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After Kari and my passionate night of lovemaking, I was the first to rise.  I headed into the bathroom and started a shower.  Just as I began to wet my waist length blonde hair, the door to the giant walk-in shower opened and Kari entered with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey sexy.  Last night was amazing!"  She said.  "This is going to be an incredible summer!"

"Absolutely!  Until meeting you, I'd never… I'd never imagined being with another woman.  But with you, I feel such an amazing connection.  You're unlike anyone I've ever met before.  I'm… I think I'm falling madly in love with you Kari."  I nervously replied back.

"I love you too honey!"  She replied confidently. "Here, let me help you with that."  Kari poured some shampoo into hear hands and began rubbing it into my long blonde hair.

"Mmmm…" I purred.

"God, your hair is gorgeous, and it's so long!"  Kari said.

"Yeah, I can't remember the last time I got it cut.  My mother never let me cut my hair.  I was thinking, maybe this summer it is time for me to try something different.  Maybe it is time to go for something shorter and sexier."  I replied as Kari rinsed out the shampoo.

"I bet that would be really cute.  You know, I could cut it for you."  Kari said while applying some conditioner.  "One of my friends in high school taught me how to cut hair.  Hell, I was even thinking of going a bit shorter for the summer too.  It always feels better to have it off your shoulders in the hot summer sun."

Kari began to rinse my hair again.

"I'm game.  I trust you more than anyone.  Style it however you think will look best."  I said, this time with great confidence.

"Well, you're hair is washed up, shall we?"  Kari said inquisitively, probably thinking I'd back out.

"Okay!"  I said hopping out of the shower, giving her my own sexy smile.

Kari directed me to sit on a chair in the kitchen while she grabbed her supplies.   I walked out into the open kitchen, still completely naked, and positioned the chair so I could see out the windows and onto the lake.

Kari returned with a small box in her hands.  I was pleased to see that she too was still naked.

 "You've got such amazing blonde hair.  I can't believe you don't color it!"  Kari said as she began combing out my hair.  "I was thinking you'd look really cute with something short, but I don't want to do anything you're not ready for."

"Sweetie" I said looking deep into Jenny's blue eyes, "I trust you, do what you think will look best.  I know it'll come out amazing."

"Alright, get ready for your new look!"  Kari said happily as she put down the comb and grabbed a pair of shears.

Kari placed the scissors up near my temple and said, "Last chance to back out!"

I didn't reply, and a moment later a large section of my long blonde locks fell into my lab.

As Kari continued to cut off my long hair, I found I was getting quite aroused.  I was visibly flush between my breasts, my heart was racing, and my pussy was getting wetter by the moment.  Who knew a haircut could be such a turn on?

I heard Kari put the shears down and pick something else up.  A moment later I jumped at the familiar sound of the cordless clippers coming to life.  Kari just giggled as she began to buzz the hair along the nape of my neck.

I knew my hair was going to be a lot shorter with the length she cut off, but I was only beginning to realize just how short.  Still, I wasn't scared; I was just becoming more excited by the minute.

Kari went through a few different attachments on the clippers as she styled my new, short and sexy hairstyle.  My pussy was simply drenched as my curiosity about my new look grew.

"Alright, I think we're done.  Babe, you looking amazing!"  Kari said with an excitement in her voice.  "Here, a hand mirror won't do this justice, lets use the full length mirror in the bedroom.

As I came around the corner of the bedroom and stood in front of the full-length mirror, still nude, I could hardly believe what I saw.  Just a day before, I had a full bush of pubic hair and waist-length blonde hair.  Now, here I was, with a completely smooth body, shaved pussy, and a sexy short pixie haircut.  I absolutely loved my new look!

"Oh my god Kari, I can hardly believe that's me!"  I said dumbfounded.

"I knew you'd love it."  Kari said confidently. "You are sexier than ever!"  She was obviously proud of her work.

I didn't know how else to respond but to kiss Kari once again.

"Alright babe lets go rinse off the hair trimmings and get out and enjoy the sun!"

We returned to the shower to wash up.  Kari and I did quick touch-up jobs on each other's pussies and rinsed off.

As we toweled off, Kari said "You know what, screw the bathing suits.  Lets start working on our all over tan."

"I couldn't agree more."  I said.

We retired out to the deck and lay out in the warm sun.  It simply felt incredible on my naked body, even more so on my smooth pussy and new short haircut.  The small town girl in me felt like a distant memory.

The next few weeks of the summer continued similarly.  Each morning Kari and I would shave each other's pussies, regularly cover each other's bodies in depilatory cream to remove the rest of the hair from our bodies, and spend much of the day in the sun, and making love… sometimes at the same time!  I was beginning to develop my first real tan, and since we never wore bikinis at the lake house, it was a nice even tan over my entire body.  I'd never felt sexier. Our lovemaking was constant, indoors, outdoors, basically whenever we felt the urge… which was more often than not.

One morning while we were in the shower, after Kari had removed the last of the depilatory cream from my smooth body she said, "Hold on honey, let me try something."

I had long since given into Kari, she'd never steered me wrong, so I didn't jump when she applied some shaving cream onto each of my eyebrows.

