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My name is Jennifer, and my best friend's name is Kari.  As much as we are alike, we came from very different worlds.  We're both 5'8", with slender builds and firm 34C breasts.  I'm a natural blonde with green eyes, and she has beautiful auburn hair and big blue eyes.

I grew up in an extremely small and conservative town, with very strict parents.  I only go out due to some caring teachers who helped me get a full scholarship to a large public university far, far from the little town where I was born.

Kari grew up with extremely wealthy parents in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles.  She admittedly had a very easy and spoiled childhood, coasting her way through life.  She was pretty sure the only reason she made it to the university we met at was because her father pulled some strings.

Serendipity paired Kari and I as roommates in the freshman dorm, but we didn't click right away.  I thought Kari was a bitchy spoiled girl, and she thought I was a prudish little virgin… Well, she was right about that last part.  No one piqued my interest back home, and my parents would have never let me date anyway.

I was my usual studious self, but Kari focused only on the social aspects of college.  It wasn't until after midterms that things changed.  I came back form the library one evening to find Kari in our dorm room, which was quite unusual since she usually didn't come back until well after I went to bed.

"Hey Kari!  How are you doing?"  I said, really just trying to be polite.

Kari burst out into tears and revealed to me how she flunked her midterms, got into a huge fight with her parents and her father swore that if Kari flunked out of college that she would be cut off.

Something about her honest demeanor changed my perception of her and opened up my heart.

"Kari, I can help you if you'd like.  I won't do the work for you, but I can definitely help you study.  If you honestly put in some effort, I know we can pull your grades up."

"Really?  Would you?"  Kari said, with her blue eyes as large as I'd ever seen them.  "I feel like I've been such a shitty roommate.  I promise I'll work my ass off!"

Kari crushed any skepticism I may have had, because she was true to her word.  We were quickly becoming best friends.  I helped her pull her grades up, and she helped me be a bit more social, and suddenly college was more than just classes and studying.   Kari quickly pointed out that we were the same size and opened her entire wardrobe to me.  I didn't feel quite comfortable in a lot of her clothes, but in the end I'm pretty sure we threw most of my old rags out.

We'd go to a few parties, danced, had a little to drink, but always knuckled down for schoolwork.  Kari wasn't the spoiled girl I thought she was, she was just very privileged girl who began to flounder on her own.

The end of the semester came like a flash.  While my grades were great, I didn't care.  Kari had become such a genuinely good friend; all that mattered was how hers turned out.  The damage from the start of the semester had been done, but she managed to pull out some respectable grades.   Kari squealed in delight when she saw them, and we agreed it was cause to party!

I don't remember much about the actual party.  Don't get me wrong, we had fun, we danced, we drank… probably a little too much, but it was not otherwise notable.  Around 1am we stumbled back into our dorm room.  The rest of that night I remember vividly.

While I was a bit tipsy, Kari was drunk and beaming with happiness.

"Jenny, since I've met you, I've never been happier!"  Kari said.  "You saw past how I was raised, and actually believe I wasn't just a dumb little rich girl!  I've never had a friend like you!"

"Oh Kari…" I said, but wasn't able to say another word.

Kari unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground.  We'd been living together for a few months and passed each other coming in and out of various stages of dress, but never had I seen how beautiful her body was.  There she was, standing in the tiniest little thong I'd ever seen, sporting an amazing all-over tan. I just stood there dumbfounded as she approached me.

"You're my best friend Jenny, and I love you!"  Kari slurred out, and proceeded to kiss me full on the mouth.

I was taken aback, but didn't fight it.  Instead, I instinctually opened my mouth to greet her warm sensuous tongue with my own.  There we were, me still fully dressed, my best friend and roommate nearly naked, and our tongues inter-wound.  I felt a warmth in my pussy that I'd never felt before.

Our lips parted, and Kari let out a deep sigh and collapsed into her bed.

"Kari?  Kari?"

She had passed out, too much to drink.  I pulled the up the covers over her sleeping nearly nude body, and then got dressed for bed.

