all greeted by a fully erect, and beautifully shaved, penis and smooth, hairless balls. The only body hair Connor had left was a perfectly shaped triangle of short, dark pubic hair, very similar to mine. Wow, I thought to myself as I began to gently caress Connor’s smooth skin, whoever waxes the men’s swim team does a really great job!

“Oh, these feel so nice and smooth,” Kirsten said, as she reached out and lightly glided her delicate, soft fingers up and down his tan, hairless legs.

While Kirsten and I continued to explore Connor’s naked body with our curious hands, Nella kicked off her high heels and walked through the archway towards the oversized sunken bath. Next, we heard her start to fill the large bath with warm soapy water as Kirsten quickly suggested we all join Nella in the next room.

As the three of us walked through the archway, Nella, standing in the middle of the elegant bath, greeted us with a razor and can of shaving foam in her hand. “First one in has the honors,” Nella said as she held her hands up higher and waved the razor in the air.

Although Connor was closest to the bath, he was the perfect gentleman and quickly motioned for me to step into the bath first. As I slowly walked over towards Nella, I quickly finished my rum and Coke and set my empty glass down. After Nella helped me step down into the bath, I took the razor and shaving foam out of Nella’s hands and gave Connor a very seductive, playful smile. Once Connor and Kirsten joined us, we all took turns slowly massaging the thick white shaving foam over his dark brown pubic hair. However, when it came time to actually begin shaving Connor, I needed some assistance from Kirsten to prevent nicking his gorgeous erection. While I positioned the razor, Kirsten gently pushed his erection downward and held it still. Then, I very slowly and carefully began to remove his dark triangle of pubic hair. Soon, I was finished with the razor and quickly rinsed off Connor’s pubic area so we could all caress his beautiful, smooth skin. I must say that Connor was not only very cooperative during our shaving adventure, but he really seemed to enjoy getting shaved by three naked girls. Go figure. The end result left Connor’s tan, athletic body totally void of any body hair whatsoever. Up until that moment, I had been with a few guys who trimmed their chest and pubic hair, but never one who was completely smooth from head to toe. At first glance, he looked like a much younger boy. However, his athletic swimmers physique and his sexy, hard erection hinted at his true age and maturity. He looked so sexy and totally hot!

Then, it was my turn. Considering that fact that I was sitting in a warm bath with two other naked girls and an incredibly handsome, totally smooth, naked guy … I was so turned on and ready to get shaved bald! While Connor watched with keen anticipation, Nella and Kirsten positioned me on the side of the bath facing the windows. Next, they gently spread my legs wide apart as Connor knelt down in-between my legs and brought the can of shaving foam closer to my exposed pussy. I wanted Nella and Kirsten to see my wet pussy as smooth and hairless as theirs … and, I was getting so excited just imagining Connor fucking my freshly shaved, bald pussy, with his smooth cock and balls. So, I just leaned back and watched as Connor began to slowly squirt shaving foam over my pubic mound. After he set aside the can of shaving foam, Connor began to slowly massage the white foam all over my triangle of black pubic hair, and then lower, over my already shaved pussy lips. Next, he picked up the razor and positioned it at the top of my pubic mound, and then slowly began to pull it down through the foam. As Nella and Kirsten kept my legs spread wide open, Connor carefully repeated that process, over and over, until he had finally scraped away the last of the black hair on my pubic mound. And, just because he was enjoying it so much, he continued shaving around the sides my already bald pussy lips, making positively sure that it was totally smooth.

“Connor,” Kirsten said as she and Nella turned me around and spread my legs apart again, “You’re not finished yet.”

Next, I felt the girls squirt more shaving foam down the crack of my ass. Then, as I held perfectly still, Connor carefully shaved away the last few delicate hairs remaining in-between my legs. After Connor set aside the razor, he finished by slowly rinsing off my freshly shaved pussy and ass before Kirsten and Nella took turns slowly exploring the smooth, slippery skin in-between my legs with their soft, gentle fingers. It felt so incredibly different being shaved totally smooth! My hairless pussy and ass were so super sensitive to Nella and Kirsten’s delicate caresses. And, the totally bald look of my freshly shaved pussy was simply exhilarating! I felt like such a naughty exhibitionist with absolutely no hair whatsoever in-between my legs. I couldn’t wait to get out of water so that I could show off my bald pussy.

However, just when I thought my shaving adventure was over, Nella and Kirsten picked up the shaving foam again and began to lather up both my arms and legs. Then they picked up the razor again and took turns meticulously removing the last fine, dark hairs from my body. When they were finally finished, my entire body was totally smooth, and hairless. What an unusual and highly erotic sensation! My entire body felt hypersensitive to the slightest touch, or even the cool hotel room air.  

Once we all got out of the sunken bath and dried off, we walked back into the main room and refilled our drinks as Nella dimmed the lights. With the lights dimmed low, the night view of the Riverwalk and the cityscape in the distance was absolutely incredible. However, we had far more exciting things to explore than the view from an 11th floor suite.

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