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While we were at the lake house, Kari and I never wore clothes.  We spent our days completely nude, spending ample time working on sunning our completely hairless bodies and developing our full-body tan.

The only time we wore clothes was when we'd head into town.  We'd pick out cute outfits from Kari's ample wardrobe and pick out a matching wig to complete the sexy look.  Every so often, we'd even put on matching outfits.  When we did that, we'd receive countless compliments, so imagine their shock when they observed our uninhibited public affection!

We would go out without our wigs at times as well.  Some people would stare, but Kari and I didn't care.  We were having the time of our lives; who give a fuck if that didn't fit anyone else's norms.

Kari and I developed quite the regular routine of hair removal.  We considered switching to waxing, but loved being smooth so much that we couldn't be bothered to let anything grow out long enough to wax it.

One afternoon there was a ring at the front door.

"Jenny, could you get that?"  Kari yelled from the patio.

Without a second thought, I went right to the front door and opened it up, forgetting I was completely naked.  It was the FedEx guy.

"Uh, um, uh… delivery?"  He stammered out.  It was adorable.  Here I was naked as the day I was born, and without a single hair on my body.

"Thanks!"  I said enthusiastically.  "You need me to sign for these?"

He just stared at me and kind of pushed his little electric signature pad in my direction.

"Hey Kari, did you order something?  You got a couple of packages."  I called out.

"They're here!?!?" Kari shouted while bursting back into the lake house.  "I just ordered this stuff!"

"What did you get?" I said inquisitively.

"It's a surprise!"  Kari said with a shit-eating grin on her face.

I walked up behind Kari and gently caressed her ass while kissing the back of her neck.  "What kind of surprise?  What do I have to do to find out what your naughty little butt has been up to?"  I said, followed by a gentle slap on her butt cheek.

"Oh my god Jenny, I can't resist you!  Well, you remember how were talking about waxing, but decided the growing out process wasn't worth it?  I got something even better!"  Kari said with a wicked smile.

"What is it?"  I said curiously.

"Well, I managed to find a professional electrolysis gun!  We can use it right here.  No more depilatory cream!  Maybe even no more shaving!"  Kari beamed.

"That's awesome, can we go try it out?"  I asked.

"Sure, hold on, let me get this open… oh shit, nope, that's for later.  It must be the other box."  Kari muttered.

"For later?"  I said inquisitively.

"Nope, you've gotta wait for that my dear!"  Kari said commandingly.

Kari and I headed into one of our favorite play spots, the bathroom.

"All right, lets do our armpits.  I never want to have to shave there ever again."  Kari said.

We spend the next few minutes taking turns using the electrolysis gun to start the process of eliminating hair from each other's armpits.  As usual, Kari did me and I did her.  We moved on to our arms, and then legs.

"God, I can't wait for this to be permanent!"  Kari said.

"You and me both."  I followed.  "I'm tempted to do my pussy, but the shaving process is so fucking sexy… maybe we should hold off on that for a little bit?"

"My, you are a naughty little girl, aren't you?"  Kari said smiling.

It was a tedious process, but it didn't stop us from getting all worked up.  We decided we'd done a good days work and headed into the bedroom for some playtime.

Kari instructed me to lie on the bed and presented me with a silk scarf.  "Here, cover your eyes.  You're going to love this!"  Kari said enthusiastically, and I was more than happy to oblige.

I lay there unable to see a thing, anticipating whatever fun Kari had schemed up in her pretty little head.  My pussy was already dripping with excitement.

A few moments later, I heard Kari enter the room.  She didn't say a word, but leaned over me and presented her mouth to me and gave me a deep, sensuous kiss while stroking my bald, hairless head.  It felt amazing.

The next thing I know, I feel a light pressure against my pussy, soon followed by an object entering me.  I broke off our kiss momentarily.

"Oh my god, yes!  Fuck me Kari!  Fuck me!"  I shouted.

Kari pulled off my blindfold as she continued to fuck me with our new toy, and then proceeded to lean back.  I looked up to see Kari wearing a strap-on.  I'd never felt anything like it, and from the look of ecstasy on Kari's face, I was sure it was a double-headed dildo she was fucking me with.

Moments later, we both let out screaming orgasms and Kari collapsed upon me.

"Oh my god, that felt so amazing.  I'd never been fucked with a cock before, I'm glad you were my first!" I said panting.

Still breathing heavily, Kari said, "There is more where that came from.  I got us a bunch of different sex toys to play with!"

"And to think, you were saying I was the naughty one earlier!"  I giggled.

As the summer wore on, we continued using the electrolysis gun on our armpits, arms and legs.  Pretty soon there was less and less hair to worry about.  The gun was working wonders.

Kari continued to order us various sex toys.  I began to think she enjoyed messing with the delivery guys, because everything seemed to require a signature, and each time the delivery guy would get a sexy surprise at the door when one, or sometimes both of us would answer the door, always completely naked and hairless.  I'm sure we were quite the talk around there.

We began to use the electrolysis gun on more and more of our bikini area, but continued shaving each other's pussies.  It always led to a little bit of play, so I shouldn't have been surprised the morning Kari was shaving me and produced a butt-plug and slipped it right into my ass, where it stayed while she completed ensuring my pussy was smooth and hairless.  So it was even more delightful when the next special delivery was a double-headed dildo.  Not like the one we already had, where we fucked each other, but instead the other kind where one head went in your pussy and the other up your ass.

I instructed Kari to lie on the bed and handed her the familiar butt-plug.  Then I lay on top of her, presenting my pussy to her face.  She began first by fucking me with the butt-plug, but soon slid that deep into my asshole and replaced it with her tongue on my pussy.

While Kari serviced my pu
ssy, I started fucking her pussy with our new toy.  Alternating each dildo head as I warmed her up.  Soon she was as dripping wet as I was and I entered her pussy with the first head and her anus with the other.  Kari took a moment from fucking my pussy with her mouth to let out a loud moan of ecstasy before returning to fucking my holes with her toy and mouth.  I continued fucking her holes while sucking on her clit.  Soon, we were both shaking and convulsing in orgasm.

Before I was able to catch my breath, Kari took our new dildo, handed me the butt-plug and flipped me over.  Now it was her fucking my holes with the new toy and me putting the butt-plug up Kari's ass and tongue fucking her pussy.  In short order, we were both moaning and covering each other in our juices once again.

Kari and my first summer together continued like that.  We both developed nice full tans all over our hairless bodies, and continued to explore our sexual desires.

Eventually, the fall beckoned and it was time to go back to school.  Kari's parents got us a condo just off campus, so we didn't have to live in the dorm.  That also meant we could continue to live free and naked at home, without being bothered by others.

Kari's parents eventually figured out that she and I were more than just best friends.  I think they were reluctantly accepting at first, but I think after they heard my parents disowned me, they realized that all they cared about was that their daughter was happy.  In the end, they said I was just as much a daughter to them as Kari was.

Kari and I continued to work the electrolysis gun on more of our bodies, continuing to permanently eliminate more and more of our pubic hair and moving on to permanently reduce our eyebrows as well.  I'm sure we'll eventually just end up permanently hairless all over.  It is fun to grow some out on occasion to shave it, but feeling each other's smooth skin was always the best.

It was funny to think about how we came together.  We started out so different, but serendipity had brought us together and made us realize how similar we truly were, and how perfect we were for one another.  Had you told me the day before I left for college that I'd find out I was a lesbian and meet my soul mate the next day, I'd have said you were insane.  It's funny how life works out some times, but it is also amazing.

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