As I lay there in the dark, I couldn't get the sensation of our kiss out of my mind.  I was so completely aroused.  Had Kari not fallen asleep, I'm not sure what would have happened, but my mind was filled with the amazing possibilities.  I began massaging my own breast through my nightshirt, rolling my very erect nipples between my fingers while thinking of Kari's beautiful tan breasts.  Soon enough, my hand slipped into my panties as I imagined Kari's tiny little thong.  As I stroked my ample pubic bush, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen a single stray hair on her.  My fingers traveled further, parting my lips and slipping into my pussy.  I was masturbating, fantasizing about my beautiful roommate, who was right there in the room with me, oblivious to my lust.  Even as I reached orgasm and let out a very audible moan, I was sure she had no idea.

The next day, we both headed home for the holidays.  Kari didn't mention our kiss, and I was too embarrassed to say anything about it.  I was sure she'd just had a drunken moment and didn't remember a thing.

The holidays seemed to drag on forever.  While I love my family, that tiny town I grew up in felt even smaller and more claustrophobic than ever.  I had no idea what I would do with myself over the summer.  All I knew was I couldn't wait to get back to university.  More importantly, I couldn't wait to see Kari again.

Much to my disappointment, I arrived back on campus two whole days before Kari came back.  Apparently her parents were delighted with the improvement of her grades and took her on a ski trip to Europe. What a lifestyle, I cannot even fathom something like that.

Kari came back, looking as beautiful as ever. "Kari!  How was your vacation?"  I shouted the moment she opened the door.

"Hey cutie!  It was fantastic.   My parents were so pleased with the improvement of my grades.  I told them it was all due to my awesome roommate and new best friend Jenny!"

All I could do was blush.

"They were so proud of me, and remarked about how I was finally taking responsibility
for myself.  Anyway, I swear all I could do all break was gush about you, and how awesome you are!"

"Kari!"  I said embarrassed.

"No sweetie, you are!  Anyway, my parents said that if I can keep this up this semester, we could have their lake house for the summer!"

"We?" I said confused.

"Yes, they said you were welcome to stay with me too!  Oh my god, you have to come with!  The summer would be so boring without you, and you deserve a nice relaxing summer!"  Kari said.

"I'm there.  I'm so there!"  I replied eagerly.  "We're going to have so much fun!"

"I know right!  We're going to make this semester our bitch, and have the best summer ever!"  Kari bubbled.

And indeed we did.  Kari pulled straight A's, and our summer in paradise was a go!

We had a bit of fun during the semester, lite partying, shopping, etc.; Kari even took me down to L.A. to visit her parents over spring break.  It was a blast, but we never shared a moment like the night before winter break.  While I thought about it all the time, I could never bring up the courage to say anything about it.  I'd pretty much resigned myself that it was just a drunken moment, and I shouldn't obsess over it.

When we arrived at the lake house, it was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.  It was a huge house, with an amazing kitchen, huge deck off the back, and an amazing private view of the lake.  It was the kind of house you see in movies and read about in books.

"Oh my god Kari, this house is incredible!"  I gushed, running from room to room.  "Where should I put my things?"

Kari was mixing us a couple cocktails. "We've got the whole place to ourselves all summer long, so we'll stay in the master suite!  This summer is going to be great.  Hey, lets get changed and enjoy some of this sun."  Kari replied, handing me my drink.

"I don't have a swimsuit."  I said shyly.

"Sweetie, what's mine is yours.  C'mon, I've got a bunch of sexy little bikinis you will look incredible in!"  Kari said, taking my hand in hers and guiding me into the bedroom.

"Here, put this one on.  It'll look amazing in the sun with your long blonde hair!"  Kari said, handing me the skimpiest little blue bikini I've ever seen.

Kari began stripping off her clothes to change into a tiny white bikini she picked out for herself.  Now I'd seen her nearly naked, but I was feeling a bit bashful and headed into the window to change into my bikini.

"Hey Jen, what's the hold up?"  Kari said as she opened the bathroom door.

I quickly and bashfully positioned my hand in front of the bikini bottoms.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?"  Kari asked.

I couldn't bring up the words, I just very slowly moved my trembling hand away, revealing the skimpy bottoms of the bikini, and my full thatch of pubic hair sprouting out all around it.

