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Jessica and I met through a mutual friend early on in college.  She wasn't the type of woman I normally go for, the free-spirited hippy chick type, but we really hit it off.  Don't get me wrong; she is fucking gorgeous and incredibly sexy.  She stands at 5'8" with a nice tight body, and perfect 34B breasts.  She also had this incredible head of long brown hair that reached her tight little ass.  No one truly expected us to become an item, but that is what happened, and that quickly grew into the long-term relationship we're in now.

As I mentioned, Jessica was a bit of a hippy chick, and I am sure left to her own devices, she'd only shave what she had to, when she absolutely had to.  So I was a bit apprehensive in sharing my shaving fetish with her and chose to approach it slowly over time as to not freak her out.

Initially, she just figured the extra hair was a turn off to me.  That wasn't the case, but she began to shave her legs, armpits and bikini line more regularly, especially during the warmer months of the year.

Eventually, I proposed that she let me do the shaving for her.  Jessica quickly accepted, so I drew us a warm bath and gathered the shaving supplies while she grabbed us a couple of drinks to enjoy.

After getting comfortable in the bath, I began to lather up her left calf with a thick layer of shaving cream.

"Mmmm, a girl could get used to this!"  Jessica purred.

"Just you wait, I've only just begun!"  I quipped back as I began shaving her leg.

After a minute or two, I instructed her to give me her right calf, and repeated the process.

"Baby, I wish you'd told me you wanted to do this ages ago.  I think you may have just found yourself a new job."  Giggled Jessica.  "Wait, don't forget these" she said raising her arms.

I made quick work of shaving her armpits while she gave me lustful looks.  I have to admit, I was as hard as a rock, but remained focused on my "new job".

"Alright babe, stand up so I can start on your thighs."  I said.

"Yes sir!"  Jessica said with a smile and a faux salute.

This, of course, put her bush right in front of my face.  My heart pounded as I wondered if I'd have the balls to ask her to let me shave it.  Thankfully the drinks she made provided each of us a bit of "liquid courage".

I repeated the shaving process, starting first with her left thigh and then moving onto her right.

Jessica piped up and asked me, "Do you mind if I have some of your drink?"

"Not at all, I'm a little preoccupied at the moment."  I smiled back.  "Okay, now sit on the edge of the tub so I can get the insides of your thighs better."

Jessica continued to sip on her drink, sat down on the edge of the tub and spread her legs for me.

I began rubbing shaving cream onto her inner-thighs and noticed her chest was a bit flush.  She seemed to be enjoying my services.

This time, instead of shaving one leg at a time, I alternated legs, slowly shaving further up towards her pussy.  As I got closer, she seemed to spread her legs a little further apart, giving me excellent access as well as a full view of her ample bush.

"How far up are you shaving my love?"  Jessica purred.

"Uh, as far as you'll let me?"  I said incredulously.

Jessica responded, "Mmmm… well, you're down there and… I'm enjoying this, so…"

"…So?"  I questioned.

"Surprise me."  She said with a smile.

"You've got it!"  I said, trying to play it cool, but probably with a shit eating grin instead.

I wasn't sure if she was going to stop me at any point, so I took a methodical approach to shaving Jessica's pussy, so I could get it as bare as possible.  I started with the top/side edges of her bush, trimming them in like I was simply maintaining her bikini line, pulling the skin taut so I could get as close of a shave as possible.  She seemed to be enjoying my touch, as I noticed her pussy getting visibly wet.

Since I hadn't gotten a chance to trim the hair down, shaving was a slow process.  I switched to a new blade and reduced the hair along the sides of her pubis to something a little thicker than a landing strip before moving onto shaving the hair on the side of her pussy lips.

I started at the crack of her ass and slowly shaved my way up.  My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest as I cautiously shaved more and more of Jessica's bush away, thinking that she might stop me at any moment.

I glanced up, and Jessica just smiled.  She was clearly enjoying what I was doing, so I decided to go for broke.  I applied a fresh lather of shaving cream across her entire pubis and placed the razor right at the top of her bush and paused just for a moment.  She didn't protest, so I plunged the razor down, taking a sizable chunk of her remaining pubic hair with it.

With that, we were at the point of no return, so I continued shaving away all of Jessica's pubes until not a single hair remained.  Her pussy was dripping wet by the time I was done, and he breathing became heavier as I began inspecting my handiwork.

"Wow, I haven't had a smooth pussy since before high-school."  Jessica remarked.  "So how long has your dirty little mind wanted to shave me down like this?"

I didn't say a word.  Instead, I moved my mouth to Jessica's hairless wet pussy and placed a kiss at the top of her slit.

Jessica responded with a very vocal moan, so I continued my oral inspection.  My dick felt like it was going to split in two.  I alternated sucking her pussy lips, licking and sucking her clit, and fucking her with my tongue.  Before long, Jessica's thighs were wrapped around my head as she screamed in orgasm, covering my face in her pussy juice.

"Holy shit," Jessica said, collapsing back against the wall.  "You've always been good at that, but… wow, this was so much better!"

"I have to be honest, I've wanted to do this since we first hooked up.  I don't mind you growing the hair out, it just makes the shaving part that much more fun.  But I love going down on a smooth and hairless pussy."  I replied genuinely.

"Well, we're going to have to make a habit of this!"  Jessica said with a proud smile.

I'd successfully shared the first part of my hair fetish with Jessica, and was now reaping the rewards.  Now, when she needed shaving, I was the man for job.  This always resulted in an incredible sex session for us.  This continued through the rest of the spring, summer and early fall.  As winter approached, Jessica decided to slide back into hippy territory, but I was okay with that, knowing it was just a matter of time for another incredible shaving session.

Just after the first of the year, I took a dream job in San Diego, and Jessica and I moved out to sunny Southern California.  Being northerners, we were quite surprised at j
ust how fast it felt like spring turned into summer.  I also knew, as it got warmer, this was a good opportunity to share more of my hair and shaving fetish.

One evening, Jessica was performing her nightly ritual of brushing out her ass-length hair, she remarked to me "Jesus babe, its barely spring and it is already starting to feel like mid-summer."

"Yeah, although I can't really complain.  Winter has always been kind of a drag.  I always look forward to it, but after about a week of that crap, I'm ready for spring."  I replied.

"True, although I feel like it is wreaking havoc on my hair."  Jessica complained.

"Well, I know you love your long hair, but maybe it is time to get it cut and try something new?"  I said, feeling my heart pound against my chest.

"Maybe," she pondered.  "I dunno."  She put down her hairbrush and climbed into bed with me.

As she cuddled up against me, she felt my raging erection pressing against her stomach.

"Horny are we?"  Jessica said with a smile.   "We'll have to do something about that!"

Jessica proceeded to pull down my underwear and took my cock into her mouth.    Now Jessica gives fantastic blowjobs, but usually she makes a point to either put her hair into a ponytail, or otherwise hold it back.  This time was different.  She began teasing my cock and balls with her gorgeous long brown hair, even wrapping it around my cock as she slid it in and out of her mouth.  I was in heaven, and in no time I was exploding into her mouth.   Jessica swallowed down every bit of my cum.

"Early day tomorrow" she said, giving me a peck on my mouth before turning the light out to go to sleep.

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