"You are going to love this," she said as she began shaving away my eyebrows.  "We can pencil something in to enhance and change up your new look".

I just smiled and allowed her to have her way with me.  Soon my thin blonde eyebrows were a memory, and I reached a new level of bodily smoothness.

"Okay, now my turn," she said handing over the shaving cream and razor.  "Shave mine off too!"

I was no longer a novice at shaving Kari, so I made quick work of her dark eyebrows.

After we toweled off, Kari took me into the bedroom.  &a
mp;quot;Check this out.  Here, try this on."  She said, handing me a wig full of gorgeous red hair she had grabbed from a closet.

I placed it on my head, and she drew in some red eyebrows on my face.

"Hey red, look at you!"  Kari squealed.

Once again, she was right.  As I looked into the mirror, I loved what I saw.

"God, I've gotta get my hair cut so I can wear some of these wigs too!"  Kari said as she starred at me in the mirror.

"I'd offer to cut your hair, but I've never done it before.  I'm afraid I'd do something terrible."  I said feeling disappointed.

"I'm not so sure about that.  Not with the style I've been thinking of."  Kari said defiantly.  "All this hair is driving me nuts in this heat, I just want to chop it all off."

"I can trim it, but anything that short requires styling that I just don't know how to do."  I said feeling even more disappointed.

"How do you think I'd look with a shaved head?"  Kari surprisingly asked me.

"What?  I've never really thought about it before… but… with your features, I really… I really think you could pull it off!  Wow, that would be an all-new look for you.  Are you sure your parents won't mind?"  I said incredulously.

"With all these premium wigs, they'll never notice.  Besides, they're ecstatic over my grades.  For the first time, I'm making my own decisions."  Kari said proudly.

"I know how you feel."  I said.

"So baby… would you like to shave my head?"  Kari said, pretending to be bashful about it.

"Lets to do it!"  I said, feeling a bit giddy.

Kari grabbed the box she used while cutting my hair, but this time I was in charge.

"Alright babe, sit your cute little ass in that chair."  I commanded.

"Yes mam!"  Kari responded jokingly.

I grabbed that same pair of cordless clippers that Kari had used on me, and switched them on.  This time it was Kari who jumped and me who giggled.

"Wooo!  Wow, now I know why you jumped every time I used those things!"  Kari said nervously.

I placed the now vibrating clippers at her forehead, and this time it was me who was saying "Last chance to back out!"

"Do it!"  Kari said proudly.

I pushed the clippers right down the center of her head, causing her shoulder length auburn locks to tumble into Kari's lap.

"Oh my god, I'm getting so wet!"  Kari squealed.

"Me too!"  I bubbled back, shaving another strip of hair down her head.

A short while later, Kari's auburn locks were strewn across her lap and the kitchen floor.  All that was left was fine short hairs.  I clicked off the clippers, reached down and kissed Kari on her stubbly head.

Kari reached up and proclaimed, "Oh wow, this feels amazing!"

"It looks amazing too!"  I responded.  "I can't believe I'm saying this, but… would you shave my head too?  I'd love us to match!"

"I'd love nothing more honey!"  Kari said with a beautiful smile.

We quickly swapped positions and Kari began shaving off my short blonde hair.

She placed the clippers at the center of my forehead and paused, but she didn't ask if she wanted me to proceed.  She knew I wanted this just as much as her, and pushed the clippers down the center of my head.

It didn't long for her to make quick work of my short blonde locks. Kari clicked off the clippers and proclaimed, "Alright, lets shave this stubbly shit off!"

As we headed to the shower, my head was spinning; we were both about to be completely and totally hairless from head to toe.

Kari and I took turns lathering each other's heads in shaving cream, then slowly and carefully shaving away every little bit of stubble, going over everything twice revealing nothing but soft, smooth, hairless skin behind.

I'd never felt so sexy in my entire life.

As we toweled off and examined our sexy hairless new look in the mirror, we realized how incredible similar we looked.  It wasn't just the fact that we both had the same build and completely smooth and hairless bodies, but without the difference in hair color and style, we saw our features were remarkably similar!

"C'mon sis" Kari joked, as she led me back to the bedroom.

We couldn't get enough of our hairless bodies.  Kari began kissing her way down my smooth body to my dripping pussy, and as she gently sucked on my pussy lips and tongued my clit, I reached down and pulled her smooth head harder against me.  The feel of her smooth head, and her incessant sucking gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life.  Kari moved her way up my body, returning to kiss me and let me taste my own sweet pussy juice.

Now it was my turn to return the favor.  Kari couldn't keep her hands off my smooth head.  She pulled me closer to her sopping pussy as I flicked her clit with my tongue.  Then, surprising even myself, I slid my middle finger into her ass, which was already well lubricated from the mix of her pussy juice and my saliva.  Kari let out a loud squealing moan and exploded her cum all over my face.  I move up to kiss her and let her taste her own juices.

"Oh my god, that was amazing!"  She gasped out.  "I never knew how good a finger in my ass would feel!  Promise me you'll do that again!"

"Only if you'll return the favor!"  I shot back with a devilish smile on my face.

"Oh, don't you worry about that missy, I've got plans for you!"  Kari quipped back

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