"Looks like someone is in need of a shave!"  Kari said.

"I know, but… I've never done that before."  I sheepishly replied.

"Wow, honey, I love you but sometimes I forget what a sheltered childhood you had.  Don't worry sweetie, let me help you out with that.  Go ahead and get undressed."  Kari said without a pause.

I paused, and slowly began to untie my bikini top.

"In fact, I could probably use a touchup myself."  Kari said, and quickly stripped out of her white bikini.

"No need to be bashful Jen.  This won't hurt one bit!"  Kari said, reaching out and pulling the string on my bikini bottoms, causing them to fall to the ground.

There we were, fully naked.  Flashes of our brief intimate encounter ran through my head, and that familiar warm feeling began to linger between my legs.

Kari started a bath as we finished our drinks, and grabbed a couple of razors, some shaving foam and depilatory cream from a nearby cabinet.

I wasn't lying to Kari.  I'd never trimmed my pubes.  I hadn't even started to regularly shave my arms and legs until I was in college because my parents refused to buy me the supplies.

"Kari, I've never used depilatory cream before."  I said quietly.

"You haven't?  Honey, it is the best, it doesn't smell the greatest, but like the commercial says, it last much longer than shaving.  You just have to be careful where you put it.  I tried it on my pussy once…. Oh my fucking god did that hurt!  It is fine everywhere else, but don't put it on your bush.  The skin is way too sensitive!"  Kari replied. "Here, let me give you your first lesson."  With that, Kari took my hand and led me into the warm bath.

"Here, I'll do you, and you'll do me" Kari said as my heart quickened.

Kari began covering my body with the depilatory cream.  She was right, it smelled awful, but the whole experience was exhilarating.

"There we go," Kari said as she applied the last of the cream to my legs.  Handing me the bottle, Kari said "Here, now you do me just like I did you."

The dirtiest thoughts raced through my head, and my face and chest was a full blush.

I did my best to repeat the process on Kari's body.  I really wanted to touch her more sensuously, but I restrained myself.

By the time I was done, Kari said it was time to wipe the cream off my body.  As the wet washcloth cleared away that awful smelling cream, along came with it the fine blonde hairs that had previously adorned my body.  My skin immediately felt cooler than ever.

"Okay, my turn!"  Kari said smiling and handing me a fresh washcloth.

I repeated the process on her body, giving me another up-close view to her beautiful breasts, perfect ass, and well-groomed pussy.  Even more dirty thoughts ran through my head.

"See, you're an expert already!"  Kari cheered.  "Now, I should have thought of this earlier.  I'm sure there are some clippers around here.  We'll want to trim down your bush before doing any shaving.  It'll make the process a lot easier."

Kari hopped out of the bath and disappeared around the corner.  My pussy was becoming moister by the second.   A moment later, she returned sporting a huge smile and holding a pair of cordless clippers in her hand.

"Here, lay back and let me trim this down for you."  Kari said, with firmness in her voice.

I relaxed back against the wall of the large bathtub and slowly spread my legs as I gave my best friend access to parts of my body that no one else had seen before.  Kari flipped on the clippers and giggled when I jumped at the sound.

"Don't worry honey, you'll love this!"  Kari said with confidence.

placed the clippers at the top of my bush and ran them across, taking with it most of my virgin pubes.  She was right, it did feel amazing, and my pussy felt wetter than ever before.  Kari continued, slowly and confidently turning my forest of blonde public hair into a short lawn of fine hairs.  When she repeated the process on alongside each of my pussy lips, I thought I was going to explode into orgasm.  There was no way my best friend could not see how aroused I was, but she didn't say a word.

Kari flipped off the clippers.  "There, that'll make shaving you much easier!" she said proudly.  "Okay, now I want you to shave me."

I looked at her and just blinked.

"I know, I'm mostly shaved already, but this will be good practice for you.  Just focus on the top area, the sides will take a little bit more practice and instruction." Kari said without skipping a beat.

As I covered her pubis in shaving cream, I was incredulous.  All year I'd been the one to teach Kari, but now she was the one teaching me, and letting me touch her most intimate parts like I had imagined countless times before.

Kari only had a tiny little brown triangle, situated perfectly above her pussy lips, so there wasn't much there to shave. "Don't worry, I wanted to shave it all off anyway.  Makes it easier to wear tiny bikinis, and allows me to get an all-over tan.  Just shave it all off."

It only took a few slow strokes of the razor to remove that tiny brown triangle of hair, but I instinctually went over everything twice just to make sure there was no stubble.  Her pussy looked amazing.  I noticed that Kari's breath quickened and saw a hint of moisture between her lips.  Kari instructed me to rub in some lotion with a nice smile on her face.

"You're the perfect student!  Now let me shave you, maneuvering the razor along sides of your pussy lips takes a bit of practice, so let me show you how I do it."  Kari said without a hint of ulterior motive in her voice.

I didn't protest.  I was nervous about cutting myself, and I longed for her touch on my pussy.  I was sure it was only a matter of time before I came, but at that point it didn't matter.  My mind was full of lust, and I wanted to feel her touch more than anything.

Kari began shaving down my newly trimmed pubic mound, first around the sides of my pubis, then down the sides of my lips, and down by my asshole.  I was dripping wet.

"So what would you like?  I can shave it into a triangle, a landing strip, maybe a cute little heart?"  Kari said with a coy smile.

"Take it all off.  I love the look of your bald pussy.  Just take it all off!"  I said eagerly.

"You've got it!"  Kari said, and with that she shaved a strip right down the center of my pubis.  I was going to have a hairless pussy for the first time since puberty, and my best friend was the one doing the shaving.  It was driving me wild.

Kari went over everything twice, revealing my smooth and obviously gushing wet pussy.  It felt and looked amazing.

"Here comes the best part!"  Kari said with that same coy smile as she proceeded to massage lotion all over my freshly shaved pussy.

"Oh my god!"  I quickly shouted as I came from her touch.

"I knew you'd love it!"  Kari said, as she moved up my body and brought her sweet lips to my mouth.

"Oh my god Kari." I moaned.  "This is even better than before."

"Before?"  She abruptly stopped.  "Oh my gosh, you mean last semester?!  I thought I dreamed that!"  Kari said with her beautiful blue eyes wide open.

"No, it was real." I purred.  "It was amazing, but I was worried you were just drunk and I didn't want to hurt our friendship by bringing it up."  I said nervously.

"Holy shit!  I'd convinced myself it was a dream.  I've thought about that night time and time again, hell I masturbated in our shower all the time thinking about it."  Kari beamed.   "I've so wanted to kiss you again, but until now, I wasn't sure how you'd respond."

I reached forward and kissed Kari again.  My best friend had just become my lover.

We exited the bath, toweled off and headed into the bedroom.  I was beginning to lose all my inhibitions.  Kari knew me better than anyone, we'd just revealed our mutual attraction to one another, and we'd just shaved each other's pussies to boot!

Kari lay me down on the bed and kissed me once again, only this time it was a shorter kiss.  She began kissing her way down my neck and then down to my firm breasts.  Taking my left nipple in her mouth, she gave me a look of pure passionate lust.  I may have had a sheltered life growing up, by this sexy woman was liberating me.  My pussy was sopping wet once again as Kari suckled each of my nipples as she gently rubbed my smooth pussy.  Before long, she began to kiss her way down my flat stomach.

"Oh my god, I want to taste you!"  Kari said, kissing her way between my legs.

"I want to taste you too!"  I cried out.  "I want your sweet smooth pussy in my mouth!"  I followed, hardly believing the words coming out of my own mouth.

Kari began to reposition herself without stopping her sweet kisses down my body.   Soon her shaved and dripping wet pussy was above my mouth.   As I reach forward to lick and kiss her sweet shaved pussy, Kari pushed her tongue deep into mine.  It was my first 69, and I was sucking the sweet nectar from my best friend's freshly shaven pussy.  Kari and I came simultaneously, covering each other's faces in our juices.

Kari came back up to me and kissed me again, mixing the sweet flavor of our pussies.

We never made it out into the sun that day, instead we spent the rest of the day in bed exploring each other's smooth bodies and bringing each other to countless orgasms.  I was a virgin no more.

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